The following Saturday began Kent's transformation. By morning Kent woke up with a tight dog collor padlocked around his neck, hands tied behind his back, and a weaty pair of underwear as a tight gag. He stood motionless as he waited for Dan. Dan entered and attached a leash to the collar and gave it a jerk. When Kent didn't move, Dan grabbed his padle and gave Kent a spank. Kent grunted and faced Dan. Dan untied the gag and spat at Kent's face. 'Get it together boy' Dan said and spanked Kent again. Kent grunted again. Then Kent followed Dan outside. The sun had just started rising good, and Kent blinked a couple times. 'Where we going Master Dan?' Kent asked, trying not to yawn.

'Goin to an S&M shop' Dan replied gruffly. As they entered the place, Kent felt a tad bit uncomfortable, maybe it was the handcuffs. Maybe it was the fear, anxiety and thrills that crept up his spine at the new threshold he just entered the night before. So many thoughts filled his mind that it wasn't until he felt the paddle spank him he snapped back to the present.

'Pay attention boy' Dan growled, baring his teeth. He had bought Poppers, Duct Tape, bout 50 feet of rope, leg irons and one of those spreador bars. They left the store and went back to Dan's house. Dan grumbled a bunch and gave Kent a 10 minute non stop spanking session. Kent grunted and soldered through the pain. Now that his ass was fire stingray red, it was hard for him to sit down.

'I'm goin' out for a while, I'll be back this evening.' Then he tied the rope to a hook in the ceiling that was long enough for Kent to go to the kitchen and the living room with no problem. Kent was surprised that Dan hadn't tied him up or gagged him. But he knew that those days would come sooon enough. He sighed and flipped through some channels and groaned. There was nothin' on and he was horny as hell. He found some DVDs on the shelf near the TV and popped one in. It was a hot Porno flick and it featured a horny cop fuckin' a prisoner. The Prisoner was riding the cop o good that Kent almost felt he was there. He started jerkin' his now 7' cock, moaning louder with every stroke. He gasped as he blew the hugest load ever just as Dan returned home. He got back real early and had a pissed off look in his dark eyes.

'What the fuckin' hellfire?! I leave you alone for an hour or so and you jerk off all over my fuckin' furniture?! What the fuckin' hellfire?!!'

'Master Dan, I....'

'And you gave you permission to watch my porn collection???' Dan hollered as he turned off the DVD player.

'Master Dan, I'm sorry sir. I was just so horny, I needed to get off so badly. Please don't punish me.'

'Well...' Dan tilted his head. 'I figured you need some relief, but Kent. I was hoping you'd wait till i got back.'

'I'm sorry Master.'

'I suppose I'll go easy this time, since it's your first offense but if you eve do anything like this again boy, I promise there'll be hell to pay.'

'Yes, I understand sir.'

'Now I can tell you that you're goin' to have some company.'

'Huh? Really?' Kent asked.

'Yeah.' Dan replied. He walked outside to get the man. Kent expected another Master but to this surprise, there stood a bound and gagged jock bout his age and height, but this guy was a little more hairier than Kent. He grunted in the underwear gag. 'Don't worry.' Dan said, now behind Kent. 'I got one for you too.' He tied the underwear he wore that day over Kent's mouth. If Kent wanted to breathe, he had to smell Dan's manliness. 'Kent meet Mark. Mark, this is Kent.' Mark grunted as if wanting to say 'What's up'. 'You two will get to know each other, but I doubt you'll have much to say with your gags. But I'll fix where you two will sleep. Now don't go away.' He tied Kent's hands behind his back before disappeared behind the door to the basement. Mark and Kent looked at each other. What could they say behind their sweaty, stinky, underwear gags? Dan returned and led them to the basement. There was a king size mattress on one side and some dirty underwear and socks on the other side in front of a metal door that led to the other half of the basement.

'Now you'll be very comfortable down here.' Dan sneered as he tied Mark up with a pair of dirty red briefs around his ankles and hands and he did the same to Kent except with black underwear. He stuck a spck in each of their asses. 'Good night boys' He said and left them in the dark. Mark and Kent strggled, wrestled their restraints to no avail. They were tied up tight. Eventually they snuggled into one another and fell soundly asleep.




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