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William Henderson owned the largest farm in Escambia County, Alabama, nearly 3500 acres, in an area where most were less than a thousand acres. He worked the land in a shrewd business manner, diversifying his operation with crop rotation depending on which seemed to have the best future market. He hired a couple of men to help him since his only son had chosen not to follow in his footsteps. Bill also hired some of the local boys in the community from time to time to help with odd projects on his property. This year he had one nasty project he knew he needed help in getting done. There was three fields near a creek on the back of his property that were in the flat low terrain, what Bill called the 'bottom', that had drainage ditches running their perimeters to keep the fields properly drained. One main section had become grown up in one section where it was too steeply cut for the tractor and bush hog to get into it. That left the clearing to hard manual labor using axes, shovels and strong backs. Bill had put up notices in the local general stores in the area and was surprised by two of his responses.

Tyler was a son of a neighboring farmer who he heard was going to leave home and attend college in the fall. Bill knew Tyler understood hard work, his family not only having commodity crops but also vegetable crops they sold to local grocers and at the Farmer's Markets in nearby cities, and those crops required a lot of manual labor. Bill jumped at the chance to get Tyler.

The other person he was surprised by was the son of the preacher down at the Pine Barren Baptist Church where his wife attended regularly. He worried about the boy not having it in him for hard work, being so thin and a little shorter than average. Bill had shook his head when the boy called, thinking how the hell such a boy could handle the work; he had not even realized Jacob was actually eighteen, and had graduated from high school that spring. Bill thought he was younger, maybe fifteen at most, not eighteen. He was looking to earn some money before heading to college in the fall and everyone knew Bill's projects were hard work but he paid better than any other job someone could get if needing some summer work. Bill's wife pushed him to hire the boy, so he took a chance and gave him a job.

Bill was going to hire the Wallace boy whose father worked with the paper mills planting pine in the fall and winter and the boy had always worked with his dad since he was around ten or eleven, but at the last minute Bill's sister called from Atlanta. His nephew had some sort of trouble the night of his graduation and his parents thought it best he get away from Atlanta for the summer. Devin was going to college in the fall and in the meantime his parents wanted him to come down to Bill's farm and work for the summer. Although the local boys would be starting on Monday, his nephew wouldn't arrive till the following Saturday.

Monday morning was a typical southern morning with a full sun rising in a clear blue sky. Temperatures rose steadily as the sun moved through the sky. Clouds of gnats hovered above the ground, their nebulous gray clouds blending into the horizon blurred by the rising heat. Jacob and Tyler arrived early, with Tyler giving Jacob a ride in his old Ford pickup. They had not been close friends in high school, Tyler being a football and baseball player was part of the more popular classmates while Jacob having only been in the community for three years, being a preacher's son and not athletic had to make friends with those who were devoutly religious or were not part of the 'in' crowd. He was also only about five five and had a very lean body, skinny as he viewed himself. He never felt like he fit in at this rural community and he was desperate to save money for college to get away. This job, although he was nervous about working with Tyler and it going to be hard work, paid well enough for him to push those nervous feelings aside.

Bill showed them the section of ditch that needed clearing out and they set to work, Tyler digging up brush and vine by the root as Jacob cut everything back and loaded the trailer hooked to Bill's old tractor. They worked diligently during the morning, not talking much, digging and cutting back brush, hauling it up to the trailer parked in the lane. The ditch bottom was muddy, and briars and other vines were entangled in the growth making it difficult to cut into the brush. By mid-morning, with temperatures in the eighties already, they were both soaked in sweat. Jacob kept looking over at Tyler, who struggled with his tasks, his hair dripping sweat from around the ball cap he wore, his t-shirt practically transparent, it was so wet with sweat. Jacob saw the movement of Tyler's body, the way his muscles bulged when he strained them, and he saw how Tyler really filled out his jeans, his round ass and thick muscled thighs straining at the denim. He knew he shouldn't be looking at Tyler, not like this, but he couldn't help it. He looked at all the boys like this, wondering about their bodies, looking at how mature some seemed to be compared to others and also compared to himself.

Tyler was so hot he had to stop for water frequently by mid-morning, and he kept noticing how Jacob would look at him and he wondered what he was thinking; was he comparing their bodies, knowing Jacob seemed self conscious about his being shorter than most of the other guys and being so lean. Tyler also realized he looked so effeminate, soft and smooth, his skin so fair and his hair so blonde. He looked younger than eighteen; he didn't even appear to need to shave, which he had been doing for a while, though it was mainly his chin, around his upper lip and along his jaw. He wondered what Jacob would look like without his clothes, and he remembered the rumors from a couple of years ago when Jacob had to take his one year of P.E. and some of the guys said he had a big dick. Tyler wondered now if it was true, if such a lean short boy could really be hung so. He kept saying he was just curious, just as it was curiosity they way he had stole glances in the showers after his practices, and the way he would compare dicks, and the time three of them had jacked off to see who would come first, that it was just a game, horsing around, but he knew it was more, for when he was alone at night, his hand down on his dick, stroking it, getting it hard and the images he conjured up that made him get off, those images troubled him. Now here he was with Jacob, and there was something different about him from the other boys and he felt that knot in his stomach.

After lunch, provided by Mrs. Henderson, they were back at it, working their way down the ditch. After an hour with the temperatures now into the nineties and the humidity so high it was hard to breathe, Tyler stopped and pulled his shirt off, tossing it up on the lane. He saw Jacob looking at him, a look he thought he recognized, as he turned back to his digging.

"Jacob, it's so fucking hot, why don't you ditch the shirt to try to cool off some. These cotton t-shirts just get wet and trap heat" he said without looking over.

"The sun is too intense; I'll burn in minutes, besides I'm not working as hard as you are...but if you need some help..." and his voice trailed off at the realization of what he was saying, that he could somehow help Tyler, and he went back to chopping the brush. He kept glancing over from time to time, looking at Tyler's exposed upper body, the definition he had, the broad shoulders and narrow waist, and the way his briefs were exposed around his waist from his jeans riding low on his hips. He watched the sweat run down his naturally olive toned skin, leaving trails in the dirt and he saw how Tyler's thick under arm hair was dripping wet, and he thought about how he had very little hair under his arms, his body was so skinny and undefined compared to Tyler he forced himself to stop looking and focus on his own labors.

"Jacob. Hey Jacob" Tyler called out, breaking Jacob out of his day dreaming of escape to college.


"I need some help, come here a minute."

Jacob approached Tyler and couldn't help but notice how defined his chest was, his pecs clearly formed and his stomach so flat, and he watched the sweat trail down his chest and stomach, leaving trials in the dirt. He tried not to stare as he came up to Tyler where he was leaning on the handle of the shovel waiting. Tyler showed Jacob a root he was having trouble getting to come up and thought the two of them pulling together could get it to break free. He wanted Jacoby to grab it low and he would lean over and grab the root above Jacob's hands and then they could pull together. Tyler knew he could have kept digging, and eventually chopped the tap root that was holding it in place, but he kept having thoughts about Jacob, and wanted to be near him, to actually touch him, and he didn't understand it fully, knew what it could mean, but he tried not to think about what it meant and he waited on Jacob to move down in front of him.

Jacob did as Tyler asked and bent over grabbing the root low. He then felt the warm wet body of Tyler lie over him, his broad chest wrapped over his back and Tyler reached down and grabbed the root just above his hands. Tyler's head was so close he could feel his hot breath on his neck.

"Ok, ready...pull" and they strained against the root, Tyler's body pulled up tight to his. The heat trapped between them, the smell of Tyler's body, the way he fit against his own body, they way he felt it against his ass, and as he pulled he also pushed his ass back, uncontrollably, worked his body tight to Tyler, feeling it stir something in him.

"That's it, pull harder" Tyler's voice, low and husky, was next to his ear, so close each breath warmed his neck. Tyler felt Jacob's ass press against him and it made his dick stir, begin to harden, and it excited him, the feel of this warm body, this lean boy, pressed against his own. The feel of Jacob's sweat soaked t-shirt rubbing his chest and stomach, and with his face down next to Jacob's neck he could smell him, an almost sweet scent, and he found himself breathing it in as he pulled against the root, pulling their bodies together.

The root gave suddenly, sending them flying back, Jacob on top of Tyler and the two of them holding the muddy root up over them. It dripped dirty mud down on Jacob's chest as they lay there with the wind knocked out of them, Jacob on top of Tyler. As he settled down he realized how he was lying on top of Tyler, how he could feel the warm body underneath him, it moving up and down with his breathing, and he could feel it, pressing against his ass, the growing erection Tyler was growing, and he froze in place, unable to move, fearful to remain, but wanting to remain like this, feeling Tyler against him. Tyler took the root from him and tossed it to the side and reached down and lifted up his t-shirt.

"You really got messed up...let me..."and his voice trailed off as he pulled at the waist band, pulling it up. Jacob didn't know how to stop him, didn't want to stop him, and he raised his arms, letting Tyler lift his muddy sweat soaked t-shirt over his head. His pale body felt the sun hitting it immediately. He looked down and saw how he fit so snugly within Tyler's arms and he didn't try to get up.

Tyler knew he had done it on purpose, got Jacob in his arms, snug against his body and when the root gave way and Jacob landed on top of him, it was perfect the way his lean body fit on top of him. It gave him an erection he knew Jacob had to feel. He saw the mess the mud had made on Jacob's t-shirt and with a desire to get him out of it he pulled it off. Jacob really was pale, appeared to have never been out in the sun and his body was so lean, so smooth and soft looking, he wanted to touch him. He brought his hands down across Jacob's chest and actually hugged him, feeling the heat of his body against his own. He used his right hand and he rubbed over the slick skin, down over Jacob's stomach and felt it rise and fall with his breathing.

"Is this ok?" he asked, barely able to get the words to come out.

"I think so" Jacob replied, his voice distance, nervous sounding. Tyler leaned up and ran his nose through Jacob's hair, smelled the sweet sweat scent of him, the softness of his light blonde hair, and he rubbed his cheek along Jacob's neck, feeling the soft smooth skin against his own bearded cheek. He ran his hand down and along the waist band of Jacob's jeans, the poorly fitted jeans slightly wadded up along the waist where Jacob had his belt cinched tight. Tyler slid his hand under the waist band and felt along the briefs, the tight waistband, the soft fabric below, and the seams that ran around the crotch. Then he pulled back and slid his hand underneath the waist band of the briefs and moved down again. Jacob sucked in a large breath, his stomach sinking down, giving Tyler more room and he moved his hand down until he touch it, felt the hardening shaft without realizing he had his hand far enough down in Jacob's pants, his fingers going through such a sparse area of pubic hair. He felt the shaft, put his fingers around it, felt it get harder.

Jacob didn't say anything but he leaned up and watched Tyler's hand in his pants moving along his cock, the sensation of Tyler's fingers moving over the skin sending shivers up his spine. When Tyler pulled his hand out he was disappointed, wanted him to keep touching him, but then he saw Tyler reach both hands to his belt and undo it. They unfastened his jeans, pulled down the zipper and pushed them down along with his briefs. Jacob no longer was worried about what he looked like compared to Tyler and he raised his hips, letting Tyler push his jeans and briefs down to mid-thigh, exposing his hard cock to the warm sun shining down on him. His pale cock, stretching out and hardened up, shifted, turned up toward his navel as Tyler reached to take it in his hand.

Tyler was surprised at how long Jacob's cock looked, the way the head flared out big and when he wrapped his hand around it his index finger and thumb didn't meet and he knew it was thicker than his own, and on Jacob it looked even larger, lying there over his narrow waist. He stroked his hand down its length, lifting it up vertical, and felt it flex, felt it harden up more and he stroked his hand up and down its length. He kept it up, moving faster and faster until he felt Jacob's hips move, lift up and fall back down, working his cock along with Tyler's fist, increasing the feel of the stroking movement. Neither said anything, with Tyler focused on only one thing, his hand on Jacob's cock, stroking it, making it get rock hard, even with the smooth soft skin covering it, and Jacob was lost to the sensation, lost to his need building up, the need to come. He arced his body, head thrown back tight to Tyler's neck and shoulder, his breathing fast, as he felt his need arise, felt that tightening of his body, all his muscles tensed up and he felt his cock flare up, flex hard in Tyler's hand, and he came.

The first roped out thick landing in a long line up the middle of his chest and hitting him on the chin. The second hit his shoulder and Tyler on the chin. The thick warm cum kept shooting out, landing on Jacob's stomach in thick puddles until he was finally spent and Tyler slowed his hand, worked it slowly up the shaft, milking the last of Jacob's load out, and smearing it over the sensitive head until Jacob had to grab Tyler's wrist to stop further stimulation of his cock. They lay there for a minute, Jacob trying to get his breath and Tyler just holding his slick wet hand over Jacob's stomach, watching as a line of cum trickled down his hand and along his wrist. Then it got weird, Tyler seemed to freak out, as he wiped his hand on the grass in a furious manner, trying to Jacob's cum off of it, having come to the realization of what he had done, the way he had taken Jacob in his hand and jerked him off and it frightened him the way he had enjoyed the feel of Jacob, liked the way it felt to stroke his cock, to feel it get hard and finally come. Jacob knew the moment had changed, and he got up, stood watching as Tyler jumped up, not saying anything as he hurried back over to the area he was working, picking up the shovel and got back to work. Jacob stood there for a moment, nearly in tears, his pants around his ankles, feeling ashamed. He pulled up his pants, picked up his wet dirty t-shirt and put it on and made his way back to the place he had been working. They worked silently for the rest of the day, neither looking at the other.

For the next few days the awkwardness between them dissipated some, but there were moments when one or the other would catch the other looking at them funny, appeared as if ready to say something. By Friday Tyler couldn't stand it any longer. After work on their way to Jacob's home Tyler finally breached the subject.

"Jacob, man I'm sorry about the other day...I shouldn't have done it...I mean..." he was rambling, trying to find the words to say what he wanted to say.

"Tyler, just forget it, okay?"

"No, Jacob, you need to understand...I didn't mean to...look I just wanted to know...what it was like...ya know?"

"I don't know Tyler. Can we just let it drop?"

"Okay, if ya want, but please don't take the way I reacted as some personal slight."

Jacob couldn't help but feel a little better and he looked over at Tyler and let a smile form.

"Okay Tyler. We're good."

Tyler nodded ok and turned up the radio and the two of them sat back, heads bobbing up and down, and enjoyed the last few minutes of their drive.

Saturday, they showed up a little after eight, Bill having told them not to bother coming so early. Devin was not due to arrive till after lunch so Tyler and Jacob made their way back to the ditch to resume their work. The sky was cloudy but it was still stifling hot. By noon they had made very little progress for they hit a section where kudzu had taken root and digging up the roots was slow work. As they sat under a tree behind the Henderson's eating the lunch prepared for them they saw a BMW 3 Series pull around and park. It was a car not often seen in the area and the plates showed it was from Georgia so they knew it had to be Devin, Bill's nephew. When the guy got out he was dressed in a polo shirt and shorts with sports sandals. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson came out and greeted him and they went into the house.

Jacob couldn't help but notice how similar to Tyler Devin looked, maybe even a little taller, with broad shoulders and a solid looking build, and he had jet black hair and a dark skin tone and appeared very attractive. Jacob immediately felt a sense of jealously, thinking Devin and Tyler would hit it off right away, for he looked like an athlete and the two of them would probably have a lot in common, such as sports, leaving him out. Tyler noticed how Devin looked as well, noticed how well built he was and he felt a strange attraction to him, but tried not to dwell on it. After Monday, he had worked hard to suppress those ideas, those feelings that involved other guys.

Jacob and Tyler had been working a little over an hour when Bill came driving up with Devin. Devin was now wearing a pair of worn and frayed jeans, with hiking boots and a shirt with the sleeves ripped off. Introductions were made and how Devin could step in and help. When Bill left, leaving the three of them to their tasks, Devin began to ask them about the area, what there was to do, and which city was best to go to that was within reasonable driving distance. Tyler answered most of Devin's questions, Jacob remaining quiet, being intimated by Devin.

Jacob had noticed right away Devin was taller than he first appeared, a few inches taller than Tyler, over six feet easy, and he seemed to have the same classic body form; broad shoulders and narrow waist, but his shirt was loose fitting and the tail hung long over his jeans, so Jacob couldn't really tell, but it didn't stop him from looking, from trying to figure Devin out.

Tyler focused on Devin's questions, telling him where the best places were to go meet people, where they hung out and which city was best for movies and night clubs you could get in at eighteen. He tried not to look at Devin too much, tried to keep his mind on their work and the conversation.

Devin, in his usual casual manner, made getting acquainted with Tyler and Jacob easy. He listened as Tyler told him what he and his friends did for fun, where they went and he was interested, but it wasn't exactly the information he wanted. He wanted to know where guys went to have fun, which city nearby had the best gay clubs, but he didn't think he could ask Tyler or Jacob. He knew he needed to be careful and probably should hold back on admitting to being gay, for it was part of the reason he was down here at his Uncle's place. His parents knew he was gay, had for a couple of years, and were dealing with it, but graduation night the guy he broke up with came to his parent's house in the middle of the night making a scene. He had been on something and talking crazy and before the police arrived broke several windows. Therefore everyone thought it best for Devin to leave for the summer.

He had worried about it being boring, with nothing to do, but when he saw Tyler and Jacob he had second thoughts, thinking he could at least have some fun hanging out with them. He found Tyler attractive, with his nice body and his rugged farm boy look. Even his scraggly beard was attractive on him. But it was Jacob that really caught his eye; quiet, shy, hardly talking at all that made him all the more attractive to Devin. His lean body, one he could wrap his arms around, hold tight to his body caused him to have all kind of thoughts; ideas of how to get him alone, if he could get him out of his clothes, what he would look like, and would Jacob be willing, someone who might go for another guy. Was he straight, bi...or gay? Devin had always had a thing for guys who were androgynous, guys who defy the typical jock persona. It made him wonder if the summer could be better than he originally expected.

For the next couple of days they worked side by side, each stealing glances at the other, especially between Jacob and Devin. Tyler even noticed how the two of them were constantly giving the other quick looks, or when they could get away with it, staring at the other, their expression showing Tyler something he tried not to think about, ideas that made him feel knotted up inside, so he pushed himself to work harder, ignoring what was going on between Jacob and Devin. Tyler and Devin did most of the talking but Devin had gotten Jacob to open up, and soon all three were like old friends.

Tuesday started out as all the others did, with temperatures in the nineties by noon and the heat stifling hot and the humidity so high the horizon was blurred. The ditch had dried out substantially in the last few days which made digging much harder. Tyler and Devin struggled with one brush or vine root after the next. Jacob hauled everything to the trailer and kept cutting everything back. All three of them were soaked in sweat and their pace was slowed. Tyler, after struggling with a kudzu vine, stood up, stretched his back, twisted at the waist, telling the others he was beat. He tugged his shirt off and tossed it on the ground.

Devin saw the toned muscular body of Tyler and admired it. The way sweat ran down his chest, streaking the dirt, his skin a nice olive tone, and when he turned back to digging, Devin watched how his muscles moved on his back, the way his shoulder blades shifted, the way his body narrowed at the waist, disappearing into his jeans, jeans riding low on his waist, exposing the waistband of his briefs. Devin glanced over at Jacob and saw him hauling another arm load of limbs up to the trailer. Devin pulled his sweat soaked dirty t-shirt off and tossed it up on the lane and he glanced at Tyler first, who didn't appear to pay any attention, and then he glanced back at Jacob and he caught him looking. It made him smile; it gave him hope.

"Damn it is hot. Jacob, how can you stand wearing that shirt?" Devin stated, to see what reaction he would get.

"I burn too easily, so I need to keep it on" Jacob replied.

Devin just nodded, knowing Jacob was right, his skin was so fair, but damn if he hadn't been hopeful, and he knew there was hope, for he saw the look in Jacob's face when he took his shirt off.

They finally made enough progress to need to move the tractor and trailer, but when Tyler tried to start the old tractor it wouldn't start. He sat on the seat, fatigue making it hard to focus his thoughts, but he knew he needed to get Bill.

"Son of a bitch; I've got to go get Bill so we can figure out what is wrong with the tractor."

Tyler and Bill made it back and quickly figured out the alternator wasn't working. Bill asked Tyler to run into town for the part for he had another errand to run. Bill told Devin and Jacob they could knock off early, for it could come a shower of rain this afternoon but Devin quickly replied he's help Jacob cut back some of the brush a little longer before quitting, seeing this as an opportunity to be alone with Jacob. Jacob was exhausted, but didn't argue, finding the idea of being alone with Devin appealing.

Tyler had been gone about an hour when a rain shower erupted on top of Devin and Jacob. It wasn't raining hard but the ditch soon turned muddy again and they headed for the barn, jogging up the lane. Jacob struggled to keep up with Devin, and he tried to focus on where he was stepping on the rough lane, but time and time again he found his eyes glued to Devin's back, watching the way his body moved, watched the way the water ran down his skin, streaking the dirt. He looked at the thick black hair under his arms, reminding him how much more masculine Devin was than he, and he noticed how Devin ran with such grace and rhythm while he felt like every step was awkward, nearly stumbling several times.

They made it inside the barn as the rain picked up, raining down hard enough to puddle up and run heavy off the tin roof of the barn. Devin, using his shirt to wipe his face and arms off, noticed Jacob shivering from the drop in temperature and being soaking wet.

"You need to get out of that shirt; you're shivering" he said to Jacob, his voice low.

"I'm ok" Jacob replied, his voice sounding defiant.

"Don't be silly. We're soaked to the bone and these wet clothes are uncomfortable" Devin said as he started undoing his jeans.

"What are you doing?" Jacob voice sounded anxious.

"I'm getting out of these wet clothes. What are you waiting on?"

Devin really was uncomfortable, with the temperature dropping down and being soaked, but he also saw his opportunity and was not going to let it pass. Jacob watched him, staring openly as Devin pushed his jeans down revealing his white briefs, soaked through, almost transparent, letting Jacob see his cock when he stood up. He looked up Devin's body, the smooth naturally dark skin, so smooth and toned, until he came to his face and he saw Devin smiling at him.

"Come on Jacob, get out of those clothes" Devin stated, with a commanding tone.

Jacob, nervous, intimated by Devin's body, so tall and masculine, felt like a kid, like he was still some high school kid, but something about the look on Devin's face and his tone of voice made him comply, and he pulled his shirt over his head, giving it to Devin who wrung it out and hung it over a low wall inside the barn with his own things. Devin couldn't help but look at the lean body of Jacob, how soft and smooth he looked and he watched as Jacob undid his jeans and stepped out of them. Devin watched Jacob's jeans slid down his legs, saw his briefs come into view, saw the large cock lying to the side behind the wet fabric and his eyes grew large.

"Damn, you fill out those briefs really nice" Devin stated, seeing how it embarrassed Jacob for him to say so. Devin wasn't going to stop now and he pulled down his briefs, not worrying about anyone coming back, thinking they'd hear them drive up. Jacob watched as Devin stepped out of his briefs and tossed them next to his other clothes. His cock hung over his balls and the pubic hair over his cock had been cut back, shortened tight to the skin, and Devin ran his hand over his cock and rubbed the short pubic hair. He saw Jacob watching him, intently following his hand.

"I cut it off with the clippers; I think it makes my cock look better. Don't you think so?" he asked, almost in a whisper.


Devin was pleased to see Jacob reach to the waistband of his own briefs, all the while looking back at Devin's body. Devin watched as he pushed them down till they got below his crotch and fell freely to his ankles. His cock dropped down vertically, but was beginning to rise up, obviously thickening up, appearing so large on his lean body.

"Let me help you" Devin said as he stooped down in front of Jacob, taking his shorts in one hand and helping raise one foot then the other with his other hand. Jacob seemed in a trance, moving with Devin's direction, not fighting him, as he looked down at Devin down in front of him. Devin held the briefs in his hand and without thinking brought them up to his face, holding them to his nose and he inhaled, taking a deep breath, capturing Jacob's scent and it excited him. He dropped them on the ground and leaned forward, real close to Jacob's cock, so close he could see the individual hairs of the sparse hair over his cock, it so blonde it was nearly invisible.

Jacob felt Devin's breath on his cock, the warm air blowing over it. He knew they had crossed a line, knew this was different than it had been with Tyler. Devin was different. Jacob put his hand on top of Devin's head, felt the wet hair slide between his fingers, the thick jet black hair such a contrast against his own pale skin, and he pulled Devin's head toward him, pulled his head toward his cock, closing the gap. Devin rubbed his face over Jacob's cock, buried his nose into the sac holding his balls, and ran his tongue over the sac, shifting the balls around. He brought his hand up and held Jacob's growing erection, ran his hand up and down its length, felt it harden up, and he held it out as he put his lips to it, snaked out his tongue and licked up the shaft to the spongy head, all flared out wide.

Devin looked up at Jacob who was watching him intently and he smiled at Jacob as he rubbed his hands up and down his hips, stroking the skin, warming it, as Jacob's cock bounced against his cheek.

"You're a hot mother fucker, you know that?" Devin stated, seeing Jacob's eye grow wide in disbelief. "Fuck, I want you" Devin stated as he took Jacob's cock and put his mouth on the head and eased down it as far as he could go, taking the head back to his throat, cutting off his air. Devin held Jacob by his ass, rubbing each cheek, spreading them, as he pulled his cock into his mouth as far as he could take it, then pushing Jacob's hips back, pulling his hardening cock back over his tongue, feeling the slick hard shaft slid over it. Devin kept moving Jacob's body until he was doing it on his own, pumping his cock through Devin mouth, feeling the head slid over Devin's tongue, the heat of his mouth, the wet slickness of it making him hard, his cock achingly hard, and he began to pump harder. Devin wrapped one hand around the base of Jacob's cock taking the rest in his mouth, letting it push into his throat, cutting off his air. The way it filled his mouth, the way it slid over tongue excited him intensely, made his own cock grow hard, rise up and rub over the smooth nearly hairless legs of Jacob.

Devin suddenly became aware they were in the open doorway to the barn and pulled off Jacob's cock.

"Is there somewhere in here we can move to...someplace more comfortable and private?" Devin asked.

"Yes" Jacob replied and led Devin over to a side door and when he opened it Devin saw it stored bags of seed and the room had a floor to keep them up off the ground. There was a few bags in a short stack in front of the main stacks but it still wasn't the right height. Devin pulled down another bushel bag and laid it on top and then led Jacob over to it, pushing him back on top. Devin dropped to his knees, pushed Jacob's legs apart and moved up between them. He held up Jacob's cock and went back down on it. He'd suck down as far as he could go; then pull back up, and over and over again he worked his mouth on Jacob's cock. He pulled off when he felt Jacob was too close and buried his nose into the base of his cock, inhaling deeply, smelling his scent, feeling the soft smooth skin, and he ran his lips down, over Jacob's balls, feeling them shift in their sac, and Devin licked them, sucked each one in his mouth, warming it, slicking it up, then he put his hands under Jacob's thighs, pushed his legs up and spread them out as he snaked his tongue downward, moved it down the line below Jacob's balls, ran it down into the smooth area between his ass cheeks, down to his wrinkled opening, and he ran his tongue over it, pushed against it. Jacob moaned loudly, his first indication he really was into it and Devin felt Jacob spread his legs open freely, took his own legs behind his knees, pulling them back almost to his chest, spreading his ass open, open to Devin to do what he wanted.

Jacob felt Devin's tongue, felt it slid up and down his skin, wetting him, sending sensations through him he'd never felt before. He felt Devin's tongue move over his hole, push against it, and he pushed his hips down, pushed against Devin's tongue. Then he felt fingers rub up and down his ass, lightly brushing over his skin, feeling the smoothness, the softness of him. Then one finger rubbed over his opening, rubbed around it, then pushed against it and Jacob pulled further back on his legs and threw his head back, letting it overhang the bags he was lying on.

"Put it in me" Jacob gasped, admitting to his desires, wanting Devin to take him. He felt Devin pushed into his hole; probe his finger into his opening, stretch it open. He felt the finger work around, twist in his hole and he moaned out loud, his eyes closed, focused on the sensations Devin was providing him. He felt Devin pull out then push back in, his hole stretched open further and he knew Devin was putting two fingers in him.

Devin couldn't believe how fast he was able to get this shy quiet boy out of his clothes and how quickly he was down between the boys legs, playing in his ass, feeling the tight ring of his hole squeeze his fingers as he probed him, stretched him open. Jacob was so smooth, his skin so soft, and its fair pale tone practically glowed in the dim light of the barn. He worked his fingers around in Jacob, felt him stretch open, his moans grow louder. Devin was stroking his own cock, hard and wet over the head, and he worked three fingers into Jacob, stretching that tight opening further. He leaned forward and licked from his fingers protruding from Jacob's ass up to his balls and over them. He licked Jacob's cock, ran his tongue over its length as it lay sideways over Jacob's hip. At the head he sucked it into his mouth, tasting the pre-cum, the sweetness of it, letting it slid over his tongue and he pushed in all the way with his fingers, deep into Jacob, feeling the tightness of his opening relax.

"I want to fuck you" Devin whispered, looking up, seeing initially only Jacob's chin, until Jacob rose up, looked him in the face, flush and heated, his eyes wild with lust. His voice almost lost in the sound of the rain as it got heavier, its patter against the tin roof filling the barn with its sound.

"Fuck me...do it...put your dick in me" Jacob replied, his voice hoarse, suddenly gravelly, as he begged Devin to fuck him. Devin got up, holding Jacob's legs tight to his chest as he leaned over his prone body, easing down into position, holding his cock with his other hand, aiming it at Jacob's hole, nudging up to it, feeling its resistance as he pushed his cock against it. Then he swung his hips forward, spearing his cock into Jacob, who gasped for breath at the initial penetration. Devin held still for a moment, letting Jacob relax into the feel of his cock as it pushed through the tight ring of his opening. Slowly, as he felt Jacob relax he pushed more and more cock into him. Worked it in slowly until he was buried all the way into Jacob, his hips pushed up against Jacob's ass, feeling the warmth wrapped around his cock. He began to move his hips, pulling back and then pushing back in, working his cock through Jacob's hole as he felt the tight ring milk his shaft as it moved through it. Jacob's hands held his hips, felt his movement as he fucked him, penetrating deep into him on every push forward. His pace was steady, the swing of his hips finding the primitive natural rhythm, thrusting his cock into Jacob.

Tyler drove back around his uncle's house and parked under a tree, waiting for it to stop raining; assuming Jacob and Devin would be in the barn. He waited for several minutes neither seeing them nor seeing the rain let up right away and decided to jump out and run into the barn to see if they were inside. He raced into the barn through the open doorway and immediately saw their clothes draped over a low wall, shirts, jeans and underwear. He came to a stop, realizing they were completely naked, somewhere in the barn, and he froze in place, not sure what to do. When his ears adjusted to the sound of the rain on the tin roof he heard it, knew immediately what he was hearing and his heart raced with the knowledge. He looked toward the open door to the seed storage room, knowing that was where it was coming from, this moaning. Then he heard Jacob's voice, low, in a tone he'd never heard before.

"Fuck me, Devin...fuck me harder."

Tyler almost turned and left, but something prevented him, kept him firmly planted in place, remembering their first day here, when he got Jacob on top of him, got his pants pushed down, held his big cock, stroked it till he came. He remembered how it felt when some of Jacob's load hit him on the chin, warm and thick, his white cum ran back to his lips when he leaned his head back and he had licked it off, took it in his mouth and the taste was so different, and he wanted to taste more of Jacob, he wanted to spin him around and take him in his mouth, but he freaked instead, when he realized where they were at, lying out in the open. But now, here in Bill's barn, Devin and Jacob were doing it; having sex. Two guys having sex and it was obvious Devin was fucking Jacob and Tyler felt his cock begin to get hard. He wanted to see, wanted to watch Jacob take Devin's cock, wondered how big Devin's cock was and how it looked sliding in and out of Jacob's ass. He moved quietly to the door, and shifted around so he could peer inside. On a short stack of bushel bags of seed he saw Jacob lying over them, his legs up and on Devin's shoulders. His pale body seem so light to everything around him. The dark skin of Devin on top of him, his ass swinging back and forth as he plowed his darker skinned cock into Jacob, the dark brown paper bags, the dark wood siding and floor and the dim light all made Jacob stand out, so soft compared to the rough and rugged surroundings. He wanted to go into the room to join them, to take a role in their sex, but he couldn't do it, felt he had fucked it up already, and he just watched. He saw Devin get faster, slamming his hips against Jacob, as he leaned over him more, came down to where they could kiss, two guys, lip to lip, tongues dueling, as one took the cock of the other and Tyler felt his cock harden up all the way, strain against his jeans, the confinement painful.

He watched as Devin shoved in several times, short jerky motions, and he knew he was pumping his load into Jacob, shoving it all the way in him, and he moved his own hand down into his jeans and felt his cock, felt its hardness in his fingers. He watched as Devin helped Jacob up, kissing him on the mouth, heard him tell Jacob how hot he was and now he wanted to be fucked and it made Tyler catch his breath, the idea of Devin taking Jacob's cock and me moved back out of the doorway while he knew they got repositioned.

Devin helped Jacob to his feet and stroked his cock, felt the heaviness of it, the hardness within the soft skin, the head flared out, red and wet.

"I want you...this is not my first time, so when I get use to your penetration fuck the shit out of me...I like it fast...ya know...a little rough" Devin told Jacob who only smiled at him, as he stood there feeling Devin's hand on his cock and the warm trickle of cum down his thigh as Devin's load ran from his hole. Devin moved to the bags lying chest down on top, spreading his legs.

"Come on boy, fuck my ass" he stated, his voice strained with desire, eager for Jacob's fuck. Jacob moved between his legs, stroking his cock, smearing the pre-cum along the shaft, making it slick, feeling its hardness, ready to penetrate. He pushed up against Devin, pressed the head of his cock to Devin's hole, felt it resist, then it gave, Devin's hips moved back and his cock moved forward, penetrating till the head was sunk into Devin's ass and he held still. Devin rose up, his face strained with the sensation of initial penetration and he cried out.

Tyler moved back to where he could see, where he could see Devin lying over the bags, his head held up as his moans escaped his throat. He saw how tense Devin's body was, the way his muscles were clearly defined under the skin, the way he was beginning to sweat, making his skin glisten in the low light, and behind Devin's big athletic body he saw Jacob, his short lean body, so fair and smooth, working his cock into Devin. Jacob would swing his hips back till Tyler could see the thick shaft Jacob had buried in Devin, saw its glistening skin, wet and hard, and he saw Jacob shove it back into Devin, slamming it all the way in making Devin grunt each time. Over and over and over Jacob rammed his cock into Devin, hammered it into him, his narrow waist and round little ass swinging back and forth as he stood between Devin's legs.

"Fuck...you feel good" Jacob whispered, so low Tyler barely heard. He watched as Devin took Jacob's fuck, took each hard stab into his ass and he found himself undoing his jeans, pulling his cock out, stroking it to the rhythm of Jacob's fuck, hard and fast, slamming his hand down to his crotch each time Jacob slammed up against Devin's ass.

Jacob had never felt anything so good, the way Devin's tight ass gripped his cock as it slammed its way through the ring of his opening, pushing deep within his body, feeling the heat wrap his cock. He grabbed Devin by the waist, held him tightly as he swung his hips, thrusting hard into Devin. The harder he fucked the more Devin moaned, the louder he got and Jacob knew he liked it, the way his cock was sliding through this hole; it stretched tight around his cock. He was so close, he knew he wouldn't last, but he couldn't stop as he kept up his pace. He felt his heart racing, his own breathing rough and he felt the heat of his skin, the way it broke out in a sweat, as he shoved his cock into Devin, hard, fast, all the way in slamming his hips against Devin's ass.

"You want it in your ass...or do you want it in your mouth?" Jacob asked, unbelieving he had the nerve to ask such a question, but thinking it was the type of question Devin would want to hear.

"In my mouth...please let me have it in my mouth" he grunted in reply. Jacob pulled out of his ass, watching him jump down on his knees before him, taking his cock, stroking the shaft with his hand as he held the flared angry red head to his open mouth. Jacob instinctively moved his hips with Devin's hand, working his cock through Devin's tight fist.

Tyler watched, his own cock so hard it ached, watched as Jacob hammered Devin in the ass, bodies slamming together, and then Jacob asked Devin if he wanted it in the mouth and Tyler said yes, over and over in his mind, thinking he'd take it in his mouth, remembering how Jacob tasted, but he stood at the door and watched as Devin went to the floor, took Jacob's cock, stroked it, pumped it hard, the long thick shaft, as he held the head at his mouth, ready, eager for it. When Jacob began to jerk his hips forward, his grunts louder, Tyler knew, and he saw Devin hold Jacob's cock closer, waiting for Jacob to give it to him. Tyler saw Jacob shove forward and his cock erupted, thick white wads flew from his cock, the first spattering in Devin's face, the rest Devin captured, his mouth eventually taking the head and holding it in his mouth, trapping all that shot out, sucking on the head, milking the shaft, until Jacob couldn't take it anymore and pulled his cock free of Devin's mouth and fist. Tyler had watched it all, watched as Devin was swallowing over and over, taking Jacob's load and he came, shooting out his load, it hitting the wall he was standing in front of as he leaned over watching Jacob feed Devin his cum. When he was finally spent he realized Devin was getting up and he knew he had to move fast. He pulled up his jeans and headed out, back to his truck.

There was a shift in their behavior, Tyler became the quiet one, the one to act shy and it was Jacob who seemed to open up, talk about his plans to leave, to go to college somewhere, even though he wasn't able to do so yet, but he still had plans and it surprised Tyler to hear of them, to hear Jacob talk about his desire to leave and it made him feel weird, like he was lonely, like he was being left behind or something. But he was leaving too, heading to college, to his own future.

Devin and Jacob began to hang out and Tyler knew it was more than just grabbing something to eat in town or going to a movie, and they had asked him to come along a few times but he could tell he was a third wheel. Their work was done after four weeks and they hung out for another two weeks while Devin was still in town. When Devin left Tyler drove over to Jacob's house to see how he was doing, only to find he was gone too. His father, visibly upset, said Jacob had left with Devin. Tyler wished he felt shocked by this but he somehow knew this was going to happen.

Fall arrived and Tyler was at college, settled into his routine, the classes, making friends on his dorm floor and from time to time, checking out one guy or another, wondering, remembering what it had been like with Jacob, to feel Jacob's cock in his hand, and he struggled to suppress those thoughts. On a Friday afternoon he arrived back at his dorm, got his mail and settled on his bed to go through it. A letter from Jacob was among his mail. He felt that old stirring, and an empty feeling inside, as he tore the letter open. He read how Jacob was in Atlanta, living with Devin and attending some classes as he worked to pay his way. Tyler had to smile as he read about Jacob's life, the escape he had made and how happy he was, living with Devin.

That evening, playing the letter over and over in his mind, he went down to take shower, with the plan to go out with some of the guys on his floor. It was busy as usual and he had to wait along with Chris, one of the guys on his floor he didn't know very well for Chris was always on campus in the art building working on one project or another. He looked at Chris, whom he had seen several times but never this close. He was Tyler's height but very lean, and he had a tattoo on one arm and ear rings in both ears, and his rusty red hair was longer than most other guys, the thick wavy hair touching his shoulders. Tyler found himself looking at Chris, looking at his small nipples, his bare smooth chest, down his flat stomach and he looked over the front of the towel wrapped around his waist and saw the bulge. When he looked up Chris was smiling at him, making Tyler blush. Chris leaned over toward him, almost touching shoulders.

"What are you doing tonight?" Chris asked Tyler.

"Not much; thought about going to one of the bars or something. Why? What are you up to?"

"I'm going to a small party. You want to come with me?"



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