After that first visit to the orgy room I discovered another part of the Club baths I'd never found before. A staircase led down to a separate basement, not the one where the Jacuzzi was. Here there was a small

dormitory, just regular bunk beds which didn't get much action, and there was a video room which did. In the video room there were two decks, like a tiny theater, but instead of seats to sit on the surface was padded for lying on. The decks were about six feet from back to front, maybe twelve feet from side to side, and there were quite a few huge cushions which made it very comfortable for lying around to watch the films on a very big projection TV. The lower bunk was down close to floor level, the upper one about four feet above it. Over the upper one there was a full width mirror which enabled you to see what the guys on either side were doing to each other. Behind the decks, where you came in, was open. Anyone standing at the back could look through to the screen, or watch what was happening on either the top or bottom level. At first I was naive enough to go in just to watch the videos. They were pretty good, much more explicit than anything shown in gay cinemas at that time, but I soon discovered that it was even better to watch as a couple. Sometimes I went in with a guy I had met earlier, other times I was taken in hand by whoever happened to be lying alongside me. Most men lay on their backs with cushions behind their heads, some lay on their stomachs with a cushion under their chests so that their heads were nearest the screen. In this position their asses were positioned just right for the hands of the guys on either side. I tried it both ways, invariably it was only a matter of seconds before a hand slipped up between my legs to get at my cock and balls. I got so much pleasure from having my genitals fondled, fingers worked into my asshole, and often being rimmed whilst watching similar action on screen. The mirror was a turn on too, it was possible to watch the action on screen and the action further along the bunk whilst being sucked off. Seems too good to be true, but it really was that way. I was also turned on by the knowledge that the guys standing behind the bunks could see exactly what was being done, I must be an exhibitionist at heart.

One night as I was making my way to the orgy room in the Club there was a gorgeous young body ahead of me. He was quite a bit shorter than me, I couldn't see his face, his towel was folded so that it was just a narrow strip around his hips and I was fascinated by the way his neat little ass moved as he walked. It must have been a Friday or Saturday because as I entered the room I saw that it was packed. I hung up my towel and started to ease my way through the mass of bodies to the far side of the room where there was more space. After struggling for a few minutes, real physical contact stuff, I found myself behind the same neat little ass, naked now, and even more enticing. He was moving in the same direction as I was trying to go so I followed. He got as far as the edge of the bed, there we were hemmed in between the mass of men on the bed, and another swirling gang-bang in the space behind us. I was very conscious of the closeness of his body. He had obviously just come out of the shower, his short, fair hair still glistened, his body smelled deliciously clean. I was just an inch or two behind him when the men behind us moved, pushing me forward. My cock, hard of course, jammed between the cheeks of his ass, then because I was taller than him, it slid up until it was pressed firmly into the small of his back. As the tide of bodies receded I regained my balance and moved back a bit, but at that moment his hand came around between us, grabbed my cock, pushed

it back down between his cheeks. This all happened much quicker than it takes to read about, just a second or so. The next thing I knew was that he was grinding his butt against my cock, wedging the head into the hot, tight opening. Looking down I could see the muscles in his buttocks as they clenched and released the pressure on my penis. God it looked so good! We must have stood like this for two, maybe three minutes. My body was tingling all over, I knew I was going to fuck him, but how was I to moisten his hole? The guys who had tried to take my ass had used saliva, or the KY I had taken to carrying with me. But standing behind him in this crush I couldn't get any saliva into his hole, nor even on my cock. Luckily a couple of guys who

were fucking on the bed right in front of us reached a climax and decided to move. We both moved forward as one to take the vacated space. He lay face down, I knelt between his legs. The bright spot-lights lit up his lovely body. I thought of all the men who had had me in this position, and now suddenly I was the one who was going to do the fucking. I spread his cheeks with my thumbs. I don't know why, but I had expected his hole to be brown, it was pink, and it looked sweet and clean. I gathered some saliva in my mouth then let it fall. It landed close to the rosebud, I spread it with my finger. Another drop of spit and my finger slipped in. I was surprised at how little pressure was needed, it was almost as though my finger had been sucked in. As soon as he felt the head of my penis against his skin he reached back and guided it into place. As he lowered his body to lie face down on the bed, I followed him down and my cock just slipped into the hottest place it had ever been. I was desperately turned on by this time, and acutely conscious of all the men around us on the bed who could see us. I wanted to make this last as long as possible, so instead of hammering hard

at his butt, which is what I wanted to do, I took long, slow, strong thrusts. Sometimes I came all the way out, then plunged back in until my balls slammed into the back of his body. It was just fantastic. He was

moaning and groaning, twisting his head from side to side, so I reckoned I was doing something right for him too. I reached around to grasp his hips to get better leverage and penetrate even further. He lifted his hips slightly. My hands went in under his body, found his balls! He moaned with pleasure. I played gently with them as I fucked. He half turned his head. "Harder..." he said. I was a bit rougher and he moaned even more. Soon I was using his ball sac to help me get deep into his body, I mean really dragging on his balls

as I thrust forward. I knew I couldn't keep it up for long and was wondering how I could keep myself from coming when I felt a hand fondle my own balls. Someone behind me had them, a man I couldn't even see! I tried to ignore what he was doing, kept thrusting steadily, but then he started using two hands, spreading my balls apart and rolling then around between his thumbs and fingers. I struggled to concentrate, might have lasted another couple of minutes, but for what happened next. Two more hands spread the cheeks of my ass apart and a wet finger slipped in. That just blew my mind, and the contents of my balls too.

What I wanted to do was to just lie there for a while with the first guy I had ever fucked. Talk to him, find out his name, whether it had been good for him, what I could have done to make it better. Trouble was the guys who were at my balls and my hole wouldn't stop. They must have known that I had come, that I needed a break, but no, they kept on working, squeezing, rolling, probing. I just couldn't take any more at that moment. I rolled off my young partner's back to get the fingers off my balls, but as I did this the young guy got up and hurried away without even looking back to see who had just fucked him. I never did get to talk to that guy, never found out his name. Worse than that, I never even got a good look at his face. That's a measure of how anonymous sex was in the baths.

After this as, you may imagine, I took a much greater interest in the fucking action that I saw. Almost every time I watched, and there were many, many times in the orgy rooms and dormitories, it was always the same. From first contact to pulling out took no more than a couple of minutes, sometimes only seconds! It didn't matter what position they were in, lying down, standing up, folded over backwards, a few shoves, a few grunts, then they'd separate without a word. The whole object of the action was to get it up, get it in and get it off. If I'd fucked any of our stewardesses the way those guys fucked I'd have been the laughing stock of the cabin crew section. I admit that my first effort hadn't lasted as long as I'd have liked, but after that I took the time to make it special. I'd take a small bottle of oil to the baths, keep it in my room or locker until I was in the mood to fuck. Sometimes I'd wander along the corridors, looking in the rooms where the doors had been left open. Other times I'd try my luck in the dormitory or the orgy room. Wherever it was I always made sure that there was contact, caressing, fondling. Not just the cock and balls. Starting with the guy lying face down I'd work up from his feet, massaging his whole body with oil. I would carefully avoid touching his cock or balls as I worked my way up past his butt, but made sure that plenty of oil ran down between the

cheeks. On reaching his neck I'd work back down, this time letting my fingers slip very lightly into the crease, not probing, just caressing. By this time he'd be lifting his butt from the bed, frantic to get something, anything, up his ass hole. The oil would have flowed down between the cheeks of his ass and over the back of his balls so now I'd start to massage them, very gently of course. Usually he'd be begging for cock by now, but I still hadn't finished the build up. I'd lay down on his back, cock just laid into the crease, then slide my whole body up and down his back. This felt especially good when I was wearing a tight cock-ring. As I slid up his back we could both feel my balls slip up the slot of his ass then get squashed flat against his spine. After working them up the length of his back I'd slip down again, right down until my cock was in position, then a quick upward thrust and I was buried in his body. I also made a point of varying the strokes. Sometimes I'd be lying on his back thrusting in as deep as I could go, other times I'd support my body on my hands and knees, using long strokes so that my cock would come right out of his sphinctre, then plunge back in. The thing I liked about this position was that I could look down at my body and see my penis ramming into his hot, moist hole. Real hot: fucking hot!

Each time I went to the baths I'd wander along the corridors, checking out the bodies on display. Now here was another curious thing about the baths. Remember I told you that each area had its own etiquette? Well I never did work out the rules of engagement in the corridors. They were lined with rooms, small cubicles really, I'd say at least 200 of them on four floors in the Club. Many of the doors would be open, in some the light would be on, in others off. There'd be a guy lying on the bed, face up, face down, any position you can imagine. Those guys who were lying face up would see you pause in the doorway, they'd look at you, but their eyes would be blank, their faces blank! No discernable expression. If you stepped into the room you could never be sure of the reception you might get. Sometimes you'd be allowed to handle the goods that were on display, and then to go on to sucking or fucking. Other times you'd be allowed to touch, but then get

stopped if you bent forward to taste the penis. But most often you'd get a silent rejection even as you stepped across the threshold. A hand would be raised, or his head would shake very slightly implying, "Stay away!" I talked about this phenomenon with many guys in the baths, never found anyone who could explain it or point out the body language that would enable me to predict the reception I'd get if I stepped through the door.

One night as I prowled the corridors I paused once more by an open door. A well-built young black guy was lying face down on his bed, very good body, just beautiful. He happened to look over his shoulder and see me standing in the doorway. I expected no more than the usual blank stare, but he smiled.

"You want to come in?" He had a lovely voice, rich baritone voice.

"Yes, I'd really like that," I said closing the door behind me. I stroked the inside of his thigh: he spread his legs wide and raised his ass up off the bed. An encouraging response. I think he expected me to climb up on the bed and shove my cock in because he was surprised when I poured the oil over his back and down his legs. When I felt how incredibly soft his skin was it was my turn to be surprised, like silk, much softer than any white guy I had had sex with. Nor was he an exception, almost all the black guys I had sex

with had delightful, warm, soft skin. I worked away as I have just described, he lay there moaning with pleasure, very gratifying. When I eventually got into him he was more than ready. I kept up the fucking as

long as I could, but of course I eventually got to the point where I knew I was going to come. When I get to this point with a woman I always get into the missionary position, not because it's a dominant position, but because I can reach under her butt, get a real hold of her, and ram my cock in hard. Instinctively I reached under his body, there was no butt to grasp, but there were balls. I hadn't thought it out, just reached under him and they were in my hands. They were big ones, big and meaty. He bucked like a mustang and I rode him till we both shot our loads. After we'd regained our breath I realized that I may have gone too far with

his balls. I asked him if it had been good for him, or if I'd been too rough.

"Good?" he said. "That's the best fuck I've had in my life." I was on a high, and this was music to my ears. I lay on his back with my cock in his body, I was drained, but for some reason it didn't go down. After a few minutes I slipped out and lay beside him on the bed. We talked about what we liked doing, what we didn't like, and all the time he was stroking my dick which should have collapsed but hadn't.

"You need more," he said.

"No, believe me, I'm shot."

"No you're not... There's more in here. Look at this... it's still hard man." He was squeezing my balls, very gently, not the way I'd worked on his, massaging the mixture of cum and oil into the scrotum. He kept saying that he wanted to be fucked some more, that he really needed it, that I needed it too. I really enjoyed his company, we shared the same sense of humor and total openness about sex. I told him what I was, how I came to be in the city, asked if I could call him when I was in town. Turned out that he was married too. He told me that everyone who knew him thought of him as a very dominant, straight male. He said that most of the time this was true, but about twice a month he really, really needed to be fucked. We agreed to look for each other on any Friday night we were in the Club. Surprisingly we met several times and shared quite a few really good fucks. We must have talked for nearly an hour, playing with each other's bodies and sure enough he was right, there was more to come from my balls. I took position between his legs again. There was no finesse this time, it was raw, hard sex, and I do know what I did to his balls. He took it well.

Thinking back on this evening I'm sure that he was the one who got me thinking about what it would be like

to have my balls worked on. It was a few months before it happened, but as I tortured his testicles I knew that I wanted some guy to do this to me.

Another night I remember well was also in the Club. Right after I arrived I went on the prowl to check out the talent. I looked into the orgy room, it was very quiet, four guys having a group grope just inside the door, and one other figure. This was the one that caught my eye. He was lying, face down, on the padded platform that formed a sort of lid over the bunk beds. Just one more naked male figure, but this one was special. To my eye there are some shapes that are perfect, a 747 in a climbing turn: Concorde from any angle: an XK 150 Jaguar Roadster with the top down: a long, curving, cut penis. None of these shapes can be improved on, they're perfect. One of these shapes is the silhouette of a slim, naked man lying on his stomach. The curve of his back, rising from the nape of his neck, up over his shoulder-blades, sloping down into the hollow at the small of his back, then up again over the smooth, rounded butt. This is the ultimate shape, the

perfect form. Well the man lying on the platform was the embodiment of that shape. He looked at me as I hesitated near the entrance, then gestured to me to come closer. I was torn, he was beautiful, in fact I had never seen a man that I so much wanted to fuck. I knew if I climbed up there with him I'd shoot all my cum in one. But I'd only just arrived, I wanted to do a whole lot of looking, touching, fondling before I came. Besides, I didn't have the oil with me, it was still in my locker, and this was one body I'd really enjoy massaging. He gestured again, I made a sign which I hoped would convey, 'Hang on I'll be back.' I literally ran to my locker, grabbed the oil, then forced myself to make my way back at a more leisurely pace because I didn't want to be breathless as I climbed up to lie with him. All the way back I was sure I'd find another man fucking him. I hardly dared to look as I rounded the last bend in the corridor. There were now a few more men in the orgy room, but my prize had still not been claimed. When he saw me there was a slight smile of recognition, as I slipped my towel off and showed him my bone hard dick he smiled some more. I climbed up alongside him, poured plenty of oil on his back and started to work on his lovely body. We didn't talk at all, somehow it just didn't seem necessary. After a few minutes I realized that some of the guys were looking up at us, soon they were all watching. As more and more men came in they too gathered around to watch. By the time I slipped my cock into his ass there must have been an audience of thirty or more. I cannot tell you how good it made me feel, I was the cat who'd got the cream! I made it last as long as I could by concentrating hard on the technique rather than the sensations flowing from my penis, but nothing this good lasts for long. When I reached under his hips to take his balls he lifted clear of the mat to let me get at them. He held them up too as I fucked, giving me complete freedom to do as I wanted. I had improved my technique with balls too by this time, I started gently, but got steadily more vigorous.

"Oh man! Oh yes! Yes do it! Do that harder!" he whispered as my cock slammed into his hole and my fingers wrenched at his testicles. When I came I knew it was all over for me, there was no way I was going to get another erection for days, but it didn't matter, I'd fucked the most beautiful man in the building.

One curious thing I noticed in the orgy room was that there was what I can only describe as a tidal ebb and flow. Guys who looked in and found the place crowded would come on in to join the melee. And when there was plenty of action on the bed and the bunks it very often happened that several men would come at about the same time, then they'd get up and leave at about the same time. This would cause a ripple effect, even guys who'd just been watching would leave too. In a few minutes a crowd of 40 or 50 could dwindle to a handful. If newcomers met men on the way out and saw that there weren't many in the orgy room they'd turn on their heels to go looking for action some place else. The place would be quiet for a while, just a few men sitting or lying around, no action to speak of, and no one coming in. Then a guy would look in and maybe hesitate at the door. Another man would come up behind him and look in too. Maybe a third would come up behind them, and that was enough to trigger them into taking the plunge; they'd all come on in. All that was needed to tip some sort of balance was for a couple or three men to climb up on the bed and get the balls rolling. After that every man who looked in would come on in, more and more of them, and in a few minutes there'd be a real life orgy.

One evening many months after I'd started going to the Club I wandered into the orgy room to find it almost deserted. This didn't matter because as I've told you it was only a matter of time before the "tide" would change and a whole lot of horny men would gather for a gang bang. On the far side from the entrance there were the huge bunk beds straight ahead, and beside them over to the left was the carpeted ledge the top of which was about three feet from the floor. I sat on the edge of the ledge and waited. A few minutes later a guy came in, looked around the almost deserted room, then made his way over to where I sat. Without saying a word, or even looking at me, he sat beside me, real close. Well that was fine by me. I was happy enough, but a bit surprised when he immediately reached out his left hand to get at my balls. I know that I've said that no finesse was needed in the orgy room, and with my cock sticking up like a sex antenna I wasn't

exactly playing hard to get, but he didn't hesitate, not even for a second, he went straight for my balls. He played with them gently and it was a real turn-on so I lay back a bit and spread my legs to give him more space. With this encouragement he got more enthusiastic, it felt fantastic so I lay down flat on my back and spread my legs wide. At this he moved forward getting between my legs and started to use both hands. This was even better, I'd never had my balls worked on like this before, I was in heaven and gave every indication that I was enjoying the treatment. He never touched my rigid cock as he worked with my nuts, not even briefly, and as he worked on them he became more and more vigorous. Soon it was getting a bit too hard.

"No... Not so hard..." I whispered. He took no notice, didn't even seem to hear me. "Just be a bit gentler...please...not so hard." His fingers continued working, even getting rougher. "No!" I said, louder this time. "That's too hard... I can't take it..." Still no response, he pulled, squeezed and twisted. I really couldn't take this sort of treatment and tried again to get him to back off but he didn't take any notice. By this time I was in agony. I sat up and tried to turn away from him, but his hands kept pulling at my sac. In the end I had to grab his wrists and physically drag his hands off my balls.

My nuts were aching, I mean really aching, it wasn't just my nuts, the pain spread right up into my guts and my erection had collapsed, shriveled. I wanted to get up and go, get away, but the pain was too bad so I sat with my legs drawn up hugging my knees in a fetal position waiting for the pain to ease. To my surprise he didn't move, just sat watching me, staring, like a hawk watching its prey. 'What a conceit,' I thought. 'Who the fuck does he think he is coming on so strong. He can fucking sit there all night, he isn't getting his hands on me again! No fucking way!' As I sat there hunched up I could see him out of the corner of my eye, still sitting, waiting, staring. Then I realized he wasn't just staring at me in a general sort of way, he was staring at my balls which must have been clearly visible between my thighs and calves. He wanted them! He wasn't interested in sucking my cock, nor in being sucked, he wanted my testicles! Then out of the blue I remembered the ball fights in the school dorm. I had been turned on when a boy managed to grab my balls,

sure it had hurt, but it was a hell of a turn on too. I'd wanted to have the other boys gang up on me and get at my balls! I'd fantasized about being overpowered, having to take the pain. Now, all these years later this man was inflicting that pain. That thought made my shriveled cock stir. I didn't want it to stir, I knew he could see it and it would give him all the wrong signals. But there was nothing I could do, the more I thought about him wanting my balls the more my cock swelled up. By this time the pain had faded, I could have got up and walked away, but I didn't. And now that the pain had subsided I began thinking of the pleasure. God it had been hot! He had wrung sensations from my balls that I'd never felt before. Still he sat waiting. By now I wanted him to work on my balls again, but gently, or at least not as hard as before. But if I let him start again he'd know that I wanted the pain. If he'd been too rough on them before he knew what I wanted it would be even worse now. Of course he did know that I wanted it, he could see my cock which by this time was fully erect again. I knew there was no point in asking him to take it easy, he'd taken no notice of my pleas before so why would he now? And what if he got really carried away? It had been difficult enough to pry his hands off my balls the first time. If I let him have them again, offered them to him, he'd fight even harder to keep them in his grasp. By this time my cock was as stiff as it had ever been in my life, my heart was racing, it was just like my first visit to the baths. Still he hadn't moved a muscle.

I can't say how long all this agonizing took, five, ten minutes, maybe even longer. His eyes never left my balls. Eventually I realized that there was no way out, I could hear Pat's voice, "Don't die wondering Davey Boy." I had to let him have them. This was something I had to experience. I knew once I let him start I wasn't going to be able to stop him, I'd have to go through with it. I put my hands behind my back, lay back, and spread my legs wide. I guess he'd known all along that he was going to get them In one smooth, liquid move he was between my legs so that I couldn't shut them again, took my testicles in both hands, and went to work. It was a very rough ride, at least it seemed that way to me at the time, but the sensations he wrung from my nuts were truly incredible. Partly it was the pain that turned me on so much, but that was only a part of it. There was also a tremendous thrill from knowing that I'd submitted, offered them to him willingly. Putting my hands behind my back as I lay down was my way of saying, "Take them, do as you please with them. I'll take what's coming." With my legs spread wide he had complete and unimpeded access. At first the pain was terrible, I instinctively tried to pull them up into my body. That made it much worse, but I was determined to go through with this, I wasn't even going to try and stop him no matter how bad it got. With that thought I lifted my hips and relaxed the cords completely allowing my balls to roll with the punishment. Suddenly the terrible pain was gone. Well not gone, it was still painful, but now it was a spectacular pain, wonderful, glorious, fantastic! When I came he still hadn't touched my cock, nor had I, and it was a spectacular ejaculation. A steady stream of semen that just sprayed from my penis, not in spurts, a continuous stream wrung from my testicles. He didn't push me too far, stopped squeezing and pulling as soon as the stream of jism stopped flowing. I lay for a while reveling in and re-living the new found sensations. When I opened my eyes he was gone. I don't mean that this whole thing was a dream, but the orgy tide had been surging in during our duet and by the time I opened my eyes he'd disappeared into the

crowd. I was so disappointed. I really would have loved to have got his name, perhaps even his phone number. I'd have loved to do it again with him, many times, but I'd lost him. I looked all over for him that night, and again every time I went to the baths for many months, but never did see him again.

Looking back on it now it would probably be true to say that he worked my balls rather than tortured them. But for me at that time it was a real hard beating, and once I'd discovered how to get through the pain-barrier it was just the most exciting and pleasurable sex I'd ever had with either a man or woman. Over the next few months I tried to find out more about S&M. I bought magazines like Dungeon Master, drooled over the personals, but there one big problem, I was scared. However, for the next many months I hoped to find

some guy in the baths who'd work on my balls. When guys were sucking my cock I'd move their hands down to my balls, make encouraging noises, even told them that I liked having my nuts crushed. One or two did give me a bit of what I craved, but most of them couldn't believe I could stand even gentle manipulation. (I was also screwing women, hey, it doubles your chances, and curiously they were much more willing to be rough with testicles. Of course they had no way of judging how much pressure to apply, nor of the effects

that they were producing. However, they seemed to get a great kick out of it. Every one of them told me that their boy friends/husbands wouldn't let them touch the precious jewels. One girl told me her husband wouldn't even let her caress his scrotum, not ever, which of course made her want to handle his balls even more. She was thrilled when she found that mine were not off limits, indeed they were hers for the taking! However, I'm running ahead again, all this was some way down the road.)



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