Logan stood amongst the others, drinking beer, shooting the shit, just hanging out on a Saturday night. He listened at John and Kathy talk of marriage, of Robert's classes at the community college and Matt telling of his father's latest antics on their farm. There wasn't much to do in the small town that supported their farming community and occasionally they would take off for Montgomery, Mobile or Pensacola, where they could go to a movie, a decent restaurant or a bar that wasn't some run down dive like the only one in town. But most weekends they just came into town and hung out behind the old drive-in diner, one that had been here since the sixties, or they would park in an empty parking lot, their cars and trucks loosely grouped in a circle, the trucks with their tailgates down, doors open so they could hear the CDs playing their favorite music.

Tonight was such a night, the group of them hanging out in the parking lot of the shopping center, which had most of its shops closed already. Logan leaned against his truck, an old Chevy with its blue paint fading and a rear fender bent from the time he got careless driving through the woods, He listened as the others talked. Logan was on the surface a quiet person, one who mostly listened to what others had to say. He lifted his cap, one of his favorites, all faded and worn with the bill curved tight, so he could wipe his brow with his bare arm. It was a typical hot summer night, temperature still in the eighties and they were all casually dressed. For Logan that was worn loose jeans that hung on his narrow hips and a gray t-shirt with its sides cut out revealing his lean body. Logan was a little shorter than most of the other guys, his body lean, almost skinny and his hair was always disheveled, sticking out unruly around his cap, always in need of cutting. Its light brown color accentuated by his dark olive toned skin gave him the typical farm boy look. The way he dressed only reinforced the appearance. He even wore old work boots instead of running shoes, the old leather worn and scuffed.

Logan pretended to listen to the others but his mind, as usual was drifting off, his thoughts elsewhere. He would look down often, avoiding eye contact, worried the others could see what he was thinking on his face, know why he was always alone, never dated. He tipped back his beer draining the bottle and tossed it into the bed of his truck as he wondered about the time. He knew Randy got off work at nine thirty and should be circling around soon. Randy had been his friend since they were four years old, their parents going to the same church, then all through grade school at the rural school from kindergarten to twelfth grade and now, a couple years later, both still living here, Randy working at the grocery store in town and Logan working with his father and grandfather on the farm.

Randy and he hung out all the time, going fishing together, or taking a weekend trip down to Fort Walton Beach or to Atlanta, hitting bars and clubs, places they tried to act natural in but knew they stood out, the way the other patrons looked at them. Here they blended in, looked like everyone else but it was just a fa├žade. Logan didn't bother with grabbing another beer as he leaned back against his truck, waiting on Randy to arrive. He felt the sweat run from under his arms and down his sides, it so humid it wouldn't evaporate. The others complained about the heat, hated to feel the sweat on their bodies, but not Logan. He liked to feel the heat against his skin, the way the sweat tickled as it ran down his sides, made his skin feel slick and hot to the touch.

Logan heard the rumbling exhaust and knew immediately it was Randy. The old Cherokee, jacked up over its large tires, bush guard on front with a winch and its spare tire mounted on the roof was a recognized sight in the area. Everyone knew Randy's vehicle with its black body dented and scuffed up from off-road runs down along the river, and everyone knew Randy and Logan were usually together. Randy pulled up beside Logan's truck, just outside of the circle of vehicles and pushed open the passenger's door.

"Hey Logan, come on, let's go ridin' around" he yelled out over the noise of the music, and Logan kicked off from his position and ambled around to Randy's Cherokee and climbed in. He knew the others didn't think much of it, the way Randy and he hung out all the time. They just considered them drinking buddies and didn't give it another thought. Randy pulled away and shifting the stiff transmission through the gears as he motored away and soon they were out of town heading through the rural countryside.

"I grabbed some beer before I left work" Randy said as way of greeting.

Logan turned in his seat and leaned over to get a beer from the small cooler in the back. Randy watched Logan move around, watched how his body would reveal itself as he stretched his arm out, the sparse wet underarm hair, the smooth tanned skin and he kept glancing back and forth from the road to Logan as he felt that feeling he always got around Logan. They didn't talk much, the two of them, most things going unsaid. But they knew each other better than any of the others knew them, in ways the others could not understand. Logan popped the cap from the bottle with the opener Randy had crudely mounted to the dash and took a long drink, letting the cool liquid refresh him. He glanced over at Randy, watched him steer this beast, as he thought of it, down the road, the steering loose and requiring constant correction, the ride bouncy and rough, but it was appropriate for the beast, the way it moved over the road and later on the rough terrain. Logan knew exactly where Randy was heading. It was their place. A place they would be left alone, away from prying eyes.

Logan looked at Randy, his tall lean frame, his skin that was fairer, prone to burning in the sun and he always liked to look at the way freckles ran over his shoulders, something he thought of as boyish. Randy had wadded up his dress shirt and tossed it on the dash, something he did as soon as he got off work, leaving him in an athletic tank top, a wife beater some of the guys called them, a name Logan hated. The tank top revealed Randy's shoulders and his long lean arms, and it clung tight to his chest and stomach and Logan let his eyes roam over Randy's body, knowingly, the way it was so lean, the waist so narrow, and his eyes ran over the loose tail of the tank top where it was pulled free from the khakis Randy had to wear to work. Logan wanted to reach over and touch him, to feel the warmth of his skin, but he refrained, stayed in his seat, his right arm resting in the open window feeling the warm night air blow over it. 'Soon' he thought, 'soon we'll be there.'

Randy turned off the main highway that cut through the community and headed down Clear Springs Road, a narrow two lane road that cut through mostly pine that one of the paper mills controlled. The headlights lit up the dark road, the faded lines defining its path through the darkness and Logan looked over at Randy, the dashboard lights illuminating him enough to see and made Randy's white tank top appear to glow. Logan often thought about this thing they had between them, this unspoken relationship; one that neither could remember when it had started exactly, nor did he know where it was going or what to expect. It seemed so temporal, unreal, and Logan was afraid to ask Randy what they were doing and could it be more than this, afraid he'd ruin it, make it come to an end if he spoke of it, made it suddenly real. Logan watched Randy drive, casual, his left arm on the window sill and him constantly looking over and smiling, or making some short comment about work or some piece of gossip he heard from a customer, but Logan knew it was just to pass the time till they got to their place. Randy's cap sat lightly on his head, slightly angled, askew, with the bid pointing upward and to the side. He never seemed to be able to put it on straight.

Logan remembered how they started, by daring each other to pull their pants down, show their cocks to the other, then there was the touching, the fondling. Then the serious dares started, and Logan remembered how it was Randy, while touching him looked up and asked if he wanted him to put it in his mouth and would he do it too. Logan remembered how he had wanted that to happen, had for a long time it seemed, but he remembered how he froze that first time, unable to say yes. But Randy didn't give up and next time they were alone Logan was ready, anxious even for Randy to ask and when he had his pants pulled down and Randy was fondling him, getting him hard, once again he asked Logan if he wanted him to put it in his mouth, and would he do the same. Logan had just shook his head yes and then it happened; Randy put his cock in his warm mouth.

Over time they progressed, going further, swallowing each other's load, later sharing it, then there was the ass play, fingers working into each other, stretching virgin holes, then one night when they were drunk Randy had pushed Logan on his back, straddled his waist and before Logan knew what was happening Randy was crying out as he eased his hole down over Logan's hard cock. Logan remembered how good it felt, the way Randy took him, and for months afterwards Logan couldn't get it in Randy enough. He didn't masturbate for days knowing he could pump it in Randy, but during that time he wouldn't let Randy fuck him, afraid it would hurt too much, worried about letting Randy shove cock into his hole. But he watched how Randy responded to his penetration, the way he sometimes pushed back taking it faster, all the way, the way he moaned and at times whispered for Logan to fuck him harder and finally one night, at their secret place, Logan let Randy fuck him.

Logan hadn't realized how lost in his daydreaming he had been until he felt Randy's hand touch him, lightly on the thigh, slowly easing up and over and Logan encouraged this initial contact by sliding down in the seat and spreading his legs. Randy didn't say anything as he worked his hand over Logan crotch, felt the cock confined within the jeans as it began to harden. Randy glanced back and forth between the road and his hand, his eyes following the path of his fingers as they manipulated Logan's cock.

"We're almost there" Randy whispered, but Logan already knew.

They crossed over the bridge at the creek and Randy began to slow. About half way up the hill Randy pulled the Cherokee into four-high and eased off the road, navigating through the rough washed out ditch and onto the old fire lane that cut into the pine. There was a mound of dirt blocking its access but Randy eased over it, the four-wheel drive easily making its way up and over, and they were on the fire lane within the pine and Randy eased the Cherokee along slowly, the tall grass and shrub rubbing the underside. It was a short drive and they came upon their place, an old house site long ago abandoned, with only the masonry piers left to mark its location, but two huge oaks kept the site fairly clear of brush and grass and Randy wheeled under one tree and shut off the Cherokee.

They sat quietly only for a moment, then Logan and Randy got out and made their way to the back of the Cherokee. Tailgate raised, they stood at the open back and began to touch one another, roughly, passionately, hands roamed over chest, stomachs, asses and eventually crotches, groping and squeezing growing erections. Randy leaned forward and kissed Logan, his tongue pushed into Logan's mouth as he ran his hand into the open side of Logan's t-shirt and over his chest, feeling each erect nipple, the firm smooth chest and down over the flat stomach and Logan pushed his body against Randy. Randy ran his hand down and fumbled with Logan's belt, worked the jeans open to slip his hand within where he grasped Logan's growing erection and the contact made Logan moan, and the warm firm grasp made him push his hips forward, pump his cock through Randy's fist. Randy grabbed Logan's t-shirt by the base and pulled upward pulling it free of his body. The warm night air felt good and Logan watched Randy squat down, tugging his jeans and boxers down as he went, releasing his cock, and it bobbed in the open as Randy got Logan to kick off his boots and then lift one foot then the other so Randy pull his jeans and boxers off each leg. Randy took Logan's cock and with no hesitation sucked it into his mouth. Logan braced himself on Randy's shoulders as his cock sank into the warm wet mouth, over and over, Randy working his lips along the shaft, taking it deep into his mouth.

"Stop...stop...Randy...please..." Logan whispered with a soft but urgent tone and Randy pulled off his cock knowing Logan was close. He stood up and pulled his tank top off revealing his firm tight body, and Logan reached out and ran his fingers down the trail of hair from Randy's navel down to his khakis. Logan undid the khakis, pulled them open and pushed them down, along with the boxers till they dropped to the ground around Randy's ankles. Logan grasped the growing erection and stroked it, felt it harden in his hand and Randy pulled up close to him letting their bodies come together, flesh pressing against flesh, and they kissed softly, gently until Randy pulled back, ran his lips over Logan's neck, up to his ear and he whispered, his voice hoarse, desperate, pleading in its tone.

"Let's get into the back."

Their naked bodies became entwined, arms and legs seemed to be everywhere, lips touching flesh, tongues sliding over skin, over sensitive places that drove each one wild, pushed their carnal lust and soon cocks were being sucked as fingers probed down between their cheeks, moved along the crevice till they touched each other there, probed each other's tightness, rubbed over it till they moaned and drove their cocks into the other's sucking mouth. They overheated each other, sweat beaded upon their skin, made them wet and slick and they glided over each other smoothly, rubbing chest to chest, stomach over stomach, and cock by cock. Legs were intertwined around each other as Randy's moans filled the air, noisily, the urgency of his tone driving both of them onward and soon Logan pushed Randy onto his back, slid between his legs and pushed his cock along Randy's crevice, probed along the smooth skin till his cock found Randy's hole, rubbed over it, pressed against it and Randy pushed his feet up and against the roof of the Cherokee, his ass turned upward a little more, ready, eager to be fucked. Logan bore down on him, swung his hips till he felt his cock penetrate Randy, push into him and Randy cried out, his arms wrapped around Logan, clinging to him desperately, and Logan began to fuck, to drive his cock into Randy, to push his hips down forcibly slamming down on his ass. Randy laid back taking Logan's fuck, felt the undulating body between his legs and on top of his body, and he felt the cock pumping his hole.

"Fuck me, Logan, fuck my ass" Randy cried out, vulgar, desperate, as he wrapped his legs around Logan's waist and his arms around Logan's back. He could feel the sweat as he rubbed his hands over Logan, the smooth skin of Logan's body and Logan's hot breath hitting him on the neck. Logan's pace quickened, his hips moved faster and Randy knew Logan was about to give it to him, was about to pump his hole full of cum and he urged him on, begged him to fuck harder and the Cherokee rocked on its suspension, squeaking with the downward thrusts from Logan's hips. Randy ran his hands down Logan's side, stroking him, urging him on, then he felt the way Logan was jamming his cock into his hole, forcibly, slamming downward till their bodies smacked together and he recognized Logan's movement, the way he fucked when he was coming and Randy took it, every hard thrust as Logan filled his hole with his cum.

Logan rolled off, his breathing still labored, his cock still hard and he moved down beside Logan, kissed him on the mouth, ran his lips along Randy's rough unshaven chin, and down to his ear.

"Okay Randy" was all he said but Randy knew he meant more, much more, for he knew Logan wanted to be fucked, wanted to feel him pump his cock into that tight hole and he rolled up and over Logan as he eased down on his stomach, his head up between the front seats to give Randy the room he knew he needed. Randy came down on Logan, rubbed his cock along the sweat slick cheeks, pushed down between them and Logan rose up, opened himself up to Randy and Randy took his cock and pressed it to Logan's tight hole, bore down on it and when he shifted his weight down he penetrated. Logan cried out, his moans soft and muffled compared to Randy's but he pushed up hard and took Randy's cock, let it penetrate deeply into his hole.

"You like that...my cock in you?" Randy asked, teasingly, as he pushed down burying his cock all the way in Logan.

"Yes" Logan breathed out. Randy took Logan's hands in his own and held Logan down as he worked his cock through the tight opening, pumping his hard cock in and out. Randy fucked for a long time having the stamina and will to prolong it, clinging to every sensation, cherishing every response Logan gave him, the way his body pushed back, took his cock, and the way Logan would whimper and moan, holding back from really crying out, not able to say those things Randy could say, begging to be fucked harder, to pump cum in his hole, but Randy could feel this desire in the way Logan moved, the way he pushed up to take Randy's cock on every downward push. The harder Randy fucked the more Logan squirmed underneath him, pushed his ass up for Randy's cock, and when Randy leaned down, ran his lips over Logan's neck and along his hair, wet with sweat, he could hear Logan whispering, quietly, with his eyes closed tight and Randy finally made out his whispers, the words uttered softly with his labored breathing.

"Fuck...fuck...fuck..." over and over, and Randy rose up, pulled his body off Logan till only his cock, buried in Logan's hole maintained the contact between them and he began to fuck hard, slamming downward, and Logan pushed up, took each stabbing penetration. Randy sweated profusely, it running out of his hair, down his face, over his chest and rained down on the undulating body beneath him. He pulled up and slammed down hard, his stomach tight with the muscular strain, the exertion and the need to cum tightening his entire body. After a long hard fuck, both sweaty with their exhaustion building up, Randy cried out.

"Goddamn, I'm coming, take it Logan, take my load...take me" his voice trailing off as he pumped out his cum till his cock was spent.

Logan liked the sex, the way Randy made him feel, the physical contact, but he also like the intimacy afterwards, the way Randy held him, their bodies cooling down with the cooling night air, the way they touched each other's nakedness, their flaccid cocks, the lines of their bodies, fingers through pubic hair, over chest, and eventually even Randy twisting his fingers through Logan's hair. They lay naked in the back of the Cherokee a long time, the only light the moon, as it cast its light around the perimeter of the oak, they underneath the broad spread of branches hidden in its shadow.



"Those apartments being built in town, you know, over on Greenview? They are being leased."

"Yeah?" Logan's voice revealing his wonder at what Randy was going to say.

"You ever thought about getting a place...you know...together?"



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