Kent Garrison has always admired his best friend Dan Russell. Dan was husky but give a damn what others thought. Kent was an althele but nowhere near built he had some muscle but not huge muscle like most guys at the college he went to and was not willing to use steroids for ripped muscle. Kent met Dan in the locker room one day and it happened he struck a boner and lucky that Dan didn't notice. His girlfriends might have freaked if she knew! Kent sometimes wondered why he stuck it out with her. She was a grade A bitch, homophobe and whatever else you can think ofKen. He was grateful he had one special friend he could trust. He could tell Dan anything and he knew it wouldn't spread across campus. As usual Friay night rolled around and Dan asked Kent could he drop by his house which was bout twenty minutes away. Kent said sure and went on to practice, little did he realize he was going to meet a new kinkier side of Dan he would have never imagined.

As he arrived at Dan's house, Kent felt relieved thathe could ditch the bitch, at least for a hour or so.Dan greeted him in nothin' but a black jock and matching vest.

'Say awesome vest here Dan' Kent complimented.

'Glad you like, I'll have to get you one.' Dan replied.

'No thanks, My girlfriend would freak'

'Does she rul and ruin your life?'

'Well, yes and no, yes she ruin it and no she don't rule it.'

Dan led Kent into the living room, Kent couldn't help but notice the gowing bulge in Dan's jock. Dan kept talking bout the college, the professors etc. Dan had got up and pulled out a small bottle and handed it to Kent.

'What's this?' Kent asked.

'Snort it and see' Dan said mysteriusly.

Kent shrugged and snorted it and soon after everything became cloudy and hazy. 'Dan....? hey? man, are you..... sill there....? Dan...;' Kent blacked out cause when he woke he was tied spreadeagle to the bed naked. He could faintly see Dan sucking of his cock, Kent moaned tryin' to get his mind back together.

'Dan? what....? the fuck....? Aw man, fuck it that feels good.... is this head you're givin'.... my girlfriend.... never ave me head.... but you.... an expert.... keep goin' might cum in your.... mouth but keep going....' Kent babbled on tryin' to snap to reality, but he never got a blowjob in his life and it was feeling real good. Dan stopped and smiled, the poor boy was still kinda out of it but he rached under thebed to fetch his gym bag, which was full of socks and underwear. Kent snapped back to reality and looked at Dan.

'Dan, what are you going? Are we playing some kind of game?'

'Yeah, we are' Dan replied, it wasn;'t a total lie.

'Am I the cop or the robber?' Kent asked.

'You're the cop that has been captured by me the robber and I want your boss to cough up $20 thou'

'Cool' Kent said 'But why am I naked? It's kinda cold in here.'

'It's part of the game.' Dan told him and stuck the poppers under his nose again. Kent snorted and again was back in hazy dreamland. 'Suck my cock Dan.' he mumbled. 'Make me cum, ;please get me.... get me off....' Dan sucked him off a few moments, the effect didn't last as long as the first time. Kent began struggling a little and smiled at Dan. He didn't think he could have seen a more handsome hunk.I'm being held hostage by the most handsome man in the world. Kent thought dreamily. And I like it, maybe he'll fuck me hard. He can keep me tied, but I want him inside me, fuckin' me.

Dan opened hs bag and found some of his sweaty underwear and used it to blindfolded Kent, whose mind was till occupied. Kent inhaled and coughed and cursed a storm. 'Dan?! Dan?! what the fuck? Help me man!' He thrashed wildly but to no avail. Dan stuck a dirty sock up Kent's ass, for a drunk moment he thought that Dan stuck his finger up there, he m oaned again. 'Dan....' he sighed.Kent realized it wasn't his finger. What was it? he wondered. A vibrator turned of? A butt plug? What? He wanted the blindfolded off it smelled sweaty and stinky but for some reason his cock hardened. Dan kissed Kent roughly for a long moment.

'Bud, I got a surprise for you'

Kent was excited bout hearin Dan's voice he stopped struggling. 'Really? man what? You goin' to suck my cock again? message me while i'm tied up?'

Dan laughed 'If you're a good jock, I might.'

'Ok Boss Man, I'll stop struggling to escape if you tell me, or at least give me a hint' Kent lay still.

'do you know what you're blindfolded with?'

'No Dan, I can't. I can tell it's sweaty and smells funky as for what it is I'm clueless.'


'I hate guesing' Kent mutted. 'A bandana? an old scarf?'

Dan sneered. 'Nope if I tell you you might freak'

Kent laughed 'Are you kinky?'

'Yeah as kinky as they come around here:'

Kent panicked a moment, but just a moment. He known Dan for nearly three years, half of him wanted to freak, is this bastard going to kill me but the thought passed quickly.

'My underwear Hanes brand 4x now you know what I smell like.'

Kent sniffed the underwear 'You make me horny for some reason, just fuck me.'

':Not yet, my friend.' Dan insisted 'Got to teach you some new things bout socks and underwear'

'I;'m listening' Kent's cock hardened and was leaking precum.

Dan noticed it andsmiled. 'You like the smell don't you boy?'

'Oh hell fucking yeah, I love the smell of your manliness and masulinity! More! Dan! Tell me more! Show me More! Please!'

'Call me Master Dan and I will'

Kent gasped and moaned from both the smell of underwear and where this was leading, he never was more aroused and horny in his life.

'Master Dan, please tell me bout this world of yours.'

Dan smiled. 'I will.'




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