Damned if he wasn't a pretty one. This was the second day Jason and I had spent on the beach, and that muscly lifeguard in the red Speedo had an ass that wouldn't quit and a face to die for, and he was driving my prick crazy. Every time I looked at him I felt a nudge in my tight black Speedo. The only problem was I had promised Jason that this would be his weekend, and I hadn't figured out yet how to go back on my promise. But hell, that lifeguard was really horning me up, and besides, every time I looked at him he would quickly look away. There was no question in my mind that he was hot for my body, and Jason or no Jason, I'd pretty much decided that I was going to have him. One way or another, before the day was out my cock was going to be buried in that gorgeous guys face. There was almost nothing better than looking down and seeing a really cute young face in my crotch with my cock jammed into it, and I already knew that those pretty lips on that lifeguard would look incredible wrapped around my rod.

'Jace, that lifeguard is going to be the death of me. He's so fuckin pretty, that I don't think I can keep my cock from ramming it to him.'

'Ah, com'on Boss. What the hell. You're always looking for something new, but remember what you promised. This is my weekend away from all the other guys. And I may be sore from last night, but you know I'm always ready for more.' Randy looked over at Jason and smiled. He was so beautiful and so muscular and so loyal. Randy had agreed that he and Jason would go to the beach together leaving Randy's other admirers and boyfriends behind. Just the two of them together.

They were supposed to be staying with Randy's uncle, but it would have been crowded in his house with his kids, so with a little persuasion, Randy had talked him into putting up the money for a motel room close by. Now they had total freedom to fuck whenever they wanted and they were really taking advantage of it. Randy had fucked Jason twice and got blown once in the dunes yesterday, and then got it on twice more in bed last night. Now he was thinking of going back into those dunes again. But that lifeguard was so fucking hot that Jason just might have to wait.

Randy and Jason were easily the sexiest guys on the beach and really stuck out with their big muscled tightly defined bodies. Randy was sixteen and Jason was only fifteen but they were both workout fiends and they looked spectacular. They were best friends and had been working out together for on towards two years now, and had made spectacular gains. Jason was undoubtedly the most muscular fifteen year old in the county, but even so, he couldn't hold a candle to Randy's magnificent body. Randy was wearing a low cut black Speedo that didn't hide much of anything, particularly since his hefty eight plus inches didn't like to be contained anyway. And Jason was ravishingly obscene. He was wearing the bright yellow suit that Randy bought him that was just a strap that went around the waist, with a pouch that snapped in front and back which barely covered his ass crack and wrapped tightly around his cock in front. And when it got wet it was something to behold. Or rather, not to behold, since it was damn near invisible and fit so snug that you could see the perfect shape of his circumcised cock and actually see the shadow of his crotch hairs showing through it. Jason loved it because it was incredibly sexy and he knew it really turned Randy on. Jason was always ready for a hot fuck from Randy, and he'd go naked if he could get away with it, just so he could get Randy all hotted up and raring to go. Randy joked about how convenient it was to unsnap the suit and get to his ass, so Jason knew he'd be wearing it a lot from now on. And after only one day, Randy had already had plenty of practice unsnapping it.

'Okay Jason. A promise is a promise, but I only said we would leave my boyfriends behind. Well, look around. No Landon, no Perry, no Jack, nobody here but you and me. But, I didn't say anything about not picking up something new while we were here. So, I'm going to get me some lifeguard ass.'

'Com'on Randy. Let me do it' Jason pleaded as he reached over and put his hand on Randy's crotch. 'Hell, I'll blow you right here on the beach if you want. Please Randy. This was supposed to be just us.'

'That's enough Jason' Randy growled. 'Don't piss me off now and ruin our weekend. We'll fuck later, but right now I'm going to get me a lifeguard. Wait here until I get him, and then you can come watch if you want' Randy said as he stood up. 'Got it?'

'Okay Randy' Jason said grudgingly. 'Whatever you say.'

'Now don't you get all bent out of shape Jason. You know I love you blowing me. But that lifeguard has been giving me the eye, and he definitely needs my attention. I'll be back in a while.' Randy reached down and repositioned his cock as he walked over to the lifeguard shack.

'Hey man, how's it hangin?' he said as he walked up to the guard shack which was just an awning in the middle of the beach. 'I'm Randy' he said as they shook hands.

'Hi. I'm Brody' he said. 'How's it goin?'

'Nice to meet you Brody' Randy said as he held on to his hand even after they had finished shaking. 'Hey, I couldn't help but notice what a great build you have. You work out around here?' Brody tried to pull his hand back but Randy held on, and rubbed his thumb back and forth on the back of his hand.

'Ah.... yeah' Brody answered, already intimidated by Randy's aggressive behavior. 'I... ah.... I.... work out at the ah.... the college gym.... ah.... Randy.'

'Well, I have to say you're a really good looking guy' Randy said and gave him a really big smile and finally let go of his hand. 'I saw you looking our way, so I guess you like muscle boys eh?'

Brody laughed nervously. 'Well, you guys really stick out. Your body is amazing Randy. You look so young, but you have the body of a bodybuilder. You really look good.' Randy gently flexed his bicep a couple times and then raised it up almost in front of Brody's face.

'Yeah, man. Jace and I work out all the time. That's one hell of a bicep isn't it?' Randy asked.

'Jesus man; you're incredible' Brody answered now completely intimidated. Randy took Brody's hand and put it on his bicep and held it there for a moment.

'That's really something isn't it? Hot fuckin bicep. Go ahead; feel it.' he said as he held Brody's hand. Brody squeezed the rock hard melon sized muscle, and then tried to pull back. Randy held him there just a few seconds longer and then let him go.

'When do you take your break Brody' Randy asked as he continued flexing his bicep in Brody's face and giving him a big smile. 'Maybe you and me could sit down and have a chat.'

'Ah.... well.... ah.... sure Randy' he stuttered. 'Ah,,,, actually... ah.... I can take it any time.'

'Okay good. Come on then. Let's take a walk' Randy said. As they started walking, Randy put his arm around Brody with his hand on his shoulder, squeezing the nice round deltoid muscle. After walking in silence for a moment, Randy reached over with his other hand and tweaked Brody's tit. 'Nice chest and shoulders man. You got a nice tight little body' he said as they entered the dunes.

'Ah.... thanks Randy' he stammered. 'Your muscles are incredible. Maybe you could give me some pointers or something.' Randy moved his hand from Brody's shoulder to his waist as they entered the dune area, and reaching over again, gave his tit a good pinch.

'Oh yeah Brody. I intend to give you some pointers' Randy said with a laugh as he put his hand down inside Brody's Speedo and grabbed his ass. 'I'm definitely going to give you some pointers' he said as he pulled Brody around facing him and pulled their crotches together. Keeping his left hand on his ass, Randy grabbed Brody's hair with the other and pulled him into a kiss. Brody sputtered and muttered for a few seconds and then started returning the kiss. Randy was almost fully hard now, and he could feel Brody's cock getting hard as they rubbed their crotches together. Oh yeah, this kid was hot to trot. After a couple minutes of kissing, Randy took his hand off of Brody's ass, stepped back slightly and grabbing one of Brody's hands, pushed it down inside the front of his suit.

'Feel that baby' he whispered into Brody's ear after breaking the kiss. 'Feel that cock all hot and hard for you.' He went back to the kiss still holding Brody's hair tightly and continued holding Brody's hand against his cock until Brody finally started squeezing it. He then pulled the suit down below his ball sack and let his cock flop completely out into Brody's hand. 'What'daya think baby? You like a big cock on a big muscle man? You like that baby? Well, go ahead and jack it for me. Get me really hard.' As Brody continued squeezing it and started jacking Randy's massive prick, Randy flexed his left arm forcing his huge bicep to bulge enormously, and with a hand full of Brody's hair still in his right hand, he pulled him in. 'Kiss it baby' he directed. 'Kiss that big hard bicep. Worship that muscle with your mouth.' There was no activity for a moment, so Randy jammed Brody's nose in hard and rubbed it back and forth against the hard as steel muscle. 'Com'on man. Kiss that hot muscle for me.'

'No Randy. Don't' Brody said as he pulled his hand off Randy's cock and tried to pull his head back. Randy was having none of it, and kept rubbing Brody's nose against his bicep.

'Hey man we're just getting warmed up' Randy whispered. 'I saw you watching me on the beach. I know you are hot for my big muscles and my big cock, so stop acting like a shy little prick and let's get it on.'

'Please Randy. Stop this' Brody grunted. 'I don't want to do this here on the beach. And besides I'm over eighteen. You're jail bait for me.' Still holding Brody by the hair, Randy pulled him back away from his bicep and slapped him across the face with his open hand. Brody yelled and tried to pull away, but Randy quickly grabbed an arm, twisted it behind his back, and then the other one as well and started pushing them up towards his shoulder blades. Brody yelled in pain.

Randy pushed him to his knees with his arms twisted behind him and grabbing hold with just one hand, stepped in front of him pushing his cock into his face. 'Did I tell you I was a champion wrestler Brody? No? Maybe I forgot. But you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell against me. I may only be sixteen but I can handle you without a problem. So you'd better start getting with the program.'

Holding Brody's arms with one hand, Randy grabbed his cock and banged it against the guy's face a few times. 'I don't go for cock teasers Brody. That really pisses me off. Now, I saw you worshiping me with your eyes on the beach. It was easy to see you wanted me real, real bad. So, here I am and it's pay up time. Now, we can make this a painful as you want, but you're going to suck my dick' Randy said as he banged it in Brody's face some more. 'And by the way, you're going to apologize for trying to be a god damn cock tease.'

Randy grabbed Brody by the hair to hold him steady, and still holding both of his arms with one hand, started pulling them up towards his shoulder blades. Brody screamed again.

'Yeeeaaaooooh Randy. Please. You're breaking my arms' he yelled.

'I said apologize to me you stupid little shit' Randy yelled.

'Okay Randy' he screamed. 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry.' Randy let go of his arms and his hair and took a couple steps back as Brody moaned and rubbed his sore arms.

'Look at me' Randy ordered. Brody looked up at him with tears in his eyes. And Randy just looked into this boy's beautiful teary eyed face for a moment with sheer delight, and couldn't help but get an enormous grin on his face. Oh, yeah. Dominating a guy like this was so fuckin cool. And an older guy too. 'It's pay up time man. Get on my cock' he ordered as he arrogantly put his hands on his hips and waited

'I woulda done it man' Brody said through his tears. 'You didn't have to do that to me.'

'Hey man; I'll do it anyway I wanna. I wanna tear you up, I tear you up' Randy growled. 'Now shut the fuck up and do me.' Brody scooted forward on his knees and grabbing Randy's hard cock, pulled it down and put it in his mouth. Randy could immediately tell that Brody was an experienced cock sucker and knew what he was doing. But he was having some trouble, because Randy was evidently bigger than anything he'd had to work with before.

'Com'on man' Randy said after a moment, giving Brody a slap on the back of his head. 'You can do better than that. Take it deeper. Put some effort into it.' Brody did as he was told and took it a little deeper and sucked it harder, and jerked it with his hand at the same time. Randy grinned at that pretty face with his big rod sticking out. He had guessed that those lips would look great stretched around his eight inch rod, and was he ever right. They looked terrific. Right now it looked a lot better than if felt, because the guy wasn't really getting into it yet; but Randy knew how that could easily be fixed. Grabbing Brody by both sides of his head, Randy rammed his bludgeon in all the way to the root, and immediately pulled it back out. Brody went into spasms of coughing and choking.

'Hey shit for brains, I like it deep' Randy said sternly. 'Now get your fucking hands out of the way and start sucking. Shit, I can hardly feel it.' As he finished choking, Brody leaned in again and grabbed Randy's cock, but Randy slapped his hand away. 'No hands ass hole. You touch my cock again with anything but your mouth and I'm going to break your damn arms. Now suck on my god damn cock' Randy ordered.

Putting his hands down on his thighs, Brody again took Randy's enormous cock in his mouth, and while sucking and licking, tried to take it deeper. The problem was that it was not only long, but was big around too and it was a stretch for Brody to even get his lips around it. He was trying his damndest when he felt Randy give him another slap on the back of his head.

'If I don't start feeling something down there pretty damn quick' Randy growled 'I'm gonna start ramming it into you. Now you fuckin concentrate on giving me one hell of a blow job before I totally whip your ass.' Brody now redoubled his efforts to suck, and even though it hurt he kept trying to force the monster into his throat. Brody knew he could control his gagging and choking reflexes, but he'd never imagined trying to take anything so big into his throat.

Randy was ecstatic. He knew the guy was experienced, and was not a bad cocksucker to begin with, but he also knew from experience that slapping a guy around a little could change him from an average cocksucker into a terrific one. And what this kid was now doing down there was beginning to feel pretty damn terrific. Randy slapped him again on the back of the head just as additional encouragement, and then got the most incredibly extraordinary feeling he could imagine as he felt his cock entered the guy's throat. Randy gave a euphoric howl and pushed his crotch forward forcing some more of his massive pole into his passionate cocksucker's tight throat.

'Yeah baby' he yelled. 'Do it some more, just like that.' And that's what Brody did. Pulling back and taking a deep breath, he forced the monster into his throat again. This time Randy grabbed his head forcing it in another inch or so, and held him there for almost ten seconds. Letting him go again, Brody took a huge gasping breath, and this time Randy pulled him in, and in, and in so his nose was finally buried right into his crotch hair. Brody was shocked and scared that this huge club was crammed all the way into him. Randy whooped again with delight, and now took over. Allowing Brody only a second or so for a breath each time, Randy pulled his head all the way into his crotch, getting the marvelous feeling of his cock crammed into a tight throat, and held it for five or ten seconds each time. It was heavenly. After a half dozen strokes, and a feeling of intoxicating enjoyment on his prick, Randy really started getting hot. Continuing the face fuck, he now started going at it hard and fast. Ramming Brody's face hard into his crotch each time, and yanking him back and forth by the hair, treating him like a rag doll, Randy was in an absolute frenzy of exhilaration. Starting to shoot, Randy's hips started ramming forward uncontrollably almost knocking Brody over backwards except for the hold Randy had in his hair. He yelled again with pleasure as he shot deep into Brody's throat. Even in the throes of ecstasy Randy was somewhat aware of the guy on his cock, and as he felt Brody beginning to panic and fighting for release he finally pulled him back off his cock. Brody jerked back coughing and choking and gasping uncontrollably as Randy, still holding his hair, sent his last few shots into his face.

Randy was panting hard and totally euphoric as he let go of Brody's hair. Jason and Landon gave him great blow jobs all the time, but forcing it from an almost untrained pretty boy was incredibly exciting. Getting something new was always a thrill, and manhandling this kid and using his mouth had been beyond fabulous.

Shit, there was absolutely nothing like taking a neophyte and showing him how much pleasure he was capable of delivering to a guys prick. All of Randy's cocksuckers had been trained to give terrific head, but there was something really special about taking a cute new guy and showing him that if he worked really hard at it, he could give some really fantastic pleasure. Besides, doing it to a college age guy when he was only a high school sophomore was super cool.

Randy loved fucking a tight ass, but the joy of watching the fear in a cocksuckers eyes as he struggled to breathe while being face fucked was spectacular. Dominating a hunky older guy was almost as much fun as fucking him,

'That was fucking awesome man' Randy said as he bent down and patted Brody gently on the cheek. 'I knew you could give one hell of a blow job if you really put your mind to it' he said with a laugh. 'But it looks like you have a problem in that Speedo.' Brody's cock was fully hard and bulging from his suit and the precum had made a healthy wet spot. 'Go ahead and jerk off man; I don't mind. Show me how hot you are.'

'Ah... Randy. I have to get back to work' Brody whispered hoarsely through his sore throat.

'I didn't ask you to jerk off, I told you to jerk off. Now whip it out and get going' Randy ordered. Brody glanced up and saw Randy's determined look, and pulled his cock out of his suit. Randy stepped forward and pushed his almost completely soft cock into Brody's face, and holding his head, gently rubbed it back and forth over his face.

'Don't worry man. I'm not gonna fuck you again. I'm just giving you some stimulation so you can blow your wad' he said with a laugh. In fact, Brody was super hot and hard, and even though his throat hurt like hell and he was really scared of this dominant muscle kid, he found it incredibly exhilarating to be completely under his control. He'd never experienced anything like this before and it was unbelievably exciting. Randy continued rubbing his cock in his face as Brody started jerking his cock hard and fast, and in not more than a minute he started blasting off. As he started shooting he moaned with pleasure and started kissing Randy's cock. Yeah, kneeling before this dominant muscle kid and worshiping his cock was the hottest thing he had ever done and his orgasm was incredible. His first four shots all went four or five feet. When he finally finished, Randy let go of his hair and he leaned back.

'One final kiss babe' Randy said as he aimed his cock at Brody's face. 'Right on the tip.' Brody looked up at Randy's massive muscles and handsome smiling face and as he sighed he gave his cock a kiss. 'One more time babe, and use lots of saliva and a little tongue. And give it a loud smack' he said with a grin. Brody tongued the tip of Randy's cock and gave it a loud kiss.

'Way to go man. You're one hot little puppy' Randy said as he tucked his cock back into his suit and pulled Brody to his feet. 'What time do you get off work man?' Randy asked.

'Ah.... Randy.... I..... Ah. I.... ah.... can't....' he stuttered.

'Hey man. You gave me a great blow job so I'm in a good mood. Don't mess it up babe. Now answer my question.'

'Please Randy' Brody pleaded. 'I can't....'

'Don't say no to me Brody' Randy said as he stepped close, pushing his chest and crotch against Brody's with their noses almost touching Then reaching around, he stuck both hands into Brody's Speedo, grabbing both ass cheeks and jerked him in tight. 'I don't like that. Somebody says no to me really aggravates me' he said very softly as he looked Brody in the eye from inches away and gently massaged his ass.

'Randy.... please.... I'm off at five' Brody said as he got teary eyed. 'But... But.... today my mom's picking me up to go shopping. Please.... Randy....'

'Well, call her and tell her you're going to be busy getting fucked' Randy said with a grin as he pinched Brody's ass. 'And listen man. You don't have to be afraid of me. Hell, I may get a little rough sometimes but you like a good fuck just as much as I do. I just saw you shoot your wad halfway across the beach. You were hot man. You were totally turned on.'

'Com'on Randy. Yeah it was hot, but you were way rough. My throat hurts like crazy.'

'I said you don't have to be afraid Brody, but sometimes a little fear can be a good thing. Like right now' Randy said as he squeezed Brody's ass cheeks hard and gave him a quick peck on the lips. 'I hear you arguing with me and trying to say no to me and I don't like it. You hear me? I don't like it one bit.'

'I'm sorry Randy. But what can I do? That's my mom.'

'I don't give a shit what you say to her. Just tell her you're busy. Let's go get your phone' he said as he took Brody's arm and headed back towards the lifeguard shack.

Brody gave his mother some dumb excuse about having to clean up the beach for a couple hours, and Randy went back to join Jason and found him asleep. Randy removed his sandals and very gently rubbed his foot over Jason's face waking him up. 'Hey pretty boy. What's up?' Randy said. 'Did I wear you out yesterday so you gotta sleep today?' he said with a grin, continuing to rub his foot in Jason's face.

'No way man' Jason laughed as he stuck out his tongue and licked Randy's foot. 'I'm just conserving my energy for the next go around.' Randy rubbed his foot back and forth over Jason's face for a moment as Jason licked it and kissed it and then he stuck his big toe into his mouth. Jason sucked it gently as he looked up at his lovers budging muscular body and smiling face. Jason loved him so much that his heart almost skipped a beat at times like this. He was his lover and master, and Jason would move the earth if that was what Randy wanted. He lovingly sucked the toe until Randy finally pulled it out, rearranged his cock in his Speedo and sat down on the towel next to him. 'Shit Jason. I just finished the lifeguard a minute ago and you're already getting me horned up again.'

'So, why should I be the only one. I'm turned on, and I really love it when you're turned on' Jason said with a giggle. 'Your cock does wonderful things to me when it gets hot. Oh yeah. Does it ever.'

'So, you and the lifeguard got it on?' he asked as Randy lay back on the towel.

'Oh yeah, Jace. He came on to me like gang busters' Randy said with a laugh. 'I couldn't keep him away. He was a horny little bastard, and gave me one hell of a blow job. Not up to your standards of course, but he learns quick and with a little encouragement from me, he really got into it.'

'As long as he wasn't up to my standards, I guess it's okay' Jason laughed. 'But I also know what you mean by 'a little encouragement'. I'll bet you put him through hell.'

'Well, I guess. You know I'm kind of particular about how a guy blows me' Randy said with a smile. 'So I had to show him how it's done. But, Jason, I've got a confession to make.'

'Okay. What is it?' he said with apprehension.

'You keep your cool man, but I made a deal with him. After giving me a decent blow job, I agreed to fuck him later. I'm taking him back to the motel at five o'clock,'

'Oh com'on Randy. That's not fair' Jason cried. 'You said this was going to be just us.'

'Don't get carried away Jason. It's just a quick fuck and then I'm yours for the evening. Besides he's a real pretty college boy and he has a hot ass. I couldn't let him get away without getting some of that.'

'But Randy. Hell; ain't I good enough for you' Jason said as tears formed in his eyes. 'I love you and I'll do anything for you Randy.

'Shut the fuck up Jace. Maybe I'll have him blow you or something' Randy said now getting annoyed. He knew that Jason would be mad, but he hated it when he would argue with him. 'Besides, you know I like to play around, so don't be giving me any shit about it. You piss me off enough I'll keep him and fuck him the whole night.'

'Okay Randy. I'm sorry' Jason said, realizing that he had now gone too far. He leaned over and kissed Randy on the cheek. 'I didn't mean it. You know how jealous I get. I'm sorry; I just can't help it. But, don't make me watch Randy. I don't want to see you fuck him.'

'Forget it babe. You know it's a turn on for me to have you watch' Randy yawned. 'Now shut up and let me take a nap. We'll go into the dunes later.' Randy leaned over and kissed Jason on the lips, and then lay back and dozed off.

At just five o'clock Randy introduced Brody and Jason and they headed for the motel which was four blocks away. Brody had put on a pair of jeans and had his backpack, but Randy and Jason were wearing only their incredibly sexy swim suits and sandals, and carrying their towels. From the moment they started walking, Randy stuck his thumb inside Brody's jeans right at his ass crack with his fingers splayed on his butt. He wanted Brody to clearly understand that he owned his ass. Every couple minutes he let go and patted the ass a couple times just for good measure. Randy and Jason chatted about how great the beach was with the dunes, and how many pretty boys there were wandering through them hoping Randy or Jason would notice them.

When they entered the motel room, Randy took Brody's backpack and put it aside. 'I know you couldn't keep your eyes off my muscles out there Brody' he laughed. 'Hell I think I kept you hard all day. So now's your chance to really get into it. So get busy' he said as he pulled Brody's face into his slab of pectoral muscle.

Brody kissed the nipple once. 'Ah... Randy. Is he going to watch?' he said glancing over at Jason, who had now lay down on one of the beds.

'Brody, you're already forgetting this afternoon. You don't question anything I do, you just do what your fuckin told. Didn't you learn anything this afternoon. Now lick my god damn chest like I told you' he said as he slapped the back of Brody's head.

'Please Randy. Not so rough' Brody pleaded. 'Please. I'll do......' Randy pulled him back by the hair and slapped his face.

'I like it rough Brody. That's the only way I like it' Randy growled. 'Now you get your ass in gear before I really get pissed.'

'Ow Randy. Shit Randy. That really hurts' Brody cried with tears showing in his eyes and his cheek turning red.

'Hey man you're really slow on the uptake. For most guys it takes only once' Randy said, still holding Brody by the hair. Then he gave him a left to the stomach getting a grunt from him. Then letting go of his hair, gave him another with his right. Brody went down holding his stomach and groaning. Randy just looked down at him for a moment with a faint smile on his face and a growing bulge in his speedo. Shit this was such a turn on to slap a guy around like this. He loved it when a guy put up a fuss and had to be worked over first. It made him feel so damn powerful to control another human being through sheer force of muscle, and it definitely made them into more dedicated worshipers. Seeing fear in a guys eyes while he worshiped was so fucking hot.

'Look at me' Randy demanded as he pulled Brody partially up by the hair. As Brody looked up, Randy bent down and gathering some saliva, spit into his face. 'You gotta learn your place Brody' Randy said as he grinned at the fear and shock in Brody's tear and spit covered face. 'Maybe you're beginning to understand that I don't put up with any bull shit.' Randy gathered some more saliva and spit into his face again.

'Get up' Randy ordered and Brody crawled to his feet, still holding his stomach. Randy grabbed him by the hair and pulled him close. 'I own you baby. You do whatever I say. You do it quick and you do it good. Got it?'

'Yes Randy' Brody whispered.

'Call me sir you dumb shit' Randy ordered jerking his hair.

'Yes sir Randy' Brody whispered again. Randy couldn't help but get a big grin. This guy was ready now for a session of really hot sex.

'Good. Get on my chest.' Brody leaned forward and started licking Randy's bulging pectorals.

'Wha'daya think Jace? Is he ready?'

'Oh man Randy. You're fucking unbelievable' Jason answered.

'Now remember this afternoon Brody. You do what I tell you and you put your body and soul into it' Randy demanded. 'Now fucking worship that chest. Suck it and kiss it and lick it and rub your god damn nose in it.' Brody got busy worshiping Randy's steel hard pectorals with a vengeance. This guy was a monster and Brody was really hurting so he did everything in his power to please the guy.

After a good five minutes, Randy pulled his head back off his chest. With a big grin on his face he said: 'Good boy. I think you've really got the idea now.'

'You want to kiss my feet next boy? Would you like to kiss you Master's feet?' Randy asked with a smile.

With tears still streaming down his face Brody answered: 'Whatever you want Randy.'

Randy laughed. 'Of course you'll do what I want dumb ass. But I want you to beg for it. Tell me how badly you want to kiss my feet' he said as he continued laughing. 'Listen to this Jace. Listen to my new slave boy beg me. Okay go ahead slave boy. I'm waiting.'

Brody knew this guy was out of control, and he knew he had to be totally obedient or else. 'Please Randy. I want to kiss your feet. Please let me kiss your feet.'

'Call me sir you stupid shit; like I told ya. And shouldn't you be on your knees when you beg? Get on your fuckin knees.'

Brody dropped to his knees and tried again. 'Please Randy sir, may I kiss your feet.'

'Okay boy. Get at it' Randy said. 'And use some tongue.' Brody bent down and started kissing and licking Randy's feet. After a couple minutes on one, he moved to the other, and then back again. Randy just watched for a while. He wasn't particularly crazy about getting his feet licked, but he loved humiliating guys and making them do it. He also found that it was a quick way of showing them there place as a slave licking their master's feet. But what he did like was getting his ass licked. It also humiliated guys, but Randy loved it and it was a great lead in to a fuck.

'Up on your knees' he ordered, and as Brody lifted his head, Randy turned around and pushed his Speedo cover ass into his face. 'Okay man. Suck it. Let me feel it through my swim suit. Get it wet and let me feel your nose tucked it there.' Brody was not about to disobey Randy now, and did as he was told sucking Randy's swim suit and pushing his nose in. Randy let him go at it for only a couple minutes and then ordered him to pull them down. Brody pulled the suit down below Randy's ass and pushed his face in and started licking and sucking.

'I said get it wet god damn it' he snapped as he slapped Brody on the back of the head. 'Slobber it up and wash it with your tongue. And let me feel it for god's sake.' Brody started using lots of saliva, and pushed his face in hard and really licked Randy's butt. Randy hadn't touched himself but was now almost fully hard just from tyrannizing Brody. Just like always, Randy found that slapping a guy around and totally controlling him was almost as exciting as actually fucking him.

Finally, Randy stepped away and took the Speedo completely off and lay down on the other bed. 'Okay Jason. How about greasing him up and getting him ready.' Jason gave him a dirty look, but didn't say anything as he grabbed a tube of cream from the table and went over to Brody. Randy didn't say anything either, but was definitely going to talk to Jason about it later, and probably beat his ass too.

Jason pushed Brody's head down to the floor with his ass sticking up in the air. Brody didn't say a word as Jason started rubbing the cream in his ass. Brody had been fucked before, but knowing how big Randy was, and how rough he was, he hoped Jason did a good job. And he knew it was a lot safer to keep his mouth shut.

When Jason was finished Randy ordered Brody up on the bed and put his cock into his mouth again. 'Remember how you deep throated my cock this afternoon babe? Let me feel you do it again' he said as he lay back with his hands behind his head. Brody sucked it for a few seconds and then tried to take it into his throat. His throat was still sore but he forced the cock in. He held it for a few seconds and then came back and did it again. He did it several times but it was really hurting.

'That ain't the way I remember it babe. You can definitely do better than that' Randy said as he put a hand on Brody's head and pushed down; hard. Brody didn't choke and just endured the pain as Randy held him there, and held him there. After a good thirty seconds, Randy finally pulled his head up.

'Sorry, babe. I know it hurts' Randy said. 'But that's okay because I'm taking your ass anyway. Get on your back.' As Brody lay back, Randy got up and put his legs on his shoulders. 'You been fucked before babe?' Randy asked.

'Yes Randy' Brody croaked. 'But it's been a long time, and you're really big. Please Randy; take it easy.'

'You got it babe' Randy answered. 'Jason; give me some of that cream.' Jason came over and rubbed some cream on Randy's super hard eight inch ram rod. Then taking aim, Randy gently pushed it in. Brody groaned, but Jason had done a good job of greasing and loosening him up so it wasn't as bad as he expected. Randy did go easy, and gave him plenty of time to adjust as he eased the bludgeon into his ass.

After a bit Randy leaned down and kissed him on the lips and whispered. 'I'm in all the way babe. All the way in your tight ass, and it feels good. Real tight. You ready?'

'Yeah; I'm ready Randy' Brody answered softly as Randy began to slowly fuck in and out of his tight ass. And there was no pain. It actually felt good going in and out of his ass. And even after the pain and humiliation, Brody had to admit that Randy was gorgeous and had an incredible body and was amazingly dominant. Perhaps he was too sadistic, but being under his control was the thrill of a lifetime. Brody watched as Randy's muscles rippled and began to glisten as he began to sweat.

Brody gave him a smile and Randy leaned down and kissed him some more as he continued to fuck. Randy had fucked Jason in the dunes after getting blown by Brody so he had plenty of stamina, so he fucked slow and easy, and went on and on and on. He would sometimes speed up and then slow down again and occasionally give Brody a kiss. This went on for a good half hour, and Jason actually dozed off while watching. Randy had held himself at the very edge of ejaculation most of the time and when he decided to finish, it took no time at all.

Reaching down he grabbed Brody's hard cock and started jerking it. After a bit he pulled Brody's hand up. 'Cum for me man. Go ahead. Shoot your load' he whispered. Brody started jerking his cock and then started gasping and moaning as he was getting close. Randy started speeding up the fuck, ramming in hard eight or ten times and just after Brody started to shoot, Randy let go as well.

When he finished and pulled out, Randy lay down beside Brody, put his arm around him and started kissing him. Brody had had a terrific ejaculation and was actually feeling mellow. Randy was big, but thank god he had been gentle. Besides, even though his stomach hurt and his cheek hurt and his throat hurt, Brody had never been dominated like this before, and it had been incredibly exciting. Every bit as exciting as the blow job he was forced to give earlier in the day. And he now understood that even if a little pain was involved, being fucked by this superhuman muscle god was an honor to be treasured and remembered. This guy with his amazing dominating personality and stunning muscular body had every right to demand to be worshiped passionately by his acolytes, and if he had to resort to manhandling to get the worship and pleasure he required, that was certainly his right. Brody felt exhilarated that this young muscle god had picked him and given him the most exciting time of his life. A superman like Randy deserved super worship.

'Come here Jace' Randy ordered as he broke the kiss. 'On your back' Randy said as Jason came over to the bed. 'Okay Brody. Suck him off. We've got time so give him a nice slow blow job.' Brody gave him a dirty look as he set up on the bed. 'Don't make me repeat myself man' Randy said glaring at him. 'Get on his cock.'

Brody would have much rather sucked Randy again, no matter how rough he was, however, he knew damn well he'd better do what he was told. He didn't need any more pain to convince him that Randy was to be obeyed without question. Brody crawled to the bottom of the bed and took Jason's semi-hard cock in his mouth.

Randy put his arm around Jason's neck, pulled him in, and started kissing him. Randy loved kissing, and he loved this boy he was kissing. Jason was his best friend, his workout partner, his totally loyal disciple, and an amazing muscle boy besides. Randy knew he had been a little unfair to Jason, because he'd slipped the lifeguard into their weekend together, so he definitely owed him. Giving him the lifeguard's hot mouth was partial payment, and he'd fuck him later with the balance.

They were going home tomorrow, but all and all, it had been a wonderful weekend.



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