I hated having to dress like this. Navy blue dress slacks, shiny black shoes, and a light blue button down shirt with a collar. I literally never wore anything but jeans or shorts and a T-shirt or tank top, and a raggedy pair of tennis shoes. But my dad had really put the screws to me this time. Basically my dad hardly ever asked me to do anything, mostly because I was a pretty good kid, and also because I could toss him across the room with one hand if I wanted to. We'd had a few confrontations in the past year, and he found out it was better not to mess with me. It's not like I hit him or anything, but we just came to an understanding that he would be better off leaving me alone, so we pretty much kept each other at arm's length.

So he had invited his new boss to dinner and wanted me looking good and on my best behavior. And I figured it wasn't that big of a deal; not worth getting into a fight over anyway, so I agreed. However, the only shirt I had that even came close to fitting was tight in the shoulders and arms, and pulled so much at the buttons that I had no choice but to leave the top two unbuttoned. I thought I'd look better in my usual T-shirt, but my mom said no, the dress shirt was better. And hell, I spent some time in front of the mirror, and the snugness in the arms made my biceps look great and the open shirt made my chest look awesome.

'So, what grade are you in school Randy?' Mr. Crandall asked.

'I'm a sophomore sir' I answered. Can you believe it? Me calling someone sir! My dad was probably going to shit his pants. But this was my dad's new boss and he was really anxious to give a good impression, and besides, I'd promised to behave and was going to do my best to butter him up.

'I can see you're husky. Do you play football?'

'No sir. Not football. I'm only 5'9' so I'm kinda short, and I'm not crazy about team sports anyway' I answered. 'I like the individual sports like wrestling.'

'Randy hasn't lost a wrestling match this year' my dad said proudly. 'He went to the state finals last year, and he's set to go again this year.'

'Yeah. I've been doing pretty good' I said, deciding to brag a little myself. 'One more regional next week and then we go to state.'

'Well, you sure look like you'd be a good wrestler. Bryan here is a sophomore too and he was the leading singles tennis player in his high school. He was also on the swim team. We're hoping he can get into those activities at the new school.' That explained why Bryan didn't have any muscle. He was a swimmer and a tennis player for god's sake. I was always into muscle so I hadn't really paid any attention to him even though he had the cutest dimples, which made him look almost pretty. He had what they call dirty brown hair, but it had a nice sheen and looked silky. He was taller than me, probably 5'11' or so, but I bet I had him by forty pounds. He'd only said one word since he arrived, and that was 'hi' when he shook my dad's hand. He was trying unsuccessfully to hide his boredom and he obviously didn't want to be here.

'I don't know anything about the tennis team, but the swim team's pretty good' I commented. 'They were second in our league last year. They could probably use some help.'

'Well, good' Mr. Crandall said. 'Bryan will be looking into it this week.'

'Thank you very much for the excellent meal Mrs. Sansom. It's wonderful to get a home cooked meal since Bryan and I are baching it this week. My wife is still closing up the house in New York, so she won't be here for another week or so yet.'

'Well, you're more than welcome here' said mom. 'It's a pleasure having company for dinner.'

'Can I offer you a brandy Carl?' my dad asked as we all stood up from the table.

'Well sure. Don't mind if I do' he answered.

'Let's go into my study then' dad said. 'Randy, why don't you show Bryan your home gym?'

'Sure dad' I said with my sweetest tone of voice. 'Come on Bryan. It's out in the garage.' Bryan followed me through the kitchen and out the back door. 'Bryan. Since I let my dad talk me into having dinner with you guys, I didn't work out today, but I agreed to let my two buddies, Jason and Landon, work out together, and they're in there right now.' I'd seldom made Jason and Landon work out together because they were still always at each other's throats, so I was expecting the worst. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get them to be even civil with each other. But I'd laid down the law today, and said somebody was going to get knocked on their ass if they didn't cooperate with each other. 'So here it is' I said as I opened the door.

There probably wasn't a kid in America with a home gym like mine. Originally it had been a cramped room in the back of the garage, but as I got more and more equipment I had gradually taken over the entire two car garage. It had mats everywhere and walls covered with mirrors and tons of equipment.

'Randy.... Boss....' Landon yelled as I stepped into the room.

'Shut up' I boomed. 'I don't want to hear it. Just tell me if Jace laid a hand on you.'

'No he didn't Boss. But....'

'I said: shut up.' Jason and Landon stood there in just their jock straps and socks, and what a vision. Dripping with sweat with their muscles pumped to the max, they were utterly spectacular. Landon was a platinum blond with breathtakingly beautiful features with a very muscular build, while Jason was a very handsome brunet who was built like a tank. Both boys were about the same height; however Jason was obviously bigger in every other dimension. And with anybody but me he tended to be a bully. I glanced at Bryan and saw his mouth hanging open with a shocked look on his face.

'Bryan. These are my boys, Jason and Landon. And it looks like they're fighting as usual' I said. 'So, Jace. What's going on?'

'Boss. This lazy shit doesn't want to change the weights....' Jason started.

'Boss' Landon interrupted. 'He expects me to lift the same weights as he does, and puts me down all the time.'

'All right. Cut it out. That's enough. Now, are you guys about finished?'

'Yeah Boss' Jason answered. 'We've doing our last set of triceps presses on the bench.'

'Well get to it' I said in an exasperated tone. 'Get on the bench Landon. Jace: hand him the weight.'

'We've got to reduce the weight for him Boss. He can't handle this weight.'

'Well reduce the damn weights then, and hand it to him.' Landon lay back on the bench with a smug look on his face while Jason mumbled something but changed the weights as ordered.

'Elbows to the sky and go slow Landon' I directed as Landon started doing very slow triceps presses. 'Good boy' I said. I watched carefully while Landon did eight reps with perfect form, and handed the weight back to Jason.

'Okay, finish up Jace. Landon; change the weights and hand it to him.' Now Jason got a smug look on his face as he got on the bench and waited for Landon to hand him the bar.

When Jason was finally finished I went to Bryan who was still standing by the door, but my arm around his shoulders and pulled him over to Landon and Jason. 'This is Bryan. His dad's my dad's new boss and he's new in town. He'll be starting at our school this coming week. I don't know if he talks or not, since I haven't heard him say a word yet.'

'Yeah, Randy. I can talk' Bryan said with a laugh. 'It's just that I told my dad I'd be on my best behavior tonight.'

'Yeah. I know what you mean' I said. 'I had to promise the same thing.'

Jason reached out and shook Bryan' hand. 'You're kind of skinny aren't you?' he said.

'He's on the swim team Jace, and he plays tennis' I said while Bryan shook hands with Landon. 'Everybody can't be a monster like you are.'

'Tennis? Who the hell plays tennis?' Jason said derisively.

'Cut it Jace' I ordered.

'My god. You guys are really huge' Bryan said in awe. 'Randy; you are awesome.'

'Thanks kid' I grinned. Hell, I always do this to everybody. But at least this kid had manners enough to be impressed and to say so.

'You look like you could do some bulking up Bryan. Maybe you should work out with us. Take your shirt off and let's see what you've got.'

'Ah... no Randy. I can't.

'That's alright. Don't be shy. Let's see what kind of build you've got.'

'No Randy. I can't. You guys are so huge.'

'Take your damn shirt off like I told you' I said as I grabbed him by the shirt collar and jerked him up close. I wasn't used to anyone saying no to me, and I found it really annoying. 'You're gonna find out pretty damn quick that you best do what I tell you. Now take it off.' Finally getting the point but giving me a dirty look, Bryan unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off and then slipped out of his undershirt.

'Well, hell' Jason laughed. 'You're skinnier than a rail. I could use you as a dumbbell.'

'Be kind Jace' I said giving him a scowl. 'He's just slim like a swimmer. Check out those abs. There ain't any fat there.' I reached over and rubbed my hinds over his rippling abs, and then up over his chest, tweaking one of his nipples. 'Not bad at all.'

'Thanks Randy' Bryan said as he turned red with embarrassment. 'I don't lift weights, but I swim every day to keep in shape.'

'Well, we'll see about getting you started on a program. Anybody wants to be a bud of mine has to be building some muscle. You come over here sometime next week and I'll get you started on a lifting routine.'

'That'd be great Randy' Bryan said. 'I'd love that.'

'So what's the deal Boss' Jason asked. 'We gonna have skinny guys hanging around with us from now on?'

'Shut up Jace. I told you go be kind. You can see that Bryan is a good looking kid, so if I want him hanging with us, he will. Got it?'

'Ahhh... Yeah Boss. Sorry.'

'I'll give you a chance to learn the ropes Bryan, and since my dad works for your dad, you can join my gang. I'll sign you up for the wrestling team this week.'

'Ahhh. I've never wrestled Randy.'

'That's okay; you've got to start sometime. It's all based on weight anyway, and I can see you've got some muscle. So don't worry about it.'

'Ahhh. I don't know Randy. I'm going to be awfully busy.'

'Listen Bryan' I said as I stepped up to him with our noses almost touching. 'Let's not get off on the wrong foot here. I'm the one with the muscle and you don't want to start out by arguing with me. You definitely don't want to mess with me and if I say you're going to be on the wrestling team, you'll damn well be on the wrestling team.'

'Ahhh... yeah Randy. Ahhh... sure' Bryan answered, evidently deciding it really was better not to argue with me.

'Good boy' I said. 'You'll do okay.' I grinned and gave him two light slaps to the cheek.. 'Just remember that I'm the guy in charge here.' Just then the intercom beeped.

'Yeah dad. What is it?' I said as I answered it.

'Randy. Mr. Crandall would like to see your weight room, so I'd like to bring him out.'

'No way dad' I answered. 'You know our agreement. You don't come out here unless I ask you.'

'You need to make an exception in this case Randy. It's not going to hurt you to take a few minutes and show your set up to Mr. Crandall.'

'Well.... Alright' I answered grudgingly. 'Give us a minute, then come ahead.'

'Okay guys. My dad and Bryan' dad are coming out, so get something on. Bryan; put your shirt back on.' Jason and Landon pulled shorts and wife beaters on while Bryan got his shirts back on. I glanced around the room checking to see if everything was okay. 'Landon. Put those dirty towels and stuff in the hamper.' As Landon picked up the clothes there came a knock at the door.

'Okay. Com'on in' I said as I opened the door. 'Jason and Landon were working out while we had dinner and have just finished. Guy's. You know my dad; and this is Bryan' dad: Mr. Crandall.' The two men walked in and started looking around. Jason and Landon stepped over and shook Mr. Crandall's hand.

'You guys are really built aren't you' Mr. Crandall said admiring Jason's and Landon's sweaty muscles showing through the tight tanks. 'Bryan has never been interested in body building. I keep telling him to eat more and put on some weight, but he doesn't do it.'

'That's okay Mr. Crandall' I said. 'We've already talked about him starting weight lifting next week. We'll see how much muscle we can put on him.'

'Is that right Bryan?' Mr. Crandall asked in surprise. 'You're going to start lifting weights?'

'Ahhh... Yeah dad' Bryan sputtered. 'Randy said he could get me started right away.'

'Well, that's great' Mr. Crandall beamed. 'Randy. Your body is absolutely amazing; so I'm sure you could do a lot for Bryan.'

'Well yeah' I said. 'I know what it takes to build muscle.' To show off a little I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped out of it. 'Here's what almost two years of working out has done for me' I said as I did the double bicep pose showing off my massive chest and incredible arms.

'Here's what you want to work towards' I said to Bryan as I crunched my left bicep and stepped over to him. 'Go ahead. Feel it' I said. 'This is what a real bicep is like.' Bryan looked around at everyone as I flexed my bicep in his face. 'Go ahead. Feel it' I repeated with a slightly threatening tone. Reaching over I took Bryan's hand and pulled it up to my massive bicep. He held his hand on it for a few seconds, but was too embarrassed to keep it there and get a really good feel.

'Mr. Crandall. What do you think?' I asked as I walked over in front of him. 'You want

Bryan to have a bicep like this?' I crunched it a couple more times right in front of his face. 'What do you think of this?'

'That's amazing Randy. Really amazing. You've got a body that won't quit.'

'Go ahead Mr. Randall; feel it' I said. 'This is what Bryan could have if he really worked at it. Go ahead.'

'That's all right Randy' his dad said. 'Mr. Crandall doesn't want to feel your biceps.'

'No. No. That's okay' Mr. Crandall said as he reached forward and gripped the big bulging muscle. 'Incredible, Randy; absolutely incredible.' Mr. Crandall definitely got a good feel, rubbing his hand over it again and again and holding on to it even as I dropped my arm.

'Me and my boys live for the gym, and let me tell you, at school everybody knows we're the coolest guys around. To be with the in crowd, Bryan couldn't do better that to hang around with us.'

'Well you're certainly sure of yourself' Mr. Crandall said with a laugh. 'But I think it's great that Bryan can make some friends right away. Don't you think so Bryan?'

'Yeah dad. This'll be great.' I took note that Mr. Crandall was still holding on to my bicep while we talked. When he finally let go, he rubbed the back of his hand against my round hard deltoid pretending that it was accidental; but I knew better. This guy wanted me.

* * * * *

It was about a week later that Randy and Bryan finally got together in Randy's weight room to start his training.

'Okay. We'll get a good start on your weight training today, but we need to get going on obedience training as well.

'Obedience training?'

'Yeah, But you can call it learning to know your place and how to submit if you want' Randy said with a laugh. 'You see; I've got some rules for anybody in my gang. You need to learn right up front that I'm the guy in charge and I don't put up with any bullshit. It's a privilege to hang around with me, and I will have your respect and your obedience without question. When I say jump, you'll jump,

'I'm not sure what you mean Randy, but I'll do whatever it takes to get along with you guys.'

'See Bryan? Right there' Randy said with a sigh. 'You already fucked up twice. You don't call me Randy; you call me Boss. And you don't worry about getting along with the guys; you worry about getting along with me. I'm the only guy who counts around here. That's why I'm gonna train you.'

'Ahhh... Boss? Why call you Boss?'

'Because I told you to, that's why. You don't actually think you're my equal do you? You gotta understand right up front that all this muscle means that I rule? You want to hang around with me, you gotta understand your place, and that means I'm Boss. I'm in charge, and you'll do whatever the fuck I want you to do. If I want you to be my slave, you'll damn well be my slave. And I'll kick your ass until you do understand that. Now let's go ahead and get started. Call me Boss.'

'Okay. Sure Ran... Ahhh... Boss' Bryan answered.

'Now. You ever give anyone a blow job?'

Bryan got a shocked look on his face. 'What? No way man. I don't do that shit.'

'Boss' Randy growled.

'Ahhh... Boss.'

'That's okay' Randy said with a laugh. 'I didn't think so, but that's something we'll work on. Now let's get you started on the weights. Strip down. We workout in just our jockstraps' he said as he pulled off his T-shirt and shorts. 'Well, go ahead' he said as Bryan just stood there looking on in awe at Randy's body. 'You'll have plenty of time to check out my muscles later, but for now strip.' Bryan turned red from embarrassment at being caught looking at Randy's muscles and quickly looking away, he removed his shirt and jeans.

'Ahhh... Randy. I don't have a jock strap. I wear jockey shorts.'

Randy reached forward and grabbed Bryan by the neck with one hand and squeezed. 'Call me Boss, god damn it' he growled.

'Aaaagggghh' Bryan croaked as he tried to push Randy's muscular arm away, but could not budge it. 'Asssggghh. Pleeeesse.'

'Call me Boss' Randy repeated.

'Aaagggh. Bossss' Bryan whispered. Randy loosened his grip on Bryan's throat, but pulled him in close so they were nose to nose.

'I've found out that a guy learns much quicker if a little pain is involved. So if I have to knock you around a little I will. Now say it again.'

'Boss' Bryan said with tears appearing in his eyes from the pain, and a shocked look on his face.



'Okay, that's better' Randy said, letting go of his throat. 'Now take off those damn jockey shorts.'

'Sure Boss' Bryan croaked as he pulled off his jockey shorts and stood there only in his shoes. Randy walked over to the clothes hamper and pulled out a dirty jockstrap that was obviously incrusted with dried cum.

'Here. Put this on' he said as he handed it to Bryan. 'I think this is Landon's. He shot without even touching himself the other day while he was licking my dick. If you're good maybe I'll let you lick it later' he said with a laugh.

Bryan was again shocked. 'Randy... Please... Ahhh... Boss... Please. I don't want to do this' he whispered.

'I ain't asking any more Bryan. I'm telling. Now put the damn thing on; right now.' Bryan stepped into the jockstrap with a fearful look in his eyes and trying not to touch the dried cum, pulled it up and tucked him prick into it. It was now sinking in that Randy really was the Boss, and he had no choice but to go along with him. His throat still hurt and it was obvious that Randy could break him in half without even trying. He suddenly realized that he'd better do whatever Randy wanted and keep him from getting pissed off. Pissing Randy off was turning out to be a very dangerous business.

For the next couple hours Randy took Bryan through a variety of exercises and explained them carefully, emphasizing the importance of perfect form and multiple sets. Bryan was still wary, but gradually began to lose his fear and relax as Randy got him started on the new routine. Bryan really was excited about building muscle and felt he would do just about anything to be able to look like Randy.

When they finally finished, they sat down side by side on the weight bench, gradually getting their breath back and their heart beats down. Finally Randy got up and stood in front of Bryan.

'So. What'daya think? Can you handle this?'

Yeahhh... Boss' Bryan said as he tried to wipe the sweat out of his eyes. 'This is great. And I really want to do this. I want to build muscle, just like you and Jason and Landon.'

'Good man' Randy said as he reached forward and fluffed Bryan's damp hair. 'But there's payment due. I think you're beginning to understand why I'm the Boss. These muscles put me in charge and just like my boys; you'll do what I tell you. Got that?' he said as he continued fluffing Bryan's hair.

'Ahhh... yeah Boss. I got it' Bryan said with trepidation.

'Good man. Now get on your knees.' Bryan had been admiring Randy's marvelous body as he stood before him, but now went into shock.

'Pleeeese Ran... Boss' Bryan pleaded.

Randy remained calm and just repeated himself. 'On your knees. I'm Boss. I'm in charge; and you'll get on your knees before me where you belong.' Now taking a grip on Bryan's hair, Randy pulled him off the bench onto his knees before him. Bryan looked up at him and tears appeared in his eyes again.

'Don't worry Bryan. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to teach you how to show due respect for your Boss.' Randy smiled down at him and continued fluffing his hair for a moment, and then pulled his face into his crotch.

'Kiss my dick Bryan. Give it a nice kiss.' Randy's powerful arm held Bryan's face in his crotch, so Bryan didn't even try to pull away. But he also didn't do anything. 'You're doing great so far Bryan, so don't piss me off now. I said kiss my dick' Randy said as he gave him a light slap on the back of the head.

Giving into the inevitable, Bryan gave Randy's prick a slight kiss through the jockstrap. 'Let me hear it Bryan. Give it a nice loud smack.' Bryan gave his prick another kiss, louder this time. 'Good man. Now do it once more.' Bryan kissed it one more time.

'Way to go Bryan. You learn quick' Randy said as he pulled Bryan to his feet. 'Now thank me for it.'

'Huh' Bryan said.

'I said thank me for it' Randy repeated. 'I let you kiss my dick you thank me.'

'Ahhh... thank you' Bryan whispered.

'Spell it out' Randy ordered. 'Thank me what?'

'Ahhh... thank you Boss.'

'For what?'

'Ahhh... thank you Boss for letting me ahhh... letting me kiss your dick.' Randy laughed and pulled Bryan in and gave him a hug and a light kiss on the lips.

'Okay. Way to go' he said with a big grin. 'Now let's go in the house and take a shower.' In the next few minutes Bryan learned that taking a shower with Randy meant soaping and washing every inch of that incredible body before finally washing himself and then drying both of them with a big fluffy towel. He loved every minute of it.

* * * * *

'Okay. We'll try this. Jace and I have our workouts down pat, since we always work out together, so Bryan, you'll work out with Landon. Jace and I are doing chest and back today so you guys will do arms and shoulders. We should be able to keep out of each other's way.' It was 4:00 in the afternoon and Randy, Jason, Landon and Bryan had just arrived at the garage/weight room at Randy's house. 'We'll try it anyway and see if it works' Randy said.

'All right. Down to our jocks' he said. All three boys took off their shirts and pants leaving only their jockstraps and shoes. Bryan was now wearing a sparkling white new jockstrap.

'Com'er Bryan' Randy ordered. 'Let's show 'em what you've learned. Get on your knees.' Bryan was shocked at the order and glanced around at Landon and Jason. Neither one of them said anything but just waited to see what would happen.

'Please Randy' Bryan whispered. 'Please don't.'

'Get on your fuckin knees before I kick your ass' Randy said, grabbing him by the shoulders with both hands and forcing him down in front of him. 'Maybe you're not a fast learner after all. Now kiss my prick.'

'Please Randy; Pleeeese' Bryan whimpered. Randy gave him a light slap along the side of his head, and then grabbed him by the hair, yanking on it. 'You call me Boss and you kiss my prick, just like I showed you' Randy snarled as he jerked Bryan's face into his crotch. 'Do it.' Bryan knew he had no choice but he thought he was going to die of embarrassment. He kissed Randy's prick as ordered.

'Landon. Your turn' Randy said as he let go of Bryan's hair. Landon immediately stepped over, got on his knees and gave Randy's cock a big smooch.

'Thank you Boss' Landon said.

'Jace?' Randy said.

'No problamo Boss' Jason said as he jumped to it and gave Randy's prick a big kiss and a bit of a suck. 'Thank you Boss.' Bryan just watched in shock as Landon and Jason kissed Randy's cock without question and thanked him for it.

'Did you remember to thank me Bryan?' Randy asked.

'Ahhh.... no Boss. Sorry. Ahhh.... thank you' Bryan answered.

'Okay. Let's get going' Randy said, acting as if nothing had happened and they all started stretching, getting ready for their workout.

An hour and a half later all four boys were pretty much wiped out and were drenched with sweat. Randy was sitting on the bench, Landon and Jason were lying on their backs on the wrestling mat, and Bryan was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall.

'Time for your next lesson Bryan' Randy said. 'Come over here.' Bryan got up and walked over to Randy and stood waiting. Randy just looked up at him for a minute or so, making Bryan feel more and more uncomfortable as the seconds ticked by.

'I like getting a blow job after a workout Bryan' Randy said calmly as if he were talking about the weather. 'I think it's time you learned what it means to be submissive to an alpha male. Me; I'm the alpha. You; you're my sub. And you're going to give me a blow job.'

'Ran... Boss. I told you I don't do that. Please Boss. Don't make me' Bryan pleaded. 'Please don't.'

'Get on your knees babe' Randy ordered.

'Please Randy. Please' Bryan said as he started to to tear up again..

'I said get on your knees' Randy snapped. Tears starting to drip down his cheeks, Bryan slowly sank to his knees.

Both Jason and Landon sat up to watch as Randy stood up. 'Pull my jock down' he ordered. Still crying, Bryan took hold of Randy's jockstrap, pulled it down, and Randy stepped out of it. Randy's cock was half hard already, but as he put his hand behind Bryan's head and pulled him in, it kept growing. Holding Bryan by the hair, randy gently maneuvered his head around, allowing his cock to bounce around and smear precum on his face. Then grabbing his cock with his other hand, he began to bang it against Bryan's face. He got an enormous grin on his face as he watched his big pole slam into Bryan's cute face over and over again. God he loved doing this. Taking control of a new kid and forcing him to worship his cock was one of the hottest things he could imagine. And the enormous club he was bludgeoning the boy with was now as hard as a rock. And Randy was ready to fuck.

'Landon. Come over here and show him how it's done' Randy demanded and Landon scurried over and got on his knees. Taking hold of Landon's hair, Randy pushed his monster eight plus inches into his mouth, and kept on and on until Landon's nose was pressed in tight against his crotch. 'This, Bryan, is how you suck cock' he said.

Pulling out of Landon's mouth, Randy took hold of Bryan's hair and pushed his cock up against his lips. 'Open your mouth Bryan.' Bryan obeyed and opened up and Randy's cock slid it. 'Suck on it' Randy commanded. Bryan's mouth was forced wide open as four or five inches of the monster cock were pushed inside. Hoping to appease Randy so he wouldn't press in any further, he stopped crying and started sucking like mad.

'Hey' Randy said in surprise. 'Way to go boy. That's the way I like it.' He just watched for a couple minutes as Bryan continued sucking. 'Look at me boy' he finally said. 'Always look at me when you blow me.' Bryan opened his eyes and looked up at his nemesis and couldn't help but admire the gorgeous muscle man looking down at him. Randy was smiling brightly and obviously enjoying Bryan's submissiveness.

'Good boy' Randy said. 'Good boy. Now take a little more, and don't gag. You can control your gag reflex it you try.' Randy pushed another inch into his mouth and Bryan immediately gaged on it. Randy pulled back and did it again, and got the same result. 'Concentrate, god damn it, and keep your eyes open. Don't fuckin choke on it' he demanded. Randy tried to be patient and push in very slowly but Bryan kept choking and gagging.

'Oh shit' Randy said in disgust. 'Forget it kid. Get on my ass instead.' Randy pulled his cock from Bryan's mouth and turned around. Reaching behind and grabbing Bryan by the hair, he pulled his face into his ass. 'Lick it boy. Lick it.' Bryan was still breathing hard and gasping as Randy jammed his nose into his ass crack. 'I said lick it' Randy ordered, and slapped him on the back of the head, jamming him even tighter. Still not feeling anything, Randy grabbed Bryan's hair and pulled hard. 'Do it god damn it.'

'Yeeeaaaoh' Bryan yelled as he finally got the point and stuck out his tongue and licked Randy's ass.

'That's it boy. Now work at it' Randy shouted at him. 'Jace. Get over here.' Jason immediately knew what was up, and scurried over, pushed Landon aside, and took Randy's cock in his mouth. Jason had been blowing Randy regularly for well over a year; loved doing it, and knew Randy loved it. Randy was fully hard already so Jason knew it wouldn't take much to bring him off. Particularly since he had a virgin ass kisser working on his butt.

As Randy let go of Bryan's hair, Landon grabbed hold of it and started banging the boy's face in and out of Randy's ass. 'Lick his ass you little shit' he whispered in Bryan's ear. 'Make it good for him.' As Landon slapped the back of his head a couple times, Bryan finally got into the action and started licking and sucking on Randy's ass.

'Oh yeah' Randy moaned. 'That's it.' Randy was hot and getting hotter as he was getting it from both ends, with an expert busily swallowing his cock. It was only a couple minutes when he felt his cock begin to throb, reaching its peak of excitement as he started to cum. 'Ohhh.... Fuuuuccck!' he yelled as he started to shoot into Jason's mouth. He was in ecstasy as he shot three or four times into Jason, but he wanted to mark the new boy, so he quickly pulled out, jerked around, pushed Landon's hand aside, and grabbing Bryan's hair, shot the rest of his load into Bryan's face. Bryan was gasping and his face was covered with sweat and spit, as Randy watched his cum spatter all over his face and into his hair.

'Oh shit yeah' Randy moaned as he fired his final shot into Bryan's face and started to relax. Bryan was a mess. With tears and sweat and spit and now cum all over his face, he was still gasping for breath. One of Randy's shots had hit him right in the eye, so his eyes were tightly closed as he began to get his breath back. After a moment Randy took hold of his cock and started smearing it all over Bryan's face and hair, coating him evenly with the copious cum collected there.

'Okay Bryan; clean me up' Randy ordered. 'Open your mouth.' Randy stuck a couple fingers between Bryan's lips forcing his mouth open, and then pushed his cock inside. 'Wash that cum off my cock.' Bryan was way beyond arguing with Randy at this point and immediately started licking and sucking the cock. After a minute or so Randy pulled out and let Bryan lick his balls clean.

* * * * *

'Randy' Randy's dad said as they were having dinner a couple weeks later. 'Mr. Crandall is really impressed with what you have been doing with Bryan. He says Bryan is complaining about being sore all the time, but says it is the most wonderful soreness he has ever felt. Evidently Bryan is really getting into it.'

'Yeah dad. Bryan catches on really quick, and is going to bulk up fast. He's in good shape to begin with, so I plan to put fifteen or twenty pounds on him in the next few months' Randy said. 'He's also learning to give a pretty good.... Ahhh. I mean he's a good kid and tries really hard.'

'Well. Mr. Crandall is really impressed. He says he's never seen Bryan so dedicated to anything before. He says Bryan was always a good swimmer, but he never was as excited about it as he is with this body building and wrestling program you've set him up with.'

'Well great' Randy said with a laugh. 'If he gives you a raise, I want to share in the wealth.'

'Yeah sure' his dad laughed. 'But actually he did ask if you could set him up on some sort of program to help him get back in shape. He's already bought a weight set for Bryan, and he'd like you to show him how to use it. What do you think?'

'Hell dad. I don't know anything about workouts for old guys.'

'He's not old Randy. He must be just over forty, a couple years older than me maybe, and that isn't old.'

'If you say so dad' Randy said with a grin. 'But you know what I mean. I only work out with kids my age.'

'Well, he asked for your help. And it would help me too if you can keep him happy. That new territory is coming up pretty soon, and I'd like him to pick me for the job. Buttering him up a little right now couldn't hurt. What'daya say?'

'Well, I suppose I could come up with something. But give me some time. I'll check with Coach and that new assistant, Chris, and maybe they can give me some ideas on what an older guy needs.'

'Okay. I'll tell him you'll set up a time at the end of next week. That should be enough time. Okay?'

'Yeah dad. That'll do it. I'll have a plan ready by then.'

* * * * * *

Bryan was coming along just fine in his workouts. He'd gotten over the early soreness, and was now beginning to increase his weights. He also was turning into a perfect slave. Jason and Landon were like perfect slaves already, but they were my lovers as well. I didn't need another lover, and besides Bryan was gonna continue being a skinny kid for months yet. But Bryan was always hot and willing to do anything I wanted him to do and, after only two weeks, he had become a perfect submissive and was completely obedient. Actually I didn't need another regular cock sucker no matter how willing, so I'd kind of turned him over to Landon. Landon had kind of taken him under his wing, and was directing his workouts. I knew Landon loved getting blow jobs but, hell, who doesn't. But I'd hardly ever allowed him to get one. But since Bryan was available, I thought there was nothing wrong with keeping Landon happy and giving Bryan the practice he needed in sucking somebody's dick..

Now this thing with his dad was looking pretty interesting. From the very first time they came over for dinner I noticed that Mr. Crandall couldn't keep his eyes off of me, but it didn't really register since that happens to people all the time when I'm around. Hell, I know my bod's spectacular and most everybody drools over me, but what the hell. I expect it and I'm used to it.

But Mr. Crandall. Was he interested in something else? Looking back on that evening when he came out to see my weight room, I know he was more than just a little bit interested. Hell, I thought his hand was glued to my bicep when I let him feel it. So now he wanted me to work out with him! Very interesting. Now, I just said I didn't need another inexperienced cocksucker but the idea of taking my dad's boss was kind of a turn on. I'd already taken a couple adults and turned them into my own private muscle worshiper's and doing it again would be exciting. Taking the son and then the father would be a fun and just the idea of it caused my prick to wake up.

So, anyway. I'd made arrangements for Mr. Crandall to come over on Thursday evening. I made sure my mom and dad would be out for the evening. I didn't want to take the chance of my dad deciding to stick his nose into the garage to see what was going on.

I'd already had my work out, cleaned up and had dinner. It was almost eight o'clock and Mr. Crandall was expected any minute. I'd had a blow job from Landon at lunch time and another one from Jason after our workout, but I figured I could cum again. Hell, just the idea of screwing Mr. Crandall was making me so hot, I damn well knew I was going to cum again.

Then came the knock at the door. 'Hello Mr. Crandall' I said with a cheery smile as I opened the door. I was wearing a T-shirt with the arms ripped off so it really emphasized my enormous arms and shoulders. I ordinarily wore a jockstrap when I worked out, but for tonight I wore some tight spandex shorts with a pouch that molded themselves to every freckle and hair on my body. They fit tight up into the crack of my ass, and even though I was completely soft so far, the pouch showed a very visible lump in my crotch. If this didn't get his attention, I don't know what would. When I got hard it was going to be a sight to behold.

Mr. Crandall, at my direction, was wearing a T-shirt and white gym shorts. And, I admit, he looked damn good. He had nice shoulders and no sign of a belly and I think he was exaggerating when he told my dad he didn't work out. He looked like a couple times a week gym bunny to me, and that made me all the more sure that he was interested in something other than just a new workout routine.

'Hi Randy' he said as he shook my hand. 'Thanks for inviting me over. Bryan is really getting into body building for the first time in his life, and is really excited about it and he's been showing me some of the exercises you've taught him. So, I'm sure you can give me some suggestions on how to improve my workouts.'

'As a matter of fact I can see that you are in good shape already Mr. Crandall' I said as I reached forward and rubbed my hand against his chest, feeling his shapely pectoral muscles. 'It's obvious that you already work out.'

'Well, yeah' he said, sounding embarrassed by my complements. 'I do work out regularly, and that's why I've been trying to get Bryan interested' he said. 'And by the way, call me Carl.'

'Okay Carl' I said as I continued rubbing my hand over his chest. 'But you'll have to tell me what you want. What kind of exercises are you interested in?' I asked. And not one to beat around the bush, I took a step forward and just whispered in his ear: 'I can probably get you started on lots of exercises that you haven't tried before.' I removed my hand from his chest and started rubbing my own massive chest. 'You just let me know what you want' I murmured. Then I flexed my right arm and leaning over, kissed my bulging bicep.

'Ahhh... Randy' Carl stuttered. 'Ahhh... I think you have the wrong idea.'

'No. I don't think so' I answered as I took Carl's hand and pulled it to my enormous arm as I flexed. 'In fact I think I have exactly the right idea. You like young boy-muscle Carl? Do you?' Carl was obviously embarrassed but he didn't try to pull his hand away, but kept feeling my bicep. Actually he was probably embarrassed that I'd caught on to him so quickly.

'Jesus. You do have an incredible body Randy.'

'Yeah, I can see you like it Carl.' Stepping back from him, I pulled the T-shirt up and off, showing off my incredible upper body. 'I think I know what you want Carl.'

He removed his hand from my bicep so I now pulled it into my chest. 'What'daya think Carl? Is this what you want?' I asked with a smirk. 'Go ahead Carl. Feel those hot pectoral muscles. Fell my hot pecs.' Without any more encouragement he started rubbing his fingers over my bulging pecs, getting a good feel of my muscles.

'You are absolutely awesome Randy. With a body like this, I can't believe you are not even seventeen yet. You are amazing.'

'Glad you like it Carl. But go ahead, feel me up. I like you rubbing your hands over my muscles' I said as I grinned at him. Hell, he hadn't been here five minutes and I already had him pretty much under my control. It was just too fuckin easy. You wonder why I think I'm a god? Hell, this is why. I can have most anyone whenever I want.

I let him feel my chest for a minute, and then stepping away from him, I went over to the supply cabinet and got a bottle of scented body oil. 'Here Carl' I said. 'Oil up these boy muscles you're so impressed with.' Carl got a surprised look on his face, but I also a look of lust; and it looked like the beginning of a bulge in his shorts.

I just stood there with a smile on my face as Carl poured some oil on his hands and started rubbing it on my chest. He wouldn't look me in the face, evidently trying not to admit he was doing what he was doing. But his mouth was hanging open and he had a look of desire that almost made me laugh as he rubbed the oil on my pecs.

I now had a new worshiper. He now belonged to me and I could probably do anything I wanted with him. And I intended to take advantage of it.

I let him go at it for barely a minute, when I stepped back away from him. Grabbing the spandex shorts I pealed them off and tossed them aside. Now totally nude I gave him a good look at me in the altogether with my eight inch semi hard cock dangling down. He just stared as I turned and walked over to the wrestling mat and lay down on my stomach. 'Do my back Carl' I said as seductively as I could. 'Rub that oil all over my muscles.' I just closed my eyes and waited for him. After a moment his lechery got the better of him and he came over and got on his knees. Getting more oil on his hands he began to spread it over my muscular back.

'God you're gorgeous Randy' he said.

'That feels great man. Keep it up' I said.

I figured he was probably skittish from lusting over a kid the same age as his son. Hell, I know he was trying not to admit to himself what he was doing. So I had the choice of taking over and raping him, which would probably be fun, or let him continue kidding himself that he really wasn't molesting an underage kid.

'Get those shoulders and arms man' I ordered. I still had my eyes closed with my face lying on my hands as he started feeling up my relaxed shoulders and upper arms. 'Oh yeahhh... Feel those muscles.' He hadn't said a word yet, but he kept smearing on the oil. After a few minutes on my arms he moved to my upper back and then my lower back.

'Do my ass man' I said. 'Rub that oil on my ass.' He followed my instructions and started oiling my ass cheeks, and let me tell you, that feels good. Having a guy totally mesmerized by my ass while he rubbed it with oil was wonderful even though I'd rather he'd been kissing it. 'Do the crack man. Rub that oil in my ass crack.' And he did it; moving his oily fingers up and down the crack of my butt. And now I was beginning to get hot and I could feel my cock beginning to grow.

And I finally came to a decision of what I was going to do with him. I was going to let him continue on his own, and see if I could get him to blow me without too much coercion. If that didn't work and he tried to back off, then I'd just rape him. Either way, it was going to be entertaining.

I let him do my legs, all the way down to my feet. Then I turned over. My big fat almost nine inch cock was almost fully hard now, and was sticking up toward my belly button. 'You're doing good man' I said as finally opened my eyes and looked up at him. His eyes were glued to my enormous cock, and I couldn't help but smile at his astonishment. Oh yeah, he liked big ones, and my big one was really turning him on. For just a split second he glanced up at me, but he wouldn't look me in the eye. He was still in some kind of fog, and pretending that this wasn't really happening.

'My chest man. Rub that oil on my chest' I murmured softly pulling his attention away from my big dong. Getting more oil on his hands, he started smoothing it over my big slabs of pectoral muscle. 'Yeah man. Go to it. Get a good feel of that massive chest' I crooned softly. After a couple minutes, he finally moved down below by pecs towards my abdominals. I wasn't sure how he was going to handle my almost fully hard prick sticking up so I decided to help. Reaching down I gently took hold of one of his hands and moved it to my cock. 'Oil me everywhere man. Everywhere' I said. And damned if he didn't do it. He started to tenderly massage my hard cock, sliding his hand up and down its' enormous girth and coating it evenly with the oil.

I was now super hot and I wanted to fuck. This had been great fun so far, but I was now about as hard as I was going to get, and I wanted to get it on. Or get if off, as you will. It was now or never, so I reached up, put my hand behind his head, and pulled him down to my chest. 'Kiss it babe' I said softly. I held his head there with his lips toughing my pecs while he thought it over. When he finally kissed it I crooned: 'That's it babe. That's it. Kiss it some more.' And he started kissing my bulging pectoral muscles. I kept my hand behind his head, gently touching his hair, ready to encourage him if needed. However, he kept kissing as he moved back and forth over the slabs of muscle.

'Lick it a little babe' I finally said. 'Lick it.' The oil was the lemon scented edible kind, but at this point I don't think he would have cared one way or another. Still encouraging him with my hand behind his head, he licked every inch of my pectoral, sucking up all the oil. After he was about done, I gently pushed him lower so he started licking my abdominals. I removed my hand from his head and just watched to see what would happen. When his chin touched my cock, he lifted up his head and looked down. I didn't say anything, but I reached down and took hold of it by the base, lifting up the big monster and pointed it at his face. And waited.

To tell you the truth, this is what I figured he wanted all the time. He wanted boy cock. He wanted to worship muscle boy cock. And I was right, because, without any coercion at all, he bent down and took the head of my cock in his mouth.

'Oh shit' I moaned as I felt his wet tongue touch the tip of my cock. 'Oh shit yeah.' Man. This was so fuckin hot. Taking my dad's boss down and getting him sucking my cock was absolutely sensational. It was making me hotter than hell. I let him just suck the head of my prick for a while, but I knew he'd probably never sucked cock before and would be lousy at it and I was developing other plans. After several minutes of pleasure of feeling his mouth on my very hard cock, I finally sat up and pushed him over on his back on the mat.

I grabbed his shoes and jerked them off, and then grabbed his shorts and underwear and pulled them down and off in one shot. In five seconds I had him naked below the waist. Then I climbed on and sat on his chest with my knees on his arms and pushed my dick into his face. I was done letting him play around with me. I was now taking charge of the action. I pushed my dick down so it touched his lips, and when he opened his mouth I pushed in just the head and let him suck.

'Open your eyes babe' I whispered as I smiled down at him. This is what I love. Total domination. Making a guy blow me and making him look me in the eye so he'd know he was submitting to a superior being. Oh yeah. I loved this. As he sucked I grabbed the bottle of oil and got some on my hands. Then reaching back, I grabbed one of his legs and pulled it up, forcing his ass up off the mat. Then I rubbed the oil into his crack, and almost immediately pushed a finger in the tight hole.

He grunted as I pushed my finger into him, but he did not stop sucking. Hell, I thought he'd fight me, since he now was catching on to the fact he was going to get fucked. But when I glanced back I saw his cock hard and dripping. Hell, he wanted me to dominate him. He wanted a young muscle kid to control him and fuck him. Who woulda thought? Getting some more oil on my hand, I worked two fingers into his hole and began stretching him out, getting him ready.

'Keep your eyes open babe' I ordered when he closed them again. 'Always look at me.' When he reopened his eyes I saw there were now tears there. He was getting very emotional about getting fucked by a muscle boy. I don't know if that was good or bad, but it wasn't going to make any difference. I was going to fuck him no matter what. I gave him a big grin and a light pat on the cheek. 'Gonna fuck you babe' I said. 'Gonna stick my big muscle stick right up your tight ass.' At that, I let go of his leg and pulled my cock out of his mouth. I grabbed one of his arms and pulled it out from under my knee. Picking up the bottle of oil again, I poured some on my hard on.

'Grease me up babe' I ordered. 'Get my cock ready.' Without question he took hold of my prick and carefully coated it with the oil. After a minute or so I got off his chest, pulling his legs up, and got in position with his legs over my shoulders and my big bludgeon aimed at his tiny ass hole.

'Open your damn eyes babe' I growled. 'Keep 'em open and look at me man.' As he opened his eyes and looked at me I pushed my cockhead hard, forcing just the tip into his hole.

Up to this point I don't think it had really sunk into him what was really happening. But now he screamed and tried to pull away. 'No way man' I grunted as I grabbed him by the shoulders and held him until he calmed down. My cock had slipped back out of his ass, but when he finally settled down, I pushed it back in again. He groaned and tried to get away, but I had a good hold on him now, and there was no way I was letting him go. I held him still with just the tip of my cock in his ass until he finally stopped squirming.

'Please Randy' he gasped. 'Please. It really hurts Randy. Please stop.'

'Just relax man' I urged. 'It'll get better. Just relax. Take it easy.' I just kept him there for a minute or so and then pushed his arms above his head, holding them there. He was moaning and tears were dripping from his eyes, but my cock felt fantastic squeezed into his tight hole and I knew this was going to be one hell of a fuck. I wanted him to see the big grin on my face but the bastard had his eyes closed again. So I just pushed in a little further and he groaned again. Oh shit was he tight. Even with the oil and the loosening up with my fingers, he was still tighter than hell. I pulled back a bit and then pushed in hard getting another couple inches into him. He was moaning and whining as if he were dying but I only had about three inches in so far and there were still more than five inches to go.

'Open your damn eyes' I growled . Holding both of his wrists with one hand I gave him a hefty slap across the face.

'Yeeeaaaoh' he howled as his eyes shot open in shock.

'And keep 'em open damn it, or I'll slug you again' I snarled. I loved having a guy looking me in the eye when I was raping his ass. I knew I was superior, but watching a guy totally submissive and in pain and begging me to stop as I rammed my cock into his butt was a pleasure beyond belief. I was a god and this guy Carl was put on this planet for me to use for my pleasure, and I damn well was going to enjoy it and I wanted him to see me doing it.

Now I started jacking my hips a little, gradually easing my cock in deeper and deeper. Carl wasn't howling now but was still moaning and tears were streaming down his cheeks. His cheek was red from my slap, but he was keeping his eyes open now and was watching me.

I gave him one of my super grins. 'Oh yeah baby' I said grinning down at him. 'Lovin your ass. Hot ass just made for my big cock.' Not only was he in pain, but he now looked shocked as well. He now realized just how much I was enjoying dominating and fucking him. And man, was I ever enjoying it. Loving it. Hell, I could get somebody to fuck any day of the week, but taking an adult; my dad's boss; my new fuck boy's father; it was sensational.

I had now eased about five inches into him. He was still looking at me through tear filled eyes and whimpering softly but I knew he could see the extreme delight showing on my face as the rapturous feeling in my cock was shooting waves of pleasure throughout my body. I wasn't even in all the way yet but seeing the pain and fear in his eyes and listening to his sobbing was really making me hot. So now I started to fuck.

Pulling out a couple inches, I pushed in hard but it was still tough going. My cock was not quite beer can size, but it was damn close to it and I was opening him up like he'd never been opened before. But there's nobody around that can fuck like I can fuck, so I really started reaming him out; twisting my cock as I pulled out and then twisting it again as I rammed back in. It felt glorious.

'Eyes' I growled and his immediately snapped back open again. I now had a nice fucking motion going, sliding in and out smoothly keeping my pleasure senses flowing. Even though I was super-hot I wasn't slamming it to him yet because there was no way I was going to cut this joyride short. It was just too wonderful not to keep it going on and on.

'Lovin your hot ass baby' I said giving him a big grin. I leaned down and gave him a peck on the nose. 'You're making my cock feel reeeaaal good.' He'd stopped his moaning completely now. The tears were still streaming but he just had this kind of startled and amazed look on his face He'd finally given into the inevitable and accepted that he was going to get fucked; no matter what.

'I know you're lovin this babe. Hot young muscle stud taking your ass. Big cock plowing into you. Hell, I knew all the time this is what you wanted.' And I really meant it. His tears had stopped so I knew he wasn't hurting as much now, and although he'd given in to the inevitable, I could see that his little weenie was beginning to get hard. Yeah, he was getting turned on.

Now I let go of his arms, put one hand in his hair and the other on his shoulder and started slamming it to him. His whole body jerked each time I pounded my crotch into his ass. Now I was really getting hot, and when I get this way my total concentration is on the pleasure points of my cock and I'm usually too engrossed in those feeling to give any consideration to the ass I was plowing. Alright, so I was vain and inconsiderate and didn't give a shit about anything except my own gratification but everybody knew I was a god, and nobody expected anything from me except to use them for my pleasure. As I sped up my fucking I started yanking his hair with each thrust, He started yelping but I was oblivious and wrenched his hair even harder as I got close to blowing, jerking his whole body around as I jerked his shoulder and pulled his hair and slammed into his ass.

And then I was there. 'Fuuuuuuccccck' I howled as my first blast shot into him. I fell on top of him, and still yanking his hair, my other arm went around his neck and I crushed him against my chest. His knees were now mashed against his shoulders and his ass was pulled up off the mat. I rammed my spurting cock into his ass one more time and just let fly.

'Yeeeeeaaaaah' I roared as I spurted wad after wad of my cum into his ass.

And then I was done. As I came back to reality I realized that both of us were sweating up a storm and I'd damn near pulled the hair out of his head and turned his body into a pretzel. Letting go of him, I put my hands on either side of his shoulders and pushed myself up. His knees were still on my shoulders and my still rigid cock remained stuffed in his ass as I looked him in the eye.

'Oh shit man. That was a hot fuck' I laughed. 'And you loved it didn't you?'

'Randy. You really hurt me' Carl whispered tearfully.

'Don't try to bullshit me man' I laughed. 'You wanted it. You wanted it bad and you were fuckin turned on. And anyway, anybody wants my cock has gotta be ready to accept a little pain with it.' I got up on my knees allowing my cock to pop out of his ass, and his legs to drop down on either side of me. Then lifting my knees, I pulled his legs together and sat on his thighs.

'Okay pussy. Jerk off for me. I wanna see you shoot.' When he didn't move, I reached up and grabbed his hand and pulled it to his cock. 'Jerk off man. 'Show me how hot you are.' He only had about four inches so he didn't have much to get hold oft, but he started jerking it. And damned if he didn't start to cum. Fifteen seconds. I'd never seen anyone cum so fast in my life. But I'll bet he was more turned on than he'd ever been in his life.

I scooped up some of the cum off his chest and forcing his mouth open, pushed my fingers into him. 'Lick it babe. Suck up that cum.' And he did; sucking and licking my fingers. Then as I stood up I put my hand behind his head and pulled him up with me, and pulled his face into my crotch.

'You were clean man. No shit on my cock at all' I said with a laugh. 'So why don't you lick that cum off it for me.'

'Randy, no' he mumbled trying to keep his lips together since my cock was pressed right against his mouth.

'Hey man. You wanted me and I gave you what you wanted. Hot sixteen year old muscle stud with a big prick. Now you owe me. So stick out your goddamn tongue and lick me clean.'


'Fuckin do it man before you really piss me off' I growled as I grabbed him by the hair. I didn't pull his hair but he knew I was about to, so he started licking my softening cock that was pressed against his lips. 'That's more like it man. Lick it all over.' I let him lick it for a couple minutes, and then moved back slightly, pulled his head forward with my grip on his hair and pushed my cock into his mouth. 'Clean it up man.' I didn't force him or anything but he sucked and licked it voluntarily until I finally pulled it out.

'Okay man. Get dressed' I said as I stepped back. He just sat there on his butt watching as I picked up my muscle-T and slipped it on. Then I went over to my pile of towels and stuff, found a jockstrap, and pulled it on. Carl was still watching me but hadn't moved otherwise. I walked over to him, picked up his shorts and underwear and handed them to him. 'Get dressed man. I got things to do and my folks'll be home soon. If you want another session you make an appointment with my dad' I said as I stepped back, smiled at him and put my hands on my hips. 'Now hurry up.' He was obviously hurting as he gingerly pulled on his underwear and then his shorts. After he pulled his shoes on I reached over, took him by the hand, and pulled him to his feet.

'Yeah man' I said as I gave him a slap on the butt. 'You just let my dad know if you need some more instruction.'



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