I was wearing my typical tight black jeans and a black muscle shirt when I arrived at the coffee shop. I knew Landon was going to meet me, but I was a little early, and believe it or not, it was not even ten o'clock yet on a Saturday morning. But I kinda like getting up early in the morning sometimes; sometimes even on a Saturday. Of course this was on days when I hadn't been fucking some guy all night.

Jason was out of town with his folks, and Landon was in the school play and rehearsing every night. And I hadn't had any for days; at least two now. I would have given my right arm to spend time with Wade, but I hadn't heard from him for a couple weeks, and as much as I hated it, I was not allowed to call him. I had to be patient and wait for him to call. I got so hot last night that I nearly jerked off while surfing the internet. That's almost but not quite. Shit, there was no way I was going to jerk off when I had boys all over the place waiting to service me. But Landon was going to find out pretty damn quick what I'm like when I'm super horny. He was going to get it twice and maybe three times before his rehearsal this afternoon. I was so fuckin hot that my damn cock was totally obscene the way it was bulging in my jeans and I didn't dare even touch myself. Yeah, it was totally obscene, but also pretty god damn awe-inspiring and impossible to miss

As I entered 'Lories Cafe' I saw Kenny Reggers sitting at a booth with some girl. He waved me over. Just like me and my boys, Kenny was in the 'jock' crowd. Cute guy; but not as muscular as the guys that really turned me on. He was pretty much the star of our high school track team, so he had a really nice slim build.

'Hey Randy. How's it going' he said as he stood up and shook my hand. He either had good manners or he knew that I was Boss and had to be treated that way. But then again, everybody knew I was Boss so Kenny knew very well he had to be respectful. Like I did to everybody, I squeezed his hand harder than necessary showing him my strength and power and making him wince. 'Randy, this is Lois, my girlfriend'.

'Hi Lois? How'd a pretty thing like you get stuck with an ugly guy like Kenny?' I joked.

She turned red and started giggling as Kenny and I laughed. 'I... I... I...' she stammered. Damned if she wasn't tongue tied. Totally intimidated by my bulging muscles and handsome face. That happens to me a lot since I have astonishing muscles for a sixteen year old, and I'm always dressed to show 'em off. My muscle shirt was snug and showed every indentation and curve of my muscles; bulging around my massive pecs and even showing the ridges of my abdominals. And I knew I looked really sexy in my black boots, black jeans and black shirt. Hell, most everybody got tongue tied when they saw me. But it didn't matter one way or another if I turned her on, since my sole interest was in being a magnet for pretty boys. Pretty boys like Kenny.

Even though Jason and Landon kept my cock busy, I was always keeping my eyes open searching for something new and interesting that might pass by. I had taken note of Kenny's good looks before, but he had a slim runners body, with not much in the way of bulging muscle. I was definitely partial to muscle boys, but Kenny was certainly handsome. Real pretty straw colored hair, with dark eyebrows. The eyebrows, much darker than his blond hair, really stood out and made him very attractive. And he had two things really going for him: an ass that wouldn't quit, and what I liked to call 'cock sucking lips'. I'd decided weeks ago that I would take his ass if the opportunity arose. I had a clear picture in my mind of seeing and hearing him squealing as I rammed my prick up his perfectly round firm butt. His pretty lips would look really super wrapped around my big rod as well, but it was that hot butt that I really wanted.

'Randy. Sit down and join us' Kenny said.

'Sure Kenny' I said as I slid into the booth next to him. 'I'm meeting Landon for breakfast, but I guess he's not here yet.' Kenny and Lois were sitting across from each other so of course, I sat next to Kenny, and as he slid over I pushed my leg against his and reached down and squeezed his thigh. Yeah, I know, I'm a brazen son of a bitch, and nobody would say I'm subtle. I always believe in going for the juggler, and leaving no room for doubt where I'm heading. With all my muscle and good looks, I do intend to overwhelm people, and of course I take advantage of it by immediately taking control. But hell, that's the kind of rep I wanted to have around school. I was brazen and forward and arrogant, and was well known to be the top dog. Of course I had my regular fuck boys Jason and Landon who were totally submissive, but I had another ten or fifteen hangers-on that followed me around striving for my attention. When I spoke they listened and if I gave just the merest suggestion they would jump to do my bidding, and sometimes fight over who was going to do it. So, my reputation was that I was always in control, and my lackeys tailed behind me with their tongues handing out, flattering me and competing to get noticed. I was Boss, and I loved being Boss, and I sure as hell intended to continue being Boss.

Even the teachers at school mostly kowtowed to me. I was a pretty smart kid myself, but I hated doing homework, so I picked out one of the smartest boys in each of my classes to do it for me. Before each class they'd wait at the door, and when I walked up they'd hold out the homework with their eyes on the floor in deference, and say: 'here's your homework sir.' I loved them fawning all over me. And, hell, they loved doing my homework just so I would notice them, and they could speak to me. But I never thanked them. I made it clear this was their obligation and they should be honored to do it for me. Even some of the teachers knew what was going on, but since my grades were always good, they didn't make a big deal about it. The only time I actually talked or gave any attention to my patrons was if they screwed up my homework. I usually let Jason take care of it, since I used him as my enforcer, but I'd sometimes have a chat with them myself. I never physically hurt them and neither did Jason, but I put the fear of God in them. I just made sure they were sufficiently respectful and apologetic.

Anyway, Kenny knew my reputation of being in charge even before I sat down, but I loved showing my power and getting a guy totally unsettled. He slid over a bit, and I immediately slid over too, pressing my leg back against his. I squeezed his thigh again and then put my hands on the table.

'So, Kenny. How's our schools favorite track star?' I asked.

'Well, ah... you know we came in second in the invitational last week' Kenny stuttered as he tried to move over a little more. 'That means we'll probably have a chance to go to the state finals.'

'Yeah I heard that' I answered. 'I also heard you took three firsts plus the leg of the relay.'

'Yeah' he said blushing. 'I had a good day.'

'Yeah, you sure did' I said putting my arm around his shoulder and giving him a quick hug. 'So, what's goin on, guys?' I asked turning to Lois.

'My mom's takin me out shopping for a dress for next weeks dance' Lois said with a giggle. 'I twisted Ken's arm and convinced him to come along.' Kenny's face turned red in embarrassment. 'Jean and Pat are joining us and we're going to the matinee later.' I knew Pat was on the track team as well and I suppose Jean was his girlfriend.

'You're up awfully early to do this aren't you?' I asked.

'Yeah, Randy' Kenny answered. 'Lois' got to go visit her aunt this afternoon so we decided to get together early.'

'Cool' I said. 'Maybe you and me could get together and do something later on.'

'Sure Randy. That'd be great.' Oh yeah. He knows my rep as the guy in charge. Hell, I knew damn well it'd be a cinch getting those legs up in the air and his hot ass ready to get drilled. My greatest talent other than body building, was in turning guys into my cum dumps, and I'd had one hell of a lot of practice doin it. Kenny was just going to be another in a long list of conquests.

'Great. I'll see you here about four.'

'Okay Randy. Sure' he answered and I could see his Adams apple move as he took a big gulp. 'See you at four.'

'Well, there's Landon; gotta go. Nice meeting you Lois' I said as I got up. 'You take good care of this guy. We need him for the track team finals. See you later Kenny.' I gave him a pat on the shoulder and a tiny squeeze as I walked away. I had a big grin on my face as I went over to Landon, because I was pretty sure I was going to get me another virgin this afternoon. Loved, loved, loved putting pretty virgin boys through their paces; trainin 'em to submit and show'en 'em how to perform for a dominant muscle stud. So, it was Landon this morning and Kenny this afternoon. The day was definitely looking up and I could feel my cock taking notice.

'How ya doin beautiful' I said as I gave Landon a pat on the butt and followed him to another booth. And let me tell you, Landon was truly a beautiful boy. Maybe a little on the feminine side in the face, but with perfect features, gorgeous big brown eyes, and silky soft light brown hair. And as a fine wrestler, his muscles were tight and hard and bulging. He was positively gorgeous. He was simply the most beautiful boy I had ever seen, and he belonged to me; totally dedicated to me, and along with Jason, one of my lovers and my regular fucks.

'I feel great this morning Boss, but I'm starving. Let's eat.' So Landon and I had our breakfast, and when Kenny and Lois left I took a good hard look at his hot butt, and felt a nudge in my crotch in anticipation. Jesus, he had a pretty ass.

'Ah... sorry boss' Landon said as we were finishing up. 'But my bike has been broken for two days now, and I haven't got the parts to fix it. So my mom is taking me to the bike shop this morning to get the parts.'

'What the hell' I said. 'You agreed to come over to my house after breakfast. That was why we got together this morning.'

'I know Boss. I'm sorry. But my mom said this was the only time she could take me there. Sorry, but I gotta go now. She's waiting for me.'

'Well, when you gonna to be back?' I asked as I reached under the table and grabbed his knee. 'Your rehearsal isn't until one o'clock.'

'I'm really sorry Randy. She said she had some other things to do, so I don't know when we'll be done. We're just not going to be able to get together today. Sorry.'

'Well that's a bunch of shit' I growled. 'You know damn well I haven't had any for two days now.'

'Sorry Randy. But I'll make it up to you. I promise' he said as he put his share of the bill on the table and stood up. 'See you later Boss.'

Shit, shit, shit. Even my cock was disappointed as I felt it begin to go completely soft. Well, thank god I'd set something up with Kenny.

After breakfast I met up with some of the gang at the mall. Although I pretty much ignored the girls, they never took the hint, and continuously tried to sidle up to me and get my attention. There were seven of them today as well as five guys and me. Two of them were couples but the rest were singles but they all lapped up every word I said, and tagged along like a flock of sheep. Hell, if I'd let a fart they would have all jumped up and down with excitement. Now, don't get me wrong. It ain't as if I get bored with this shit. I eat up every bit of the adulation, and hell, with an ego like mine, I can never get enough. .

All five of the guys were attractive, but that's the only kind I allow in my entourage anyway, and I'd already had four of them. All of them were straight, or thought they were, but that didn't mean they couldn't bend over and take a fuck from the 'Boss'. It was all a power trip for me anyway. Virgin straight boys were never as good sex as Jason or Landon, but showing my superiority and power by forcing them to blow me or take it up the ass was incredibly exciting. There was no sight prettier than a straight guy with tears in his eyes looking up at me with my prick in his mouth. Utterly fantastic. Allen was the only one I hadn't fucked and he was definitely cute, and since he was also a member of the wrestling team, he was well built too. He always seemed to be lovey-dovey with his girl friend and I'd never made a play for him, but I figured he wouldn't fight very hard if I decided to do him. I'd just been waiting for the right time and the right opportunity, and today looked like it might be the day. Not getting together with Landon this morning really pissed me off, and my cock really needed some attention. Of course it wasn't totally urgent now that I had plans for Kenny but I was hot and I didn't want to wait until four o'clock. Besides, Jason being out of town and Landon rehearsing, I needed a workout partner so it had already crossed my mind to invite Allen over. I knew he would jump at the chance to workout with me.

As per usual on our Saturday's at the mall, all the girls wanted to touch my muscles; actually my biceps. That's the only muscle girls ever seemed to be aware of. And as annoying as it was, to keep my image as a muscle god I had to let them do it. I'd much rather've felt some lips on my biceps; a boys lips.

'Allen' I said. 'That was one tough mother fucker they matched you with on Thursday wasn't he?'

'Yeah' Allen answered. 'He was so fuckin strong I couldn't do anything with him. You see those muscles on him? I'm still sore.'

'You're an excellent wrestler Allen. But you need to increase your strength. Build up your muscles some more.'

'Yeah, that's what Coach said too. So I'm going to spend more time in the weight room from now on.'

'Landon's going to rehearsal today at one and Jason's out of town, so I'll be working out alone. Why don't you come and spot me and I'll give you a good workout and maybe some pointers as well.'

'Ah... gee thanks Randy' he answered. 'But Shuana and I were planning to go to the matinee at one o'clock today.' I'm pretty sure Allen knew I'd done the other guys and his turn was coming up, and I suppose he was nervous, but no way would I allow any of my minions to say no to me.

'Fuck the matinee Allen' I said. 'I need a spotter and you need the workout, so you can train with me today. I guarantee you'll have one hell of a session.' I gave him one of my super duper smiles and I'll bet he got chills up and down his spine. 'Is that okay with you?' I said with a slightly threatening tone.

'Ah... sure... Randy' he stuttered. 'Whatever you say. Ah... yeah... Randy. I'd ah... I'd like to workout with you.'

'Good man' I said with a smile as I reached over and gave his shoulder a squeeze. I felt just the slightest nudge in my crotch from feeling his bulging deltoid and looking at his nicely muscled body and handsome face. I was really horny and Allen was most definitely going to get a good workout today.

To keep the girls happy we had to stop at the malt shop, and while they all had ice cream, we boys all had small diet drinks. Me and my boys were consistently focused on our diet.

So, after wandering around the mall for a while Allen and I headed off to my garage and workout room. His girl friend Shuana wanted to come and watch, and I had to laugh aloud at that, because there was no way I was going to have any bitch around during a workout, particularly in this case when I was planning to fuck her boyfriend when we were done.

'Strip down man' I ordered as we entered my garage/workout room. I pulled off my shirt and sat down to remove my shoes and socks.

'Ah... that's okay Randy' Allen answered. 'I'm okay like this.'

'I said strip down' I ordered. 'Now take your fuckin clothes off. You don't work out with me dressed in street clothes.' I stood up, undid my pants, stepped out of them and turned to Allen in only my jockstrap. He was just standing there gawking as I gave him a double bicep pose. 'You wanna look like this you do what I tell you. And if you're not out of your clothes in ten seconds I'm going to whip your ass and tear them off. Now move it.'

Allen finally got the point and started stripping. I went over to the sweat towels and dirty clothes and picked up one of my dirty jocks. When I turned back I saw that Allen was slipping his pants off and was now down to his underwear.

'Get 'em off man. Down to the buff' I ordered as I stepped over to him. He slipped out of them and stood in front of me. I held the dirty jockstrap up to his face.

'Get a whiff man. These are mine from last week and they're not too rank.' Allen tried to lean his head back away from me, so I pushed the strap into his face against his nose. 'Put these on' I said.

'Com'on Randy.....' he started to say.

I grabbed him by the neck with one hand and gave him a slight shake. 'You've never worked out with me before Allen, and I always work out in a jock strap for safety. Now you fuckin well do what I tell you and put 'em on. Right now' I ordered. Allen got a shocked look in his face as he took my jockstrap and slipped it on.

'Feels good doesn't it, wearing my jock? I can see it turns you on' I said with a laugh as I reached over and groped him. 'Hell, if it turns you on that much maybe I'll let you keep it so you can wear it to bed tonight.' I laughed hard at that and even got a nervous smile from him as I shadow boxed with a couple light taps to his shoulder and jaw. 'It always makes me feel fuckin hot and sexy when I'm working out in a jockstrap' I said to him.

'Now look at me' I ordered, and he looked me in the face with a little anxiety and perhaps a little fear showing in his eyes. 'Hey man, you know me' I said giving him a friendly slap on the cheek. 'I'm easy to get along with. Just do what I tell you and don't fuck up. Now com'on, let's get started.'

I had Allen there to do triple duty for me today. I planned to fuck him later but I needed a spotter and I needed someone to change the weights. I didn't change weights. That was what my workout partners were for. I like to stay one hundred percent focused on the next set.

Putting my arm on Allen's shoulder, I turned him to face the mirrors. 'Double bi' I said as I raised my arms into the front double biceps pose. Allen followed my lead and did the same. 'See where you gotta go?' I asked as we made the comparison between my massive arms and his. Even though he was very muscular, he looked absolutely puny next to me.

'Com'on Randy' he whimpered. 'You know I can't compare with you. We all know you're the biggest guy around.'

'Yeah' I answered. 'But if you work your hot little ass off you can get a lot bigger. And I'm going to be sure you bust your butt today.'

'Front Lat' I ordered and we both moved to the front lat spread. I held it for a minute or so allowing him to get a good look. 'Side Chest' I ordered and we moved to that pose. I could see that Allen looked really good and had great potential but I was probably discouraging him by forcing him to compare himself to my massive muscles.

'Okay, let's get to it' I said as I gave him a friendly slap on his bare ass and we turned away from the mirrors to start working out. As focused as I always was on my workouts, having the mirrors there so I could admire myself always made me hot. My cock was usually half hard all the way through my workouts and, generally, Jason was there to give me a blow job when we were finished. Since I'd never had Allen before and was really hot to fuck him I spent the whole time warming him up. I groped him front and back a couple times, and while pretending to spot him from behind I pushed my crotch into his ass. When he was doing the bench, I accidently on purpose pushed my mostly hard cock against his head giving him a good feel. I also made it perfectly clear that I was in charge by reprimanding him several times for not being absolutely strict in his lifting style. Two different times I gave him a healthy slap to the back of the head when he wasn't totally focused.

I made him pose with me in front of the mirrors as we finished each muscle group, showing how totally perfect and pumped my muscles were as compared to his. And although I admit I led him on to give me complements, he went on and on about his admiration of my body. Hell, there was no doubt he was totally turned on to my muscles and he had a bulge showing a hard on in my jockstrap that never seemed to go down. Now, do you think he knew what was going on, and what I was planning? Big laugh! You betcha he knew! He knew and he was nervous, and with that hard on sticking out I know he was damn well excited. But who wouldn't be, having the chance to go with an incredible stud like me. Hell, I'd fucked more straight boys than I could remember, and every damn one of them was getting hard before I even started on them. But right now Allen wasn't the only one excited. My cock was almost completely hard and pushed my jock out like a god damn fist.

After almost an hour and a half, when we were getting near the end of our workout the intercom buzzed. 'Yeah, mom. What is it?' I said as I pushed the button.

'Randy. You have somebody named Allen out there with you?'

'Yeah mom. Allen's here.'

'Well his mother's on the phone and wants to talk to him.'

'Okay mom. Thanks' I said as I clicked off the intercom, lifted up the phone and handed it to Allen. His conversation with his mom was all one sided, and all he said was 'yes' and 'ok' several times.

'Sorry Randy, but I've got to run' he said as he handed the phone back to me. 'My sister in law is about due, and evidently my brother just rushed her to the hospital. My parents are going to pick me up in front in five minutes. I don't even have time to shower' he said as he grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off his hunky body, pulled off my jock strap, and started getting dressed.

Shit, shit, shit, I thought. What a pisser. My cock was almost fully hard now and I'd spent the past hour and a half getting Allan all hot and ready to take me. I knew I was getting Kenny's ass later, so I was planning to show Allen what muscle worship was all about; letting him lick the sweat off my muscles before I showed him how I liked my cock sucked. Double shit! Triple shit! I could not fuckin believe this was happening to me! Allen quickly dressed and took off but I made sure he had my jockstrap in his pocket. I was definitely going to have him, and pretty damn soon.

Since Allen deserted me leaving me totally hot, I went on a three mile run to try to get my cock to go down. After showering and cleaning up I surfed the internet for a while, looking for pictures of muscle boys. And hell, any of them who even began to look as good as me were already about twenty years old, and I was only sixteen. So in fact, I didn't admire their bodies so much, and I could have cared less about their cocks. What I looked for was gorgeous muscle guys with fuckable asses and those 'cock sucking lips' that I loved so much. Sometimes I could almost scream with desire seeing a picture of a guy with big biceps and imagining myself holding on to them while I rammed my cock into his ass.

When I left the house to go meet Kenny, it had been almost three whole days since I'd had a fuck, and I was dying. I mean, man, I was really dying. I realized it'd been a mistake surfing the web because it just made me hotter. I actually had to turn the computer off after a while because I thought I might shoot right in my pants without even touching myself. With Kenny waiting for me, there was no way I was going to cum in my pants. I had very definite plans as to where I was going to put my cum.

So I arrived at the coffee shop, and what the fuck! There was Kenny, but sitting beside him was his buddy from the track team; Pat. Tall, skinny, lanky Patrick.

'Hey Randy. How's it goin' Kenny said as he stood up and stuck out his hand. 'Sorry Randy, but Pat's folks are going out tonight and we decided to spend the rest of the day together. Actually, we're having a sleepover tonight as well.'

'Hi Randy' Pat said as he reached up and shook my hand. Both boys were sitting on the same side of the booth, so I couldn't even set next to Kenny, but had to set facing them. What a bunch of crap!!! I wanted Kenny's ass so bad I'd thought of nothing else for the past several hours. And now, son of a bitch, they were screwing up all my plans. There was no fucking way I could deal with two virgin guys, particularly when one of them was bean pole jug eared Patrick. I definitely didn't fuck skinny guys. I wanted to feel some meat on a guy's ass when I fucked him.

'Hi guys' I said as I sat down. 'I just finished my workout, and thought I'd come by here for a snack. What are you guys up to?'

'We dropped the girls off over an hour ago, so we already had something to eat' Kenny said. 'But we thought we'd go over to that new sports shop. You know; the one over behind the elementary school. They've got all the sports stuff, and some really cool clothes. We'll wait for you if you want to eat something, and we can all go together.'

Shit, shit, shit! How could my day possibly get so fucked up. I wanted Kenny's ass, not a tour of some stupid sports shop. There was no way I was going on a god damn shopping trip with these guys.

Searching quickly for an excuse I said 'As a matter of fact, my dad just finished getting on my ass about cleaning up the garage Kenny. I just came by to let you know I'm going to spend the afternoon cleaning.'

'Well, that's too bad man' Kenny answered. 'But hey. You want some help? Me'n Pat can come over and help you out if you want. We can go to that sports shop later.'

'Thanks for the offer Kenny. But my old man is always on my ass about me not doing my own work, so I've gotta do this by myself. It's no big deal. It'll only take a couple hours. You guys go ahead and we'll get together some other time.'

'Okay Randy, if you're sure' Kenny said as he and Pat stood up ready to go. 'We'll see you later then.' I watched them walk out of the cafe and couldn't help but admire Kenny's hot ass that I had had so many plans for. And let me tell you I was seething. Fuck, fuck, fuck. How could things go so wrong so quick? My cock was screaming for release, and I was about to go crazy with desire. I had to find somebody to fuck.

I was pretty much out of options. Allen and Kenny were out. Jason was out of town, and Landon was at rehearsal, and had the play tonight. Jack used to be a semi regular fuck, but he wouldn't answer the phone anymore, and avoided me like the plague. Wade hadn't called me for several weeks so he was out. What the fuck! I was really desperate.

As I got on my bike I was going over the list of the guys that I'd fucked lately and might be available for a repeat. There were half a dozen possibilities but I needed somebody right now. I simply couldn't wait any longer. Then I thought of Kyle, the kid who lived really close by. Kyle was a little guy, a freshman and the junior drum major of the high school band and he lived on the next street over from me. He had a nice body for a little squirt, and he loved giving blow jobs; at least he loved giving me blow jobs. I used to call him once in a while to come over since he lived so close, and even though he was not muscular, he was good looking and was not bad at all at sucking cock. He was absolutely wild for my muscles too, and had licked every inch of my body a couple times. He never seemed to mind getting slapped around a little while doing me which was great, and besides he had those 'cock sucking lips' that I love. I hadn't called him in months but he was going to hear from me today the minute I got home.

'Hey Kyle, this is Randy. What's goin on?' I said when he answered.

'Oh, hi Randy' he answered with a quiver in his voice. 'Everything's okay. What's up?'

'What'd you say Kyle?' I asked softly. 'Think about it Kyle.'

'Ah.... Sorry Randy sir. Everything's fine here sir.'

'Good boy Kyle' I said. 'Hey Kyle, you know. I've got this terrible itch here, which you used to take care of once in a while' I laughed. 'I remember you used to do a pretty damn good job taking care of this itch for me. What'daya doin this afternoon?'

'Ah.... Randy. Ah.... shit. Ah.... I'm baby sitting my little brother and sister because my parents are out shopping.'

'You want to come over and get reacquainted with my prick' I asked with a laugh? 'It's been a while, but my prick remembers those pretty lips of yours really well. In fact he's bobbing up and down right now while we're talking about him. Why don't you get your ass over here and take care of him.'

'Ah... please Randy ah... sir. Please. I... I can't' he stuttered. 'I've got to stay here with my brother and sister.'

Shit, shit shit. But I wasn't letting him off the hook this easy. 'When'er your parents coming back?'

'Ah... I don't know. Ah... they just left a while ago.'

'Great' I said. 'I'll be over in five. Meet me at the door.'

'Randy... sir---' he started to say as I hung up the phone and headed out. Kyle lived just around the block, and I know I was there in less than four minutes. Jesus, I couldn't remember being so hot and horny. The door opened as I stepped up on the porch, and Kyle stood there in t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. I pushed him back as I entered and closed the door.

Kyle is a tiny kid; one of those late bloomers, and is only about 5'4' tall, and probably doesn't weigh much over a hundred pounds. I think they made him junior drum major because he was the only guy small enough to wear the uniform. He's a year behind me in school, so he's just a kid. But for a midget he has a nice shape, not too skinny, and he has this cute little pug nose and a wonderful smile, that make him look like he's about nine years old. And no, I'm not into fucking nine year old children, but when there were no muscle boys around, cute baby faced guys like Kyle definitely fit into my fuckable category. But there was no smile on his face as I pushed him back into the living room. I could see he was breathing hard so he was excited, but he looked angry. What the hell! I'm here giving him the opportunity to blow me again, so he should be damn happy. Shit, better looking guys than him got in line to service my cock.

'Randy.... What do you want?' I put my hands on my hips and gave him a dirty look without saying anything.

He hesitated, and then: 'Ah.... Randy. Ah.... sir' he said. Good. A little slow on the uptake but he remembers his place.

'What the hell' I said as I took one of his hands and pulled it into my crotch and held it there. 'You know what I want.'

'Please Randy. Ah... please sir. You haven't called me for over five months.'

'Really? That long? Well, I been busy' I said as I gave him a grin and moved his hand around on my growing cock.

'Five months, two weeks and two days' he answered.

'Well, so what' I said. 'I'm here now, and I know you want me. Feel that cock getting hard for you? My cock's missed you Kyle' I said with a laugh. 'Yeah, my cock remembers we had some good times together.'

'Randy. Please. Sir. You let me suck you exactly three times. And I don't want to do this now. When I see you in school you don't even know I exist. It's not fair' he said with a sniffle.

'Okay Kyle. You're right. It's not fair, and I'm sorry. I got so busy that I just forgot. I promise I'll talk to you at school, and maybe we can get together once in a while too. Okay?'

'Randy sir. That isn't good enough' he said with a firmness that I had never heard from him before. 'I know I'm gay, but that doesn't mean I'm here for a quick fuck from you every six months, or whenever you remember. I want more than that.'

'Oh shut the fuck up Kyle' I said in irritation as I reached forward and grabbed his shirt and pulled him in close. 'I know you're hot for me. The way you're drooling over my muscles and groping my cock tells me you want it bad. So let's stop the bull shit and get to it.'

'No way Randy' he said. 'If I yell my little brother and sister are going to come in from the back yard and see us, and you're going to be in deep shit. Now, let's make a deal.'

If I hadn't been so horny I'd have just given him a slap and walked away. The little prick was saying no to me, and that really pisses me off. And I don't do 'deals'. When I wanna fuck a guy, I fuck him and he's pretty much always happy when I finish. Now this little shit wanted to make a deal.

'God damn it Kyle' I yelled because he was really getting to me. 'All I want is a blow job, and you know damn well you want it too, so stop being a prick. Let's do it here or go to your bedroom.'

'Number one. You're friendly to me at school.'


'Number two. We get together every week.'


'Number three. You let me watch you and Jason work out, and I know you're fuckin him all the time. I want to watch that too.'

'No way Kyle.'

'That's the deal Randy. Take it of leave it.'

'God damn it Kyle. You're being a total prick.'

'Take it or leave it.'

'Okay, but we get together once a month.'

'Every two weeks,'

'Okay already. But no way do you watch me and Jason getting it on.'

'Okay, but at least you let me watch you work out.'

'God damn it, okay. Now get on my cock.'

'You promise?'

'Jesus Christ Kyle, you want me to sign in blood?' I said as I pushed him to his knees. He immediately got back up, grabbed my hand, and started for the stairs. I reached forward, lifted him in my arms, and literally ran up the stairs to his room as he laughed aloud. He'd blown me in his bedroom once before, so I knew the way, so when I entered his room I tossed him onto the bed, closed the door, locked it and turned back to him.

'God Randy. You're so big' he said as he looked at me with an admiring smile on his face. 'I can't believe how your muscles keep getting bigger and bigger.'

'Just for you baby' I said with a laugh. 'Just for you. But if you call me Randy again I'm going to blister your ass before I fuck you. Now get out of those fuckin clothes.'

'Sorry sir. Sir yes sir, Sir' he said still grinning as he started stripping.

'And stop being a smart ass' I said. I couldn't believe that I was letting this little dork manipulate me like this, but my cock was hard and definitely needed some action now. I just stood there in my black muscle shirt, jeans and boots and started playing with my nipples as I watched him. It took him only seconds to strip, and then he got on his knees in front of me, his barely four inch peepee sticking out in front of him and rock hard. The size of a guys cock never mattered to me, in fact I usually didn't even notice, since it was the tongue, the mouth and the ass that I was interested in.

'Kiss my boots little boy' I ordered and he immediately bent down and kissed each boot. 'Take 'em off' I said as I sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled them off and removed my socks, and then looking up at me he put the socks to his face and sniffed at them. Smart ass little shit, but he was definitely ready to worship.

I reached out and got a good grip on a handful of his hair and started pulling. He scrunched up his face from the pain, and when I pulled harder he started moaning.

'Oh, oh, oh, oh, please' he moaned but I kept on making sure the pain was intense. 'Please sir, please sir' he whispered. The little bastard may have manipulated me but he was definitely going to pay for it. I was going to fuck him and fuck him hard, and if he got any pleasure from it, it was going to be by accident, because I wasn't going to go easy.

Still holding his hair tightly, I pulled his face into my crotch. My big rod was jutting off to the right in my pants, and I started dragging his face back and forth over the length of it. Then holding him still, I started humping and sliding my prick across his face. Shit, I couldn't remember ever being so hot.

Finally, I let go of him, pulled my muscle shirt off and stood up. 'Get my pants off boy' I ordered, and he quickly undid my belt and pants and pulled them down and off. My cock was so hard, cramped up in the jockstrap, that I had to reach down and manipulate it to get semi comfortable.

Grabbing Kyle again by the hair, I pulled his head back so he was looking up at my incredibly muscled body and straight into my eyes. 'Put your hands behind your back' I directed. Then I made a production of coughing up some phlegm and I could not help but smile at the shocked look as I let the wad of spit fall into his face. I hadn't done this to him before, but most guys went crazy with lust when I treated them like dirt and spit in their faces. He moaned and reached for his cock. Oh yeah, he loved being humiliated by a muscle stud.

'Hands behind your back you little shit' I yelled at him as I pulled his face into my jockstrap wetting it with my spit on his face. Still holding him by the hair I pulled him back forcing him to look up at me again. 'Tell me you want it you little cock sucker. Tell me you want me to treat you like shit and spit on you. Say it!' I ordered as I stared down at him.

'Oh shit. Oh shit, Randy sir' he moaned, and believe it or not, the little prick started to cum. Man, here was a true masochist and I could hardly believe it. Jerking his hair for one minute and he shoots his wad. Incredible. He had his eyes tightly closed as he shot his cum across the floor. I gave him just a minute to recover.

'Open your fuckin eyes' I growled. 'And do what I told you. Tell me you want me to spit on you and treat you like shit.'

'Oh jesus Randy. You're so fuckin hot' he murmured. 'Please Randy.... Please sir. Do what you want. Please spit on me again.' And Christ, what a turn on it was hearing him say it.

'Open your mouth' I ordered as I coughed up some more phlegm and let it slowly drip from my lips. It hit his lip and splashed on his nose, but most went into his mouth. 'Now thank me for it' I said.

'Oh shit sir. Thank you, thank you' he gushed and I noticed his whole body shaking. God damn was he turned on. Then I noticed that his little prick bob up and down. Hell, he was still hot and hard and looked like he was ready to cum all over again. He stared into my eyes with a look of worship as he deliberately swallowed my spit.

'Okay little boy. Worship time' I said as I put my hands on my hips. 'Get on my cock.' He immediately leaned forward and started working my cock; sucking and gnawing on it through the jockstrap. I just let him go at it for a few minutes, while I tried to decide what to do next. I was so fuckin hot I knew I was going to cum fast. What I really wanted was a quick blow job and then a nice slow ass fuck, but since we didn't know when his parents were coming home, I really couldn't take the chance. I knew this kids ass would be super tight since I'd never fucked him and he was probably still a virgin, but he was so worshipful at the moment, I really wanted to look him in the eye while I raped his mouth and jammed my cock in deep. I knew he could take it, because he'd done it before.

'Oh yeah little boy; that's good' I whispered after a couple minutes. 'Now pull my jock down.' He reached up grabbed my jock and tugged it down as my hard as steel cock banged up against my stomach. As he raised back up I pulled his face into my crotch aiming his lips toward by nut sack. 'My balls baby. Worship my balls.' He got busy and started licking and sucking them as my eight inches bobbed back and forth against his face.

His mouth or his ass. Shit, I had to decide pretty quick, or I'd cum before I even made up my mind. And then I decided. As much as I liked watching my cock pushing in and out of a pretty boy's face, what I really wanted was a nice tight fuck, and breaking in a virgin boy ass was just about the hottest sex a person could get.

I hadn't even put my cock in his mouth yet, but I absolutely could not wait. I reached down and picked him up under the arms and tossed him on the bed. Then I climbed on and pushed his legs apart. My aching cock was dripping, but if he was a virgin I didn't want to tear him up. So I spit on my hand and started to work his ass hole. I was in too much of a hurry to really loosen him up like I should, but if it hurt, the little prick deserved it anyway for trying to blackmail me. Very quickly I got one finger into him as he looked up at me with worshipful eyes. If you haven't experienced having a cute kid like Kyle, looking at you with total adoration showing in his eyes while you dominate him, you've missed one of the great pleasures of life. I could see in his eyes he thought I was a god, and he would do anything for me. Hell, I'll bet the more it hurt, the more he would love it.

'Tell me you're a virgin baby. Tell me your hot little ass has never been fucked' I said as I spit some more and pushed two fingers into his hole.

'Never, never, never Randy sir. But I want you to do it' he pleaded. 'Please fuck me Randy. I've been dreaming about this for months.' Having him say that really hit me, and I didn't know how much more my cock could take. Having a really pretty boy begging me to take his virgin ass was really fabulous even if he was the runt of the litter. I took a couple deep breaths as I wiggled my two fingers in his tight hole. Then, spitting once more, I rubbed it on my cock and took aim.

'Takin your ass virgin boy. Gonna break you wide open with my big cock' I whispered as I looked into his worshipful eyes and started to push. He started panting hard and groaned and closed his eyes in pain as the head of my enormous cock entered his tight little crack. I stopped and waited like a full minute to let him adjust.

'Open your eyes Kyle' I ordered. 'Keep 'em open and watch me while I take your hot ass.' He opened his eyes but groaned in pain as I started easing deeper into him.

'Jesus, you're beautiful Randy' he murmured through his groans. I was sweating now so I knew my muscles were gleaming, and there was no doubt I must look pretty damn incredible. Kyle knew he was lucky to have a god like me fucking him and I could see the adoring look in his eyes that told me he would take any amount of pain to provide me with the pleasure I desired.

This gave me an awesome feeling of power to have a cute guy totally under my control who was willing to do anything I wanted him to do. But then again, the adoration showing in his eyes was just a replay of most every proper sexual experience I'd ever had. Looking into a cute young guy's worshipful eyes while forcing him to service me and using him for my pleasure was the only way to go and it was a delight beyond description.

'Oh yeah Kyle. Takin your ass. Rammin my big cock into your tight hole.'

'Oh, oh, please Randy. Easy Sir. Oh shit it hurts' he mumbled. I was almost half way in now, and needed a break anyway before I got too hot, so I stopped and just held it there. God damn he was tight. I was really sweating now, and beginning to drip from my nose onto Kyle's face, and I couldn't help but glance down at my gleaming torso and admire my bulging muscles. My chest was incredible and my abs looked like mountains and valleys as I was beginning to puff and force them in and out from the excitement. After a minute or two of rest, I pulled back just a bit and then started forcing my bludgeon deeper into his ass. Instead of just ramming it in, I now started fucking gently, pushing it in and out an inch or so at a time and gradually going deeper and deeper and aiming towards the bottom.

'Oh, oh, oh, oh' Kyle groaned with a look of real pain on his face. He had now squeezed his eyes tightly closed again but I decided to let it go for the moment. Hell, his ass felt tighter than any ass I'd ever fucked, and I knew this was going to be one of my greatest ever fucks.

Then finally I was there; all the way into his ass. I put my hands under his knees and pushed them apart and up so his ass came off the bed, and forced my prick in as far as it would go. I just held it there for a minute of so, and then, very slowly, pulled all the way back and let it pop completely out. Giving him just a couple seconds recovery time, I took aim and slowly pushed all the way back in as deep as I could get. Oh fuck what a feeling! Total heaven!

'Open your eyes baby' I now ordered with a big grin on my face. 'Watch how a real stud takes your ass.' As he opened his eyes I started a slow fuck, gradually pulling almost all the way out and then plowing back in deep while looking into his eyes. And he seemed to be totally zonked out. His eyes were rolled up in his head, and he seemed to be in some world of total ecstasy. I kept a nice steady motion going as I relentlessly pushed in and out and started to speed up. I was much too hot to make it last like I would have liked, but the pleasure was intense and I was ready to let fly.

Dropping his legs back on my shoulders, I leaned forward lifting his ass well up off the bed and started slamming his ass hard with my battering ram. Kyle did not seem to be in pain now as I speeded up my fucking so I reached down, grabbed a handful of hair and jerked hard. He squealed as I yanked his hair but I was beyond caring now. I pushed down hard, forcing him up on his neck and shoulders so his ass was aiming straight up, and started ramming my cock down into him as hard as I could. I was in a total frenzy now, totally out of control, and although he was yelling something at me I was oblivious to it and continued jerking his head back and forth violently and ramming it to him as my cock began to spurt into his ass.

'Oh Shhhhhiiiiittttt' I screamed as I spurted into him. Total ecstasy!! And it went on and on and on as I fired load after load into his tight little virgin hole. His no longer virgin hole. Total relief at last. 'Shhiittt' I screamed again as my spasming cock gave me one of the most powerful ejaculations I'd ever had and kept erupting into his crack.

As I finally finished shooting my load and began to come back to my senses, I let go of his hair and just dropped on top of him, crushing his knees against his shoulders and dropping my head to the bed right next to his so we were cheek to cheek. I didn't even move as I gradually began to get my breath back. Both of us were still dripping with sweat when I finally raised up and pulled my cock out of his ass. I now noticed he had cum as well and had shot all over his chest sometime during my power fuck. So there was no question he was totally turned on by having it rough and I had given him exactly what he wanted.

I rolled over and just lay there on my back for a while as I calmed down and my cock began to soften. Finally, I reached over, grabbed him by the hair and pushed him down to my crotch.

'Clean me off baby' I ordered and without question he started licking, and as he looked up at me I could see that he was grinning as he cleaned every inch of my crotch and balls. Jesus, he was a cute kid, and I could watch him bury his face in my crotch for hours. I was absolutely crazy about watching a pretty young face working my cock and balls. So I just let him go at it for quite a while; at least fifteen minutes, until my cock started to grow again, and then I stopped him. His parents were coming back at any minute and I definitely didn't want to have to stop in the middle of a fuck.

When I was finally dressed and ready to go, the little shit had to remind me of his attempt to blackmail me.

'Remember Randy, you promised' he said. 'You talk to me at school, you come over every two weeks, and I get to see your weight room. You promised.'

Well, I know a promise is a promise, but hell, when a guy is really horny he'll say almost anything to get his rocks off. But this little shit had a hell of a nerve talking to me this way, so I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up on his tiptoes so we were eye to eye.

'I don't make deals with my fuck boys Kyle. Besides I should kick your ass for not calling me sir like you're supposed too' I growled at him. 'Now you'd better be damn happy I even came over here today, and maybe I'll talk to you in school, and maybe I won't. But since you were a good fuck I will agree to do you again next week. Then we'll see how it goes. You fuckin well better be satisfied with that or else. Got it?' I asked giving him a shake.

'Yes, Sir. That'll be great sir' he said with a big smile on his face. 'I'll see you next week sir.'

Fuckin little smart ass. The little shit was still manipulating me, even now. Instead of slapping him down, I had to give him a grin for his audacity, but he was a good fuck, so I'd let him get away with it. I gave him a peck on the lips as I turned and headed out.

'Yeah, okay. Next week' I told him.



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