From Part 5

Taking my coffee, I headed to the bathroom. I was just inside when my doorbell thudded. "IT'S OPEN," I yelled. "What did you leave?" I asked, stepping out of the bathroom in time to see my hunky neighbor stepping through my door. "TOM! I thought you were . . . the gyrene who delivered my truck after my CO had it serviced for me." Whew!

My hot neighbor and sometime fuckbud just smirked at me and advanced until he was so close I could smell his freshly-showered scent. "Yeah, I saw that stud leave, and I know exactly what he delivered and I'm sure YOU delivered. Question is," he said, now close enough that I could smell his freshly brushed breath and taking a grip of my fuck-filthy, hardening-again cock, "You up for another . . . DELIVERY, marine?"

And now Part 6

My cock was already answering for me - maybe because I was too fucked-out exhausted to speak - by growing hard in Tom's big hand. I looked down and then back up to meet his smirk again. "I don't mean to brag, but I definitely am UP for another delivery, as you said. Question is, do you have the time to TAKE delivery this morning? I have already given my tanks and fuckrod a pretty good workout this morning, so it won't be a wham, bam, thank you, Bill sort of fuck, if you get my drift."

Tom's narrow-slitted eyes narrowed more with lust, and he caressed my hardon. "Can I use your phone?" he asked, his voice huskier.

"Over there," I answered, cocking my head toward the wall phone in the kitchen. "I can catch a quick shower while you make that call." I started to pull away to head to the bathroom, but Tom gripped my raging boner harder and pulled me back. "What the-"

"You lose one drop of the incredible musk and sweat I smell on you, and I swear I'll . . . " We were eye to eye again, and he leaned a bit forward and inhaled deeply. Then he let go of my cock - which I admit I might have whimpered a bit when he did . . . until he brought his hand up to his face and took a healthy whiff. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah!" he moaned. I could smell Daniels' ass, my cum, our sex and my sweat on his hand, inches from my face. "Just give me two minutes."

He made his call and told someone he'd be a little late. I knew Tom worked at the aquarium over in Waikiki, and apparently there was no problem, given the jovial, "Sure, be happy to," he ended the call.

Tom had a very athletic gait, and I always enjoyed his movements. He was tall - an inch or two below my height - dark and handsome, with the tight-muscled, tanned, smooth body of a surfer, the dramatic v of his torso from his exceptionally wide shoulders to his tiny waist serving to accentuate his perfect bubble butt. Being Japanese, his height was unusual . . . but exceptional, given the perfection of his body. Slightly too-long straight, thick black hair was typical, but that was really all that was typical about Tom.

He had passed me and was in my bedroom undressing. I could see him from where I stood, shucking his pants after kicking off his shoes and pulling off his strained-at-the-shoulders, loose-at-the-waist t-shirt. I'd never seen him in underwear, and today, when he unbuttoned his jeans, was no exception, his jet black bush and jet black pit hair being all there was on him. The slab pecs and washboard eight-pack rippled and rolled delightfully as I watched.

"Having second thoughts?" he called out to me from the bedroom, grinning. I walked toward him, my horsecock bobbing and waving as I strode purposefully the short distance. Tom's eyes were on my cock as I approached. "Guess that's my answer," he said, lower, licking his lips absently.

I'd stopped about five feet from him, hands on my hips. His turn.

I stood there for a moment, holding my position and my cock holding Tom's gaze. Then he figured it out. Tom dropped forward to his knees then crawled on them toward me. He paused when he was close enough, a long inhalation, and his eyes rolled back a little, lids fluttering momentarily. Then, he opened his mouth, leaned forward and enveloped my nearly baseball-sized cockhead in his warm, wet mouth. Together, we both moaned - him from appreciation; me from pleasure.

Involuntarily I pushed my hips toward him, encouraging him to take more of my raging bone, and he did, hungrily, moaning louder as he did. "MMMMMRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG."

I put my hands on Tom's head, his straight hair surprisingly soft in my grip, and I steadied myself more than held him, though I was pumping my cock slowly into and back out of his mouth. Tom's tongue worked my head and shaft expertly, as he always did - his tongue in and of itself could express the appreciation only a man could have for another man's throbbing fuckstick - and I felt my balls reacting to his sucking and licking, bouncing as he pleasured me.

"Awwwww, fuck, Tommy!" I moaned, reacquainting myself with the wonder of his sensuality. Tom LOVED cock, and he showed it. He took it however, whenever, but he savored it and made his enjoyment something artful, beyond lustful catharsis.

When Tom's little nose hit my pubes, he sniffed unabashedly, another moan following, conveying his enjoyment of my scent. I knew he smelled Daniels and me and knew that afterward I'd smell of him, too.

Tom let my cock swing free and came up underneath, laving my sweaty, cummy nuts. First gently, with long, accompanying sniffs and moans, then with gusto, sucking first one of my balls in and working it over, then the other, then licking behind my sac with his neck at what had to be an uncomfortable angle. "DAMN, Bill," he exclaimed as his tongue snuck back into my crack and swiped up, wide and wet, over my pucker.

"Damn, TOM," I mocked him, though his tongue was inciting firings of nerve endings that had me tingling from balls to toes to scalp. I had nothing to hang onto, standing there in the middle of my bedroom with his head under my crotch between my legs, and my knees were already shaky. I was nowhere near losing my nut, but I was enrapt and just as aroused as I'd need to be to blast my seed.

When Tom pushed his tongue into my musky, tight shithole, I growled loud and long, my very sensitive inner channel's response to his swirling, stabbing, slurping tongue was my new center of consciousness. I found myself bending forward, steadying myself with my hands on my thighs, my ass out and cheeks more spread, Tom's face fully in my crack, his tongue ravaging my shitchute. He was growling and moaning as he did, and finally he pulled free and panted loudly. "FUCK!" he exclaimed.

"Great idea!" I retorted. I stepped back and over him, then took him under his now-sweaty underarms and pulled him to his feet and SHOVED him back toward my bed. "NOW!" I growled, advancing on him.

Tom scrambled back and onto my bed. "How do you want me?" he asked, legs wide out in front of him, his pink cock rock hard, jutting upward from his jet black pubes and glistening with his precum.

My own hardon throbbed and pulsed, and Tom's gaze was fixed on it, eyes hungry with anticipation. "DEEP," was his answer.

I'm sure my nostrils flared. I felt that like I felt my pucker clench and my cock emitting precum, that dropping off the end in a large drop. Tom's eyes followed it downward momentarily as I felt it loosed, his head flinching at the moment it broke free, his eyelids again fluttering.

"When did you last get fucked?" I asked him, taking a step closer to the bed.

He never took his eyes off my rager. "With a horsecock like yours? About seven or eight weeks ago. Nothing remotely like you since, Bill," he finished, finally bringing his eyes slowly up to meet mine.

Tom's eyes were strong and purposeful . . . and needy. He slowly leaned back farther and brought his forearms under his knees and brought them up and back, exposing his beautiful smooth, statue-perfect ass and hairless brown cuntpucker.

I more pounced than jumped on the bed and dove face-first into that hole. I wasn't gentle - far from it. I sucked, chewed and tongue-fucked that hole savagely, invading and stealing his most private place.

He squirmed and ground into me, moaning low all the while. I knew he wanted to be fucked . . . but I was on leave, had plenty of time, wanted to give my nuts more time to recharge . . . and enjoying this hot man - his taste, his texture, his sound, his smell, all soapy and fresh, his movements, lean, sculpted muscle under soft smooth skin . . .

"Billlllllllllllllllllllllllll," he begged, suddenly.

I let my tongue come out of his soon-to-be-stretched cunt and swiped up his slightly sweaty crack and over his nuts and up the length of his smooth, thin cock and just kept on moving in that direction until I was on my knees over him, my precummy cockhead very gently touching his fuckgateway. Tom bucked toward me, but I only let him push against my knob, holding myself back. "AAAAAWWWWWWWWWW," he moaned in frustration. "BILL!"

I grabbed him by his nutsac, pulling up, hearing a surprised, "Oooooommmphhhhh!" from him, and then I PUSHED THROUGH his cuntmuscle's resistance and INTO him. "AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!" he cried through clenched teeth. Holding there, just my bulbous head trapped in his assclench, while Tom huffed and got himself used to it. Guess he wasn't kidding - he hadn't had any significant action back there for a while.

I wanted to ram this sexy bitch's hardbody balls-deep and pound his cuntchute full of me . . . but I could give him time to relax into it . . . at least a little. The white-hot clench of his cunt was stoking my nuts' fire, and my own need was rising.

Just when I was about to have to fight with myself to remain controlled, I felt Tom's assclench of death relax just a little and saw his grimace relax, too. He confirmed it when he pushed back a bit, his cunt taking another quarter or half-inch of me inside. That was my cue.

Pushing, first slowly, accompanied by his long, growling grunt as I filled him faster, angling around some resistance that caused him to jolt, until I was in full thrust when my pubic bone made contact with his, I watched his face, contorted with what started as pain but was now accompanied by satisfaction. He once told me I made him feel like a REAL bottom, like no man ever had.

That memory let my need escape, and in a moment I was pulling out and jabbing back in HARD. "OOOOHHHHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKK YEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he shouted. "JUST like THAT!"

Tom began pushing back into my thrusts, then let his legs loose and planted his elbows on the bed and grabbed an handful of the bedcovers for purchase. As his ankles came to rest on my shoulders and locked around my neck, he caught his balance and levered himself into my thrusts with equal force.

I pounded him HARDER and ground myself into him, assaulting his pubic bone with savage force, enjoying the slight movement of his tight musculature with every jolt. "OH FUCKING HELL, TOM!" I found myself exclaiming between cussing. "GODDAMN you're HOT and TIGHT!"

He was . . . and my cock was over-sensitized from the fucks of the prior night and earlier in the morning, and my entire body was tingling on the delicate edge of my own pain at the pinnacle of pleasure. My balls were churning at a boil, and the burn on my fuckstick's flesh was stoking that nutburn like a blasting furnace. And the blast furnace was setting my body to the climb.

I was so caught up in my own escalating ignition that I missed that Tom's moans had gone lower, and his body had gone tense . . . until suddenly he let out a long, guttural cry, his fuckchute re-clenched around me, slowing my thrusts and plunger-like pulls a bit, and then his cock suddenly LAUNCHED a blast of bright-white, ropy cum clean past his left ear and onto my pillow, well behind his head. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he cried, when his body finally snapped loose and began bucking, his head thrashing from side to side.

"FUCK that's hot!" I told him, as he blasted rope after rope. I had adjusted to the choke of his clench and was drilling him HARD again, fucking right through the cuntspasms that milked my cock as he went from blasting to puddling to dribbling.

His cunt was wetter but tighter after he came, but he worked it harder, too, meeting me thrust for thrust with determination. "I fucking want you to breed me!" he growled.

I amped up my pace and force, and I was really knocking him. Tom met my intensity bump, and we were going at each other, both with a purpose. The air was heavy with the stink of our sweat and his cum, and I intended to add mine soon . . . again, after my earlier draining.

It was hard going - I was there, but not going over. We both knew it, but I was going to MAKE IT HAPPEN, and I DRILLED that man's fuckhole with a vengeance, until there was as much as my sweat which had dripped and splattered on him as his voluminous seedload he'd drenched himself with. Finally, Tom looked up at me, and letting his body go slack, suddenly ceasing his urgent grinding into me, he said, "I have an idea."

I hung my head, and slowed to a stop. I wanted to scream my own frustration, but marines don't succumb to frustration; they overcome. Hell, OVERcome? I just wanted TO cum! My cock was still so hard it ached, besides stinging from the over-sensitivity. And I was still mostly inside his tight, hot, wet cunt.

"Bill, relax," he said up to me, putting one hand on my bicep. "Relax here by me for a minute, marine." He patted the bed next to him with his other hand and pushed me gently.

I fell more than laid down next to him, and Tom was on his side, propped on his elbow. He put one of his long-fingered, big hands flat on my abs, and the heat of them I knew radiated from his hungry cunt more than anything, and my head filled with the frustration . . . more of it.

"Hey, Bill, you're the best fuck I ever had, but you're not Superman; you're just a marine," he joked, rubbing up my abs and tantalizing my right nipple first with the tip of his middle finger.

I let the sensation roll through me, welcome, but so very different than the testosterone-fueled frenzy with which I'd been ravaging his cunt. When he spread his hand wider and added his thumb, almost spanning from my right to left nipple, but teasing and rubbing each in turn, I finally relaxed into it.

"Yeah, that's it. Enjoy it, stud. And let me enjoy your amazing marine bod," he cooed in a deeper-than-usual voice.

I was aware of his sweaty hot body by mine, his hardon pressed into my side. His breathing had come back to even, while mine was catching with each flick of my pecnubs. The stink of us was thick in the air, intoxicating, and I found myself floating within it in my head as it swirled and tantalized me along with his touch.

When I turned my arm and caught his nuts in my left arm which was pinned between us, he gasped. "Careful, marine; that artillery is locked and loaded."

I chuckled at his civilian's appropriation of a very serious term. My laugh was cut short when he pinched my left nipple hard enough to make me suck breath, but also hard enough to send a jolt directly to my nuts and, in turn, a glob of my precum plopped onto my solar plexus. "OHHHHHHHHHHFUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!" I moaned.

Tom's hand sought the puddle of my preseed and scooped some and put it to his mouth, leering with lust as it approached, then closing his eyes with a long, "MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm," as he licked them. "FUCK you taste GOOD!" he told me, his eyes open again, boring into mine.

As he held my gaze his hand left hand went lower and found my sac and took me fully into his grip, firmly though also gently. I reflexively grabbed his tighter, eliciting a gasp that ended in a moan. Tom started massaging my nuts - rolling them, rubbing them tickling my sac and then gripping my nuts and tugging enough to have me squirming and begging for more. He got his arm he'd been leaning on under my neck and draped his long arm over my right shoulder and got his hand onto my pec so that his index and middle finger could tease my right nip again, that eliciting my own gasp and moan.

"That's it, marine. Just let yourself enjoy . . . and let me enjoy," he intoned softly by my ear.

I did. I let myself go to it, my only action other than giving in to the pleasure being moving my grip from his nuts to his hardon and very slowly, firmly gripping it, stroking him from root to head.

My precum flowing onto my abs was constant - I felt the puddle broadening and my precum flowing into the ridges between my abs - as was the growing tide of pleasure and need inside me. It wasn't quite the same as before - I'd come down but I was also filling in with a more full-bodied pleasure that had my body more excited than on edge.

Tom's finger on my nipple was like a sparkler attached to my nuts. His hand was like a hot, form-fitting glove, perfectly manipulating my big tanks in a way that yielded maximum result - pleasure. Enjoying it took no effort to calm myself, just submission.

"GOD, Bill; your cock is amazing. It's hard as concrete this whole time and your pre just keeps running out of you. Those fat veins throb and flex with my handiwork, and you can feel how wet you've got me," he said suddenly, after a long silence of words, just moans and breathy respiration.

Suddenly the need re-emerged. "Get your ass in the air. NOW!" I growled.

As he muttered "FUCK YEAH!" and got himself on all fours on the bed, I flipped myself off and walked around to stand behind him. I reached down and swiped a very full handful of my pre and smeared it over my cock. I took him by the hips.

"YEAH, marine - fucking TAKE me!" he begged.

That's exactly what I did, gripping him tightly and SHOVING into his cunt balls-deep just that fast.


I was already pumping that hole, knocking his prostate, slamming my full length into him, reaming his tight-again fuckchannel with my flared cockhead. And when I say slamming, I was knocking my groin into his ass with such force that my pubic bone and his tailbone were colliding with dangerous force.

"OHHHHHGGGGGOOOOODDDDD!" he was crying out as I assaulted his cunt hard and fast and deep.

I grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head back. "Tell me this is what you wanted!" He moaned from the sheer domination of it. "C'mon TELL ME!" I ordered, pulling back harder, fingers twisted into his sweaty black hair.

"FUCK ME! This is what I fucking NEED. GIVE IT ALL TO ME!" he begged through gritted teeth, as my thrusts went from overdrive to brutal. "OHFUCK OHFUCKYESSSSSSSSS!" he cried out.

My cock was so fucking sore, but I just powered through it, thinking whatever he wanted he was going to get, and I DRILLED his cunt full of me with every thrust, SLAMMING IN HARD and full-length, smashing into and by his prostate with every thrust. His cries went up an octave whenever I hit that target, and his cuntmuscles clenched around my cock in a most pleasing response.

Our nuts were slamming together - his swinging from meeting my thrusts, mine swinging as I pumped into him over and over. Mine, much bigger, were swinging with such force I felt his smack his groin and mine into his. Each impact shot a burst of sensation through me that served to impel me harder.

Suddenly Tom let out a surprised, "HOLYFUCK! You're making me cccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-" and started bucking wildly, crying out in incoherent syllables. He was cumming again, harder this time, his body out of control.

Even his back-thrusts into me went wild, and between that, his howls and his clenching, milking mancunt, I felt my nuts explode just as suddenly as he had. "AAAAAAAAAAAA-" I gasped in a strained cry as my nuts felt more like they imploded than exploded, my body seizing, all but my hips, which continued SLAMMING into him, now savagely. Then I was blasting - all of me, every part of me felt like it was blasting apart, and my hips PLANTED my cock in him, GROUND my groin into his crack to get in farther, then with a feeling like a vice squeezing my nuts, I felt my flow begin in a hard, fast burst that was met with a "OHFUCKIFEEEEEEELIT!" from Tom.

I was still gripping his hair, apparently harder, his neck pulled back so far his chin out ahead and under me as I filled him with my seed - whatever I had left or had regenerated. I realized it and worked to get my fingers out of his sweat-tangled hair and watched his head flop down. When I let go of his hip, he reached back and clamped his hand on mine and pushed it back onto him. "Not yet," he asked.

Tom's well-practiced cuntmuscles began massaging my cock as we stayed in that position. "OH FUCK ME!" I heard myself say, as his fuckchannel felt like it was caressing my still-planted cock, now wildly over-sensitized and stinging slightly and strangely less from soreness, with undulating pressure. My own seed - hot and creamy - served to amplify the sensations, and all I could do was to moan long and loud. "OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," as he worked me.

Suddenly my threshold was exceeded, and my body bucked. I couldn't take it anymore and pulled out of him roughly. "JESUS!" he shouted as my still-engorged cockhead breached his cuntmuscle and popped out.

I pushed him down onto his stomach roughly, laughing. "My sentiments exactly!" I told him, flopping down across the bed next to him, struggling to control my breathing. "Your cunt is not only a pleasure mecca but a dangerous weapon, Tommy," I proclaimed to the ceiling.

Without moving at all, face buried in the bedcovers, Tom replied, "Welcome home, Bill. I'm glad you're back. I hate to get fucked and run, but I'm going to have to get to work here. Soon. Sometime," he trailed off, panting into the bed.

"If that's the way I get welcomed, I might have to go on deployment more often," I replied, my flagging cock twitching at the thoughts of not only Tom but all the three other studs who'd welcomed me in the past day. To myself, I thought: Good job, marine - mission accomplished.



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