'Master Dan tell me more. Where are we going?' Kent asked

'You are aking a journey into my kinky world.' Dan replied. 'I'm goin' to show you things that most straight people would be frightened of.' Kent thought hard for a moment, did he really want to o this? :Part of him said yes, the other part no. But i may not get another chance to know. He decided to go long with this. Besides the smell of underwear was turning his crank triple time. Dan kissed him long and hard. Kent sighed, he felt like he was in paradise in a weird twisted kind of way.

'Does the smell o older man's underwear turn you on?' Dn growled, Kent flinched at the change of tone. 'Yes.'

'Yes, what?'

'Yes, Master Dan I love the smell of your sweat soaked underwear!'

'Good boy you catch on quick.'

'Um, Master Dan?'


'What's in my ass? It feels like it's butt plug, but I just want to know if I'm right.'

Dan said. 'It's a dirty sock but they make great butt plugs, escepecially if you're tied up or restrained in some kind of way.' Kent moaned. 'I agree on that, it feels good, kind of strange but real good.' Kent watched Dan to keep goin' to jak him off or something but he figured it'd come in due time.

'Chew on this for a while, I gotta take a piss:' Dan stuffed the other sock in Kent's mouth. Kent's eyes watered and moaned a little from the taste and sell of the sock. Kent's mind spun. He was confused as hell. He was straight, a heterosexual, bu what was it about Dan that turned him on? His kinky side? The fact that he's wasn't like the other gay people he knew? Now lying on Dan' bed, bound and gagged in the kinkiest ay possible, he realized he was attracted to Dan. Strange ashe thought this, he loved Dan way more than his presen girlfriend, he wanted Dan for some unexplained reason. Maybe because Dan took his mind places he wouldn't have been if he was just a normal 20-year old jock with a girlfriend that would never fuck him ever. He didn't know, but one thing was clear, he wanted Dan, even if he had an underwear fetish. Kent didn't care. He heard the door creak again, Dan had returned.

'Enjoying that sockgag?' Dan asked, his voice more base. 'Uh-huhmm' Kent managed from the gag. 'There is much more to feel, my son.' Kent's mind blown. Now I'm his son? How kinky was Dan? Kent ignored the thought as Dan took the sock out. 'I enjoyed the dirty sock Master' Kent said. 'Can you untie me, Master? I'm getting stiff and you wouldn't hurt your 'son' would you?'

'I suppose not, you're right.' Dan untied him and Kent tried to take off the underwear blindfold but Dan stopped him. 'Not yet, that stays on.' Dan growled andwrapped his arms around Kent. Kent for the first time noticed that Dan was hairy as a grizzly bear. ut that turned him on more. 'Please? Let me take it off, I wanna see my hairy master daddy. Please?' Kent begged. 'OK, ok' Dn laughed. 'For a minute' He slowly took it off and Kent smiled. Dan was a hairy, handsome, masuline hunk. Kent stood up and streched and sat on Dan's beeft legs. He kissed Dan pasiontely, Dan tried to resist but gve in.

'Is tat all?' Kent asked.

'Nope.' Dan replied. 'There is more but I think I have a bteer idea, can you stay the night?'

'Can I ask you something, Master?'

'I suppose I'll allow you to ask me question before I put that gag bck in your mouth. So go ahead.'

'Do you like me?'

'Like you? Hell, I loe you Kent. Ever since I laid eyes on you.'

'Well, I love you too, I want you be my boyfriennd master, whatever. I'm all yours.'

'What bout your girlfriend?'

'She can fuck herself, I don't care about that bitch. Ever since I went into your world of kink, I wanted to be a part of it, want to be with you. please Master? I;'ll be a good slave jock boy.'

'Well....' Dan thought a moment, teasing Kent.

'Please? I'll do anything you wish. Whatever your kinky desires, I'll fulfill it the best of my abillites. You can tie up with your dirty underwear,or everytime you leave, have me handcufed and your stinkiest unerwear in my mouth to gag me.'

'Are you sure? Remember, after this, there's no turning back'

'I'm sure Master Dan. I'm all yours.'

Dan grinned and tied Kent back up. 'We'll start your slave training tomorrow;'

'Will the traing hurt, Master?' Kent asked.

Dan sneered. 'nly if you give me trouble. Now no more talking' He tied the black briefs over the jock's eyes as a blindfold and tied a gray pair of briefs over the mouth as a tight gag. 'Sniff it up, that's just a taste of things to come.' And with tat note, he left the room.




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