I can't believe that we're leaving for new york in three days. tonight we're driving down the coast so we can see jill and family tomorrow. steve tries to get down there every six weeks and he really wanted to see her before we left and me too - it had been longer than that. we've been talking about how there are things like that that we did before getting together and they need to continue so we don't lose touch of our loved ones. Mine is going to see my mother more. of course, she's so into steve that she'll want me to bring him along or just send him by himself! so steve went to work today. he got up before me and cleaned up all of last night's dishes and made coffee before I woke up. that gave us a little snuggle and fooling around time before he had to get ready for work.

last night was pretty fun - i enjoyed getting to know andy and ron a bit, particularly since andy was the first guy steve ever had sex with - twice (that I know of :) ) in the late 1980s - and up until that happened they were pretty good friends. they were a gorgeous couple - andy is small but really in shape, tan, blond spiky hair - steve said through the late 80's and into the early 90's andy had long hair, like really long. according to steve, ron looks as he's always looked - short dark hair, white smile, looks like a model from international male (remember them?) except he's covered in tattoos. had on really expensive jeans (i could tell) and they drove a really expensive sports car - i think it was a Lotus. These two are a bit younger than us but they've been together since high school, with a few breakups here and there. Andy was a heroin addict while he was in high school and ron sort of 'rescued' him, as the story goes - rich boy swoops in and saves the street urchin. Andy was a runaway and was selling himself for his habit - Ron met him at a club and took him home. He ended up in Minneapolis (where Steve is from) because his parents had to move there for his dad's job and they gave him one last chance to clean up - in the land of treatment centers. that time it worked. . Ron swooped in again after a short time apart (during which andy slept with steve and also a few famous musicians) and this time they stayed together and called themselves married and eventually got married right after it was legal and before prop 8. they've always lived in la and have lived everywhere from downtown in a loft to their current place in malibu. ron's family is worth billions - and so is he.

we had some fun talking music - ron's an expert on industrial and techno stuff and andy is pretty well-versed in punk rock and some of ron's stuff. they were trying to get a little nosy about our life together, which wasn't as bad as steve thought it would be - he warned me that ron is pretty over the top when he talks about sex. he was ready for them to really pry and ask embarrassing questions but they were on pretty good behavior, i suppose. ron and i did know a handful of people in common, from the gay bar scene and a few artsy types - this is the second connection i've found between me and steve.

So everyone liked the food i made - fresh pasta with tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil, and a great salad and cheesecake (yes, I made it) and coffee. Andy was the one who had to prod ron to get going and he stopped abruptly, ron, when he stood up and made a joke about forgetting that he wanted to talk us into swapping for the night - and at first i froze for a moment until i realized he was really kidding. or was he?

we said good night and as they drove away, steve closed and locked the door and in one motion picked me up in his arms and walked back to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. he started taking one piece of clothing off me at a time alternating with his own, all the while looking at me hungrily. when we had everything off he climbed on me and started kissing me pretty hard and biting my neck and ears and grinding his pelvis into me. we did a 69 for awhile and i was playing with his ass a lot and i started finger-fucking him while i sucked on his cock. he raised his hips up and i could tell he was getting close so i stopped and lubed myself up and told him to fuck me. he put me on my back and grabbed my legs and entered me first slowly, but then fucked me really hard, but not for too long, and then one really hard slam and he came hard while yelling 'fuck' at the top of his lungs and i loved watching him and reading his face. he looked so fucking sexy with those tattooed arms holding my legs and his strong chest with a steel ball chain around his neck and his amazing blue eyes and i couldn't believe that this was him for a brief moment - the love of my life - who i waited for during those hard two years - but it was worth every second to be in this moment - both of us at our most vulnerable - pushing each other to express it physically - trying to make each other feel as good as possible using our bodies. he finished and collapsed onto my chest and sighed deeply and i kissed the top of his head and held him there for a minute, not even caring about my turn, just running my hands through his soft blonde hair and feeling his back and his heart beating against mine. while turning him on is the greatest thing in the world to me, sometimes these moments afterwards are up there, too, the coming down from that physical/mental phenomena of orgasm into the afterglow of warmth and love and the soft landing back to earth, wrapped up in your lover...

But then he sat up and said 'how do you want to take me tonight?' and i started stroking myself and said on your back so i can look at you again and i lubed up and got inside him and it made those warm feelings come back again - this time with me in the position he was in a few moments ago and he felt warm and soft inside, gripping my cock as i slid out and in at a slowish rate but pretty steadily and then i began to go faster, all the while we were staring at each other - his eyes make me melt - and he had a smile in them and his mouth was slightly smiling at me - he was clearly enjoying watching me and holding my waist and grabbing my ass a little. then he started pinching my nipples which he could reach while he was balanced on an elbow and that sort of drove me over the edge and i slammed into him, also yelling 'fuck' i believe, and i could feel myself coming inside him and i kept going until i couldn't take it anymore and i too, collapsed onto his chest. he kissed me and stroked my head and wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight. then he reached down and pulled the blanket over us and switched off the light and we layed there, intertwined, with me on top of him for a long time and both said 'i love you' at exactly the same moment, which made us laugh. then i rolled off him and he spooned me. i could feel that we were all sticky with cum all over the place but we didn't care. he squeezed me from behind and i could feel his now soft cock pressing into my lower back and i loved it. he reached down with his left arm and grabbed me, too, for a second and kissed my neck and we went to sleep, just like that.



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