So here we are in Greenwich, Connecticut. We flew here yesterday afternoon - well actually to New York and we rented a car. Mark's mother Elaine flew with us and Mia (my adopted mom - you'll probably hear about that sometime later) flew in from Paris and met us at the hotel. Last night we had a nice dinner and settled in. This morning, Mark and I sent the moms to breakfast and we went to the nearest government office to get our marriage license. We have an appointment tomorrow with a Justice of the Peace at 10 a.m. to seal the deal officially! It's hard to believe. We've both written letters to give each other right before our appointment. My guess is that they will have similar content.

So after returning with the document, we stopped in to have coffee with the moms around 10:30 and made a plan to meet them in the lobby at 1 to go shopping for the afternoon. It was a good plan, since it gave us about an hour and a half to unmake the bed and have fun for a while.

My friend Jill, who I call nearly every day, asked me today if I've gone one 24 hour period without having an orgasm since I've been back with Mark. I stopped to think for a short moment and said 'no.' Most days we make love about twice, some days three times; our record for one day is, I think, six times. I simply cannot take my hands off him. He can look at me a certain way and I get hard. If he touches me a certain way, the matter becomes more urgent. Apparently I have had the same effect on him, considering the many times I've glanced over and smiled and he's grabbed my arm and led me back to the bedroom. One time he visited me at work (he brings me lunch almost every day I'm there) and we took a ride to the park to have a short picnic. We started making out on the blanket and it went so far that we got back in the car and he drove to find a place that was secluded enough for him to pull over and give me a blow job. I couldn't go back to work in that condition, could I?

So anyway, we got upstairs and as soon as I unlocked the door, Mark kicked the door shut behind us, right after he grabbed the Do Not Disturb sign and hung it on the knob. He looked at me and said 'sit down over there at the desk' and I hesitated and then remembered that Mark always has a reason for things like this...

So I sat down and he walked over and said 'You're new at this, aren't you?' which were the first words he ever said to me when we met that first time over three years ago. I got it right away so I nodded. He held out his hand and I took it. With his other hand he found some cable station that was playing music (reggae) and he tossed the remote on the floor and started slow dancing with me, just like he did that first time. I grabbed his ass while he held me and I looked down at him and he looked up and we kissed. Just like that first time. Sweet, soft, romantic. I felt fireworks go through me, just like I have every time I kiss him like that.

We kept kissing, getting more and more intense but never letting go of our lips and he began putting his hands under my shirt and feeling my chest and I had my hands under his shirt, massaging his shoulder blades with my hands and we were still sort of swaying to the music and then I drew him close and I was already pretty hard and so was he and we just sort of pressed our pelvises together and kept holding each other and kissing. It was so romantic, especially as I thought of this new journey we are embarking on together - tomorrow - and how we are already so tied to each other - and I let go of his lips and started nibbling on his neck and kissing him there and he moved his hands to the back of my head and started running his hands through my hair and softly moaning and I hugged him tightly to me and put my head on his shoulder and backed him to the bed and we sat down and I swung him over to sit on my lap and started kissing again, sucking on his tongue and taking his shoes off with one hand while I held him with the other, kicking my own off.

Mark continued kissing me back, fighting my tongue with his, holding me with one arm and unbuttoning his jeans and then reaching under my shirt and pinching my nipples, making me moan slightly. I purposely fell back at that moment, taking him with me and he shifted so he was laying on top of me and grinding himself against me and then shifted back so he was sitting directly on top of my hard on and he unsnapped the shirt I was wearing and started kissing me all over my chest, nibbling and biting me and then he took off his t-shirt and laid back down on me and we held each other again and he started nibbling on one of my ears and sticking his tongue in and blowing in it and I got goose bumps all over and I leaned my head into his shoulder and smelled him - he smells so fresh and soft but really masculine and it turns me on so much.

He grabbed me and rolled me on top of him and I finished taking off my shirt and threw it on the floor and then I grabbed at his jeans and pulled them down and took off his boxers and I purposely sat and looked at his erect cock for a minute, not touching it or doing anything and I watched it twitch a little and I looked at him in the eyes and we smiled at each other. We hadn't said a word to each other during this whole thing, but I could feel all the things he was thinking. I climbed off him and took off my own jeans and boxers and sat down again and looked at him some more and he sat up on his elbows and looked at me and smiled again and said 'I love you' and I said it back and I started to run my hands all over his body, avoiding his cock and he was moaning a little more and almost begging me to touch him but I wanted to watch him some more. I took his hand and started sucking on his fingers one at a time and he reached down to start stroking himself and I took his hand away and he looked at me and I grinned and he laughed.

I moved and kneeled in between his legs and leaned on him to start licking his chest and biting on his nipples and my stomach was on top of his very, very engorged cock and he was moaning even more. I reached down to stroke myself a bit and I reached over to the nightstand where we had stashed some lube and I put some on me and on my fingers and I shifted my legs out and hiked his legs up a bit and started fingering his ass before entering him but still not touching his cock and made my way in and got on top of him and started thrusting in and out of him slowly and he was going nuts. He tried to reach down and stroke himself again but I took both his hands and held his wrists and lay on top of him and I could feel him bearing down on my cock and he was trying to move a little so he could rub his cock against my stomach. I kept holding his wrists and leaned down to kiss him and as I pulled away he stared at me and said 'holy fuck!' and he came all over both of us which made me slam into him a little harder and then I came inside him and yelled something similar.

I pulled myself out of him and lay on top of him and rolled over and got him on top of me and kissed his beautiful mouth over and over and we looked into each other's eyes and we didn't need to say a word.



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