As I've told you I did want to be fucked. I'm not sure why I was so fixated, but for several months every time I went to the baths I tried to get fucked. I suppose I'd been strongly impressed by Pat's attitude, she was a totally sexual woman. I reckoned that I wasn't going to be in her league until I had been thoroughly fucked by a man. Many times she'd said, "Don't die wondering Davey Boy." Although she wasn't talking about me being fucked by men, it was just in her nature to try everything at least once. I knew for sure that if she ever wanted to have sex with a woman she wouldn't let anyone else's scruples stand in her way, she do it. During this time I never thought of being the active partner, of doing rather than being done. Maybe it was because my ass hole was still virgin that I didn't see myself as being fit to take the dominant role. I tried to take cocks most nights that I went to the baths, but after several more failures I started looking for guys with smaller than average dicks. Needless to say some of these guys were more than surprised to find that someone who looked eminently fuckable was trying to seduce them.

I remember one guy, he was from Venezuela, looked about eighteen, a mixture of native Indian and Caucasian. He was one of the lucky ones who'd inherited the best of both races: fine facial features, lovely warm, brown skin, straight, glossy, black hair and huge, dark eyes. I was in the video room when he crawled past me. As he went by I got a good look at his slim body, his cock was soft, balls hanging loose, no body hair at all except a very short fuzz around the base of his cock. He lay down beside me to watch the film. We very soon got very friendly. As he stiffened up I saw that his dick was quite long, but the head, unlike most men, didn't flare out. It looked as though it had been grown in a tube where it couldn't spread so it was exactly the same diameter as the shaft. For someone with a tight ass hole this was a magic wand. As I played with the beautiful curving tool I knew what I wanted and where I wanted it. His fingers strayed from my balls to my hole, this was my opening. He was obviously enjoying all the fucking that was going on in the video, that was my cue.

"Do you like to fuck?" I asked.

"Yes...very much," he replied

"And do you like to be fucked too?" I asked hopefully, I really wanted to fuck him.

"No. No I don't, only doing...I like to do," he said as his middle finger wriggled into my hole.

"Would you like to come to my room and fuck me?" It had to be in the room, I had some KY there, even a slim dick wasn't going to get in without help. He agreed readily. Over the next half hour or so he tried valiantly to thrust his way past my sphincter: yet again it was too painful. In the end he lay on his back beside me.

"Please," he said gesturing with his hand towards his cock.

I knew what he wanted, what had to be done. He'd tried very hard to please me, now I had to satisfy him. I looked at this penis that had been probing my hole, still stiff, nodding in time to his heart beat, begging for relief. I would really have loved to fuck his neat, brown ass, but he'd already said he didn't like being fucked. I thought about jerking him off, but that would have been cheap, a poor return for his efforts. I knew I had to suck his cock, but didn't have any way of washing it. I thought of wiping it with my towel, but decided that that would look cheap too, he hadn't insisted on wiping my ass before starting. I really didn't want to do this, but there was no way out, I had to take it in my mouth and do the job properly. I spread his legs and knelt between them, then bent down towards his penis. I expected to find a certain aroma as I came close: there was none. The head was real close now, pre-cum that had oozed from the slit glistened down the

shaft to his balls. I opened my mouth wondering what it would taste like: Suddenly I was hot as hell. This dick had been probing at my hole, I wanted in my mouth. There was no taste, only a slight after taste of the KY on the slim head. I took him deep: sucked him hard. He left my room soft and happy.

Another time I saw a Chinese guy in the shower in the basement of the Club baths. What caught my attention was the size of his cock. Like me he had an erection. He wasn't big, in fact he was very small indeed. His penis was no bigger than my middle finger, and I don't have big hands. The testicles were

the smallest I ever saw, no bigger than grapes, seedless ones! He went into the Jacuzzi, I joined him. After the usual under water fumbling we got talking. I asked him what he liked to do.

"Mostly I like to suck... Sometimes guys suck me too!" he said almost defensively.

"Do you like to fuck?" I asked.

"Oh well... maybe sometimes," he replied with more than a hint of suspicion. "But I'm not ... " his voice trailed away.

"Would you like to try with me?"

"Yes... but..." he nodded in the direction of his crotch.

"You want to fuck me?" I persisted. He looked utterly amazed, couldn't believe his ears. "I have a room...would you like to come with me?"

"Oh yes! Yes of course." He was really animated now. Back in the room I knelt up on the bed, he was behind me. Now that he was actually faced with having to do the job he began to have doubts. He started saying that maybe his cock was too small, maybe he wasn't long enough to do it properly. I wasn't going to let him get away so I turned around, took his dick in my mouth, gave it a few strong sucks as I raked the urethra with my teeth. His eyes rolled, his cock stiffened and grew another quarter of an inch. When I turned my ass to him again he got so hot he started kissing it all over, the back of my balls, inside my thighs. I gave him the KY. He squeezed out an enormous amount, then started spreading it, not just up into my hole, but all over my buns, down the insides of my thighs, and for good measure massaged it into my scrotum as well. He positioned himself, wedged his cock between my cheeks and promptly shot his load. His cum ran down the back of my sac and dripped on to the bed. He was terribly embarrassed, but still pretty hard. I tried to persuade him to keep trying. Told him I was a virgin, that the cum would make it easier for me. He tried, it was no good, his small hard dick soon wilted to a tiny soft one and he left covered in embarrassment.

The Chinese guy was the last time I tried to take a cock, deliberately that is. A few others tried because they liked the look of my ass, but I no longer went out looking for it. One reason was that I soon found the

delights of burying my own dick deep into warm, moist ass holes. The fact that guys did want to fuck me was an enormous boost to my ego, but I think I can honestly say that it never went to my head. I was always turned on by men, any color, any age.

If the baths were the cathedrals of gay sex in those days the orgy rooms must have been the high altars. Things have changed so much since the scourge of AIDS broke out that it is hard now to believe that I saw what I saw, and did what I did. The dark end of the dormitory where the guy first tried to fuck my ass was the orgy room of the Continental Baths, but the Club Baths had the ultimate altar for sex. Strangely it was incredibly well hidden, I'd been to the Club several times without having any idea of its existence. I'd probably have gone a lot longer without finding it, but I was lucky enough to be taken there, which is a little story in itself.

I had paused by the TV in the main lounge, regular TV, to watch a news flash. Beside me was an older guy, maybe mid-sixties. After it finished we spoke for a while, the usual stuff, where was I from, how did I find the place, what did I think of it, just chat. He asked if I'd found the orgy room. I said yes, thinking that he was talking about the dormitory where there was plenty of action. As the conversation went on I realized that we weren't talking about the same place. Something about a sling confirmed it.

"The sling? What sling?" I asked.

"Why, the one right in the middle," he replied with surprise.

"Well that's not the place that I'm talking about," I said.

"Come with me, I'll take you there," he said. "It's a place like no other. A terrible place... a beautiful place. Come." He took me by the hand, like a child, guided me through a large room with two pool tables towards the back of the building, then through a door I hadn't noticed before. This door opened into a separate area at the back of the baths. There were stairs leading up, others going down, but beside the

stairs was another inconspicuous door on the right. Through this door was a zigzag corridor with alcoves built into the walls. First we went left, then after perhaps fifteen feet the corridor did a u-turn to the right. At the bend there was an alcove with a bench seat just about big enough for a man to lie full length. The corridor doubled back on itself for another twenty feet or more. There was another alcove set in the side of the passage, quite small, a man was sitting on the built-in bench with his legs spread wide, another man kneeling in front of him sucking him off. Beyond them another u-turn, this time to the left, and another large alcove. At the end of this section was a small bathroom, a basin, toilet, and shower. The passage turned again, there was another small room at the end of this section, with holes in the wooden panel walls, two fat cocks and four balls were thrust out into the corridor. Talk about anonymous sex, these guys couldn't even

see who was using their gear. One last sharp bend and there, six feet ahead, was an opening on the left.

My guide stopped and released my hand. "I'll leave you here," he said.

I was surprised. "Aren't you coming in?" I asked.

"No," he said, "this is a place for younger men, go on in and enjoy." With that he turned and walked away leaving me wondering about what I was going to find through the opening.

The sight that met my eyes could have been from a film set. I'll try and give you an idea of what the place looked like. From the entrance the first thing that caught my eye was a huge "bed" a few feet ahead and to my left. This was actually a plinth about 12 feet square, knee high from the ground. (Don't know if it could be accurately described as a bed. There wasn't a mattress as such, but it was padded, and covered in a fitted, white cotton sheet.) Hanging right over the middle of this was a sling made of black leather with bright, shining steel fittings. The bed was brilliantly lit by three spotlights set up high on the black-painted ceiling. These lights were the only source of illumination in the room, but since they were shining down on the white sheet on the bed there was enough reflected light to light up the whole place. On the wall to my right at the entrance was a row of about thirty coat-hooks for towels. Ahead of me there was a space about six feet wide between the bed and the wall on my right: straight ahead at the far side of the room was a double bunk-bed. This was way bigger than the sort of bunk-beds that kids sleep in, a full six feet wide by about seven feet long. The lower mattress was pretty low, no more than eighteen inches from the floor, and there wasn't very much headroom, just enough for a man to sit upright. The second level was again much lower than you'd expect, I'd guess that the mattress was hardly more than four feet up. And unlike most bunk-beds there was a sort of roof, a flat, carpeted deck I suppose you'd call it, covering the whole bed. This deck was just within my reach, so I suppose that makes it about seven feet up. The other half of the far wall was another carpeted deck the same width as the bunk bed set about three feet from the floor, the right height for a man to lean over to take a cock up his ass! I hope that gives you some idea as to what the room looked like, if you want to know more just ask. To get back to the narrative...

There could have been a hundred guys in the room, all naked. On the bed was the most incredible sight, a great mass of bodies, fucking, sucking, rimming, kissing, licking and fondling in a seething heap all brilliantly lit by the spotlights mounted on the ceiling. I was stunned by the sight. I hung my towel on one of the hooks by the entrance and walked self-consciously into the room. Just a couple of steps in and a hand grasped my penis. He was a tall, rough looking guy, didn't much care for him so I pushed ahead. As I moved forward a finger tried to slip between the cheeks of my ass. I paused and it came on in, found my hole, then another hand got hold of my cock, stroking, fondling. I was in heaven, but I was still only a few feet from the entrance, I wanted to go all the way in, see everything.

I broke away from the men who had me in hand. By the time I got close to the bunk beds another half dozen hands had checked out my body. The bunk beds were a mass of men, the lower one very dark, the one above better lit, a fantastic sight. I turned around to watch the action on the bed in the centre of the room. A guy between me and the bed dropped to his knees in front of another crotch giving me a great view. When a gap opened up I got right to the edge of the bed. There was one man kneeling on the edge, he was sucking on a cock that was sticking out of a struggling heap of bodies. His ass was raised, knees apart, and there right in front of my hands swung a magnificent pair of low-hanging, hairless balls. Tentatively I reached out to touch them. They felt so soft, so loose, so good, I wanted to suck them into my mouth. Then I realized that that was exactly what I could do, this was the orgy room, every man was here for the same thing, cocks, balls and ass-holes were all for the taking. I leaned forward, sucked one in, rolled it around for a few seconds, then tried for the other one too. Took a while, I needed both hands to trap it, but managed to get it in too. I was bent forward enjoying this feast of testicles when I felt the penis probing my hole. From my previous attempts to let guys fuck me I knew it would be painful, but what better place could there be to take my first fuck? I held still while unseen fingers spread my ass wide. I felt the cool spit land in the slot. Fingers eased it up into my hole. I was so hot I was sure that this was going to be the night.

A voice behind me told me to get up on the bed, but there really wasn't any space until one of the guys who had just shot a load into an upturned ass got up to go. I let the balls slip from my mouth and moved quickly into the open space. I laid my head down on the white cotton cover, my ass high in the air. The cock-head gave a few tentative thrusts to get aligned, found the entrance again, then rammed into my little pink hole. Again the pain was unbearable, but this guy wanted my ass. I tried to move my butt from side to side to help ease the head in. It didn't make any difference, and very soon there were guys on either side pinning me down as they tried to get hold of my cock and balls. It was without a doubt the wildest, most exciting sexual

encounter that I had ever had, but the pain was too much. Soon I was struggling and twisting to break free, but the thrusting cock kept finding my hole, splitting it open. When still more men climbed on to the bed around us I knew I had to break out or I would really be injured. Finally, helped by the guys who were trying to get at my cock and balls, I managed to twist over on to my back. That saved my hole. I was lying on the edge of the big bed which was lined by guys facing the bed. I saw a stiff cock, uncut, jutting out just six or eight inches above my face. He was real hard, the fore-skin stretched to the limit over the head. I reached up with my right hand, wrapped my fingers around the shaft and stroked. The fore-skin peeled back spontaneously. It was like watching one of these time-lapse nature films of a flower opening up, just beautiful. The head bulged out dribbling pre-cum. I moved my hand to stroke the pink head with my thumb: he almost doubled over. I had been told that uncut cocks were more sensitive, this one was ultra-sensitive. However, he didn't move away so I kept stroking and gradually he was able to let me spread the juice all over the head and down the shaft. All this time there was one guy kneeling astride my chest sucking

on my dick, and my balls were also being gently worked on. It was some little while before I realized it, but there were two men, one was sucking, the other fondling. I looked around me, all I could see were naked bodies, cocks, balls and ass holes. The guy whose cock I was fondling leaned over me so that his cock was right above my face. I opened my mouth and took it in as deep as I could. Now I was totally engaged, totally immersed in sex, body and mind. I didn't want to come yet, but it was too much I couldn't stop it, my whole load flowed out into the sucking mouth. Now of course I wanted to get out, really needed to get away. Maybe in an hour or two I'd have been ready to give some more, but right now I needed a break. I had to move, but I couldn't. The guy kneeling across my chest was still sucking. The one who had my testicles was still working them gently, trying to milk even more juice from them, and the guy whose uncut cock was in my mouth was still leaning over me, I just couldn't move! My balls were trying to give more jism, but there was no more to come. I thought I'd scream if I didn't get a break. In desperation I went for the cock in my mouth, for the sensitive head, raked it with my teeth. The man gasped out loud, but he held it out for more. It took my mind off what was being done to my cock and balls which helped a lot. I worked on the head, just the head, dragging my teeth across the top and under surfaces. He took it well. Soon I felt his balls tighten

up and knew he was going to come. As his cum splashed into my mouth I got a real charge, don't know where it came from, but my own testicles suddenly came to life and with a tremendous contraction another load of juice was dragged from them. That was it! The guy I'd been sucking moved away, I broke free too, feeling utterly drained.

That was the first of many, many visits to the orgy room. And after each visit I've thanked that unknown man who led me there by the hand.

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