My phone ringing startled me out of a sound sleep - it sounded like a fucking firehouse bell going off next to my head! Guess after being on deployment where there weren't ringing phones for weeks I'd have to get used to this civilization all over again.

I grabbed the phone. "Lo," I mumbled less coherently than my inside voice.

"Major James, Sir! Sergeant Daniels, SIR! Confirming delivery of your vehicle and pickup of the base vehicle, SIR!"

I went from startled at his loud, curt delivery to chuckling. My cock was already hard, just hearing his voice . . . or it was just my usual morning rager. "We're a go, sergeant!" I replied in kind.

That made him chuckle. "SIR, yes SIR! Roger that - will wait if necessary, SIR!"

The horny fucker - he was setting it up. I didn't say more because anything I was thinking was coming from my cock, and we were on an unsecure line, obviously.

"Will depart as ordered, sir," he finally said.

"Roger that," I told him and hung up.

My nuts had apparently recharged, as just the anticipation of Daniels' arrival had my cockhead sporting a large glob of precum at my piss slit. Unfortunately I also had to piss. I hated pissing with a hardon.

Thinking back to the evening before, my cock twitched when I thought of Karl, our sexy surfer pizza delivery boy, sucking down all our post-fuck beer-fueled pissloads and cumming as he did. The glob of precum was followed by a larger glob, and both ran down the side of my helmut head. I could so easily jack right then . . . but I decided to save it for Daniels.

I stood on the edge of the shower and let my piss flow in a strong horizontal angle from my still-hard cock. I turned on the shower's hand-spray and washed down the tiles where my piss splattered. I had no choice - no way I could angle my horsecock down and piss into the toilet without making it spray wide and wild.

I looked in the mirror when I was done. Surprisingly, it didn't look like I'd been in hell for over a month then an even greater hell - in the maw of our nation's intelligence community - for almost two weeks after that. What it looked like, though, was that I could use some sun and, more importantly, I'd lost some mass and could pump myself up some more. My cock seemingly took exception to that, standing proud, still at attention.

I made some coffee and savored it, looking out the kitchen window where I could stand, still naked, without much of me being seen. I was glad to be back here - despite the mostly grungy view the green of lush vegetation on the hills to the west in the background that separated us from Honolulu on the southern side of the island was beautiful . . . after where I'd been particularly.

The dull bell on my door went off, and I had no idea how long I'd been standing in my kitchen. My cock was half-hard as I made my way, stiffening toward full attention in anticipation.

Daniels looked me up and down with a very serious, needy look. I reached out and grabbed him behind his thick, corded neck and pulled him in. "Get the fuck in here!" I growled.

He stumbled in, now grinning, and hit the floor as the door closed, inhaling and swallowing the length of me. I gasped and clamped my hands on his head and savored his throat tight around my head and shaft. Only when he struggled a little did I let him ease back.

"FUCK you smell good!" he quickly moaned and went back to work on my cock. I realized I probably did have that stink of sex that you can't get off with one shower - your body keeps producing scent. Before I could taunt him, he pulled off again and added, "And taste just as fucking good," diving into my sac that time.

He felt fucking amazing, as he always did. My cock was raging, my juice flowing, and he was slurping every drop and giving my balls a great workover, too. Daniels' method was aggressive - which I loved. None of that gentle, slow cock and ball worship for him. He went AT a cock and SUCKED it, assaulting it with his tongue and mouth and throat. And his ballwork was epic. He handled balls like a MAN likes his balls handled - firm, challenging grip, perfectly on the edge of pain and pleasure, letting you KNOW he wanted the valued contents. Then he'd alternate and suck those tanks into his mouth and suck HARD and chew and lick and pull with his teeth. Basically taking any control away in the wake of his commandeering of your equipment.

He had me three-quarters of the way there, approaching fast. I wanted his ass, but I was so close to the edge I didn't know if I could stop now. "Time for me to fuck you?" I panted.

Daniels jerked back momentarily, grabbing my cock in an iron fist, his other already had my balls in the same grip, looking up at me with a look of sheer need in his eyes. "Depends how fast you can fuck me . . . after I get this first load."

With that he was ON me again, on a mission. "OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" I couldn't help but cry out too loud for my apartment's thin walls.

Daniels' mouthwork was more an assault than a job. He sucked me hard, bobbing up and down, the flared edges of my engorged cockhead popping into his throat then popping free again, his nose stabbing into my pubes, over and over, up and down, his tongue swirling around my ever more sensitive head. His grip on my balls was tighter, pulled tighter and gripped tighter. He growled steadily as I streamed some incoherent expression of my skyrocketing pleasure.

When my nuts exploded, it was nuclear. My head went quiet all of a sudden - as if all senses other than the feeling in my nuts were in abeyance. I clamped my hands on his head, SHOVED him down on my cock as my head was flung back and my mouth was open in a long, silent cry. Then it hit. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" I shouted. My balls had finally erupted and sent my load blasting the length of me and into him.

"MMMRRRRMMMRRRRMMMMMMMRRRRRMGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMRRRRRRMMMMM!" he moaned, and I felt his throat working to swallow the seed that it didn't need to swallow because my blasts were sending it directly to his guts.

I came HARD and I came long, and Daniels held fast. I slowly became aware of my balls in his tight fist, pulled so tight he threatened to rip them off me. I also realized I had his head clamped in place and no idea how long I'd held him there impaled on me.

I let loose of his head, and he tried to pull off me. As often happened, because my cockhead - massive before I came - got even thicker when I came, it took him a two-time pull, the second one with a grunt, to get himself free of me. DAMN that was hot . . . as was his reddened face, swollen lips and loud sucking of breath as he fell back away from me.

Chest heaving, sucking breath, grinning like a man who'd taken the prize. Well, in one way he had, hadn't he? Daniels strained to reach out and up and SLAPPED my still-hard cock HARD. "GOD. DAMNNNN. I. LOVE. YOUR. COCK!" he struggled to declare, his grin wider.

In response my cock, still bobbing from his slap, dripped another glob of cum right then, landing on his thigh - on his uniform pants! - with a plop. We both looked down then back at each other. His eyes narrowed. "You'd better that that in me NOW," he panted. "You need more draining, and I've already shared enough of your seed last night, you FUCKER!" He was mostly joking, I knew. About the sharing part - but not about fucking him.

I put my arm down and he grabbed it and we got him to his feet, his own cock hard in his now-soiled uni pants. He would cum hard and easy from me fucking him . . . and that knowledge sent a jolt to my nuts that prompted me to not let go of his arm and pull him after me toward the bathroom . . . where I'd left the Vaseline.

Shoving Daniels in ahead of me I snatched up the Vaseline tub and pushed him into the counter. His grin in the mirror after he'd got both his shirt and t-shirt pulled roughly off, chucked them away and was unbuckling and opening his pants confirmed that he wouldn't mind a doggie fuck one bit. When he'd pushed his pants and skivvies down and bent over and braced himself on the white tile sink counter and pushed his ass out as I got a glob of the grease, it just confirmed what we already knew.

I SHOVED my fingers in him roughly. Daniels grunted and growled, but he pushed back on my fingers and moved his ass around, assisting with the spreading of the lube. I gave his prostate a jab and enjoyed his quick, loud cry . . . and the sight of his cock dripping a huge drop of precum into the sink. "GOD, Bill, NOW!" he begged.

Lining up behind him, he pushed back as I pushed IN. He roared at the breach. "AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!" But he was pushing back.

His grimacing face in the mirror was full of determination, and I was balls-deep. Nothing left to do but FUCK this hot boy.

I loved fucking Daniels. His cuntmuscles were perfect and talented and knew how to work and milk a cock every bit as well as the best top knew how to fuck his hole. But I really loved watching his almost over-muscled body as he took it, the ripples and flexes and rolls of him were almost hypnotic. "C'MON FUCKER - FUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEE!" he growled, meeting my eyes in the mirror over his shoulder.

Pounding him in earnest I targeted my thrusts to his prostate. Every hit sent his eyes rolling and his teeth clenching as he hissed out an expression of pleasure. I pounded faster, jabs at that pleasure knob, and it was a few short minutes until his body went taut, his eyes clamped shut, his face in a grimace of need and intent. And then he burst, his body bucking around my thrusts, and his seed blasting all over the bathroom counter and sink as he shot his wad hard and fast in long thick ropes and globs, his cunt spasming around my cock and pulling me faster toward my own.

I pulled out of him roughly and pulled at him and got him up on the counter - so small feat with the shallow counter and his size, and his pants still on.  His back was against the mirror, his ass on the edge of the tile and he lifted his confined-at-the-ankles legs up and over my head.  I SHOVED into him that way to the hilt. The heat of him assaulted and stoked me again, and Daniels wrapped his long legs around my waist and dug his boot heels into my ass and fucked himself onto me even deeper.

We went that way as I pounded and slammed him. Daniels' uni pants were bunched with the zipper roughly scratching my back, but I had utterly no control other than my eyes and moving them over his ripped and cut torso muscles as he moved in response to my thrusts. Otherwise, my hips were powered by my cock and nuts and nothing was going to stop them until I'd bred this stud.

My balls were slamming painfully against the cabinet under the sink counter. And I mean PAINFULLY - that's how hard I was slam-fucking Daniels' cumhole. It both stoked me and also slowed my ultimate slide over the edge - like edging myself actually. I was getting into it - riding that wave of pain and pleasure and teetering . . . until Daniels barked, "FUCKING BLAST ME FULL - NOW!"

It took me so by surprise that I almost didn't realize that my balls were obeying until I felt the lightning bolt of electrified pleasure shoot out from them and radiate through my body. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!" I shouted as my body began to convulse, and I felt my second load of the morning expelled with force.

Daniels' cunt is a wonder, as I've mentioned, and he milked my cock aggressively, making the most of every blast and throb, grinning a snarling grimace all the way . . . as if it was hard work. Then, when I was still trapped between his cuntclench around my cock and his ankles behind me, he let his head slap back hard against the mirror. Fortunately it didn't crack. "OH FUCK, JAMES - I needed that," he exhaled.

I pulled his legs up and over, enjoying the tug on my cock as he held me fast inside him. When his legs were fully vertical I pulled out, and he feigned a pout. As I looked down, what looked like a ton of my cum ran out of his gaping fuckhole and splattered on the blue tile floor. "Ooops," he said with a devilish grin, not contrite one bit.

I reached roughly up inside his sore cunt and brought out a glob of my seed and shoved it into his face, smearing it on his upper lip before I pushed my fingers into his waiting open mouth. His eyes rolled back as he savored it, with a long, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!" Then he looked at me with eyes burning into mine. "I wish you could feed me every ounce of you . . . but I have to get cleaned up and back to the base and get myself a clean uni." He was right - he'd been here too long for the exchange of vehicles.

Helping Daniels onto his constricted feet and handed him a wash cloth. "I'll get you some coffee to take with you," I told him, leaving the bathroom and him to it.

The sound of first water then a long, forceful piss stream echoed out of the bathroom as I got him some coffee in a paper cup to take with him like I did when I left for base in the mornings. Speaking of that, I had leave - what would I do, I wondered.

"Can a marine give another marine a hug in thanks for the best dicking he's had in months?"

I turned from the window to see Daniels, surprisingly presentable, just a much larger wet spot on his pants - as if he'd spilled something and tried to clean it up, which would pass anyone seeing him before he got back to quarters and changed - and his uni less-than perfectly creased. His question surprised me - not just startled me out of my thoughts but surprised me.

"Hey, you're not getting sweet on me, are you, Daniels?" I asked, chuckling. Then I deflected a bit with, "And besides, as I recall I 'DICKED' you as you call it the night before I shipped out. And that was less than 'months.'" I used the air quotes, grinning at him.

He looked like he was actually turning serious, though putting on a joking front. "After all that last night and the weeks you were gone, it seemed like months," he answered, completely confounding any ability to figure if he was more serious, as I suspected.

I held his gaze, then I put my coffee down and stepped toward him and bro-hugged him. "Thanks for the warm welcome home," I told him, equally non-committally.

We parted that way. Him with his coffee, out the door without a look back and me turned to the window again. I really didn't need any complications in my life, especially if my OTHER life would keep intruding and taking me away to unspeakable missions when I least expected.

I knew I'd been Daniels' first, and I knew we really fucked well together, occasionally would go to a game at the college together, dinner rarely. But I really didn't need or want a boyfriend.

Though . . . how much better would it have been to wake up with him in my bed and fuck him with my morning hardon right then? How much better would it be to sleep with a muscled, hot man in my arms?

WAIT - FUCK THIS. WHAT THE FUCK! I yelled inside my thoughts. I obviously needed a cold shower and to get on with my leave. Maybe a long bike ride up the North Shore. Yeah, that would be a great start.

Taking my coffee, I headed to the bathroom. I was just inside when my doorbell thudded. "IT'S OPEN," I yelled. "What did you leave?" I asked, stepping out of the bathroom in time to see my hunky neighbor stepping through my door. "TOM! I thought you were . . . the gyrene who delivered my truck after my CO had it serviced for me." Whew!

My hot neighbor and sometime fuckbud just smirked at me and advanced until he was so close I could smell his freshly-showered scent. "Yeah, I saw that stud leave, and I know exactly what he delivered and I'm sure YOU delivered. Question is," he said, now close enough that I could smell his freshly brushed breath and taking a grip of my fuck-filthy, hardening-again cock, "You up for another . . . DELIVERY, marine?"



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