His name might have been Larry, or Lackey or Lady or some shit, but I called him 'Piss-ant'. I named him that the first time I ever talked to him just to let him know he was a worthless piece of shit. He was in my Social Studies class, and he was the one I picked to do my homework for me. Mrs. Stolton gave us homework every damn night. And not really homework, but just bullshit busywork. She said it would stick in our minds better if we went over each lesson at home. Total crap. I was a pretty smart kid, and sure's hell didn't need to go through her stupid shit twice. So I checked out the guys in the class looking for a pretty boy who was also smart, and picked Lackey or Lakey or whatever his name was to do my work for me. There was no actual requirement that he be pretty, but I intended to make him grovel for me, and I loved watching a cute boy crawl.

I tracked him down in the school yard one day during lunch and cornered him by himself. My buddy Jason was with me when I approached him.

'Hey kid' I yelled at him as I walked up.

'Ah... yeah?' he said. Everybody knew I was a top wrestler and the hottest looking muscle boy around and pretty much the most popular, so he was probably wondering why I was bothering to talk to him. I just stood there looking at him for a minute. Then I glanced at Jason and grinned.

'Can I help you' he said with a quiver in his voice.

'Jace' I said. 'Did you hear him call me sir? I would swear I didn't hear him call me sir.'

'Nope. You're right Boss' Jason said. 'I didn't hear him call you sir either.'

Now there was a look of fear on the kids pretty face. He was not stupid and like every kid in America, he knew all about bullies.

'Sir' he said quickly, but I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up, almost lifting him off his feet. He was just a runt, maybe 5'5' or so and it was no problem.

'It's kind of late now Piss-ant' I said. 'But if you tell me how sorry you are I might let you off the hook.' I pulled him in close so our noses were almost touching. 'You fuckin well apologize right now.'

'I'm sorry sir. Please sir I'm sorry. I meant no disrespect sir.'

'What'daya think Jace? Is that good enough?'

'I think it's okay as long as he begs you to forgive him' Jason said with a giggle. He was definitely enjoying this little scene.

'Okay Piss-ant. You heard Jason' I said as I let go of him. 'Get on your knees and beg me to forgive you.' He glanced around a bit wondering if there was a way out. Besides, there were other kids around that were bound to see him. 'Well?' I growled, and I noticed that his eyes were tearing up.

He got down on his knees looking up at me. 'Please sir, I'm sorry. Please forgive me for not calling you sir. Please sir.' He was now sniffling and tears were flowing down his cheeks. He was scared shitless.

'What'daya think Jace?' I asked.

'Yeah. I think that does it Boss. I'm sure he won't forget again.'

'Get up Piss-ant' I said and he got back to his feet. 'You're in my social studies class and I need somebody to do my homework. You want to do it?' Of course the question was completely rhetorical, since he had to know I wasn't asking. But this kid had obviously been studying stupid instead of social studies by what he said next.

'Ah... Sir. That wouldn't be fair would it, and what would Mrs. Stolton say?'

'Oh shit' Jason gasped, completely shocked. 'Kid. You just signed your death warrant.'

I grabbed the kid by the neck with one hand and started squeezing. 'You are really going to pay for that Piss-ant' I said giving him a shake. 'But before I start kicking your ass I want to hear you say you'd love to do my homework. In fact you're going to beg me to let you do it. Say it' I growled at him. A dozen kids or so in the area all looked over to see what was going on.

'Uggg. Uggg' was all that came out and his face was bright red as I was choking him. He was pulling frantically at my arm trying to get away, but I just calmly squeezed while my other hand was completely relaxed on my hip. Yeah, I'm a hell of a strong kid, and holding Piss-ant with one hand while he fought and squirmed was like nothing.

'Say it' I repeated. I said it calmly this time as I released his throat just slightly.

'Please sir' he garbled. 'Please sir. Uggg.'

'Say it' I repeated.

'I'll do it sir. I'll do it, I'll do it.'

'Of course you'll do it you stupid shit but that ain't what I asked. Tell me you'd love to do it for me.' I let go of his throat, and he fell back landing on his butt.

'Please sir. Please. I'd love to do your homework for you' he gasped rubbing his neck with total terror showing in his face

'Okay. A little slow on the uptake, but that's better. Now tell me again what you want to do.'

'Please sir. I want to do your homework for you. I'd love to do your homework sir.'

'Much, much better' I said with a grin. 'What'daya think Jace? Does this let him off the hook?'

'Yeah, I think so' Jason said grinning back at me. 'But I haven't heard him beg yet. Maybe you need to teach him how to beg.'

'Yeah. Maybe I should' I answered. 'Okay listen piss-ant. I want you at my house tonight at 6:30 on the dot. And, don't worry. I'm not going to beat you up. We're just going to go over how you're going to handle my homework. Got it?'

'Yes sir'.

'6:30 right?' I asked.

'Yes sir. 6:30.'

'And if you don't show, you're ass is grass.'

'I'll be there sir.'

Jason and I headed for our afternoon class.

By 6:30 that evening Jason and I had worked out and I'd showered and had my dinner. Jason and I didn't mess around like we often do after the workout, because I knew I was going to have fun with Lanny or Louky or whatever.

He was at my front door at 6:30, and I led him out to my workout room in the garage. He really was a cute kid with a youthful boyish face and although he wasn't built he wasn't totally skinny either. He was actually shaking in fear, but so far hadn't said anything and neither had I. After I closed the door I turned to face him, putting my hands on my hips and giving him a stern look

'Please sir' he said with a shaky voice, and I saw tears in his eyes. 'I'll do your homework for you. I'd love to do it for you. Please don't do anything to me. Please.' I reached up and rubbed the back of my hand against his cheek. He was even cuter with tears in his eyes.

'You're a cute kid Piss-ant' I said. 'I'm not going to kick your ass even if you do deserve it. But I want to make you understand how you treat your superiors. Now, I asked you nicely this afternoon to do my homework and you were disrespectful.'

'Please sir. I'm sorry. I didn't mean.....'

'Shut up' I growled. 'You were not respectful to me this afternoon and you're not being respectful now. If you were properly respectful you'd be on your knees.'

He gave me a startled look and then dropped to his knees. 'Please sir. I'm sorry.'

'That's better, but I don't think you even appreciate that I picked you to do my homework. Now, that's not good. I know you said you were sorry but sometimes just saying you're sorry is just not enough. Now I'm going to teach you how to behave with an alpha male, and how you can make up for being insolent to me this afternoon.'

'You want that don't you?' I said as I reached down and held him by the chin, looking him in the eye. 'You want to make up for being a smart ass and mouthing off to me don't you?'

'Yes sir. Yes sir' he answered. He wasn't crying now, but tears were still streaming down his cheeks, and he was obviously terrified. And I loved it. You cannot imagine the amount of power a guy can feel by having a new sycophant on his knees in front of him totally terrorized. Fucking hot man.

'Bend down there and kiss my feet and tell me again you're sorry.' And without hesitation he bent down and did just that. He kissed my feet and told me he was sorry.

'Take my shoes off Piss-ant' I ordered and he slipped my tennis shoes off. 'Now do it again' I said.

He kissed one foot and then the other. 'Please sir. I'm very sorry sir' he mumbled.

'Gimmy some tongue. Let me feel you licking' I said and he started licking my feet.

'Okay now Piss-ant, I'm the Alpha Male. That means that I'm the boss and you're here to serve me so you do whatever I tell you to do. Do you understand that?'

'Yes sir I understand' he mumbled.

'Good. Then that's taken care of. But you can go ahead and keep licking my feet while we talk.'

'All that's left now is a little obedience training and your punishment for being disrespectful to me this afternoon. You told me you were sorry, you asked me to forgive you, and you said you'd love to do my homework. That's all fine and good. But you still have to pay for acting like a smart-aleck to me. Nobody talks back to me and gets away with it. Do you understand what I'm sayin.'

'Yes sir.'

'Okay, look at me' I said and he lifted his head and looked up. 'We're going to work a little on obedience, since you definitely need the practice. You're going to pretend you're my puppy. So crawl over to that pile of dirty clothes in the corner, sniff around in it until you find one of my dirty jockstraps, and pick it up in your teeth and bring it back to me. Do you understand?'

'Yyyyes... sir' he said and nodded his head and headed over to the corner. Obviously he wasn't excited about doing it but he knew he had to obey. I just watched with a smile as he went on hands and knees to the corner, found one of my jockstraps and brought it back to me.

'Bark' I ordered, and he just looked up with a startled look with the jock in his mouth. 'You want to get your Master's attention you bark. Now bark!'

'Rouf' he barked and dropped the jockstrap.

'Good puppy' I said with a laugh. 'Now pick it back up and put it in my hand.' I held my hand at about waist level so he had to get up on his 'hind legs' to put it in my hand. I made no attempt to hold on to it and it fell out of my hand. I showed no reaction as he looked at me, and then bent down, picked it up in his teeth and carefully made sure it stayed in my hand this time.

'Okay, that's a start, but you need more practice. Do it again' I ordered. He obediently went back over found another jockstrap and brought it back to me. I just stood there waiting. After only a moment he got the idea and barked again. Then he carefully put it in my hand. I couldn't tell from the look on his face how he was taking it. He simply looked serious; not sad, not happy; just determined I guess. I suppose he was hoping to just get it over with. But I was no where near done yet.

I was wearing a T-shirt and gym shorts which didn't particularly show off my muscles, but then again there was no way to hide them. But piss-ant here hadn't even noticed. Obviously he did not understand how to appreciate a guy with muscles and since he was on his knees and working on obedience I intended to show him. I'd enjoyed humiliating him so far but I was horny and he was my boy toy for the evening. I was pretty sure he was a straight kid, but that was okay, because even straight guys can be trained to give a decent blow job. I know; I've trained them any number of times.

I pulled my T-shirt off showing my amazing upper body. Now I'm a top notch wrestler and a dedicated body builder, so I had a build like no other kid of sixteen around. Jason, my workout partner had an amazing body for a guy barely sixteen, but he didn't hold a candle to me. My body was awesome and I knew it and so did everybody else.

'Okay Piss-ant. Get my shorts off' I said. He just looked at me, and I swear I saw beads of sweat pop out of his forehead. I gave him a minute to digest it before I shouted at him. 'To obey means to do it fuckin right now.' I saw him shudder in terror when I yelled and he jumped to obey and pulled my shorts down and off

I reached down and grabbed his hair and jerked it. 'Listen you little shit' I literally screamed at him. 'To obey means you do whatever the fuck I tell you to do. Are you fuckin stupid or what?'

'I'm s...s...s...sorry sir. I'm sorry sir' he said and started crying again. That was alright with me, because I wanted him to be terrified. A guy who was scared of getting his ass whipped was a hell of a lot more malleable.

Anyway, there I stood in all my glory. Wearing only a jockstrap, and with my muscles totally pumped from my workout just an hour or so before, I was an absolute vision.

'What'daya think Piss-ant. You like my muscles?' I always wonder how a straight kid will react. Obviously, everyone admires my muscles, even guys who don't know shit about bodybuilding, and they are always envious. However, to try to defend their manhood, they usually pretended not to notice.

'Yes sir. You are amazing sir.'

'Now I'm going to show you how to show respect to a real muscle man. I'm going to let you admire my muscles up real close. Now stand up.' As he stood up I pulled his face into my left pectoral, mashing his nose against it.

'Lick' I ordered. And without question he started licking. I'd already showered after my workout so I wasn't particularly sweaty, so he wasn't getting the really good stuff. But I intended to enjoy his worship, and I hoped it was humiliating for him. Humiliating because I wanted him to understand that he was nothing more than a slave for me to use. I let him go at it for a while, pushing his face from one side to the other a couple times.

Then I flexed my enormous bicep, putting my hand behind my head and showing my armpit. I didn't say anything, but just pushed his face in. He immediately got with the program and started licking my armpit. He was now pretty much where I wanted him; still scared and very obedient.

'Suck it Piss-ant' I directed, and he started sucking my armpit. I let him go for a while before I pushed him over to the other one. He did a decent job of it, obviously because he was worried about getting his ass kicked. When I had had enough, I got a good grip on his hair and forced him to his knees again. Holding him tight, I pushed his face into my crotch, jamming his face against my jock covered cock. He put his hands up against my thighs and tried to push away.

'Get your fuckin hands down' I yelled and he immediately pulled them off my legs. I was mostly hard now so he was getting a good feel as I humped his face a few times.

'You ever sucked a cock Piss-ant?' I asked as I pulled his head back and smiled down at him. I think the fear was still there, but he also looked puzzled. Not shocked like I expected, but more like perplexed.

'Please sir' he said as he gave me this funny look. 'Please sir. I'm not gay.'

'Ain't no big deal Piss-ant' I said grinning down at him. 'And suckin cock's got nothing to do with being gay. Provided he's properly respectful, I don't mind havin a straight guy as my cocksucker.' Now, every guy in the world, straight or gay, is impressed with a big piece of meat, and I had a really big one. Every guy who ever worked on it got literally bug-eyed when they first saw it. As I pulled my jockstrap down and off I watched his face as my prick slapped up against my stomach. And, I swear to god, he licked his lips.

Suckin my cock is a two stage process. One is to get the guy in the right frame of mind and ready to do it, and the other is to get him trained to suck it the way I like it. I like it deep and hard, so a guy has to learn to control his gag reflex and avoid choking. From my experience in training first time cocksuckers, I found that the more dazzled they were when they first saw my cock, the better job they did of deep throating it. This kid was obviously dazzled, and I swear he also seemed like he wanted it.

'Pretty damn impressive, hey kid?' I said watching his face and seeing an almost reverent look there. Shit, his mouth was actually hanging open in awe. I know kids with dinky little pricks are impressed with a really big one, so I guessed this kid was probably tiny. 'Go ahead Piss-ant. You can touch it.'

He reached up with both hands but I grabbed them and just held them for a moment. 'Reverently Piss-ant. Treat it with respect.' He took hold of it with both hands and just massaged it for a bit. Hell, it looked to me like he was in love with it, so I grabbed his hair and pulled him in.

'Kiss the tip for me babe' I ordered and he kissed it. 'Use some tongue babe, and start jacking it. You know what to do.' He started to slowly jack it with both hands and sucking on the tip using lots of tongue. I shuddered for a second when he first hit the sensitive tip. Hell, this kid knew a good thing when he saw it, and he was really going at it. I just let him go for a while, and then pulled one of his hands away. Then pushing on the back of his head I watched my cock enter his mouth.

'Suck on it babe' I whispered. 'Suck on that big cock.' This kid didn't seem to have any inhibitions at all, and sucked like crazy, even taking a little more cock into his mouth on his own. Jesus had I picked a hot one here. He was a born cocksucker.

Then I got a real shock as he pulled his mouth off of it, and rubbed it all over his face: his cheeks; his nose; his eyes; his forehead. He was totally mesmerized by my big monster and I was so amazed that I couldn't help but start laughing.

'Shit man' I laughed. 'You are fuckin awesome!' He glanced up at me for a second and then back down at the cock he was making love to. He took it back into his mouth, and this time took almost half of it and I felt it hit the entrance to his throat. And suddenly I realized this was way too good to be true. No first time cocksucker was ever this good. This kid was unquestionably experienced at sucking cock. But hell, all the better for me.

I reached down and pushed his other hand away, and then grabbing his head, crammed my cock all the way in to the pubes. I only held him there for a couple seconds, and he did choke a little, but no where near as much as you'd expect. Damn right he knew how to suck cock. I was pretty damn hot by now anyway, so I started to fuck his face, starting slow but going deep into his throat. He put one hand on my ass and actually helped me on each thrust as I jammed my big monster in deep. His other hand was rubbing his crotch like crazy. This was turning out to be fabulous; much better than I could have possibly imagined.

'Oh shit babe. You are incredible' I cried as I kept going deep, but started to speed up. I felt my cock start to throb and knew I was almost there already. Oh man, this kid was a treasure. And then I started to shoot; the first shot going into his throat causing him to choke. I pulled out while he coughed so my next two shots got him in the face, but then I pushed back in and continued shooting into his mouth. He swallowed it down with obvious pleasure, and I would swear that even with his lips wrapped around my enormous rod, he was smiling. I noticed his whole body was quivering as well so I think he was cuming in his pants at the same time. As I finished, he pulled my cock out of his mouth and licked the tip, driving me into a frenzy. The tip of my cock was always super sensitive after my ejaculation. Then he rubbed it all over his face smearing my juice around and then licking it off. He then put it back into his mouth sucking it clean before setting back on his haunches.

'Jesus, your cock is incredible' he swooned as he continued holding it in his hand and staring at it. 'I love it.'

'And you are one hell of a cocksucker man' I laughed. 'You were fuckin awesome.' Then he did look up at me with a smile on his face.

'Yeah, I admit I've had some practice' he said with a smile. Hell, I don't know what happened to the kid who was terrified of me just a few minutes ago, but this definitely wasn't him. The kid on his knees in front of me now and still holding on to my cock was an entirely different person.

I picked up one of the jockstraps and wiped the cum off his face. Then I got down on my knees facing him.

'So tell me?' I asked. 'You straight or gay?'

'I think I'm straight' he laughed. 'But my cousin's always around and we help each other out and we both like it But man, your cock is spectacular, and I'll do you again if you want. Maybe I can bring my cousin over sometime too'. We both laughed at that.

'Well, forcing you to blow me was supposed to be your punishment for being disrespectful but I guess it wasn't much punishment. I may have to think of something else' I said with a grin. 'In the mean time I guess I won't call you Piss-ant any more' I said.

'Actually sir' he said. 'I kind of like it when you say it. It's okay with me.'

'Okay, that's great Piss-ant' I said, giving him a grin and patting him gently on the cheek. 'But before we get too buddy-buddy here, let me make everything clear. Good cocksucker or no you will do what you're fucking told. And you'll do my homework every day.'

He hesitated for only a moment, trying to change gears. 'Ah... sir. Hmm... Yes sir. I'll do your homework for you everyday.'

'Good man' I said still grinning. 'But there are some rules. First of all, you'll do it in your own hand, and make sure it's not exactly the same as yours. I'll show you my handwriting so you can try to copy it. We wouldn't want Mrs. Stolton to think I wasn't doing it myself now would we?'

'Yes sir. I mean no sir.'

'And you'll wait outside the classroom door to give it to me. Okay.'

'Yes sir.'

'And when you hand it to me you'll say 'thank you sir for letting me do your homework'. Got that.'

'Yes sir.'

'Show me. Say it.'

'Ah.... thank you sir for letting me do your homework.'

'Good. I like that. But put another sir at the end.'

'Thank you sir for letting me do your homework sir' he repeated.

I gave him a gentle pat on the cheek still grinning brightly and stood up. 'Good boy. That's the way. Now get the hell out of here and get my homework ready for tomorrow' I said as I pulled him to his feet and gave him a slap on the ass.



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