"Hey bud, haven't seen you for a while now; didn't know you were back," the sweating stud in the white sweat-soaked sweatshirt with the arms cut out to show off his massive shoulder caps, biceps and triceps said to me, his blonde-furred muscular forearm out to shake hands.

Of course I'd seen him the second I entered the gym floor. I'd fought the urge to pop a bone right then and there with the memories seeing him evoked. But I'd feigned indifference, though I'd seen him look my way more than once as we both worked our muscles.

When Daniels was doing squats, his magnificent ass and quads shown-off so superbly in his short-legged, sweaty military-issued PT shorts, was the toughest to keep my cock under control. Seeing that beautiful ass pointed my way, him bent over at the lowest point of the squat, reminded me of the excitement of fucking him that first, random time when I'd visited this base a couple of years before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Craigslist . . . so much controversy, yet so efficient. My ad was simple:
"Eager, expert cocksucker/cum-swallower in hotel. You come, you cum, you go - NSA! Me: 6'4", 195lbs, 32 yrs old, service-built, d/d-free, discreet. You: in great shape, d/d-free, discreet, full nuts and ready to be drained. Pic/stats in first email or no reply."

The emails I got ranged from one or two words like "When" and "Still available", even though they'd responded within minutes of my post to, "Where", even though I'd put my location on the island, and the area was only a few square miles at best, to "Got pics?", to some candidates. Obviously I ignored all of those that didn't include pictures and stats. Of the ones with pics and stats, there were numerous far-from-in-shape men - and don't get me wrong, I get it, they need a cocksucker, too, it's just not me! - to a few who were clearly looking for more than a blowjob, which was all I was offering. That narrowed it down to about six over a half-hour period after I'd posted, and Daniels' email, as I'd later come to know his name, was the one that made my cock jump and my mouth salivate.

"6'6" - 245lbs - 31yo - 8uncut - hairy/untrimmed - married/discretion a must - totally disease-free and never use drugs - 4-day load in my big hairy low hangers waiting for you - ready to travel NOW" and the torso-to-knee pick showed a killer cut/ripped bod and a beautiful, huge, hooded hardon that had me instantly fully hard.

Our set-up emails were exactly three after my reply to him, which was: "Fucking PERFECT. I'm at the Shore Towers, room 1217. ETA?"

From Daniels, aka dangy68 on his email account: "can be there in 20 max. - give me the go and I'm on my way"

From me: "GO! See you at 1515" which was, in fact, twenty minutes from the time I hit SEND.

He did send an acknowledgement, which I counted in the above but which was, simply: "Roger that. Out."

Ah, so likely he was a serviceman, like me, I thought . . . or an air traffic controller . . . or police . . . Well, no use speculating, as he'd be there shortly, and I needed to anonymize my room quickly and be ready to be on my knees and slurping that beautiful fuckrod of his.

In two minutes I had the bedclothes neat, like the good marine I was, despite the maid service which would take care of that for me . . . at some point, not having been there yet. I also had my pack, which had my last name patched on it, stowed in the closet along with my briefcase, which had an ID tag on it, and the closet closed, the bathroom checked to ensure, unnecessarily, that towels were hung and neat. I was in short-legged, generic grey boxers, my lounging gear of choice, and nothing else. Other than my laptop, closed on the desktop, I could have just checked in . . . or just be poaching an open room!

At 1503 my room phone rang. I was dreading the call, in case it was the base and I was being summoned, but I answered it like a good marine.  "James," I said, curtly.

"Uh, I'm here early, if you're ready for me," a deep but slightly unsure voice said. Well, shit - there went my anonymity, victim of my officious response to a ringing phone. I really should work on my covert skills when I was cocksucking!

"Early is good. Come on up," I said eagerly.

"I'm actually by the elevators in the hall, so be there in a minute," he said and hung up.

I went to the door and opened it, and my first view of him was more magnificent than his appealing photo. Tall, as stated, and very well-built under a tight army-green t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts, muscular, furry arms and legs rippling as he walked, back straight, down the hall toward my door. And the big bulge in the crotch of his shorts was certainly appealing.

He came in and offered me his big, strong hand, and we shook. "Er, good to meet you," he said a little uneasily, but he never broke eye contact. Beautiful hazel eyes, bright and eager, I thought.

"Jeff," I said simply and motioned him to go on inside the room.

"Dan," he said as he passed. Then, suddenly, "Wow! Amazing view!"

I was looking at his wide, v-shaped back, narrow waist, and buttglobes that looked like two bowling balls in his shorts. "Yes it is," I said, meaning something completely different than he meant and licking my lips.

Dan apparently got the message and turned around, a smirk on his face. "I was talking about the view up and down the beach and the ocean out the windows there," he told me.  "But thanks," he added, his smirk having gone to a bashful grin.  "And same here, man. You're awesome." With the last he absently adjusted his crotch, and I could see his cock was getting ready for me.

I made sure my torso was taut in his view and walked toward him. "Feel free to admire the view outside while I enjoy the view inside . . . and take care of this," I said, having got to right in front of him and reached out and taken a handful of a very pleasing package.

"FUCK!" he hissed as my big hand had hold of his growing cock and big balls.

"Well, no," I grinned. "SUCK," I think you meant!

Dan laughed nervously but stood still as if paralyzed by my grip on him. I began to rub him through his shorts, enjoying the feel of his obviously big cock growing and responding to the promise of what was to come. "Fu-er, DAMN that feels good!" he said with a long exhale, his eyes closed now, still standing stock-still, his big arms at his sides.

I reached down with my other hand and began to unbuckle his belt, then opened the button on his shorts, careful to make firm contact with his hard groin with the back of my hand, my long fingers just brushing his thick fuckmeat inside through his underwear. I felt him tremble at the touch. "Let's get you comfortable," I said in a soft growl.

I didn't take my hand out of his pants or off his package, but I guided him to the bench at the foot of the bed. We moved clumsily together, him backward and sideways, like we were doing some weird dance he didn't know, and I was leading by his cock instead of by his arm and back. I gently pushed back, his calves against the bench. "Sit. You can see the view from here," I told him.

Dan opened his eyes, looking straight into mine. "Both are great views," he said, his eyes running down my bare chest and abs. And then he put his hands on mine, one on the one cupping his balls and the root of his cock, the other on mine over his zipper, and he moved my hand down, lowering his zipper. "Mind if I just take care of these?" he asked, still holding my gaze.

"Get as comfortable as you like, Dan. This is for both of us," I told him, and as I took a step back, I let go of his family jewels and took my other hand up from his drooping shorts' waist, trailing the back of my hand up the furred mounds of a perfect eight-pack and over one nipple, that elicited a gasp from him. "Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

I grinned at him and said, "Go ahead, get comfortable." I motioned to the bed and to the bench. "Wherever you're comfortable."

Dan pushed down his shorts and boxer briefs, his big, barrel-thick, hooded cock bouncing out like a switchblade that had been opened. FUCK it was beautiful, and it was all I could do not to pounce on it as he toed his sneakers off and then bent over to pull his socks off. Then he pulled his shirt up over his head, muscled torso rippling as he moved, and my own cock was rock-hard, straining my boxers, a movement away from popping out the leg.

"You're a hot man, Dan," I appraised him.

Dan's eyes lit up, and a grin spread across his face, his cock bobbing proud between us. "Thanks, man. I don't hear that much."

"That's a damn shame. How do you want me?" I asked, restraining my urge to jump him, knock him down on my bed and dive onto his cock throat-first. "Get yourself ready for an awesome blowjob!" I told him.

Dan looked around a little self-consciously. "Mind if I lay back and relax?" he asked.

"Get on up there," I encouraged, motioning to the bed.

He scrambled up on the bed, treating me to a clear view of that amazing furry bubble butt of his as he did, and a glimpse of the most inviting hole I'd seen in a long time. I didn't have to move, or I twitched with desire and didn't notice it, and my cock was also out and proud, swinging out the leg of my short boxer shorts.

Dan quickly grabbed a couple of pillows and made a mound, his assglobes undulating as he moved, his huge, hairy nutsack hanging LOW and bouncing. I was conscious of my cock being out, trying to decide if I should try to contain it again, not knowing if this married stud was one of those guys who'd freak at seeing another guy's cock out. But I was too transfixed by the sight of his back muscles, leg muscles and butt muscles as he moved to move myself. Then he flipped over, his big cock swinging ceiling-ward in a big arc and swaying there straight up as he laid back, his legs splayed.

"FUCK!" I heard leave my lips.

Dan grinned. "SUCK, remember?" he said playfully, and his eyes took in my own big cock.

"Oh I fucking remember," I growled, crawling the bed toward him and planting my face on his flat, corded groin, rubbing my face over it, his cock rubbing against my neck.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" he cried out, obviously appreciating the commencement of the festivities.

And then I tucked my chin and let his huge, veiny cock spring up next to my face, and I put out my tongue, licking the side of that monster from his pubes to the tip of his foreskin, bunched over his huge, flanged head. "OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" I heard again, as my tongue flicked the pissslit and very tip of him I could get to where his foreskin ended.

But then I had engulfed him in my mouth, and his body went rigid, another exclamation, longer than the first, as I took that big fuckstump to the root, my throat caressing the tip and an inch or two of him. His big hands clamped on my head, not pushing me down - there was nowhere to go with my nose buried in his vaguely musky pubes - just his body's need to react. "AH FUCK, MAN!" he cried at the end of his long cry of joy before it.

So I began working that long, hard prick of his, using my tongue between his slick head and foreskin, savoring the slightly more prominent male essence of him there in his most private place. As I swirled my tongue around his head, I felt his cock throb and twitch in response, and I heard his appreciative gasps and cries.  I went down to the root again, this time using my lips to pull his foreskin back, so his head was in contact fully with my throat as I jammed it through and swallowed him, humming.


I fucking LOVED his enjoyment, and I LOVED his huge cock, every inch of it, every square inch of surface of it, my tongue, lips, mouth and throat savoring it any and every way I could. I tentatively reached up between his legs and took hold of his balls gently and was rewarded with a breathy, "OH FUCK YES!" I began rolling his big, slightly-sweaty nuts in my hand, gently testing his sensations, pulling just a big, twisting. "OH FUCK MAN THAT'S FUCKING ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!" he cried, his hands now running over my head and on my neck, rubbing me, appreciating me, one trailing over to my strong shoulder, feeling my muscles as I worked his balls and cock.

I pulled off his massive member with a loud slurp, leaving plenty of saliva and replaced with my hand, beginning to pump that big fucklog in my fist as my mouth found his balls, my tongue all over the surface of them, still in my grip, like an ice cream cone. "AWWWWWWWWWWFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" he cried out, and his head flew back and from side to side, enjoying the feel of me licking his nuts.

Those cumtanks were big - maybe as big as mine, and few were that I'd seen, fewer that I've licked and sucked. I had one in my mouth, thoroughly laving it and sucking it, first gently, then, as his cries of appreciation and the throbs in his cock in my fist signaled his enjoyment, harder. Then I went to the other, sad that they were too big to get both in my mouth at the same time, giving the other the same treatment.

Dan was bucking and writhing on the bed, and I felt his cock thickening even more in my hand, feeling like steel, knowing he was getting closer. I slowed my strokes to more of a hold, but I moved under his big, saliva-slicked nuts and let my tongue tickle the furred area behind them. "HOLY FUCK!" he shouted, his hands clamping on my shoulders right at the base of my neck.

With straight men, you never knew what their limit of comfort was with man-on-man play. Some were caught up enough in the pleasure and uninhibited enough to enjoy it, while some were afraid of anything "too gay" or to intimate or any one of a number of other bizarre, but prevalent, limits that a guy who enjoyed straight men had to be mindful of.

I didn't know if the grip on my shoulders was to hold me back, to keep me from crossing a line or not. And only one way to find out. I pushed my tongue back to his beckoning pucker, savoring the faintly musky, sweaty taste of him. When the tip of my tongue touched it his entire body tensed as he let out a long, deep growling, "FFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!" and his hands clamped hard into my traps. I flicked again, and his hands began kneading my traps, hard but rhythmically, and he moved his ass slightly toward me, bringing his knees up higher. 

YES! I went to work on that hole, feeling his cock twitch and his precum flowing faster, running down over his shaft into and onto my hand, as my tongue flicked and licked his tasty hole. I felt his big, sweaty nuts bouncing, also twitching and reacting, on my forehead, and I went in farther and started pressing in with my tongue, inside his tight rim.

Now this, again, was always risky with a straight man. There was the masculinity thing and those "limits", but there was also hygiene, some straight men unskilled in the need to keep every part of them clean. Fortunately neither was an issue with Dan, whose appreciative "FUCK YES! Fucking HOT, Bill!" cries were signal that I was all systems GO, even if he hadn't removed his hands from my shoulders to grab his knees and pull them back farther to allow me better access.

He was squirming, and although he was tastily sweaty, his hole was faintly soapy and very clean. I could feast on that for hours! I tongue-fucked that hole and got my tongue in deeper and swirled it around in him, his cries constant and continuing for the duration. He was pushing down onto my tongue, working his ass against my tongue-work, gyrating and pushing and, generally, enjoying the hell out of it.

"FUCK, man, if you keep that up . . . " he started, and I felt his hand above my head and his nuts beginning to stroke his meat.

"NO FUCKING WAY!" I ordered, and his body started and then was still. "That's MINE!" I claimed, and to prove it I knocked his hand away and sucked his cock in again, reclaiming my grip on his balls.

"OH FUCK!" he yelled and laid back, allowing me to exercise my claim.

The more I worked his nuts in my grip, the more he moaned louder, and each time I pushed his enormous, engorged cockhead into my throat he growled long and deep. I managed to get my middle finger to his hole, and he eagerly pushed against it, taking it inside him with a long "OOOOOOHHHFFFFFUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!"

It wasn't much longer, after a few brushes and taps to his prostate and continued aggressive laving and sucking on his fuckroot that he started writhing and shouting, and that big fucklog was every bit as steely hard and thicker again, and I felt his body buck HARD and then go tense as I felt a flooding burst of his cum go down my gullet. "AWWWWWWWGGGGGGGHHHHHHHJJJJJJS SSSSSSSUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS FFFUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!" he shouted in one long, continuous burst of sound as his body was bucking again, and his spurts continued, now filling my mouth as I'd had to pull off him in my throat to swallow and was struggling to swallow what felt like a gallon of his cum. It just kept CUMMING!

I knocked his prostate once more, and he screamed, "STOPPPPPPPPP! OH JESUS! FUCK I can't take any more!" and flailed at my hand with his under his ass trying to pull me off. As he said that, a last big blast spurted into my mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" I gulped. "You sure about that?" I asked greedily, having given up his cock, enjoying the flaccid flop of his body back against the bed but his cock was still rock hard and skyward.

"GIVE ME YOUR COCK!" he huffed, panting.

WHATTHEFUCK?! "WHAT?" I said, shortening my mind's wonder.

"DUDE, you gave me the best orgasm I've ever had, and I saw you were into it before you even started with your big cock waiving. I at least owe you a hand job!" he said.

I was incredulous . . . but I wasn't an idiot and knew I needed relief and he was offering it. "Where? How?" I asked, getting myself moved out from between his legs now slack over my shoulders.

"Lay down next to me or stand by my left hand - either way you want it. DUDE, I fucking OWE YOU this."

"You don't owe me anything," I said, honestly, as I was already getting to my feet and walking to his left side. "You fucking gave me a GREAT time, exactly what I wanted!" I told him, again with honesty. But the idea of him laying there, jacking my cock and my cumload splattering his amazing torso and handsome face if I could manage it, was just too fucking much to resist.

As soon as I was next to him he had his hand on my rock-hard, precum-slick cock. It was tentative, his grip, but it was full of determination as well. "I've never-"

I cut off the obligatory disclaimer. "FUCK that feels awesome. A big, manly hand on my cock that isn't mine. FUCK YEAH!" I encouraged.

And with that encouragement he ran his big thumb through a huge glob of precum resting about to fall from my head and then started stroking me rhythmically from base to tip, using my skin to rub over my head with a wrist twist that had my nuts tingling. He obviously knew how to jack manmeat - doesn't every guy? - but anything tentative in him wasn't coming through his hand-work on my throbbing cock.

I held onto the headboard as he repositioned himself, never stopping the stroking, until he was directly under my big, swinging nuts. His tongue on my left nut sent a shiver through me, making me glad I had something to hold onto, and a glob of my precum fell in his hair. I reached down and scooped up the large glob, and he reached up with one hand and guided my hand to his mouth as he turned to the side and licked my fingers. "Mmmmmmmmmm," he moaned, savoring my flavor.

I returned my hand to his head, gently, not spooking him, but caressing his hair and head as he moved his talented tongue back to my nuts, still working the length of me up and down my shaft and over my head with that twist. "Nice!" I panted, more firmly holding his head, shoving his face into my bouncing balls.

And then I felt his head move and his tongue swiped up the length of my cock along the underside and over the tip. "OH FUCK YES!" I panted, careful NOT to go with my instinct to push his head down over my cockhead and force it down his throat.

Dan licked around my cockhead, causing my cock and nuts to jump with excitement, and I encouraged him with a stream of softly spoken appreciation as he did it. He'd taken my nuts into his grip - perhaps to have something to occupy the hand he'd been stroking me with - and I quickly croaked out, "Fuck yeah, work those tanks!" and he did, rather expertly.

I like a firm touch - a man's touch, if you will - and Dan knew how to give my nuts a workout. He increased the pressure of his grip, intensity of his manipulation of my nuts and tightness of his pulls until I was completely in his control. But when his mouth did close over my enormous cockhead, tongue swirling around the head, then taking a few more inches in, all the while that tongue swirling, working overtime, I was beyond weak-kneed and totally under his spell.

"GOD YES!" I shouted, and then I was unable to control my hand's firm pressure on the back of his head. I pushed with my hips and held his head firm and despite the awkward angle, it was nothing but lips and tongue, no teeth, even when I gagged him by shoving my huge drooling head directly into the opening to this throat.

"MMMrrrrrrrrrrrrmagggggg ghhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm," he gulped around my cock, and I loosened up the pressure and he pulled back and inhaled loudly. "FUCK THAT'S HOT!" he panted, still sucking breath. "Wish I knew how to do that better for you, bud," he said, and promptly gripped my nuts harder, pulled me as he gobbled-down my cock as far as he could again, my head against his throat opening, just not pushing in.

"JESUS!" I shouted in appreciation. "OH FUCK YES!"

Dan's mouth and hands worked me, his moans and grunts sending shivers of pleasure through me on top of the waves of pleasure his tongue and hands were giving me. I was rubbing my hand on his head, not forcing him, but enjoying some control, as I pistoned my cock into his mouth over and over.

"AHFUCK!" I suddenly shouted, with my balls' explosion having taken me totally by surprise. "I'm going to shoot!" I warned him, and I took my hand from his head so that he could pull off.

Dan surprised me and reached up and back with his free hand and pushed my hand back onto his head, sucking harder, sucking for dear life, as my body sparked and erupted. "OOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhhhmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," he exclaimed through a gulp as my first blast shot into his mouth, from my positioning probably directly into his throat. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," he greedily moaned, moving his mouth back, working his tongue all over my sensitized shaft and head, slurping every drop of me.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCC KKKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKKINNNNN NNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGGGGGGA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I finally cried in surrender, now pushing his head off me, or trying. Dan wasn't giving up my cock that easily. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I squealed, more like a little girl than a big, strong marine, as my cockhead was overstimulated well beyond any ability of mine to handle.

I finally pushed Dan back, away, and he smacked his lips. "DUDE!" he grinned. "THAT was fucking HOT!" he said. I noticed his cock was rock hard again, and I reached down and smeared his precum around and jacked him hard and fast, still standing over him. Dan threw his head back and thrust up into my grip. "OHFUCK!"

I jacked him roughly, plenty of his precum flowing again, and it was a minute or two until his big nuts were pulled up again into his groin, and his cock was hard as iron, that huge head flared and ready to shoot. I leaned down and swallowed his head, continuing the jacking, and knew he was there. "OHFUCKINGHELL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" he shouted as his body convulsed, and my mouth filled again with his hot, thick seed.

When he'd stopped blasting - and man was it an impressive load, even after previously being drained! - I licked his head clean and stood up over him. Dan was spent on my bed, panting, sweating, looking fucking amazing as his muscles rippled with his heavy breathing. "Fuck dude," he gasped softly.

"That can be arranged," I joked with an evil grin.

Dan opened his eyes and looked up at me very seriously. "If you're offering . . . again," he said, tentatively.

I grinned, hiding my surprise, but inwardly thanking the gay sex gods for my good fortune. "How about we recharge some. Dinner? On me?"

Dan's grin was his answer. This was definitely the start of something . . .



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