What is it about hotel room sex that's so exciting? Is it the different headboard to hold on to? Is it that someone might be listening next door? Is it that pretty much you'll never see anyone here ever again in your life so you can make as much noise as you want to? Is it the ability to have room service so you don't have to leave until you want to? Is it the pay per view porn that is so convenient? (BTW, this was the first time we've watched something together - believe it or not.)

Anyway, we ended up getting to our destination about 9:00, which was the perfect time to get there - ordered up some movies, drank a couple shots of whiskey and had a couple hits of pot - let's get as decadent as we can . Ok, so not that decadent, but for two guys in their 40s, maybe so? We both had a nice buzz on as we started watching some pretty mediocre stuff, which we cancelled mid-movie and ordered up something a little more hardcore.

Most of the time we were laughing our heads off at the action going on but then it did get a little hotter and since we were stoned we first sat and stared at the screen sort of zombie-like, watching these guys suck each other's huge cocks and fuck each other and invite a third or fourth guy into it - and then i felt steve putting his hand down my pants and groping me and I just let him for awhile. but then he climbed up behind me and kept his hand in my pants but started biting my neck and sticking his tongue in my ear and with his hot breath on me and his sexy tattooed arm wrapped around me and trailing downward inside my pants I couldn't take much more and i spun around and grabbed him and pushed him down on the bed and thrusted my tongue in his mouth and started grinding my enclosed hard on into his, which was straining against the front of his jeans. He sat up and took off his shirt and mine and unbuttoned his jeans but let me climb back on him. I started kissing him all over and biting his nipples and he had his hand on my crotch, squeezing me on the outside. I sat back and pulled his jeans and his boxers off and couldn't wait to get my mouth on that beautiful cock. But he pushed me back and pulled my pants off and flipped me over and pulled my knees up so i was on all fours facing the television.

He started stroking me while burying his face in my ass and licking me and tongue fucking me like crazy and i was moaning really loud and i was watching this really large black man on tv fucking this twink in the ass while he was sucking some other large black man's dick and i felt my eyes roll back in my head and i said steve's name really loud and i came really hard all over my own chest and face while he was still working on me from behind and then my knees sort of gave out and i collapsed on my stomach, a sticky, wet mess. I groaned and flipped over and he was on his knees and looking at me smiling. He started licking as much cum as he could off me and putting his tongue in my mouth so i could taste it and i couldn't get enough of his lips and tongue on me.

Then he straddled me while continuing to kiss me and his balls were resting on my pelvis and I began stroking his cock while we kissed and I pushed him off me onto his back and he laid on his side to see what was going on during the tv fuck-fest and i grabbed his ass and started doing the same to him and he was stroking himself and moaning a bit and breathing really hard as i worked on his ass more so i started lubing my own ass a little and then i put him on his back and sat down right on his cock. I kept fingering his ass while I rode on him and i reached in further and really started fingering his prostate and he was panting and looking at me and then he squeezed his eyes shut and just fucking howled really loud, louder than he ever has during sex and i kept on him until he yelled 'i can't take it anymore' and i stopped and got off him and he was totally spent but laying there with a grin and his eyes closed. He reached out an arm and motioned me to curl up next to him and he kept his eyes closed and squeezed me tight and put his other arm around me and pulled me on top of him and sighed and kissed me over and over.

'you take me higher and higher every time,' he whispered in my ear and kissed me on the side of my head. i was able to reach the remote and i shut off the porn and we drifted to sleep wrapped up together.



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