The first time we were back together I took my time with steve. I knew it had been about two years since we'd been together and I doubted he had been with any other men between that time.

When we got back to my place from the bar we sat on my bed and kissed for a long time. I remembered that steve liked that a lot and it helped him relax. since he has so little experience with men but a passionate drive, I didn't want to rush things. I wanted to drive him a little more crazy for longer before we really got it on.

I pushed him back on my bed while we continued to kiss and put my hands up under his t-shirt. he softly moaned a little and I softly stroked his stomach while I continued to kiss him. then I climbed up on his lap and pulled his shirt up and took it off him. he's got the most beautiful body and it turns me on so much. I started to kiss his chest and stomach and bite his nipples and he was moaning already and I feel his hard cock about to burst out of his jeans beneath me sitting on him. he pulled me down to him after telling me take off my shirt and he held me again his chest and I could hear his heart beating while he held me for a minute and nuzzled my head and kissed me. then I climbed off him and told him to take his shoes and jeans off while I did the same.

I could see through his boxers that he was rock hard and I could not wait to get on that gorgeous cock. I lay down next to him and he started kissing me all over my chest and rubbing his hands all over me. he felt my hard cock through my shorts and it made me jump for a second. he pulled my shorts down and started to kiss me all over my pelvis and teasing me by brushing his lips against my dick, making me jump, and then looked up at me and smiled. he started licking my sac and sucking on my balls and I thought I was going to come right then and there but I held back because I really wanted to fuck him. then he started sucking my cock, taking me in his mouth and running his tongue up and down me and I felt fireworks exploding in my head and I stroked his soft blond hair while he worked on me. I finally told him to stop, that I wasn't ready to end it yet and he backed off.

then I started working on him, taking his shorts down and grabbing his cock with my hand really firmly and squeezing it while I started running my tongue all over his balls. he started moaning a little louder and sort of arched his back up and stroked my head. I decided I really wanted to taste him, wanted to make him come in my mouth and explode. I started sucking his cock in earnest, really hard strokes with my mouth and tongue and squeezing his balls hard and starting to feel his ass with my other hand. he was moaning louder and telling me not to stop and started saying 'ohhh ohhh ohhh' over and over and I kept sucking him with my tongue up and down and he finally said 'fuck I'm going to come' and he exploded in my mouth, shooting cum towards the back of my throat and I kept sucking him and he ejaculated a few more times in my mouth and finally sat up and said 'holy shit' and I took my mouth off and kissed him full on so he could taste a little bit of himself and he held me for a minute and said 'thank you - I can't believe how much I needed that' and I said, 'don't thank me, it's what I was dying to do to you when I first saw you tonight' and he said 'what should we do to you now?' and I said, are you ready for me to fuck you? can I do that? he nodded but said 'do you have some good lube? I haven't done this since I was last with you and I'm kind of scared' and I said I 'd be extra gentle.

I knelt next to him and he stroked my cock with his hand while I put some lube on my fingers and gently worked on him to get his asshole to relax a little bit so I get a couple of fingers in there. he relented pretty quickly and I worked on him some more while he stroked me and I was able to put three of my fingers in there and I thought it was the right time. I pulled him up and turned him around and I slowly started to put my cock in him, just the tip first. he gasped a little and I said 'are you okay? I can stop any time' and he said 'no, just take it slow at first. I 'll tell you when you can go more, ok?' and I gently stroked his back while I worked my cock in a little at a time. he gasped a little more but started to relax as he opened up and I started inching my way in a little more. he finally said 'more, I can take more' and I finally got my cock all the way in him and I felt so fucking good to be inside him and holding him and being almost on top of him. he was breathing a little heavy so I backed out slowly and slowly thrusted back and forth and he moaned some more and I could see him kind of clenching his jaw so I asked him again if it was ok ' he nodded and said he wanted me in him so bad and he wanted me to fuck him' and so I slowly thrusted a little faster and he was sweating and moaning and I stroked in and out faster and I think he was kind of scared a little still but I kept going. I started to fuck him a little harder, which made him whimper slightly and I stopped and he said 'don't stop, fuck me' so I did it more and finally started to slam in him a little faster and harder and he was whimpering a bit but kept saying 'fuck me harder' and so I did. I felt myself getting ready to come and I said 'I'm coming' and he said 'fuck me harder' and I slammed my cock into him really hard and shot my load into him really hard and kept going until I was finished and then I collapsed next to him on the bed and held him and his eyes were wet.

I said 'steve I'm so sorry - are you okay? you should have stopped me' and he said 'I'm fine - I really wanted you to do that - I wanted it so it could get easier and easier because I want to do this with you all the time' and he held me and kissed me and I put my nose in his hair and smelled it and it was so sweet. I squeezed him and said 'I love you so much I can't bear to be without you again - don't break my heart' and he said 'I love you too. I'm not going away - I want to be with you forever if you'll have me' and we grabbed each other and intertwined our legs and fell asleep for a few hours.

We woke up - or he woke me up by kissing me all over and I felt chills which woke me up more and I smiled at him and we started kissing again. I told him if he felt up to it he could fuck me and he was already hard again.

- part two coming -



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