Logan drove back into town and as he went through the three blocks of the business district he kept glancing at his reflection in the storefronts, seeing himself in his new truck. It wasn't a fancy truck, with leather or all the accessories, instead it was a basic work truck, three quarter ton chassis, four-wheel drive and manual transmission, but it was new. He drove through downtown and turned on Greenview Lane heading back through a residential area. On the edge of town, a couple of blocks from the old residential neighborhoods he came to the new apartment complex. It was only twenty units on a small site and they were simple wood structures with cheap siding, painted a boring beige, but it was, for Logan, his new home.

As he went up the wood steps he saw through the open door of the unit below boxes sitting around, some empty and some still sealed with tape. A guy came to the door and looked up at Logan on the stairs.

"Hey man, you live upstairs?"

"Yes" and Logan refrained from saying more as he stopped, "I see you're moving in."

"Oh no, no me; it's my friend Jack. The bastard finally moved out of his folk's place. Can't wait to party. You guys like to party?"

"Sometimes" Logan replied, his tone unenthused with the idea of partying with this guy.

"I'm Mark" introducing himself as he stepped out onto the sidewalk.


"You live alone or with your girlfriend?"

"Oh, well...neither actually; I have a roommate. A friend and I are sharing a place."

"Well, when we get ole Jack moved in you guys will have to come down and we'll have ourselves a party."

Logan could see Mark could be trouble but kept his demeanor friendly.

"Yeah, sounds good. Listen I need to go. I'm beat from a long day working in a field; catch ya later?"

Logan finally got away from Mark after a few more minutes of banter and eased into the apartment. He found Randy on the sofa, lying in his tank top and boxers sound asleep. Logan stood looking at the sleeping form, the way his long lean frame didn't fit on the sofa, one leg was propped on the arm and the other had its foot on the floor. Randy's arms were crossed on his chest while he rested his head on a pillow nestled in the corner of the back and arm. His hair was freshly cut again, cut close to the scalp the way Randy liked to keep it.

Logan eased through the small living area and into the bathroom, stripped out of his dirty clothes and took a long hot shower. He toweled off and wrapped the towel around his narrow waist, his hair still wet, loosely hanging down over his forehead almost into his eyes. He started for the bedroom, his bedroom, one the bed had not been slept in since they moved in almost a month ago, to put something on, but he stopped in the small hall outside the bedrooms and bath doorways and looked in at Randy still asleep.

He eased down by the sofa and lightly ran his finger along Randy's arm, up and down the soft fair skin, feeling the short reddish brown hairs tickle his finger tips. Randy stirred slightly and settled back down. Logan could see the darker skin of Randy's nipples through the white tank top and he ran a finger over one, softly circling it. He looked at Randy's face, the way his beard came in dark brown, the way his hair reflected light with a reddish tint, and how Randy grew his sideburns long and Logan ran a finger lightly over the short hair of the one facing him. The hairs stiffer, coarse to the touch, and he traced it downward and along the scruffy line of Randy's jaw.

Randy opened his eyes and looked at Logan, noticing how he was only wrapped in a towel, it hanging low on his waist, his dark skin such a contrast to the white cloth. Logan smiled at him as he ran his down Randy's chest, firmly rubbing over his torso.

"You finally awake?"

"Who can sleep when their being molested" Randy replied, his voice low and sarcastic, and he reached out and touched Logan on the chest, felt the cool smooth skin on the back on his hand as he rubbed up and down. Logan leaned toward him as he rose up, bringing their lips together. They kissed passionately as Randy wrapped his arm around Logan's narrow waist, pulling him closer and Logan ran his hand downward over Randy's stomach and over his crotch, feeling the cock and balls lying loose within the boxers. Randy responded quickly to Logan's touch, as he always did, and his cock grew hard, pressed upward against the fabric and Logan's hand.

Logan stood back up on his knees and watched as Randy pulled his tank top off, then his boxers, tossing them on the floor. Logan grasped Randy's cock, held it up as he leaned over and licked the head, ran his tongue around its flared soft skin. Randy caught a big breath when he felt Logan's tongue, then his mouth on his cock, the way the warm wetness enveloped his cock making it harder. He reached over and tugged on the towel around Logan's waist and it easily fell away revealing fully his lean body and Randy took Logan's cock, tugged on it, squeezed it, and began to stroke it as Logan's mouth worked up and down his own.

Randy felt his need build, the way Logan made his cock swell up thick and hard and he reached around Logan's narrow waist, ran his hand over each round cheek, probed down between them and ran his fingers along the soft hairless ass. Randy found Logan's hole, pressed his finger against, felt its resistance, its tightness but he pressed harder, felt Logan push back with his hips and Randy sank his finger into Logan, all the way he buried his index finger, feeling the tight ring of Logan's hole loosen. As Logan sucked his cock, tongued over his balls, sucking one then the other into his mouth, tugging gently on one, and then he took Randy's cock back into his mouth sinking all the way down. Randy fingered his ass, worked two fingers into him, then three, feeling the tightness loosen each time. Randy took the penetration of Logan's fingers, pushed back against his hand trying to get them further into his tunnel.

"Let's go into the bedroom" Randy whispered and Logan leaned up and nodded. Randy led him by the hand, guided him down on the bed on his back and Logan brought his feet flat on the bed, up close to his ass, legs spread giving Randy room to move down between them. Randy came up over Logan, held himself up on his arms and knees, his cock rubbing over Logan's crotch as he leaned down and kissed Logan, ran his lips over the smooth jaw, up to his ear, over his neck.

"Goddamn I want to fuck you" Randy whispered as he pushed his cock against Logan, felt Logan shift under him, pull his legs up, wrap them around Randy's waist. Randy pumped his cock over Logan's ass, rubbed the leaking head over Logan's opening, pressing against it, smearing his pre-cum over it, slicking it up.

"Do it...do it" Logan whispered, "put it in me."

Randy swung his hips forward and sank his cock into Logan, half the shaft disappeared in the tight little hole. Logan cried out and he pushed up against the hips boring down on him, sinking the thick shaft all the way in his hole. Randy held still when he had pushed all the way into Logan and he put his head down next to Logan's, kissed the soft skin along the top of his shoulder feeling the collarbone so clearly visible. He pulled his hips upward till his cock was almost all the way out and he pressed downward again, sinking his cock all the way back in and Logan grunted loudly.

Randy built up his rhythm, fucked his cock into Logan, faster and faster, till he was pumping at a furious pace, hips slamming down on ass, the bed rocking beneath them and Logan grunting with every deep penetration of his body. Randy fucked for a long time, lost in the feeling of his cock sliding through the tight ring of Logan's opening, the way Logan clung to him, his grunting so vocal. When he felt he was getting close, his cock achingly hard he pulled out, slid over to Logan's side, slipping down beside him as Logan twisted his hips up giving Randy the access he needed, and Randy slipped his cock back into Logan, held him tightly around the chest, Logan's smaller body snug up against his own and he began to fuck, to work his hips, rocking the bed in a new direction, side to side, as Logan took his fuck, took the thick cock working through his opening, pumping back and forth in his hole. Logan's body heated up, sweat beaded up on his dark skin and Randy felt his arms slide over its slickness. Logan sweated easily, especially during sex, his body seeming to be like an oven, hot to the touch and quickly slick and glistening with sweat, and Randy fucked harder, shoved his cock powerfully into Logan's hole and the grunts and moans grew louder, his and Logan's.

Randy took Logan's cock, felt its hardness in his hand, the slick wet head with the pre-cum drooling out and he stroked it, smeared the slickness down the shaft as he fucked his cock into Logan's ass as hard as he could. He felt Logan pump his hips, push back against his cock, taking it all the way, then pushing forward shoving his cock through Randy's fist as it came down. Rough, forceful, they slammed their bodies together, and Logan came first, his cock shooting out thick wads of cum, it landing on Logan's stomach, and then dribbled down his cock and Randy's stroking hand. Randy felt Logan cum, felt every ejaculation the way his hole clinched his cock, each spasm milk his shaft as he continued to plow it into Logan, fuck it all the way in, slamming his hips against Logan till he couldn't take it any longer, the heat of Logan's body, the feel of Logan coming, the way his hole milked his cock and he pumped in hard, shoved all the way into Logan and came, pumping his cum into the soft warmth of Logan's tunnel, and he continued to pump his cock as it dribbled the last of his load.

Exhausted, they fell still, their breathing hard, Logan's skin wet and slick to the touch. Randy shifted up and held Logan, neither saying anything, their eyes closed, just relishing the satisfying exhaustion of their sex. After a few minutes Logan felt Randy's fingers trace lightly over his skin, softly running over him, doing circles in the cum pooled on his stomach, and tracing over his flaccid cock. He lay there, letting Randy touch him and he snuggled up closer.

"Randy?" he asked quietly.


"There some guy moving in downstairs and his friend wants us to party with them."

"Oh boy" Randy replied and Logan knew what he meant.



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