Randy and Logan went through their routines, Randy at his job in the town's grocery store and Logan on his family's farm and each evening they settled into their own private lives within the small apartment. For a week they saw Jack, their neighbor downstairs only in passing, and he had been reserved, quiet, a quick hello and some casual conversation then he would disappear into his apartment. His friend Mark hadn't been around since Jack moved in so it had been quiet around the apartment complex with only the occasional moving van appearing in the parking lot as someone new moved into one of the apartments.

It was Sunday afternoon and Logan had Randy go with him to his parents for lunch which had been after noon when his mother got home from church. They returned to their apartment around four o'clock and saw Mark's door open and as they approached the building Mark came out carrying a beer.

"Hey guys, come on over and grab a beer. We're just getting started" he called out as they came up the sidewalk.

"Started?" Logan asked without thinking.

"Yeah, we're just going to party a little this afternoon. I have a couple of days off between hauls and Mark has been holed up in here all week, so we're going to relax and have a little party."

"Let us run upstairs for a minute and we'll be back down in a few minutes to hang out" Randy said as he led Logan up the stairs. Inside their apartment they agreed they really didn't want to hang out with Mark, he was so loud and rough, but they agreed Jack seemed like a nice guy and they would go for a while, leaving when they had enough, and using their need to work tomorrow as their excuse.

Jack was sitting on the sofa watching a game while Mark paced the floor, his nervous energy making the room claustrophobic. Logan went over and sat in the sole chair in the living and asked the score. They talked quietly amongst themselves about the game. Randy leaned against the bar separating the kitchen from the living-dining area and listened to Mark talk nonstop about partying, about his last trip across the country driving his rig and about girls and pussy, and how he picked up one girl after the next in different towns during his haul. Randy tried hard to look interested, but he never could bring himself to add to Mark's rolling dialogue. He watched how Mark pounded down the beer, one after the next, not holding back, his mouth either talking nonstop or swallowing the next beer. Eventually they went and sat in the living area and everyone noticed how Mark stumbled and tripped along the way to the sofa and how he fell down onto the cushion, spilling beer on himself. Randy pulled one of two metal dining chairs over and sat near Logan and for the next hour they watched the game, talking quietly, with Mark only occasionally making a loud outburst. By the time the game was over, so was Mark. He was leaned over to the corner of the sofa passed out.

"I'm sorry guys about Mark. He has gotten worse over the last couple of years. Sometimes I just..." and Jack stopped, let the sentence hang, and the things he was thinking kept to himself.

"It's okay; we've had friends who get the same way. Some of them eventually settled down" Randy replied.

"And the ones that didn't?" Jack asked, his tone sounding frustrated.

"Well, they sort of drift away."

"Or you stop having anything to do with them" Jack added and his tone obvious. He was tired of Mark's antics, embarrassed by it.

"Listen, we need to go. Both of us have to work tomorrow, but why don't you come up to our place one evening after Jack goes back on the road. We'll fix something for dinner and just hang out" Randy said and Logan looked at Jack and nodded his agreement.

Jack smiled at them, the friendliest he seemed since moving in. "That would be nice."

"Come up Wednesday. I'll be home early that day and we can watch a movie and prepare something for dinner" Logan said as he and Randy stood to leave.

"Okay, I will."

Logan and Randy had Jack up for dinner on Wednesday and as they talked with him, saw him open up a little they found he was completely different than their first impression and they soon relaxed in a casual tone with each other. They sat around late into the evening talking about his life in the small town and what it was like for Randy and Logan in the neighboring farm community till they realized it was time to call it a night.

Over the days that followed Logan and Randy stayed busy with their jobs and when they came home the routines of domestic life governed them till several days had passed. Their relationship continued to grow, their lovemaking occurring frequently, before bed, during the night and/or early in the mornings and many a time when they first got home, the day's labors having them cranked up and the exertion of their sex seemed to be the best cure.

It was the next Tuesday and Logan raced home thrilled at the price of soybeans he could sell his crop for that fall, much better than he had planned and he raced up the stairs and into their apartment finding Randy coming out of the bedroom from just showering off, his upper body having droplets of water still clinging to him and only a towel hung around his waist.

"What are you so excited about?" Randy asked when he saw Logan come in.

Logan explained how the price of soybeans had gone up and he had booked as many bushel as he dared based on how his crops looked in the field and how it was going to be much more than he had planned on. Suddenly Randy realized what Logan was getting at, how their plan to travel overseas next fall suddenly seemed like a real possibility and he came up to Logan and bear hugged him, picked him up off the floor.

"Hell yeah" Randy cried out. When he put Logan down they kissed, and soon Logan tugged the towel loose from Randy's waist and tossed it over a dining room chair. He took Randy in his hand, stroke him, felt him respond and Logan kissed along Randy's neck, down over his chest and quickly took one nipple, then the other in his mouth, tugged on it, nipped it hard and Randy cried out, the pain, the pleasure racing to his hardening cock. Randy pulled back and unbuttoned several buttons on Logan's old sleeveless shirt till he could pull it over his head. He unfastened Logan's jeans, unzipped them and soon had Logan stripped, his lean body pulled up to his own, warm and soft they felt to each other, skin on skin and soon Randy led Logan to the sofa, pushed him down on his back, his legs still on the floor and he went down between his legs, pushing them apart, exposing the lean body, his cock hard, his balls drawn up slightly and he leaned down and ran his tongue over Logan's sac, felt the way his balls moved within it as he mouthed them, sucked one then the other in his mouth. He let his warm mouth hold each one a moment, brought a slight suction to them which made Logan moan and spread his legs further apart.

Randy took Logan's hard cock, held it up and mouthed the head, felt the soft spongy head against his tongue and over his lips as he slid his mouth down over the hard cock. Randy moved up and down the shaft, slowly, wetting it as he went, getting it slick. He sucked on Logan for a long time, slowly, keeping him on edge as he had learned to do over their long time together. He sucked Logan's cock till it leaked its sweet nectar and he drove his tongue into the slit, savoring it. Logan would push up, shove his cock into Randy's mouth, fuck through his lips, but Randy would soon pull off, holding the bobbing cock in his hand allowing it to cool off, Logan to come down from being close to cumming.

"Fuck me...fuck me Randy" Logan whispered and Randy stood up on his knees, moved up in position, his cock already hard, the head wet and slick, and he pushed against Logan, pressed his cock against his hole and Logan put his hands on Randy's thighs, encouragingly, imploring him to do it, to penetrate him, to push his cock into the tight hole he was bearing down on and Randy shoved forward. He cock penetrated Logan, breached his tight hole and Logan cried out and pushed down with his ass, taking a little more of Randy, taking more of his cock. Randy moved his hips in a slow swing back and forth, working his hard cock back and forth.

"Goddamn...fuck me" Logan commanded between hard breaths and Randy pushed in all the way.

Logan had stormed into the apartment, so excited he forgot to lock the door, didn't think about them making out in the living room, right on the sofa, Randy on his knees pumping his cock into Logan. But as Randy pushed into Logan again, worked his cock all the way into Logan's hole, the door opened and Jack stepped just inside the door before he froze, his mouth hanging open. He had come in asking if something was wrong, for he had seen Logan storm up the steps. Now he stood staring at Logan and Randy, their nakedness, the way Logan's cock stood up hard, it glistening in the light from its wetness, he saw Logan's compact body, the way he had dark olive toned skin all over and he saw Randy's body, fairer, with the light line of freckles over his shoulders. He took it all in, the entire scene, even the way Randy had turned to him, shocked at the interruption and Logan lying there, his eyes wide, his mouth hung open and none of them able to speak for a moment; a long awkward moment.

"Oh shit...I'm sorry guys...I...didn't mean to barge in...I'll go" and he back to the door, his eyes still locked on them, the way they were locked together and as he pulled the door closed he leaned to the narrowing gap, looked in one more time and whispered just loud enough for them to hear.

"I won't tell no one...I promise...it's okay" and he closed the door.

Randy and Logan stared at the closed door for a long time. Finally Logan leaned up on his elbows and looked at Randy.

"Well, I think he knows we're fucking each other" Logan said with a flat tone.

Randy turned toward him and pushed Logan back down on the sofa and sank his still hard cock all the way back in.

"Fuck, I don't know what Jack is going to say or do, but right now all I can think about is fucking your ass" and he began to swing his hips, hard, moving faster and faster. He held Logan by his narrow hips, his long fingers holding him by his pelvis, a solid tight grip, as he worked his cock back and forth, fucking Logan, driving his cock into him all the way, slapping his hips up against Logan's ass.

"Fuck Randy..." Logan breathed out, his voice low and he lay there, legs spread open, Randy fucking cock into his hole. Randy's fuck quickened and soon he was pumping cum into Logan, shoving his spurting cock deep into Logan, filling him with his cum.

Randy pulled out, his half hard cock dripping, and he dropped down on the floor on his hands and knees, looking back at Logan.

"Fuck me, come on, shove that cock in my ass and fuck the shit out of me" and Logan eased down on the floor and quickly moved into position. He knew how Randy could be more vocal, more aggressive, eager for the hard fuck, and he put the wet slick head of his cock at Randy's opening and shoved in, half his shaft disappeared into Randy as he raised his head up crying out from the penetration.

Logan didn't go slow, didn't ease his cock into Randy, didn't waste the time to work it gently back and forth till he felt Randy loosen up and take him easily. Instead he gave Randy what he truly wanted this time. This time he shoved into that tight hole and he fucked, fast hard jabbing thrusts, the friction on his cock building to his ejaculation quickly, his cock throbbing, as he shoved it deep into Randy, plunged into his depths with every inch of cock he had, all of it, over and over and over. His dark shaft disappearing into that fair white ass, the way Randy's hole just sucked him up, and Logan began to jamb his cock in short thrusts, harder and harder, and Randy knew Logan was going to cum.

Logan held Randy tightly as he pumped cum into his hole, every forward thrust, every time he crammed his cock deep into Randy he came, came hard at first then he pumped out less and less till he was spent. He fell over Randy's back, sweaty, the dirt on his body running down with the rivulets of sweat and smearing on Randy's skin. Randy eased down on the floor flat and Logan followed till they lay snuggled up together. After several minutes, their breathing back to normal they sat up and leaned back against the sofa.

"Should we go downstairs and see what Jack is doing?" Logan finally asked and Randy began to snigger, and finally laugh out loud, and Logan followed suite, till both were laughing about the situation.

Logan and Randy waited till after dinner, let their anxiousness build until they couldn't stand waiting any longer and they went downstairs and knocked on Jack's door. The lights were off but they could see the light of the TV through the blinds and after a short wait they heard the door unlock and ease open. Jack looked sheepishly around the door and smiled weakly at the guys.

"Can we come in a minute?" Randy asked.

"Sure...sure, come on in" Jack replied as he backed up, opening the door for them.

"Listen, about upstairs earlier today..." Randy began but Jack interrupted him.

"Randy...Randy, look it's okay, really. We're good...we're good" and Jack eased down on his sofa looking up at them. "I'm not going to say anything."

Logan and Randy nodded as they stood near the door, unsure what else to say. Logan motioned for them to leave when Jack spoke up.

"Come on guys, sit down and relax for moment. Please don't run off with this uncomfortable feeling between us...okay?"

Jack asked them how long had they been together and he listened to Randy, then Logan as they talked about how they have been messing around for years but only when they moved in together did another aspect of their relationship surface. It was late when they finally left and Jack shut off the TV and got ready for bed.

Jack lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling, remembering the image of Logan and Randy having sex, the way they were coupled together, their naked bodies so exposed and he remembered how Logan looked, lying there with Randy positioned between his legs. And he let his mind wander; remember events long ago, those that haunt him. Back when he and Mark were younger, more foolish, the way they partied so hard, getting drunk or high all the time and he remembered one night when they were up in the barn at Mark's place, a storage room built up in the roof framing, the floor so close to the roof only in the center could they stand up, but it was a refuge from their parents, a place they could smoke pot and drink and one time, just once, Mark had initiated something, had taken his cock out, it already hard and he had begged Jack to suck him. He pleaded for Jack to help him out, that he'd do something for him afterward. Jack remembered through the fog of the pot and alcohol how he wanted to do it and he had gotten on his knees in front of Mark and took his cock in his hand, looking at the way the head was flared out, the shape of it. And he remembered, even though he was so high at the time, how it felt, Mark's cock going into his mouth. He sucked Mark's cock; let him pump it in his mouth. Mark didn't last long, came almost as soon as Jack had taken his cock, but afterwards he had called Jack a cocksucker, had told him he needed to wash that shit off his face and suddenly told him to leave. It had taken a week before Mark called Jack and then he acted like nothing had happened, but from that time on Mark tried to fuck every girl he saw, talked of nothing but pussy and fucking, and Jack had become more introverted.

He rolled over in his bed and stared at the wall, his eyes burning with his shame, his inability to just be who he wanted to be, even in this small town in the middle of nowhere. He lay there a long time and after he had exhausted himself, played events over and over till he couldn't think straight or maintain a rational thought, he finally drifted off to sleep.

Logan and Randy acted cautiously around Jack for the next few days, not sure if he would keep their secret or if he would tell Mark, something they knew would make living above Jack difficult whenever Mark was around. By the time Saturday rolled around they were beginning to think everything would be okay, things would return to normal with Jack, for he had been friendly with them, even more so, and when they had gotten back from gathering some vegetables from the large garden Logan helped his family grow, Jack had come out as they started up the stairs and asked them if they wanted to come down for dinner and watch a movie. He had picked up bar-b-cue that afternoon to make sandwiches and was going to prepare some beans and potatoes to go with it.

Later that night, the movie coming to an end, dirty dishes stacked in the sink, the guys were sitting around the living area finishing off the beer each one was working on. The night had been pleasant, Jack friendlier than ever, and Logan and Randy thought the whole issue of them being gay wasn't going to come up this time, but Jack sat up and cleared his throat, took a long drink of his beer and setting it down on the coffee table looked at Logan and then Randy.

"Can I ask you guys something? Something very personal, something I know I shouldn't but..." and he looked up at Randy and Logan, then back down to the floor; "but I really want to ask."

Randy looked at Logan and shrugged unknowingly, then looked at the slumped over figure before them. "Okay, Jack, what is it?" Randy knew his voice was questioning, defensive.

Jack sat still for a long time, his head down, then slowly he looked up at the guys, then over to the corner of the room where there was nothing but white walls, and he stared at that place as he spoke slowly, carefully.

"I...I want to watch you guys. Just once I'd like to watch what you do together...when you have sex" and he looked over at them, his eyes wet, nervous, and it was obvious this was not some voyeur fantasy but something else.

"I don't know Jack, that is..." Logan began but when he stammered Randy broke in.

"Why?" Randy was straight to the point.

It was silent in the room for what seemed like a long time, Logan and Randy waiting for Jack to answer. Then Jack's voice broke the silence, soft, weak, barely audible to the guys.

"I want to know how...how you do it. How you can do that...let a guy put it there..." and he looked away, "I mean does it hurt at first, and what is it like."

Randy realized the situation and looked at Logan shocked they had not realized it before now. He looked back at Jack, realizing Jack was a man who desires made him an outcast to his own friends, then he wondered if Jack had every done anything and it suddenly made sense the way Jack and Mark acted toward each other, the way Mark was always talking about girls in ways that were crude, sexual.

"Have you ever done anything?" Randy asked, unsure if he should or not.

Jack just nodded his head yes while he looked down at the floor.

"Was it Mark?"

And Jack nodded yes again. He looked up finally and the whole story poured out, the way they had been before, just the two of them partying all the time and then the incident in the barn. Jack admitted he tried to date girls afterward, sometimes double dating with Mark, but it was hard, and after a while he just stopped altogether. Jack told them he knew it was asking a lot and for them not to answer him tonight, to think about it and to remember he only wanted to watch, that he would sit to the side of the room as out of sight as he could get and he would stay quiet so they could pretend he wasn't there.

When Randy and Logan climbed into bed that night they lay quiet for a long time, neither knowing what to say, but finally, when the clock flashed ten after one Logan snuggled up to Randy, rested his head on Randy's chest feeling his even breathing and listening to his heart beat.

"What do you think?" he asked quietly and Randy swallowed hard as he rubbed his hand over Logan's back.

"I think..."

To be continued...



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