"I'm going to a small party. You want to come with me?"

That is how Tyler ended up with Chris walking across campus toward one of the old residential sections of town where a classmate of Chris' was having a party. It was a cool evening, the ground still wet from an afternoon shower of rain, knocking the leaves from the trees and covering the ground with their reds, yellows and browns. The sidewalk was barely visible as they strolled across campus, crossed the main street separating the college from the city and headed down the hill within the old residential district. It was only a few blocks and they talked casually, about where they were from, how they were doing in their classes and their choice of curriculums. Tyler wasn't sure what he was expecting, knew this wasn't just his usual hanging out with the guys, and he felt good with it. It seemed like it was okay.

The party was a small affair in an old house rented by two guys, Matt and Jonathon. Chris led Tyler inside and introduced Tyler to everyone. Tyler wouldn't remember most of the names, but he would remember how the evening progressed. There had only been four women among the nearly twenty people who were there, and after a while it was apparent two of them were together. He watched one of the guys go up and stand in front of another, have arms wrapped around him and hugged tight. It was quickly obvious most, if not all, were gay or lesbian. Chris had stayed close to him, led him around the room talking to several of the others. After they had made their way around the room Chris asked him if he wanted to see Matt's art work.

"Sure" Tyler replied, not sure what to expect, this being so different than the parties he had gone to before. Chris led him down a hall to a room at the back of the house and he saw there were four others in the room standing around an easel. Leaning against two walls were several large canvases, some painted with vivid images, others blank or appearing to be started and stopped. For the first time Chris stood back and let Tyler move around the room on his own, looking at each finished piece of art watching his reactions. When Tyler finally made it back to Chris it was obvious Tyler was in a different atmosphere than he had ever been in before, one not of jocks, or engineers, or the usual party crowd, but one representing the creative class, and he felt a little intimidated by it. Chris saw it on his face, this anxiety and he held out his hand, a simple gesture, but one that made Tyler hesitate, to pause. Tyler looked up at Chris and the anxiety seemed to fade from his face and he smiled as he reached out and took Chris' hand.

"What now?" he asked Chris.

"Well, how about a refill on our drinks and we find a place to sit down" Chris replied.

After grabbing drinks they moved to the living room and sat on the sofa with two other guys, the four of them sitting tightly across it. Soon Chris was talking and joking with the others as Tyler sat listening, watching the way everyone responded to one another, watched their body movements, listened to their opinions, and to their debating, and after a while he was laughing with them, relaxed, settled back next to Chris. When several began to leave Tyler looked at his phone and saw it was nearly two in the morning.

"You ready to head out?" Chris asked when he saw Tyler checking the time.

"The party does seem to be breaking up. I can't believe what time it is; doesn't seem that late."

"My roommate is gone this weekend. You want to go back to my dorm room?"

Suddenly there it was; the time to decide how far to go. To decide how far he could go. He thought about how he had felt back in the summer when he let the opportunity slip by with Jacob and how it felt to see him and Devin hook up together and although he still wasn't entirely comfortable with the labeling of gay, the fact was he wanted to go with Chris. He found him attractive, the differences in their backgrounds, in the curriculums they were in, and the way he seemed so comfortable with himself made Tyler like him more than he could comprehend. He wanted to be with Chris.

"Yeah, let's go back to your room."

On the walk back to their dorm building Chris asked him how he liked the party and what he thought of different people there and as they made their way across a desolate section of campus Chris slipped his arm around Tyler's and pulled up close. It made Tyler smile, this intimacy, and he playfully pushed back a little.

At the dorm building they came in with a few others and Tyler fell in behind Chris noticing some of the other guys giving him a funny look. On their floor he followed Chris down the hall to the opposite end from his room, passing one other guy, who broke into a smile, shaking his head as they passed. Chris opened his door and let Tyler enter first. The cramped room was more so for it had two guitars on stands, canvases sitting on the floor, posters for movies Tyler didn't know stuck to the walls, books on a small bookshelf, stacked in short piles sitting on the floor. Sheet music, plays and art magazines were lying everywhere.

"Who plays the guitars?"

"My roommate Doug; he's majoring in music and theater. I dare say he is more creative than I and a hell of a lot more opinionated" and Chris laughed at his own comment. "He is a great roommate for we can bounce ideas off each other, and he loves to just hang out sometimes and talk. It's nice, ya know?"

"Not really. My roommate is...a bit of an ass, but I get along with him okay. It helps he has a girlfriend and stays with her a lot, although this weekend she is out of town so he is probably crashed in our room passed out on his bed."

"Glad you didn't invite me to your room" Chris said as he moved up close to Tyler, right up to him, face to face. Tyler could really sense how Chris was taller than he was as he looked up into his face. He was nervous like he had never been before. Nervous about what could happen or what Chris could be expecting and whether or not he could do it. Tyler's facial expression showed his nervousness and Chris reached out and ran his fingers lightly over Tyler's cheek, down along his jaw, feeling the stubble coming in.

"Have you...ever done anything with a guy before?" Chris asked realizing how nervous Tyler seemed to be.

"Ahh...not really" and he bowed his head down in some silly expression of embarrassment. Chris took him by the chin and raised his face up so he could look him in the eye.

"It's okay Tyler. Don't be nervous...or embarrassed. I'm not going to force you to do something you don't want to do. Okay?"

Tyler nodded his head slightly and gave Chris a smile as they stared at each other a moment.

"You okay now?" Chris asked.

Tyler didn't respond, instead he leaned forward, ready for something to happen, and he kissed Chris on the lips, softly at first, then he pressed more passionately against Chris and soon he pushed his tongue into Chris' mouth as he wrapped his arms around Chris pulling their bodies together. As they kissed hands roamed over backs and asses, as they got the feel of each other, and soon Chris pushed Tyler back and began undoing the buttons of his shirt.

"Let me" he said to Tyler as he worked each button through its hole, opening Tyler's shirt revealing the white t-shirt underneath. He tugged the tail of the shirt out of Tyler's jeans and finished the buttons, opening the shirt, sliding it off of Tyler's shoulders. Tyler caught it in one hand and tossed it over to a chair as Chris tugged his t-shirt free of his jeans and lifted it up, pulling it over Tyler's head revealing his upper body, the muscles of his pecs, this flat stomach, and the way his broad shoulders narrowed down at his waist. Chris ran his hands over Tyler's chest, feeling the smooth tight skin and the hard muscle beneath it as Tyler rubbed up and down Chris's arm and over his shoulders. Chris reached down to Tyler's belt, undid it and then his jeans, pulling them down, easing down on his knees as he pulled them down to his ankles. He helped Tyler get his shoes off, then his socks, and finally he pulled the jeans off each leg tossing them with the other clothing. Tyler stood there, his white briefs stark against his dark olive skin, stretched tight around his waist, stretched tight over his ass and in Chris's face, stretched tight where his enlarging cock was lying to its side, pushing against the thin white fabric. Chris moved to it, kissing where the head lay then mouthing it through the fabric. He moved his mouth down its length, moved along pressing his open mouth to it, sucking it through the fabric. Over and over he moved his mouth along Tyler's cock till the white cotton briefs were nearly transparent with his saliva. Tyler held himself steady by holding to Chris' shoulders while the sensations on his cock aroused him, brought out his desires and when Chris finally took the waistband of his briefs and tugged them down, slowly sliding them down his legs, watching as Tyler's cock bounced into the open air, bobbing up and down, hard and wet, Tyler thought of how it felt to hold Jacob's cock, how it felt to him to hold another guy's cock and he came to the present, where Chris was manipulating his cock, touching him in ways he had only dreamed of in the past, ways he had thought of as wrong, dirty...even evil. But now, as Chris tongued his cock, ran it over the wet head sending a tingling sensation straight from his cock to his brain, and as Chris closed his lips over the head of his cock and slid his mouth down over the shaft, he couldn't believe how good it felt, how he was so allured by Chris, felt so connected to him and he moved his hips forward, pushing more cock into Chris' mouth, felt his cock slid over Chris' tongue pushing its way toward his throat.

"Fuck...that feels good" he whispered as Chris sucked hard on his cock sliding his mouth up along the shaft. The feel of Chris on his cock, the warmth of his mouth, the way it slicked up his cock, made it slide smoothly over Chris' tongue and through his lips brought him quickly to the point of feeling the need to cum. His cock was so hard it tried to arc up higher in Chris' mouth. Tyler pulled back, easing Chris off his cock.

"I was close...not yet" Tyler stammered as he put his hands under Chris' upper arms and lifted up, getting Chris to stand. Tyler wanted this to continue, didn't want to get off yet, and he wanted to touch Chris, get him out of his clothes, to get him naked and touch his cock, to feel it, and he admitted to himself, to put it in his mouth as Chris had done his, to feel it slid through his lips and over his tongue. Tyler kissed Chris passionately, tongues dueling as his hands came to Chris' waist, tugging the shirt tail out of the pullover he was wearing. As he tugged it up he moved back, looking Chris in the eye just before pulling the shirt over his head and tossing it with his clothes.

Chris saw the look, that desire in Tyler's eyes and his concerns about him, his fear he may not be ready evaporated, and he let Tyler pull his shirt off. Tyler ran his hands over Chris' chest and stomach, feeling the smooth soft skin, his lean body enhanced by his height and Chris leaned over and tongued one nipple then the other. When he nipped one, lightly with his teeth, Chris pushed forward moaning loudly, breaking the quiet solitude of the room as he held Tyler's head in his hands, his long thin fingers rubbing over the short hair, feeling the soft stubble of it tickle his skin. Tyler eased down on his knees, his hard cock rubbing against Chris' jeans and Tyler liked the feel of his nakedness against Chris in his jeans, this sense of submission to Chris and he hugged up tight to Chris burying his face in the crotch, feeling the hard cock push against his face. Tyler ran a hand up Chris' stomach, and then back down rubbing along the waistband of his briefs visible just above the waistband of his jeans as they hung slightly loose on his narrow waist. Tyler reached for the button, undoing it, then he pulled down the zipper, slowly, watching as the jeans opened up in front of him, revealing the black briefs Chris wore, the fabric stretched out in front from his cock tenting them out and Tyler moved to it as he eased the jeans down till they feel freely down Chris' legs. Tyler mouthed the head of Chris' cock through the fabric, felt the flared head fill his mouth. He reached for the waistband and tugged them down, pulling out over Chris' hard cock, letting it bounce free in his face. He let the briefs drop to Chris' ankles, landing on top of the jeans, as he leaned forward and took the cock with his right hand, stroking up and down the shaft, feeling the hardness of it, feeling the smoothness of the skin and the soft spongy head, flared out larger than the shaft as he remembered the one time with Jacob and realized this was different, more intimate, and he leaned forward and put his lips to it, felt the head against them, and when he breathed in he caught the scent of Chris and he inhaled harder as he parted his lips and took Chris in his mouth.

Chris felt Tyler's warm breath on his cock, then he felt his lips touch it and finally he felt his cock slid into Tyler's mouth, into the warm slick wetness of it as Tyler moved down his shaft taking as much of it as he could, letting is slid over his tongue and push toward his throat, filling his mouth. Chris could tell it was Tyler's first time, the way he took his cock with his teeth scraping his cock and the irregular rhythm of his ministrations. But it excited him, excited him more than he could imagine, the way this masculine farm boy was down on his knees taking his cock. Tyler was so different from most of the boys he had been with in the past, and the certain naive way he acted made it so different. He watched as Tyler moved his mouth along his shaft, watched as Tyler's wet lips let his cock slide through them and he soon found himself moving his hips, pushing forward as Tyler moved down his shaft and moving back as Tyler pulled up. He moved his hips faster and faster, feeling his desire build as Tyler kept his lips locked on his shaft and let Chris thrust his cock over his tongue, sliding the hard shaft over its wet slick surface.

"Tyler...I'm close" Chris whispered. Tyler pulled back and took Chris in his right hand and began to stroke it, working his hand up and down the shaft as he held the head at his mouth. Tyler's eyes turned up; looked at Chris.

"Shoot it in my face" Tyler said; his voice raspy, his desire evident in his tone. Tyler's hand was a blur as he stroked Chris, holding the head near his mouth. "Come on shoot that load...give it to me" he begged. Chris felt Tyler's urging, and his hips began to pump in short jerky movements, his need to cum rising, building up until he couldn't take it any longer. His first wad, thick and white hit Tyler under the nose and ran down the side of his mouth to his chin, the second wad Tyler caught, sucked it down his throat as he captured Chris' cock in his mouth and sucked the remaining shoots out, then milking the shaft with his fist, squeezing the last of Chris' load out and licking it off.

Chris was spent but his cock didn't go soft, and Tyler helped him step out of his jeans and briefs, tossing them to the side. Tyler stood up and hugged Chris, holding him tight, letting the warmth of their bodies warm each other. Chris could feel Tyler's hard cock press against him and he led him to his bed, easing him down on his back. Chris climb over Tyler and leaned down kissing him on the mouth, tasting his own cum, as he ran one hand over Tyler's chest, feeling the heat of him.

"Hold it up for me" Chris whispered in Tyler's ear as he shifted his body over Tyler's hips. Tyler held his cock up, the wet slick head glistening in the dim light of the lamp as Chris moved over it, shifted his body till he felt his ass touch Tyler, rub over the wet head, and he shifted his hips, moved his ass back and forth over the sensitive head making Tyler moan and push up. Chris knew he was ready and moved till the head of Tyler's cock pressed against his hole, pushed against its tightness and Chris shifted his body weight, pushed down till Tyler breached his hole, penetrated him, stretched his hole open. He held still, one hand on Tyler's stomach holding him still, letting his ass get use to the penetration.

"It's so tight" Tyler mumbled while they waited on Chris to get over the initial penetration. Chris smiled down at Tyler, amused by his innocence. When he felt his body relax he moved down, took more and more of Tyler into his hole until he was all the way down, his ass resting on Tyler's hips. He moved back up, then down, over and over and over, he moved his body on Tyler; took him all the way and back up. He felt Tyler's hard cock push into his depths and he moved faster. Faster and faster he worked his ass up and down Tyler, the bed squeaking and shaking under the two of them, and he felt Tyler pushing up, trying to get more cock into him, and Tyler kept his hands on Chris' thighs, letting him feel his warm calloused hands on his smooth skin. Chris began to sweat, and Tyler saw he was getting fatigued, his thighs were so tight from the tension of moving up and down, and he leaned up and hugged Chris to his body, held him tight, kissing his neck and shoulder as he rolled them over, positioning Chris on his back and Tyler moved between his legs, shifted his body into position as Chris wrapped his legs around his waist just as Tyler penetrated him again, pushed his cock into Chris, shoved it in all the way as he held Chris down, holding him around the shoulders. Tyler worked his hips, pumping his cock into Chris, harder and harder, thrusting his cock to a primitive rhythm. Chris kept his legs loosely wrapped around Tyler's waist, his arms thrown back over his head, and he took Tyler's fuck; took each hard thrust, felt his natural rhythm, and his cock was hard again, rubbing against the tight stomach undulating over him.

"Fuck me, Tyler, fuck me hard...let me have it" Chris whispered in Tyler's ear as he took his fuck, and he felt Tyler shift on top of him, move his knees for better leverage as he began to fuck him harder, faster, with a rhythm that rocked the bed.

Tyler had never felt anything so good, as he thrust his cock through Chris's hole, hammering his hips into him, pushing in as far and as hard as he could and for a brief moment, just a fraction of a second, the image of Jacob and Devin fucking in the barn flashed in his mind, the image of Jacob thrusting away at Devin, and he realized how good it felt, how connected together they were, and he held Chris tighter, kissing and nipping along the skin of his neck, around his ear and over the ear itself as he felt it, the need to cum. He thrust hard, jabbing his cock into Chris and he came, pumping his hips with each ejaculation, shoving each shooting wad deep into Chris.

"Oh FUCK" Tyler cried out as his hips slammed into Chris, pushing his load into him. As he slowed to a stop he realized he was covered in sweat, his skin hot and slick. He slid off Chris and lay beside him, both still breathing hard. Tyler eased his fingers over Chris's chest, feeling his hot slick skin, sliding them over Chris' nipples and up to his neck tracing his body, feeling the smooth skin.

Chris turned his back to Tyler and moved up close to his body, spooning up against him, feeling his warmth, the slowing of his breathing and he smiled as Tyler's arm came over him pulling him tight as Tyler snuggled up to him.


Jacob got back to the small apartment he shared with Devin after his night shift at the café in town and eased down on the sofa next to Devin who had fallen asleep with one of his text books. He found the day's mail on the coffee table and flipped through it until he came to the letter addressed to him and saw it was from Tyler. There was a moment of excitement for he had not heard from him in three or so weeks. He quietly eased the envelope open and took out the letter. He read the letter, Tyler telling him about going to some party with one of the guys on his floor he hadn't known well, a guy named Chris, and how the party was mostly gays and lesbians and they were artists, musicians and other interest he had found intriguing. Then he told Jacob about going back to Chris' dorm room.

"Holy SHIT!"

It escaped his mouth before he could stop himself and he woke Devin up as he held the letter to his chest not sure he had read it right.

"What's the matter...is something wrong?" Devin asked as he sat up next to Jacob.

"Nothing is wrong. In fact it is just perfect; listen to this" and Jacob read the letter out loud, as much for himself as for Devin.



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