Kent and Mark both woke up erly the next morning, both still bound and gagged. Kent felt a weird feeling feeling in his crotch and realized Mark was rubbing his face into his crotch. Both guys moaned in their hot stinky underwear gags. The sound of the metal stairs made Mark pull away from Kent. Both guys looked at Dan, who had the strangest smile on his face.

'Allright boys.' Dan said, taking off heir gags. 'I got some news, I'm goin' to a big meeting, and you guys are goin' to stay with my older bro.'

'You have a brother?' Mark asked.

'I have a couple. His name's Jonathan. He's cool.' Kent and Mark sighed. They'll get a break from bondage for a weekend. Or so they thought. Dan packed the stuff in the trunk and they drove the 40 something miles to Jonathan's.

'Is he handsome like you?' Kent asked.

'He's ok lookin' how should I know?' Dan replied.

They finally arrived at Jonathan's which from the outside looked like a ranchstyle house, painting all shades of red and gray. Jonathan stood on the porch and smiled at them. Jonathan was husky, with a handlebar moustache and steel colored eyes, the kind of eyes that don't look like he sleeps much.

'Hey guys, hey Danny.' Jonathan called out, up close he looked like a husky Cowboy or maybe a Trucker. He had the voice, looks and smell of either one or possibly both.

'Hey, Jon. These guys are Kent and Mark.' Dan introduced. Jonathan smiled at them both. 'I'm sure us guys will have a great time.' Dan and Jonathan got the other guys stuff in the house. Mark and Kent looked about. It was definetly old-fashioned yet recent looking at the same time.

'Must be a cowboy.' Mark said.

'Could be cause Dan's an Outlaw.' Kent said. Both of them laughed as they wondered. They found Jonathan's room and spied in.

'Kinkiness must run in the family.' Kent muttered.

'Why you say this?' Mark asked, scratching his head wit one head, the other on his crotch and he muttered. 'I'm horny.'

'You always horny.' Kent cracked, although he was just as if not more horny than Mark. The feeling of Mark sniffing his crotch got him hard. Kent heard laughing from the living room, Dan and Jonathan must be sharing an old joke, he figured. Jonathan's room wasd ifferent than the rest of the house.

'He's kinkier than Dan.' Kent thought as he scoped around. The dresser and 47' TV was the only things tthat was in your average bedroom. But instead of pictures on the walls, were Big Man underwear. Tied to the bedposts was more big underwear and some handcuffs.

'Weird.' Mark said.

'I guess he takes his fetish another level.' Kent told Mark.

Jonathan snuck behind Mark and snickered. 'I seeyou guys like my room.' he said, startling them both.

'It's weird.' Mark said flatly.

'What are you guys into?' Jonathan demanded.

'Men's underwear.' Mark replied.

'I don't know really.' Kent admitted.

'That's allright.' Jonathan said. Hedropped his jeans and showed off his underwear. Almost hypnotized, Mark dropped to his knees and stuffed his face into Jon's hot crotch. Jon held his head in place. 'That's right boy.' he growled. About an hour l;ater, Jon had Kent and Mark naked. Jon whistled in appreciation. 'You guys seem to have nothin' to hide.'

'Not really.' Mark replied.

Jonathan gagged his two captives with red and black briefs. The underwear was more stinkier than Dan's. Mark groaned into the gag. Kent sighed, there was no point in resisting anymore. He enjoyed the smell of Jon's underwear. He locked Kent in his enormous closet. Kent, hands now tied, moaned. He had to spend the night bound and gagged with Dan's kinky brother. He wondered who was more kinkier, Dan or Jonathan? He could hear Mark grunt and shout in his gag and Jonathan shouted. 'Yeehaw! That's right! Ride the hell outa me into the sunrise.....!'




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