I'd grabbed some threadbare beach towels and a bath towel out of the hall closet and pitched them at the two sweating studs. My furniture was crap - furnished apartment furniture, some unnatural fibers and well-worn wood - but I'd had the couch and love seat and Barcalounger all cleaned professionally and surprisingly they came out looking like new . . . which wasn't to say they looked good, just clean. So the three beach towels were for us to sit on, the extra bath towel for under Brad's cum-filled ass, while we relaxed.

With cold beers chugged, working on the second round (with plenty more in my fridge - no worries there!), Daniels barked, "GodDAMN I'm hungry!"

"Pizza?" I offered. After all, what kind of host would I be if I didn't feed these two studs after they came to help me drain my nuts?

"Sounds great, BJ," Brad responded quickly, with a bit of a snicker.

Before I could protest his chosen nickname for me - the one he only used when his ass was full of my seed! - Daniels spoke up. "BJ?" he cried. "You go by fuckn 'BJ'?" He was looking at me with a wide, incredulous grin.

"NO!" I roared. "I don't. But occasionally - just occasionally, mind you - I allow some little bitch who's drained my nuts a liberty or two.

Brad snickered for real this time, and Daniels looked like he was going to protest that I never allowed him such liberties, but stopped short of uttering the words. Then he said, "Everything on my pizza, BILL," emphasizing my name patronizingly. Turning to Brad, his voice lower, "Oh, and as an appetizer, get that cum-filled cunt of yours in my face!"

Brad's eyes went narrow with lust, and he was on his knees on the couch next to Daniels in a flash, about to put his ass right where Daniels had ordered him too. "Before you get too distracted, Brad, what would should I get for your pizza?"

"Fucking ANYthing. Thanks, man. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he trailed off as Daniels' tongue began lapping our churned loads out of him.

I couldn't take my eyes off them for a bit. Daniels' huge shoulder caps and traps rolling and rippling, his forearms and biceps flexed as he held Brad's furry bubble buttcheeks apart, his face fully in there, loudly slurping away and moaning in tandem with Brad's own moans. My cock was filling and fattening again - I could feel my balls, lightened before, now buzzing again.

I broke myself away and deliberately turned into the kitchen when I dialed the local pizza chain and placed our order. When I turned back, my cock was raging, not having been deterred one bit by the call.

"Get that beautiful piece over here, Bill!" Brad huffed between panting and moaning as Daniels worked his tongue deep in his cummy fuckhole and stroked Brad's raging cock downward, occasionally taking a long swipe with his tongue from tip to root and up into his cunt again. "OHFUCKYEAH!" he cried when Daniels did just that, his head thrashing back sharply.

My cock forced my legs to action, and I got myself over to within licking distance of Brad, but instead I turned around and fed him my sweaty asscrack. He grabbed a handful of my raging cock between my legs and shoved his stubbly Dudley Do-Right chin against my hanging nuts and began lapping at my pucker. I hissed with pleasure, and he growled out a long, low moan. "MMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMM."

I was steadying myself on the tacky blond wood coffee table, feeling its slight wobble, as Brad forced his hot, wet tongue inside my hole. For a top - a total top - it was a strange mixture of utter pleasurable tactile sensation and emotional alarms going off. I gripped the table tight and dispelled the bad thoughts and shoved my ass back into Brad's face, pigging out on him slurping my shithole. His drool-slicked stroking of my bone, each stroke up banging into my dangling nuts, was revving me up, as was his grunting and moaning and the sounds of both his and Daniels ass-slurping.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK I'm gonna fucking cum!" Brad hissed into my asscrack.

I quickly got on my feet and shoved my cock down his throat, my fingers yanking his head back to hold his nose in my pubes as he began to cum. I saw his body go tense and taut and heard his muffled cries around my cock, which to his credit he was slurping like a champ, and then heard Daniels cry out, "FUCK YES!" as he pumped Brad's load out of him onto the towels, still slurping Brad's cunt. I had the inane thought that Brad's fuckchute must be clean as a whistle by then.

Somehow that thought went to my nuts, and despite the fact that my cock was skull-fucking Brad, my nuts exploded then, and I pulled his head back, jamming his nose into my sweaty pubes as I shot my third load of the evening.

"MMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Brad gulped my load hungrily, and my pumps were as strong as that first time, when I hadn't cum in many days.

After my cumblasts subsided, Brad was licking my head and flicking his tongue around my far-too-sensitive head, so I had to shove his head off me and stumbled back. "Hope I didn't ruin your appetite," I smirked.

Both Brad and Daniels were wiping their faces with their forearms, and both flopped down on the couch again. "Not a chance!" Brad grinned.

Brad's long, thin cock was hanging long between his sweaty, dark-furred legs, some cumdregs drooling out of his head. I stepped over and swiped up the cumdrop with my fingers and tasted it, my eyes bored into Brad's. "Mmmmmmmmmmm," I moaned in appreciation, then I smacked my lips loud and grinned. Brad was grinning, too, his pelted swimmer's chest heaving still, glistening in sweat.

I looked over at Daniels, who was relaxed back against the couch with one massive arm along the back, beautifully showcasing his musculature from his thickly corded neck to his tree-stump legs, every ripple and ridge and cut and cord-like vein shimmering with sweat.

FUCK these men were hot - so different, yet both such HOT bitches! MY bitches.

My appreciation was interrupted by the dull ding of the cheap doorbell. "PIZZA!" Daniels cried enthusiastically and pumped his fist. Then, as if a sudden revelation, he looked down at his naked self and at us both and said, "Shit!" Brad added an, "Oh, yeah," and started to get up from his post-O repose.

"Hang on. If it's the usually delivery guy, this will be part of his tip!" I told them, heading to the door.

I looked through, and sure enough, it was the twenty-something surfer who usually delivered for Domino's in Kaneohe. I flung the door open wide, standing stark naked.

As Karl - the delivery guy - broke into a grin, focusing mostly on my big, hanging cock, he said, "Good thing I've got no more deliveries tonight!"

That made both Brad and Daniels laugh, causing Karl to jerk his head in their direction, leaning in the door. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" he uttered, low, unintentionally, seeing the two studs on my couch. Then he turned his gaze back to me, now a beseeching look.

"Well, are you going to just stand there, or are you joining us?" I asked with my own grin.

Karl bounded in, his too-long (by marine standards) sun-bleached blond hair bouncing as he did. Karl's shoulders were wider than Daniels', even though Karl was a good four or five inches shorter. His face was darkly tanned, as were his arms and legs . . . and I knew his chest and back were, too.

He put the hot-case on the kitchen counter and turned back to face us, his eyes going from one hot naked man to another as he scanned us, licking his lips. His cargo shorts were tented. "We're famished, Karl, so it'll be pizza first, then you'll be our dessert! Oh, and by the way, Brad and Mike, meet Karl. Karl, these two specimens of manhood are Brad there," pointing to Brad, whose cock was pointing back at Karl now, "And that musclehead is Mike."

Brad got up and came over to us with his hand out. "And you're overdressed," he leered as they shook hands. We all laughed.

"You're welcome to share my pizza, Karl, if these two knuckleheads won't," I told him.

"Oh, trust me," Daniels piped in, "We'll make sure this boy gets his FILL."

"Can I make a call to let them know I won't be back and will bring the car back in the morning?" Karl asked.

"OH YEAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Brad's baritone intoned. "Can we have him all night, James? Can we please?" he mugged. We all laughed again, and I waved Karl to the phone.

While he made the call, I grabbed some paper plates and a roll of paper towels. Brad and Daniels were getting the pizza boxes out and opening to see which was which and inhaling deeply, with appreciation. I was ravenous, too, but frankly the pizza aroma didn't hold a candle to the stink of mansex and mansweat that was thick in the air.

Karl wound down his call with a thumbs up to me and a grin. "God I'm hungry enough to eat even this crap!" he joked, grabbing a plate.

"Uh," Brad interjected, his hand on Karl's arm.

"Huh?" Karl looked at him.

Brad cocked his head at Karl's shirt and shorts. "The clothes?"

Karl grinned. "OH!" He yanked his shirt off, revealing his deeply tanned, athletic chest and those amazingly broad shoulders. In a beat he had dropped and stepped out of his cargo shorts, proving he was a true blond and showing off what I knew was a beautiful, big, cut cock and a smooth set of low-hanging egg-sized nuts. Karl struck a pose. "Now?"

Brad and Daniels both ogled him. "Dig in, kid," one of them said. I was busy grabbing a slice and trying to keep my coordination while still enjoying the sight of Karl.

Four naked men - well-put-together and three of them stinking of mansex - we sat around eating the pizza and drinking more beer and water. I'd switched to water knowing that Karl didn't drink anything but water . . . and I'd had enough beer after not having had a drop for the entire time since I'd left on my mission. Better not to get shitfaced when there was so much testosterone to get drunk on!

My marine bud Daniels and I were both similarly given to less talking than the other two. Brad and Karl were eating as voraciously as Daniels and I were, but they were talking up a storm. I'd really never talked much to either of them, having confined our intercourse to . . . .well, intercourse.

Brad was on the sofa again, but this time Karl was there with him. Daniels was opposite me, on the loveseat, one leg up on the arm, giving me a great view of his crotch and hint of ass . . . that I really needed to fuck . . . soon. The bitch knew it, too, smirking at me and adjusting his position occasionally, giving me a better glimpse of his very welcoming ass, at least for the moment as he moved.

Meanwhile, amid trips to refill plates and grab more beers, Brad and Karl chattered on. Brad, a college professor who'd been through college on a swimming scholarship, was an easy conversationalist. Karl, a college graduate who'd come to Hawaii for a graduation gift trip and never went home, was more of an over-enthusiastic conversationalist, as if he was a teenager not a man in his later-twenties. But they carried the conversation on, occasionally drawing one or both of us into a quick round or seeking agreement then back to their discourse on topics ranging from surfing to world economics.

We were all relaxed, despite the sexual anticipation building. Most were hanging slack, all of our legs splayed apart except for Brad, who had his legs out, feet crossed on the worn coffee table. Daniels was sporting a semi - the product of his intentional teasing of me. I was proud of myself that I denied him the satisfaction of getting a hardon in response. But that was ONLY because my cock knew that I WOULD be taking Daniels' ass before too long, and Bill-Junior had already had a few releases and could be patient, at least for a little while longer.

The while longer came sooner than I thought. Brad was apparently exhausted by the conversation with Karl, who was still enthusiastically going on, at that point about Buddhist tranquility or some such thing. So Brad leaned over and ran his hand over Karl's smooth cobblestone abs and up over his slab pecs. "You're so smoooooth," he purred, using a thumb on one of Karl's nipples.

Karl's sentence sort of trailed off to a huff as he responded to the touch with a grin. His cock apparently took its cue to rise to action, and Brad's hand found its way down and ran the long length of him as he grew. "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm," he said, bringing the back of his hand to Brad's furry torso and rubbing appreciatively.

To tease Daniels, I got up and walked around the coffee table, as if I was going to him, but I passed and went and put a foot up on the arm of the couch by Karl and leaned in, my thickening cock hanging tantalizing. Karl grinned and leaned over as he rubbed Brad's furred parts more enthusiastically, and he cocked his head to the side and got under my hanging sac and licked at my taint. "Yeah!" I encouraged him, as his tongue flicked behind my nuts, near my shithole.

"Well, damn!" Daniels mock-huffed. But he didn't stay left out for long, running his one hand over his own hardon and his other over my ass and teasing my crack with his finger.

Brad was bent over, Karl's cock in his mouth now, Karl's arm on Brad's back, his hand in his curly black hair. "OH FUCK that's GOOOOD!" Karl should know - he gave the absolute best head I'd ever experienced, and after over a decade and a half in the Corps, I'd had PLENTY of head and knew!

I had a great view down, watching Brad bob up and down on Karl's cock . . . and enjoyed the show, particularly Karl's rising excitement as conducted into his eager sucking and licking and chewing of my nuts and sac and taint and pucker. I thought about warning Brad that Karl was a quick cummer, but what the fuck? I knew Karl just got hotter when he came fast the first time for the next one!

Daniels decided to get some of his own, and he was over on his knees in front of the couch by Brad, sucking him eagerly and rubbing his hands up and down Brad's lean, furry legs as he did. It was obvious Daniels enjoyed that. And Brad's "MMMMMMmm"ing and other moans and groans, far more enthusiastic since Daniels went down on him, were as energetic as his cocksucking.

"OH FUCK DUDE!" Karl grunted from under my balls. "I'm so fucking close!"

That stoked Brad, and I watched him suck Karl to the root and then up again to his knob and work it around and then back down again. He was on a mission, and he was close to success, judging from Karl's panting into my ass and taint.

I saw Karl's hand clamp down HARD on Brad's head as his crotch bucked up into Brad's mouth, and he cried out, "OHFUCK OHFUCK I'm cuuuummmmmmmiinnnnggggg!"

And then I saw and heard Brad gulping and groaning with appreciation for Karl's flow. I also heard Daniels' loud growl and more aggressive sucking of Brad's cock as Brad struggled to take all Karl shot.

"Brad, leave enough to spit in Karl's fuckhole for lube for me!" I ordered sharply, and both Karl and Brad growled loudly in response. And looking toward Daniels' determined work on Brad's crotch, I added, "Give a load to Daniels, and he can contribute some seed to the lubing of Karl's cunt, too. He needs a lot of lube as tight as he is." A trio of growled grunts to that one.

Then Karl said, as Brad withdrew, "And you're hung like a fucking horse, Bill!"

"Tur da fug ova," Brad snarled with an apparently healthy mouthful of Karl's jizz.

Karl scrambled around and got on his knees on the edge of the couch with his arms on the back, and Brad went in fast. I heard him spitting into Karl's cunt and saw him working it in with his fingers as Karl growled and enthused, "OH FUCK YESSSSSSS!"

"Got some more?" I asked Brad, my leaden fuckpole next to his face.

Brad grinned and turned and spit on my cock and slicked it up with his hand that didn't have two fingers inside Karl. "Glad to recycle it!" he grinned, and then he pulled my cock to Karl's opening and moved back on the sofa and clamped his hands on Daniels' head and started pumping up into his mouth. "OH MAN!"

I grabbed hold of Karl's beautiful ass and pushed against his pucker. "OH FUCK, BILL!" he cried. "Go easy at first, PLEASE!" I pushed, harder, and felt the beginnings of give, where Brad had opened him up. "GOD I hate this part!" he half cried and half laughed. But he pushed back against me, too, and I knew he wanted it.

I gyrated my hips some and rubbed my huge head against his tiny pucker, smearing his cum and Brad's spit with my own pre, trying to get enough give in that assring to get IN. Right then I heard Brad roar, "OH FUCK YESSSSSSS THAT'S ITTTTTTTTT!" and Daniels growl as he felt Brad let go. And that apparently fired Karl as much as it did me, and he PUSHED back HARD as I SHOVED in HARD, and POP I went in.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Karl yowled as Brad's stream of expletives as he dumped his load in Daniels' eager mouth.

I held steady inside Karl as he panted and hissed and waited for him to adjust to my incursion. Which didn't take long - not as long as usual, maybe because of the sound effects of Brad and Daniels - and I soon felt him relax just a bit, both his clamped cuntring around my cock and his body relaxed, too. "You good?" I asked, considerately.

"Here, some mo luve," Daniels said, with his mouth full of Brad's spooge.

He got up and spit some on the eight or so inches of my cock that were not in Karl yet, and then he popped up and kissed me quickly, sharing the rest with me as he rubbed my cock slick with what he'd spit. I heard Brad quietly exclaim, "FUCK that's HOT!" He'd never kissed me. I didn't kiss. Usually!

I began pushing into Karl as he pounded the back of the sofa and panted. But I knew he wanted it - he always wanted it - and he was maintaining his pressure back against me so I could invade him further, fully. When I finally felt my balls touch his and ground the last inch of me into him I'd passed his second ring and felt like my cock had been swallowed into the tightest of abysses - burning hot, force-fit.

"How about we take care of that for you?" I heard Brad's low growl as he also got on the sofa in the same position as Karl, inviting Daniels' cock. Which he wasted no time in SHOVING into Brad, eliciting a deep roar as Brad took every inch.

"Gentlemen - or not," Daniels laughed. "Start our engines!" he mugged to me. And with that he began POUNDING Brad's ass.

I followed suit, and soon both Karl and Brad - one's tenor cries of pain and pleasure against the other's baritone growls of pure pleasure - filled the apartment with their accompaniment to Daniels' and my grunts of pleasure as we pumped them. And DRILLED them. And slam-fucked them.

It had turned into a competition between Daniels and me - who could fuck his bitch harder, deeper, faster - and we fucked those men mercilessly. Both of us were stoked, but we'd also drained a few nutloads, so it wasn't like Karl's hair-triggered blastoff. No we worked for this one, sweat running and splattering off us as we SLAMMED into Karl and Brad, who at some point clasp their hands on the back of the sofa in solidarity, both of them fucking back into us, working as hard as we were for it.

I knew Karl's cunt was far less used and conditioned than Brad's, and he had to be dying. But you'd never know it from the fervor and sheer strength of his effort as he fucked back into me and worked my horsecock with his fuckmuscles. Somehow that thought ignited my fuse, and I was climbing and peaking and exploding suddenly and with a ferocity that had me howling like a bitch as I emptied what must have been very little ball-juice into him.

"OH FUCK - FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!" Karl cried, his ass spasming around my cock, and I realized he was cumming again, too.

"YEAH - TAKE IT!" Daniels growled.

"FFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Brad grunted as he began sopping up Daniels' load.

Karl was spent and slumped forward on the couch as Daniels continued pumping Brad's cunt full again. I enjoyed watching them finish off, and I also began to pull out of Karl, slowly, as I knew he must be raw inside from the merciless reaming his tight fuckchannel had endured. "GGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!" he groaned as my head stretched and then popped out of his cuntring, along with a huger-than-I'd-have-expected dollop of my cum plopped onto the towel.

I leaned down and licked his sweat from his smooth, tanned back, from his tan line to his neck. "YUM!" I said. "And that's the taste AND the talent!"

Karl slowly, with grimaces and moans, got himself turned around and standing, facing me. Brad and Daniels were slowly rising from the heap they'd collapsed into. "I always want to scream out at the world, 'I TOOK BILL'S BULLCOCK!' after you fuck me!" Karl grinned. "Or maybe many times after, when I'm sore for days!" he added with a grin.

"That's . . . jarhead . . . top cock . . . there . . . boy!" Daniels panted out with a smirk. Karl grinned more.

"Get your own jarhead cock out of my ass!" Brad growled. "I have to piss . . . BAD!"

Karl's head snapped over. "I want that piss!" He was already on his way to my bathroom. "C'mon, dude, FEED ME!"

Brad looked as me, surprised. "C'mon - let's feed the pig," I grinned, leading the way to my bathroom.

Karl was a true piss-pig. He loved manpiss. I knew this, and I also knew he got more turned on the ranker it was. Some bitches are just like that - me, I don't really get it, but hey, who am I to deny a pig his pleasures?

Karl got in my oversized shower and down on his knees, eager and grinning expectantly. The one thing that had sealed the deal for me about his tacky apartment was the huge shower. Supposedly the man who'd built the apartment in the last century - the sixties or fifties maybe - had lived in this end unit himself and had the bathroom and kitchen made larger for his comfort than the tiny closet-like bathrooms and galley kitchens in the other units I'd seen for rent. I didn't give a crap about the kitchen; but to have a shower that could easily hold two large-sized men, well that was worth living in a tacky old building in a less-than-upscale part of town.

Brad looked nervous. "Relax and just step up to your human urinal," I told him. Karl had his mouth wide open, waiting, already sporting a hardon again from the anticipation.

"I'm not so great pissing under pressure," Brad admitted reluctantly.

I swung my arm over his shoulder. "We'll all give Karl what he wants." Looking at Daniels and cocking my head to have him join us, we awkwardly all squeezed into the shower, crowding Karl back in farther, us very close. With my arms around Brad to my left and Daniels to my right, I took a deep breath and forced myself to relax and let loose.

As my stream started, flowing straight down, Karl greedily grabbed my cock and sucked it in, guzzling my now-strong flow and grunting with appreciation. Daniels said something like, "Fuck that's hot," and grabbed his cock and let his own stream flow, directing it at the side of Karl's face, dousing him good, splattering me and Brad as well.

Finally, tentatively, Brad made some obvious effort to relax and then, at last, his stream started. His cock naturally hangs sort of outward, and our proximity caused his pissstream to hit Karl under his chin and douse his neck and torso. Karl growled and turned his head and caught Brad's cock in his mouth, sucking hungrily, now grasping my cock and holding it so my stream - still strong - went all over his face.

Daniels was done pissing, and I was still going. I always piss more than any man I've ever met, and Karl finished me off after Brad was done, too. "Jesus, James - you really piss like a fucking racehorse!" Daniels exclaimed.

"That was surprisingly hot," Brad confessed, as if he had thought it would be something less, despite being with three horny men. DUH!

"It's not quite over," I told them both, and just then Karl came. No hands, no nothing, just our cocks and piss, and he was jazzing all over our feet and legs, having fallen back against the tiles and huffing as his enjoyment carried him off.

"OH FUCK! That's fucking HOT!" Brad now revised his assessment. His cock showed it, too, half-hard again, his hand absently rubbing it, his eyes on Karl's pleasure-saturated body's twitches as he came down from it.

"Dammmmmmmmmmmn!" Daniels almost whistled, when Karl finally refocused up on us.

I looked at Brad's cock and up at him. "You got another load to go, buddy?"

Brad looked at me, then back at Karl, then back at me, letting go of his still half-hard cock. "I think I just need to rinse off - if that's okay - and get home. I've got early class tomorrow morning, and it's getting late." As an afterthought he added, "And seriously, DAMN! This has been amazing."

I looked at Daniels, and he agreed with Brad. "I need to get back on base and get some shuteye, too, James. But that shower is a must," he said. Then, looking at Karl, who was now standing, so all of us were packed in facing each other, "Definitely a must," as he let his hand wipe up the side of Karl's piss-slicked face.

I reached around them and turned on the two shower sprays - the head in the wall and the hose attachment - and we all showered up more than a rinse, enjoying our last feel-ups of each other's bods. But that's all it was, despite fairly indulgent lathering of cocks, balls and asses.

I got out first and got two more towels from the closet to go with the two fresh ones in the bathroom and all too soon everyone was dressed, picking up paper plates and beer bottles and getting ready to leave. With bro-hugs all around, Brad and Karl were out the door, Daniels close behind them, me holding the door. As Daniels passed me he handed me the Vaseline tub I'd had out and used earlier. With a leer he said, "Keep this handy. Remember, I'll be here first thing in the morning to bring your truck back and pick up the base car."

I smacked him on the ass as he passed out the door, grinning. I would definitely keep it handy!



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