"I think Jack is struggling with his attractions, his desires and in this place, that can be really tough" Randy replied, then he took a deep breath and in a quieter tone, Logan's head still resting on his chest, he spoke softly. "Why not let him watch."

"But he can watch all the sex online he wants, can see how guys put their cocks..." and Randy interrupted him.

"But that is sex for show, sex sanitized. If they want it to look erotic, they do and if they want it to look rough, painful, then the bottom yells and cries out till the point it can be hysterical, but in the end I think the reason he wants to watch us and not videos online is he is looking for something more than just sex."

Logan didn't reply for a long time but Randy could feel his fingers tracing over his stomach and he knew he was thinking about it, mulling it over.

"Okay" Logan finally whispered and then he turned up and kissed Randy, passionately, sliding his body over Randy's, chest to chest, cock to cock and Randy grabbed Logan's ass cheeks and pulled him tighter to his own body. It would be an hour before they settled down for the night, letting sleep over take them.

Sunday morning seemed to never come and when Randy and Logan finally woke they realized it was drizzling rain, the sky clouded over making it dark and gray. They made breakfast and lounged around the apartment, music playing in the background, and let the day pass slowly by. It was around seven that evening when they noticed Jack drive up and begin to get bags of groceries out of his car and head to his apartment. Logan looked at Randy and nodded. It was time to go talk with Jack.

Jack brought each of them a beer and as they settled down in his living area Randy told him that although they found it a little uncomfortable, the idea of someone watching them, they agreed he could come up and watch them one time. Jack's expression verified what Randy and Logan believed for he didn't get excited about watching them, didn't talk about it sexually, but merely gave them a grateful look and nodded his head.

"And we want to do this before we change our minds, so finish putting away your groceries and come on up. We'll be waiting for you" Randy said.

"Yeah, don't take too long for I may chicken out" Logan told him trying to lighten the mood between them.

"I'll be up in a minute" Jack replied as he headed to his kitchen to put the rest of his groceries away.

Logan and Randy got their bedroom ready, stripping the bed down to the fitted sheet, tossing the sheet and quilt on the other bed. Logan turned off the lamp on his side of the bed, leaving only Randy's nightstand lamp on and still he thought it too bright. Randy brought a dining room chair into the room and sat it in the darkest corner where it would be least noticeable to them. Logan went to the other bedroom and came back carrying one white pillowcase and draped it over the lamp cutting its illumination drastically making the room have a low glowing light.

"Damn, any darker and he won't see shit" Randy joked, laughing at the way Logan had dimmed the room so much. He turned and headed toward the bathroom and as he went he told Logan to hurry up, he wanted to shower first.

Jack took his time, anxious about going upstairs and actually watching Logan and Randy have sex, of seeing how they responded to each other, if they were like straight couples, passionate, intimate, or if they just had sex. He knew he was being naïve, silly even, but his anxieties about it all just made him nuts, drove him insane, the way he felt and thinking he was alone in this small town. Seeing Randy and Logan had given him a shock, but it also gave him something else; hope.

He eased up the stairs, each step light, hesitant, and finally he came to their door and he knocked three times, slowly, a hesitation between each one and a moment later Logan answered the door. Jack was surprised for he was only in a towel, his hair wet, and Jack couldn't help but admire the smooth body, the olive toned skin, the very boyishness of him. He moved inside and Logan closed the door behind him. The room was dimly lit, only the light over the dining table was on and it was dimmed down low.

"Come on, we're ready in our room" Logan said as he passed Jack heading to the bedroom. Jack followed, silent, nervous, and in the room he saw it too was dimly lit, the sole lamp that was on had a white cloth draped over it. The bed was stripped down to the fitted sheet and standing on the far side was Randy, he too in just a towel. Jack looked at Randy, his All-American looks, his reddish brown hair cut so short, his tall lean body with its fair skin, the thick underarm hair, the trail of hair from his navel disappearing down into the towel hung low on his hips. And he noticed the bulge pressing against the towel. He looked quickly around the room and saw the chair in the corner and knew that was his place in this little act, this theater he was going to witness.

Jack sat down and for a moment none of them moved and it was obvious they were all a little nervous about why they were here. Randy moved first and came around the bed and up to Logan, put his hand on the back of his neck, turned his head up as he leaned down and kissed him. They were awkward at first, but after a moment they began to forget Jack and to dwell on each other, the feel of the other, the touches, warm, caressing and Logan pulled up to Randy, pressed his body against him.

Randy reached down and held Logan by the ass, ground their hips together, and rubbed cock to cock through the thick towels. Logan's towel came loose, hung provocatively between him and Randy, his ass exposed and Jack watched how Randy ran his hands over Logan, across his back, caressing him, and he watched those hands move downward, over Logan's ass, rub and squeezing each cheek and he heard Logan moan and push against Randy harder.

When Randy pulled back Logan's towel hung on his hard cock for a brief moment, then fell away, revealing his nakedness, his hard cock as it bobbed in front of him, his sparse pubic hair in the little fan pattern over it, and his balls hanging down, their sac so smooth and soft looking. Jack felt his own cock, tightly confined in his jeans, painfully so and he shyly adjusted himself, worked the thickening shaft of his cock to the side so it could expand out straight, hard, making his desires, his lust evident to him, but only to him, for Logan and Randy took no notice.

Logan reached out and pulled Randy's towel loose and his inflating cock rose up, thick, the head flaring out and Logan eased down on his knees and took it in his hand, held it in front of his face where he licked the head, ran his tongue over it, felt the spongy soft head and he moved his mouth over it and letting it sink into his mouth as far as he could take it. Logan only briefly, at different times, thought of Jack sitting in the corner, watching, observing their every move. He took Randy's cock, sucked down the shaft till his nose touched the dark pubic hair and he pulled back, only to do it again, and again and again. Randy held Logan's head in his hands keeping his mouth in position on his cock and he began to drive his hips, to fuck his cock into Logan's mouth, slowly, driving every inch into him.

Jack watched as Randy pumped his cock into Logan's mouth, watched how that thick white shaft drove in through Logan's lips, pushed into his mouth and it made his own cock harden up and he pressed his hand down on it, fought the urge to unzip, and reach in and touch himself. Randy pulled back from Logan and helped him stand up, leading him to the bed. He pushed Logan back, got him to settle down on his back with his feet still on the floor. Randy pushed Logan's legs apart as he dropped down between them. He moved quickly to Logan, licking his sac, feeling the balls shift within with the way he tongued them and he moved up, ran his tongue along the shaft, over its vein covered surface, getting it wet till it glistened in the dim light. Randy took Logan's cock in hand, held it vertical and sank his mouth over it, drove his head downward, letting Logan sink all the way in his warm wet mouth. Logan cried out and drove his hips upward, pushing every inch into Randy's mouth.

Jack could hear how the usually quieter Logan became more vocal, his moans louder, the way he would cry out and Jack found he was groping himself, feeling his hard cock confined in his jeans as he watched and listened. He saw Randy's head bob up and down, work Logan's cock till Logan was moaning and pumping this hips upward and Jack saw Randy move one hand between Logan's legs, rub over Logan's balls, tug on them till Logan cried out and his body shivered. Jack was so lost in the scene he didn't realize how he was opening his jeans, pushing his hand down in them, underneath his boxers, taking his cock in hand, feeling its hardness, rubbing along its length and feeling the wet leaking head as he ran his fingers over it.

Jack watched as Randy rubbed his fingers along Logan, down there, along his crevice, over his opening, and he found he was breathing hard, watching how Randy was touching Logan, touching him down there and he saw Randy wet his own finger and rub it over Logan's opening, press against it and he saw Randy's finger sink into the tight little hole. Jack had to free his own cock, couldn't take the confinement, and he didn't think Logan or Randy would notice or care as he pushed his jeans and boxers down his thighs releasing his cock from its confinement. He took it in hand, stroked it slowly, the feeling of his touch so satisfying. He looked up and noticed Randy was working two fingers in Logan's hole, spreading him open and Logan had his legs raised up, holding them behind each knee. Jack heard Logan saying something, barely audible, but he turned his head and listened carefully and he heard Logan, his voice pleading, begging asking Randy to fuck him.

Randy helped Logan slide up on the bed to make room for him and they positioned themselves so Jack could watch them from the side, could see how Logan's cock stood up hard, wet, the pre-cum leaking down the head and he could see how Randy moved up between Logan's legs holding his own hard cock, his hand stroking it slowly keeping it hard, the shaft wet with the smeared pre-cum and Jack watched how Randy rubbed his cock along Logan's crevice, inflamed his desire, and Logan pushed his hips against Randy and he begged.

"Put it in me...come on, push it in me" Logan pleaded with his low breathless voice.

Jack was stroking his cock, watching how Randy moved his hips, swung them forward, bearing his body weight behind them sinking his cock into Logan's hole, slowly, inch by inch, and Jack watched intently how Randy's cock disappeared inside Logan.

"Oh fuck" Jack cried out, not meaning to say anything, letting the moment get to him and Logan and Randy looked over at him, with his jeans and boxers around his ankles and his cock being stroked by his own hand. Jack looked on with pleading for them to continue, to let him see them in this intimate moment. Randy turned to Logan, leaned down to him and kissed him, his tongue pushed deep into Logan's mouth as he took Logan's hands and held him down moving up over him in a better position and he began to fuck, to drive his cock into Logan, all the way till their bodies came together and Logan took it, every stroke, pushed up with his ass as Randy drove downward, and he cried out when Randy drove down hard. Jack watched them, the way Randy fucked Logan, drove his cock into Logan's hole and it made him feel hot, made him feel constrained and he kicked off his shoes and worked each foot free of his jeans and boxers. He spread his legs, giving Logan and Randy the ability to see him, exposed, like they were, and he tried to slow his strokes on his cock for he felt his need to cum trying to rise up, the way it made his body feel so taut, the way every muscle felt tight and pumped up and he reluctantly let go of his cock, let it bob in the open and he watched Logan take Randy's fuck, his pace increase, faster and faster till the bed was rocking, squeaking beneath the rhythm of their movement. Jack sat up, took his t-shirt off, leaving him fully naked and the air felt good on his skin, made his exposure, this nakedness feel good. He ran his hand over his chest, felt the hard nub of each nipple and he pinched them between his forefinger and thumb, the way he had learned to do years ago, and he let one hand slid down his stomach down to his cock were he rubbed around its base, rubbed his fingers through his pubic hair and down over his balls and he gripped them the way he had seen Randy grip Logan's, circling his forefinger and thumb tightly around the sac, squeezing his balls down and tightly together and he tugged downward, felt the way it forced his cock up. He watched a bubble of pre-cum form at the slit of his cock head, watched as it got so big it slid over the head and ran down the shaft and he finally released his balls and looked up to see Randy had pulled out of Logan, his cock bobbing in front of him and both of them were watching him as he pleasured himself.

Randy knew the look on Jack's face, that loneliness, that desire for intimate contact and he had asked Logan if it was okay when he had kissed him, ran his lips along Logan's neck till he got to his ear and whispered to him to look at Jack, how he was watching them, to look at his face, the expression on it. Logan nodded okay and they had pulled apart, both so heated their breathing ragged and Logan was wet, his tendency to sweat making it bead up over his body, and as they cooled down a moment, Logan on his back and Randy on his knees between Logan's legs, they watched Jack stroke his cock, slowly, up and down, and when Jack finally looked up he was startled to see them watching him and for a moment he held still.

"Jack, it's okay" Logan said and Randy reached his hand out motioning for Jack to join them. Jack hesitated, afraid he'd mess up the way things were transpiring, but Randy continued to hold out his hand and finally he got up, moved to the bed where they got him to lay between them. Logan moved to him first, and Jack found Logan was kissing him around his ear, along his neck, around his chin and finally he felt Logan's lips press against his own. He accepted Logan, let him push his tongue into his mouth, and the way it filled his mouth made him forget how he came to be here, instead he let himself fall into it, that feeling where his whole body felt so alive, sensitive to every touch and he lay back, eyes closed, and let it happen.

Jack felt Randy rub his legs, run his hands up to his cock and balls, rub over them, stroke his shaft and he felt Randy's warm breath on the head of his cock, and for a long agonizing moment he felt that breath while he waiting for the physical contact. Randy eased Jack's cock head into his mouth, sucked the pre-cum from it, swirled his tongue over it and Jack pushed up, they way he had seen Logan do, shoving more of his cock into Randy's suctioning mouth. Randy ran his fingers over Jack's balls, felt each one shift to his manipulations and he grasped them and Jack felt it, the tug on them and it sent pain/pleasure racing through his body and he cried out into Logan's mouth.

Randy pulled off Jack's cock and ran his fingers downward and Jack knew what Randy wanted, knew how he was going to touch him down there where no one had touched him before and he raised his knees up and spread his legs, opening himself up for Randy, giving him permission, access and he felt Randy touch him, press a finger against him. Randy sank his finger into Jack, penetrated him and Jack moaned, as he reached up and felt Logan's body, ran his hands down Logan's side stroking the slick wet flesh. Randy worked his hole open, finger fucked him till he loosened up and Randy sank another finger in him, stretching him open further. Logan pulled up and shifted his body up to Jack's head, letting it rest between his legs and he leaned over and rubbed his cock over Jack's face, smearing a trail of slick pre-cum over him.

"Take me, Jack, take my cock in your mouth" Logan pleaded and Jack opened his mouth, let Logan's cock slip in and Logan eased down pushed more of his shaft into Jack's mouth. He moved over Jack and soon had Jack's hard cock in his own mouth and Jack moaned loudly around Logan's cock and they began to work their mouths over each other, worked up and down the hard shafts. Randy had three fingers in Jack and worked them around till he felt Jack loosen up again and he moved up, put his hands to the back of Jack's knees and pushed them over, folding him in half as he let his cock rest against Jack's hole, rub over it slightly. He looked at the two prone bodies, Logan on top of Jack, pleasuring each other and he pressed his hips forward and watched his cock penetrate and sink into Jack's hole. Inch after inch, Randy eased his cock into Jack till he had his cock sunk into Jack's depths. He eased back slightly, just an inch or so and pushed back in. Jack moaned and he could see Jack's hands quiver as they held Logan around the waist and he eased back and pushed in again, over and over, working his cock a little further each time till he was able to pull almost all the way out and drive it back in, forcibly, all the way.

Jack savored the sweet taste of Login, relished the way his cock filled his mouth and he felt so lost to his desires, his lusts, the way Logan took his own cock and when Randy entered him it had hurt at first, that initial penetration, but soon he felt his body accept Randy's cock, take his fuck and he lay there beneath Logan, his body so hot and wet and slick and he felt the way Randy held his legs as he drove his cock into his hole and the moment seemed to last forever as his entire body was engaged, his cock, his mouth, his hole.

Randy built up a fast pace, began to fuck hard, rocking the bed and Jack couldn't take all the sensations, all the way it pleasured him and he felt his body tighten up, his muscles taut, shivering and he came, hard, exploding his load into Logan's mouth. Logan sucked hard, took each wad as Jack pumped them into his mouth. Logan let Jack's cum fill his mouth, swallowing as it did and he felt his own need rise up fast and he shoved his hips down gagging Jack as he pumped his own cum into the warm wet mouth enveloping his cock.

Jack felt the first wad hit him down the throat and he gagged on it but Logan had pulled upward when the next wad shot out hitting him on the tongue and he savored it, the manly taste, so bitter, so salty and he swallowed each load and he continued to pump his own diminishing load into Logan's mouth.

Randy knew Logan and Jack were cumming, he could see how Logan's body was reacting, the quivering, the thrust of his hips and he knew Jack was getting Logan's load, and he knew Jack was coming too, felt Jack's hole spasm around his cock as he continued to drive it into him. He swung his hips harder as he fucked Jack, pumped his hole with his hardness till he felt his own load build up, race through his cock and fill Jack's hole, wad after wad, and he pumped his cock into Jack until he was spent, his cock ready to deflate back to normal and he collapsed down on the bed next to Logan and Jack, the three of them breathing hard, exhausted from their exertions.

They lay still for a long time, no one saying anything, but eventually Jack got up and he went over to his clothes he had tossed on the floor and put them on. Randy and Logan watched him dress and when he slipped his t-shirt over his head they got up.

He hugged each of them, tightly, and only when he pulled back, smiling sheepishly, did he finally say something.

"Look...I know this had to be a little weird for you guys, but it means a lot to me, what you did...what you showed me. I think things are going to be different now" and he headed toward the door and just before he went through he looked back; "I'll see myself out...thanks guys."

"We'll see ya later" Randy replied and Logan smiled at Jack nodded yes.



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