We didn't sleep much at all last night. I knew Steve woke up around two or so and was sitting up in bed, messing with his iPhone. I saw the light of the screen when I opened my eyes and I sat up and said 'what's going on, honey?' and he said he couldn't sleep - too much excitement about our wedding ceremony later that morning. I stayed up with him for awhile and we cuddled and even fooled around a little bit and finally fell back asleep. We both awoke startled by the loud alarm we had set and the wake up call that followed at 7:30. After ordering room service and showering, we both got dressed for the big day. We called the moms and planned to meet them in the lobby at 9:15 for the drive over to where the Justice of the Peace we hired has her office. I got dressed in my new dark gray suit - a suit Steve helped me pick out just two weeks ago - narrow legged trousers and a narrow jacket; I found this great purple dress shirt that looked just perfect with it and my new black shoes. I felt different - I don't normally diverge from my jeans and t-shirt uniform. Steve wore this black suit that he has that he looks irresistible in - his legs look a mile long in the trousers and that makes me crazy! He had on a great vintage tuxedo shirt underneath and these square-toed black boots that I wish he wore more often - they are so hot on him. We met my mother and Mia downstairs in the lobby - my mom had on a really nice purple dress and Mia was in red. We got into the car and drove to see our JOP with marriage license in hand and the notes we planned to give each other. We arrived sort of early and checked in with her secretary. I found this JOP on a web site that lists gay-friendly JOPs in the states that have legal marriage - there were even ratings and comments on the site. She was one of three I contacted and seemed to be the kindest one of all three I spoke with plus she had the day open that we wanted. We were scheduled for 10 a.m. but as we sat there silently in the waiting area, her secretary told her that we could start earlier if we wanted to. It was about 9:45 and we were getting married! We went in to her office and she was a congenial, sweet lady - probably in her late 60s. She said some nice things to get us relaxed as she could see we were both nervous. She told us what a handsome couple we were and how she was so glad that she could make this day happen for us. The script she had emailed me was pretty traditional and we liked it so we kept the whole 'We are gathered here today...' stuff and we faced each other, holding hands and locking eyes. I could see such love and warmth in Steve's eyes and it made mine water up just a little bit - this was really happening and I felt so blessed. He squeezed my hands a little tighter, the further she got with her words. We said our 'I do's' and he was nearly cutting off my circulation, his grip was so tight on me. She paused at this point and said 'So you both have something you've written to each other? We nodded. 'Have you read them yet?' and we shook our heads. 'Would you like to read them out loud to each other?' And we looked at each other and nodded. She asked who wanted to go first and we both froze. Finally, I said I would. Here's what I wrote...
'Dear Steve, When we met about three years ago, I fell in love with you right away. I knew, however, that you were not ready to take that big step of coming out and accepting who you were. I could see the strings pulling you back and forth - and the pressure you felt. I could also see, though, the absolute love you felt for me in your eyes and the distress you felt with where you were then and where you could be if you would take the risk. After you left, I woke up one morning and recalled a dream I had. In the dream, you came back to me for a moment and told me to wait for you. I waited and time went forward in the dream and you kept your word. I got through my days after that by telling myself that sometimes a dream can come true. Every day, I would think about that and sometimes listen to the Johnny Cash song 'I Still Miss Someone': I never got over those blues eyes I see them every where I miss those arms that held me When all the love was there The night you did come back, two years later, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't still asleep. When you kissed me, I knew then that you were back for good. How lucky am I that my dream did come true. How lucky am i that i get to live with you and spend every night with you, holding you close to me. How lucky am i that i can stare into your bright blue eyes every morning and see love in them. How lucky am i that i can see your perfect smile when i make you laugh. How lucky am i that we can share a beautiful house together. How lucky am i that i have a partner to experience all the things in life with - good and bad. How lucky am i that you let me see you when you're most vulnerable and you trust me. How lucky am i that you do the same for me. How lucky am i that i know you will keep me out of harm's way. How lucky am I that I know you are there for me - no matter what it is. How lucky am i that we have the so many things we love - the same obsessions and we can talk about them endlessly. How lucky am i that i found my soulmate. I am finally at peace. I love you, my steve. forever. After today we will begin a new journey together. i can't wait.'
None of us could keep our composure at this point, but we went on and it was his turn:
'Dear Mark, Today I am so grateful. I was grateful when I first met you but I was filled with fear of the unknown. I am forever grateful that when I got over that fear and walked back into your life that you took me back. I am so grateful that you still felt for me what I still felt for you and you showed me that. I am so grateful that you opened your heart and soul to me and let me in. I am so grateful that you take care of me, and us, and encourage me to be who I am. I am so grateful that you listen to me when I'm sad, hold me, wipe my tears and support me through the good and the bad. I am so grateful that we can share our wants, desires, dreams, ambitions, as well as our fears. I am so grateful that you asked me to marry you and that we can take this step and seal ourselves together for eternity. I love you more than life and I can't imagine a day without seeing your smile, your warm eyes, kissing your soft lips. I can't imagine a night where I am not wrapped in your arms, falling asleep and knowing that you'll be there in the morning. I look forward now, to always holding your strong hands as we take on the world together. I am yours and you are mine forever.'
When we both were able to stop sobbing - we did the ring exchange and she pronounced us married. We kissed and hugged tightly for about a minute and then hugged and kissed our moms and the JOP. Took some pictures and finally left. We stopped in the lobby to make quick calls to everyone who were anxiously awaiting our news. A fancy lunch with our moms was our next celebration - Mia had arranged a small wedding cake and we had a glass of champagne. After lunch, our moms went on to have a 'spa day' we arranged for them through the hotel - so they would be occupied for a few hours (!) - of course, we got a lot of teasing from them for that. When we got back to the room, Steve picked me up and carried me through the doorway and we laughed. In our room, there were two bottles of champagne - one sent from Jill, one sent from our friends Ron and Andy. We popped open the first one and quickly toasted each other and drank and then Steve grabbed me and started kissing me and taking off my clothes, stopping to place each piece nicely on a chair, alternating with taking off his own clothes. Pretty quickly we were standing together kissing madly, pressing our bodies together and drinking champagne and quietly looking at each other's faces. The light peeking through the curtains in the room caught Steve's eyes and they were dazzling to me - you could see the happiness and love in them and I began to melt right there - having to hold on to him before I lost my balance. He took my glass and put both on a nightstand and took my hand and led me to the bed and we sat down. He held my face and said 'I love you so much I can't stand it' and gently pushed me back on the bed and straddled me and started kissing me really hard, sucking on my tongue and biting my neck and grabbing my hair and then wrapping his arms around me and rolling me on top of him. I could feel his hard cock pushing against my thigh, trying desperately to free itself and stand up on its own, while my own cock was pushing against his stomach. He moved his body up and down just slightly, enough to make me moan from the friction against his soft skin and hard muscles and I started kissing him and moving my head down to kiss him all over his chest and I moved a bit so I was sort of diagonally laying on him so I could rub my hard cock against his. He grabbed me and sighed and started rubbing against me and grabbing my ass while I started biting his nipples and then he rolled us over so he was on top of me and then he got off and he straddled me and knelt over my head and he reached over to grab some lube and I grabbed his ass and started sucking on his balls and making my way up to his ass and started licking him and fucking his ass with my tongue and he was moaning but he managed to put some lube on his fingers and he started putting his fingers in me and licking the underside of my cock and lightly sucking on my shaft and we were both moaning a bit. Then he climbed off me and went between my legs and started fingering me pretty furiously while he managed to get some lube on himself and started fingering himself. I was lifting my hips and moaning pretty loudly. He stopped briefly and climbed on top of me and simultaneously sat on my cock while he put his fingers back in me and started using two fingers to massage my prostate and pushed himself down on my cock and rocked his hips back and forth and I was moaning so loudly. He apparently was able to hit his own spot while he was rocking on my cock because he started moaning really loudly, too, and all of a sudden he yelled 'God, I'm going to come!' and I was speechless and I felt myself starting to build his incredible orgasm and I think I was panting and I felt myself come really hard into his ass while he came nearly simultaneously and shot his load all over my chest and my face and it seemed to keep going on for both of us for a long minute. He leaned down, my cock still inside him and put his arms around my chest and my head was against his neck and I rested my lips against his shoulder and he buried his nose in my hair and we lay there, both panting and not saying anything. He climbed off me and we stayed in the same position, holding each other tightly and were held together by our sweat and the cum all over my chest and I could feel his heart beating against me and he sighed and wouldn't let me go. We heard one of our phones buzzing which sort of snapped us back to reality but we didn't answer. We sat up and got our glasses of champagne and sat next to each other, against the headboard and looked at our hands with our new wedding bands on behind our engagement bands and I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of my head and ruffled my hair. We sat silently for awhile, maybe another twenty minutes, enjoying champagne, talking about how intense the morning was and how incredible it was and then I started to get aroused and we made love again, pushing ourselves to another high until we collapsed and both fell asleep, an empty bottle of champagne on the nightstand, two drained glasses on the floor and two lovers, now sealed together, wrapped up in each other, at peace.



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