Saturday came and Kent and Mark bothwere spent, Jon had more fuck stamina that he took both of them and he was still horny afterwards. Mark and Kent were tied back-to back, both ahndcuffed to the other,both blindfolded and feet tied with Jonathan's sweat soaked underwear. Kent woke first and nudged Mark to wake him up.

'What?' Mark asked.

'Do you hear anything?' Kent whispered.

'No.' Mark replied. 'Jon left late last night, said he was settin' up for a party later on today.'

'Typical that's what I was half afraid of.' Kent muttered. He struggled and grunted to no avail. Mark sighed. 'Kent man, give it up. Jonathan wanted us to stay for some reason. I just hope he gets back soon. I'm gettin' stiff.'

'You not the only one.' Kent agreed. The front door opened and Kent and Mark could hear commotion, but since Jonthan's bedroom door was closed, it was hard to tell the voices.

'What could that be?' Mark wondered out loud.

'I don't know.' Kent answered. A minute later, Jonathan untied their feet and undid their blindfolds. Kent was shocked that it was already late afternoon.

'Come on.' Jon said impatiently, uncuffing them. Both guys staggered into the living room. They scoped and saw at least 30 assorted althetes all over the living room. Some Baseball, Football, Lacrose, even a couple of Wrestlers and Rugby pllayers were rolling on the floor bound and gagged. Some were bound back-to-back with a two sided dildo in their ass, there was one football playerliterally sat on the edge of a Football, fucking himself while bound. There were some guys hogtied and ballgagged and fucked by fucking machine. Then Kent saw Dan, blindfolded with a pair of boxerbriefs, handcuffed behind his back, jock in his mouth followed by silver duct tape. He figured he was in mid spank lesson cause his bare ass was a little red.

'Jon's so kinky he tied and spanked his brother' Kent thought in amazement. He knew Dan was bigger and taller, but Jonathan was older and more experienced. Mark looked at the Wrestlers, struggling against the ropes with no success, grunting in their underwear gags.

'You enjoyin' the party?' Jon asked, grinning.

'It's unlike any frat party I went to.' Mark said.

'Good.' Jon said then he gagged Mark with a pair of briefs and hogtied him next to the group of hogtied Wrestlers. Jon stuffed a dirty sock in Kent's mouth and blindfolded him with the other, then he called the Football stud who was sittin' on the football to come and fuck Kent. Kent groaned and grunted in the sockgag, enjoyin' the stud's long cock up his ass. Jonathan saw Dan struggling. He would have almost out of there if Jon hadn't turned his head. He reinforced the restraints and spanked him hard for 10 nonstop minutes. Dan hollered in the gag and pulled at his bonds. Afterwards, making sure that no one was goin' to leave anytime soon. Jon hauled Dan into his spare bedroom and tied him to the bed. He mounted on Dan's thick cock and started riding. Dan protested but to no avail. Jonathan hopped off before he wanted to come and sneered. 'When the party's over little bro, you and those two handsome hunks you brung here are goin' to stay.

Dan protested and cursed in the gag, desperately trying to get it off.

Jonathan laughed at Dan's futile attempt to escape. 'Who wears the Leather Pants in the family now?'

TO BE CONTINUED................



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