Tyler loved to cook; the planning the meal, the shopping for the right ingredients and the preparation and finally, to him the most important, the presentation. It was natural he would go every weekend to the main farmer's market. He had been going for a couple of years, getting to know the farmers who sold regularly at the market and what they provided. It took a couple of months for him to develop a rapport with the sellers but now he knew which building to head to and which sellers to locate. He could be in and out in ten minutes if he was in a hurry.

The first Saturday of November was a clear cool day; a pleasantly cool fall day where the trees were vibrant yellows, reds and oranges and the air dry, crisp. Tyler drove to the market with the sunroof open and windows down, allowing the cool breeze to cut through the Grand Cherokee, as he drove across town, mentally reviewing the dinner he had planned. He was having four friends over for a night of dinner and a movie; after all the Halloween parties the weekend before and during the week up to Halloween had been its usual rowdy time, with the costume parties, the heavier than usual drinking and all the junk food was enough to make Tyler and his friends desire a low key weekend.

Tyler arrived early and made his way into the second building, where his favorite sellers were set up. His first stop was for the pork roast he had reserved; then he made his way to his supplier of eggs, then back to the organic farmer who was bringing in spinach, kale and a variety of other greens. Tyler then began to browse since it wasn't crowded and he wasn't in a hurry. He took his time checking out the produce, the specialty canned goods, and the other items on display. As he walked he realized how he saw nearly the same people every week at this time, which surprised him for a city of over seven hundred thousand; it was the same with the bars and clubs. He seemed to run into the same guys no matter where he went or what function he attended. He'd been in the city for four years, moving up from Atlanta for a better job opportunity with one of the banks and realized suddenly how he was now a part of this city.

As he strolled along, looking at the various items, he came toward the end of the building and saw two stalls set up with sweet potatoes. As he approached he recognized the first seller and knew they used pesticides and other chemicals on their crops, so he moved on by to the last stall. A young boy was sitting behind the bins filled with sweet potatoes, onions and carrots. Tyler didn't recognize the truck so he knew they were new to the market. The young boy, not over thirteen or fourteen sat watching each person come by speaking to everyone with a greeting. Tyler noticed the onions and carrots looked freshly harvested and wondered if the sweet potatoes were properly stored before being brought out for sale.

"Excuse me, could I ask a couple of questions?" He asked the boy.

"Sure, what do ya want to know?" the boy replied.

"The sweet potatoes; were they stored for a length of time before you brought them out?"

"Yes sir. We stored them a couple of weeks to cure so they are ready to use."

"And the onions and carrots; when did you harvest those?"

"We dug the carrots yesterday, but the onions we dug early in the week and laid them out to dry."

"What farm do you work? Is it one that advertises?"

"Well, what do you mean...I mean we don't advertise or anything."

"What about adhering to organic farming practices?"

The boy looked confused; not sure how to respond, then he turned and looked toward the open overhead door behind him where their truck was parked with additional produce in the bed.

"Ellis...Ellis, come here. There's a guy here who wants to know how we grow stuff."

It was then Tyler noticed someone was sitting in a chair just outside the door leaned back to the wall. Their long legs wearing jeans and the traditional light yellow work boots dropped down to the pavement and Ellis stood up and turned to come in. Tyler held his breath, staring up as Ellis approached. A tall, broad shouldered guy, wearing loose fitting jeans, a white t-shirt and a ball cap covering his light brown hair that was cut short on the sides but long enough in front to have a thick curl of hair hanging down over his left eye from under the cap. He strode slowly up and held out his large hand. Tyler shook it, feeling the calloused palm, the roughness of hard work and he glanced down and saw how the Ellis' arm and hand were tanned and the fine hair was light blonde, barely visible. He looked into the Ellis' face, and although the cap shadowed it, he saw Ellis was handsome, in a rugged casual manner. His unshaven face had a sparse line of beard growth along his jaw and around his chin with a bare spot under his lower lip. Tyler couldn't help but stare, standing there holding the guy's hand far longer than he should; when he realized what he was doing, he quickly let go.

"I...ah...well, I was wondering if you farmed per the organic standards for produce farmers?" Tyler stumbled through this question.

"Well, I think we adhere to everything but honestly we've been so busy getting the farm up and running I have not checked to see if we're still in compliance, but we don't use any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. I think we run a good operation." Ellis replied.

"Good; that's good. I've not seen you here before? How long have you been farming?"

"Well, my grandfather farmed for years, raising cows, hogs, and some crops but back in the late eighties he gave it up after having several bad years and the land sat idle until I finished college and decided to try organic farming. This is my second year and I've finally got a stall here so I'm hoping I can start building up my business."

"So you're doing this on your own?"

"Yeah, for the most part; dad works with the city but Ethan, my younger brother here helps when he can" Ellis said as he put his large hand on the younger boy's head pushing his cap down lower.

"Well, I hope to see you here each week."

"You come every week?"

"Yeah, I try to buy all my meats and produce here and sometimes splurge on some canned item."

"Well, I'll watch for ya." Ellis hesitate a moment then looked over at the produce piled on the table he had on offer; then looked at Tyler's hands already holding several bags. "Well, it looks like you got a lot but hopefully you'll check me out next time?" he stated in a questioning manner.

"Actually, I'd like to get some of the potatoes and the carrots."

The relief on Ellis' face was immediately evident and Tyler realized he was probably struggling to get customers, so many being like him, going to the same sellers each week. He was pleased to see how others began to come over as he was paying for his purchase. He gave Ethan his money and as he waited for his change, he kept glancing over at Ellis as he bagged his produce. Tyler looked at the way his jeans fit nicely over his ass, and how it filled the seat of the jeans and when he reached up to hand a bag over the bins his t-shirt rode up, revealing a quick glimpse of skin. When he turned to receive his change he realized Ethan was smiling at him; a smile that said he knew Tyler was staring at his brother and it was a normal occurrence. Tyler felt embarrassed to be so blatant in front of Ellis' brother. He picked up his bags and said his thanks and took off.


Ellis had loved working on the farm of a neighbor and on weekends when he had nothing to do, he would ride his bicycle over to his grandfather's place and walk through the fields, grown up with grass with an occasional tree, or climb through the old barn that had served the farm for four generations until his grandfather had called it quits and eventually moved to the mountains. He had sold most of the land except for the sixty acres with the house and barn saying it was a place to stay in whenever he came to visit his family, but he rarely ever used it. Ellis had approached his grandfather about the property while he was still in his junior year, hoping to get the barn and fields but his grandfather surprised him when he produced the deed to the property and signed it over to him; all of it, house included. His grandfather said he knew what Ellis wanted and had held on to the property for him.

Ellis had began to clear up sections of the field, cleaned out the barn, began to repair the house in small ways he could afford. Once he graduated college he moved into the house and began to work the cleared plot. That first summer was tough, and he worked hard, putting in long days. Ethan helped when he could but Ellis still had to work full days six or seven days a week for several months. The first crops he sold locally, many of his neighbors in the community buying what they could from him, and it was enough to keep him afloat, but he had to expand, which eventually brought him to the farmer's market with its promise of a much larger customer base.

There had been times it was tough, tougher than he imaged. The worst part was the loneliness. College had been a special time and he had learned so much, especially about himself. He found his attraction to guys was more than some infatuation, some curiosity, and when he had acted out on it he found the connection with another guy felt so right. It was his sophomore year before he got up the nerve to go out. He met Brian in a small gay bar in town and he enjoyed his time with Brian, it being his first time to have sex with another guy. It didn't last for Brian was too interested in just having fun, and Ellis understood, it being a transitional time for all of them. Ellis went out with several other guys while in college, but none for more than a month or so. He always thought he might meet the right guy just before graduation and bring him to his farm, but he realized in his last semester that was just a fantasy. Now that he had been working the farm for over a year, he was beginning to feel lonely like he had never felt it before. He lived only thirty miles from the city, in one of the last remaining rural areas that was close, but he had not had the time to go into the city and explore it now that he was on his own.

His first weekend at the farmer's market was a solid success. He had worried at first, his stomach in knots, worrying whether or not anyone would buy from him. He had done his research and found so many of the customers shopped certain sellers that new ones sometimes had trouble making it unless they had good quality product. He knew he had the produce to rival anyone, but he was worried anyway. He had been so agitated he let Ethan man the stall so he could sit outside a minute and get his breath and not watch the first customers come in, especially if they were buying from others before getting to him at the far end.

When Ethan had called him inside to answer a question his first response was to think someone was going to ask some dumbass questions about his crop, but when he came in he had to take a deep breath and compose himself. The guy waiting for him was attractive with jet black hair, fair white skin and a goatee. He was dressed in a very casual style of thin black sweater over a white t-shirt and black jeans. He had that metropolitan look of someone who lived in the city, easily, without discomfort from its traffic, the constant movement, or its sense of always being awake, illuminated twenty four seven. Ellis had to focus on what he was asking, keep his mind off of his initial reaction, wondering if he was gay, did he catch him checking him out, or did he hold the hand shake a little too long?

On the way home Ethan talked constantly, about all the money they made and how after the first customer it seemed like they were busy till everything was gone. He talked most of the way home which Ellis appreciated for it kept his mind off that first customer; the one that made his loneliness rise up. Ethan asked if he was going every Saturday, could he come, and he rambled on about helping out more on his farm, until they finally pulled up to his parent's home so he could let Ethan out. He couldn't help but smile as he watched his brother head inside. It was Saturday and they had a good day and actually sold out early. Maybe he would celebrate by going back into town and hitting a bar or something. It really had been too long.


Tyler's dinner party, with appetites sated, moved into the living room to relax. Josh and Michael who have been partners for five years settled on the sofa, Chris took the arm chair, Thomas sat in a dining chair and Tyler dropped down on the floor between Thomas and Chris. As the movie played on TV they talked about their jobs, the latest movies at the theater and, of course, they talked about the men they had gone out with since they last got together, or the ones they saw they would like to go out with. Josh and Michael would make fun of their descriptions, most of which sounded like bad porn characterizations. For the three of them not in a relationship it was too much fun not to consider the possibilities and fantasize about the men they saw around town and this conversation brought on the greatest laughter, and the bawdiest comments. Tyler added his own sightings; the guy at the coffee shop, the waiter at one of his favorite restaurants and a few others, but he didn't mention the farmer from this morning. That one he kept to himself. He'd thought about him off and on all day, they way he was so ruggedly good looking, the way he was so authentic in just a t-shirt and jeans. He wouldn't tell the guys about Ellis; no he'd keep that one to himself.

They had been gossiping and joking around during the whole movie and when it was over Josh and Michael said they needed to leave since they were driving up to the mountains early the next day. Once they were gone Thomas, Chris and Tyler settled down into a meaningless round of talk; nothing specific. After a few minutes Thomas suggested they go to Encounters, a small neighborhood bar on the north side of downtown. They grabbed their coats and were soon on their way.

The bar was full but not packed, with the bar on one side of the room lined up with guys talking, flirting or just people watching. On the other wall, lined with booths, were most of the patrons who arrived in groups. Tyler led them into the bar, making their way toward a booth he saw three guys getting out and putting on their coats. Chris went to get them drinks as Tyler and Thomas settled into it. They talked among themselves and whenever someone they knew arrived, they would let them sit down. Off and on all night they would have one or two others join them as they just sat in the booth. As they talked Tyler would let his mind wander, thinking of Ellis, wondering what he would be like in bed, wondering if he would be passive, or would he be aggressive; a little rowdy. Tyler would see one guy after another, brief glimpses or views from behind and think it was Ellis, only to realize it was not him. After several of these mistakes he realized he needed to just stop thinking about that farm boy.


Ellis went over to his parents for dinner as he usually did on Saturday evening. Afterwards he was pulling out of their drive about to turn right to go home, but instead he swung his truck around to the left and headed into the city. It was almost ten o'clock so he knew it would be after eleven before he made it to any bar, which he thought would probably be about right on timing. He had searched the internet for bars and clubs earlier in the day. Since he was in college before he started to go out to bars and clubs and never really went out much when he was home on break, he still didn't know the city that was close to him. He'd found several bars and clubs and considered each but in the end decided on one of the neighborhood bars, someplace he could feel relaxed and it wouldn't be all loud music and flashing lights.

He found the little bar in town and then searched out a place he could park. By the time he got to the door, showing his identification, it was after eleven. The bar was crowded, but not to the point Ellis couldn't make his way through the room to check it out and find a place to sit. Finding a vacate bar stool at the back of the room near the rear wall he sat down. The bartender quickly approached, gave him a smile and asked what he was having. Soon a beer was slid in front of Ellis, its foam slowly sliding down the cold glass bottle. Ellis sipped at the beer as he scanned the room. There were guys of all ages, in all manner of dress. As he looked around several guys gave him a friendly smile and nod. Ellis felt relief the bar wasn't too crowded or too loud, and relaxed with his beer. It wasn't long and a guy came over, leaned on his shoulder and began to flirt. He was attractive but Ellis wasn't comfortable with such a brazen approach, nor was he attracted to someone who dressed so flamboyantly. It wasn't his nature to attract attention to himself and it made him uncomfortable when someone else did it, especially when openly flirting with him. He didn't mean to be so standoffish, but he didn't know how to politely tell the guy he wasn't interested, but soon the guy left him alone, only to be replaced by someone else. The second and third guys were nicer, more casual in their look and approach and Ellis allowed himself to enjoy talking with them. They were both attractive men, but Ellis had resolved he wasn't hooking up tonight; tonight was just reconnaissance for he didn't feel ready to hook up, to have some one night stand, or to wake up in someone's bed and have to drive home in the morning. They talked for a while, each having another round of drinks. After a while Ellis had to excuse himself, needing to go to the men's room. There was a line and he had to wait several minutes. He noticed how the other guys kept giving him looks, smiling at him, and it made him feel good, but also a little uncomfortable.

He hung out at the bar for another hour talking with several guys, listening to them talk about their jobs, or who in the bar to avoid or who was good in bed, and what other bars or clubs Ellis might like to check out. They tried to get Ellis to go with them to a club that stayed open late, but he excused himself when he saw they were about to head out, taking it as a sign for him to go too. He grabbed his jacket, an old leather jacket that was worn smooth and soft and headed out.


Tyler and his friends had been in the bar about an hour, laughing and talking, having their second round of drinks which Thomas had gotten. Tyler was facing back toward the front of the bar since he liked to see who came in and was glancing up whenever someone new arrived. He'd point out guys one or the other of them knew, had slept with, or just wanted to meet. The bar had gotten crowded with groups standing down the middle of the bar. Sitting in the booths was like being walled in on all sides and it made seeing out difficult. It was around one in the morning when Tyler saw the black leather jacket move through the crowd and head out the door. The guy was tall and broad shouldered and looked a little like Ellis. He knew he was doing it again and admonished himself for it, but when he looked out the front storefront and saw the guy turn to go down the sidewalk, his heart stopped as he caught his breath, holding it for a few seconds.

"What is wrong?" Thomas asked Tyler.

"Oh...it's nothing" he lied as he realized it was Ellis he had seen. He'd been in the bar the whole time, somewhere in the back, and he had missed him. Ellis was in a gay bar and Tyler's mind reeled with the possibilities, but it also quickly registered how he left alone too. He couldn't believe someone as attractive as Ellis could get out of the bar alone.


Ellis spent the next week working in his fields, getting produce gathered and ready for market. He had the local community coming by regularly during the week and he was getting ready for another day at the farmer's market in the city. The hard work, fatiguing his muscles and keeping occupied made the week go by without him completely driving himself nuts. He caught himself thinking of last weekend time and time again, how one guy after the next came onto him, how it was nice to be among other gay guys, but there was something missing, or not quite right. He knew he wasn't the personality for hanging out in bars and picking up someone, and he didn't like the social sites or the hook up sites on the internet. He knew he would go back into the city and see if he could get over his anxieties at a bar, to see if he could negotiate his way through the people, to where he felt comfortable.


Tyler kept finding his thoughts roaming to the last weekend and seeing Ellis leave the bar, and kicking himself for not realizing he was in there the whole time. He couldn't believe the guy was in the same bar when the city had so many other places he could have been, especially those that catered the guys that liked country music and the lifestyle of rural living. He just had to wait till Saturday. He just had to figure out how to approach Ellis if he returned to the bar.

Tyler awoke Saturday morning to find it a cold wet day, with a drizzling rain and a cold wind out of the north. He was at the farmer's market early and found fewer people there than usual. Inside there were a few empty stalls and Tyler worried for a moment Ellis wouldn't be there but as he made his way across the building he soon saw the last stall was occupied. He made his usual stops, trying to decide how to approach Ellis when he finally got to his stall. He purchased his meat order, a dozen eggs, and some mushrooms and headed toward Ellis' stall. Ellis and his brother, Ethan, were both sitting behind their bins since everyone had the overhead doors pulled down to keep out the cold.

"Good morning" Ethan said as he approached, "Can we help you this morning?" He was all smiles and his eagerness to help was clear.

"Good morning, and yes I would like to get more onions but what else do you have today?" as he browsed over the selection, glancing up at Ellis often. Ellis looked a little unsettled, worried even, but when Tyler smiled at him he saw Ellis smiled back and he seemed to actually relax back into his chair.

"We have spinach, kale and this asian green, Torasan Komatsuna, that are all good for winter dishes" Ellis stated to Tyler as he pointed each one out.

"Torasan Ko...what? Never heard of it" Tyler replied.

"Here, I'll give you some of it to try and you can come back next week and let me know what you think" Ellis said as he bagged some of the dark green leaves. Tyler tried hard not to stare at Ellis, to remain casual, but he wanted to broach the subject of seeing him last week, to see if he wanted to get together, but he didn't know how to approach him with his brother sitting there and he seeming so introverted. But he had to say something or he'd be kicking himself the rest of the day.

"Hey, did I see you in town last Saturday night?" Tyler finally asked Ellis, a vague safe question he thought.

"Uh, I don't think so" Ellis responded, a look of concern flashed over his face as he glanced at his brother and then back at Tyler.

"Oh, maybe I was wrong" Tyler quickly replied, then changed tactics. "Do you ever come into town...I mean to do something fun. Well, I mean, I'm not sure what you have to do out in the county for entertainment, so do you..." and he was now stammering, fishing for some response, but not sure how to get the answer he wanted.

"Yeah, I come into town occasionally, but not much since I've been working my ass off getting the farm going, but I'm hoping to get out more as things pick up."

"I hope your farm does well and you can get out; must get lonely...I mean make you stir crazy if you don't have any free time."

"Yeah" Ellis replied, Tyler not sure if he was talking about being lonely or if he meant being stir crazy.

"Well, maybe I'll see you around? By the way, I don't think I've introduced myself; I'm Tyler" he replied, feeling he wasn't being forthright enough, that he should just ask him to come hang out, but he held back.

"Tyler; nice to put a name with the face and who knows maybe we'll run into each other sometime."

Tyler hesitated a moment then ordered some of the spinach and onions, which Ethan bagged as Ellis took his money.

"How long will your fall crops last?"

"Until we get a hard freeze, which will kill back most of them. I'll have a winter onion and carrots that will keep in the cold ground, actually getting sweeter the longer they stay, so I'll have a few items all winter. I've got a large supply of sweet potatoes too."

"That's good, so I'll see you here for awhile" Tyler said as he looked Ellis in the eye, trying to read what he was thinking, figure out who he was inside that stoic farm boy persona. When he had his order he told Ellis and Ethan goodbye and headed to his car.


Ellis was glad to see Tyler come up but got flustered with him asking about last Saturday night. Had Tyler been in the bar and seen him there? If so, why hadn't he spoke to him, or was he in a relationship? His mind flew from one thought to the next as he tried to hold onto the conversation with Tyler. When Tyler walked away he sat down feeling his stomach knot up, feeling like he missed an opportunity, but afraid to say anything in front of Ethan, having not come out to his parents.

Ethan sat quiet for a moment watching the few early customers make their rounds. Suddenly he started sniggering as he looked at Ellis shaking his head.

"Goddamn it Ellis, what is wrong with you?" Ethan's coarse language always a shock to hear him say, but Ellis never said anything about it.

"What are you talking about?"

"Look, I know mom and dad told me to keep my mouth shut, but...Ellis we know" and he leaned over so no one passing by could hear, "we know you're gay, and just now that guy was trying to flirt with you and it was obvious you liked him, so why..." Ellis interrupted Ethan, leaning over closer, his expression one of shock and confusion.

"They know...fuck. How? I mean..." and he sat back in his chair staring off in the distance.

"Mom found some magazines you forgot when you left after Christmas your senior year. I knew something was up the way she and dad would go to their bedroom to talk at different times of the day. I finally overhead them on the front porch one day the next spring when they thought I was out bike riding but was actually inside playing video games. Boy, you should have heard how they were not dealing with it very well."

Ethan stopped to help a customer while Ellis sat, wondering why they never said anything. When Ethan finished he sat back down, leaned over.

"I couldn't believe it; big ole Ellis a cocksucker" and he smiled at Ellis, mischievously; then continued, "So I just got up and went out to the porch and asked them what the big deal was if you was gay? You should have seen their faces when they realized I had overheard them" and he laughed as Ellis sat shocked, frozen in place. "Oh hell, Ellis will you relax, fuck, they got over it and now they're just trying to figure out how to tell you, and as for that guy, Tyler, I trust you won't fuck it up next time" Ethan said as he sat back up straight to see if someone was approaching.

Ellis sat for a long time thinking about what Ethan said, letting him help the customers, until it got busy and it took both of them. They had another good day even with the bad weather and it late fall for they had a good selection of produce the customers seemed to desire. On the way home, Ethan was his usual talkative self, going on about how well they did and how much he made today and eventually he circled back to Tyler and Ellis being gay. Ellis didn't respond right away when Ethan asked he was attracted to Tyler. Ellis finally smiled and looked over at Ethan, realizing he wasn't a kid any longer.

"How did you get so smart all of a sudden?" he asked.

"Shit Ellis, and don't avoid my question."

"Ok...yeah I found him attractive."

"Ok, then, I guess you'll sneak into town like you did last weekend and see if you cross paths?"

Ellis looked over at Ethan who was grinning back at him; then he looked back at the road as they made their way home.


Tyler made dinner that night for a couple of friends and when they had sat around for an hour afterwards until their talk started to wane, Tyler suggested they go out to Encounters. Everyone begged off wanting to go to a new bar on the south side of town for they knew it would be packed with everyone wanting to check it out. Tyler said that was fine but he didn't commit to going, knowing he was not going to miss an opportunity to catch Ellis out if there was any possibility. When everyone was getting in their coats Tyler told them he was suppose to meet someone at Encounters and he was going to go there instead. A few minutes later found Tyler walking into the familiar bar around eleven o'clock. It wasn't as busy as it normally could be but it had a fairly large crowd. He made his way down the bar and found a stool that afforded him a view of the door. He had just gotten started with his first drink when Ellis walked in. He felt the tension of his muscles as he sat up, gripped tightly by the exhilaration of seeing Ellis actually come in. He was dressed differently than he expected wearing a dark khaki t-shirt, one that was stretched tight across his chest, and black jeans, with a wide black leather belt and boots more military than cowboy or work. He had no cap on and his light brown hair was loose and casual on top, flopping over his forehead.

Tyler noticed how so many others in the bar turned to stare at Ellis as he came in and knew he would have guys hitting on him all night. Tyler got up and headed toward Ellis seeing him head to the bar and work his way into a gap near the front corner. Ellis seemed to be focused entirely on getting a drink and not paying attention to how the guys on either side of him were trying to get his attention. Tyler was soon standing behind Ellis and waited a moment for him to pay the bartender for his beer.

"Ellis, I'm surprised to see you tonight?" He stated as casually as he could muster, hoping his excitement of catching Ellis out didn't show. Ellis turned around and stood up straight, towering over most of the other guys.

"Hey Tyler" and he smiled. "Are you really surprised to see me?"

Tyler laughed and nodded "No, actually I'm not. I am glad you came out."


"Really. Hey I want to apologize if I said anything I shouldn't have in front of your brother."

"Forget it; the little shit knows. He admitted it after you left." Ellis looked like he had been unburdened and now Tyler knew he had been, and it was his brother who had made it happen.

"Sounds like a great kid."

"Kid? The foul mouthed little shit is more grown up than I was at his age; sometimes he scares me." Ellis shook his head and then laughed out loud. "Hey, is there somewhere we can sit down? I feel like..." and Ellis hesitated.

"Like you're on a stage or something?"


"Follow me" and Tyler led him toward the rear hoping the table he had seen earlier was still open. It was occupied but a booth was being vacated and he led Ellis to it. They sat not saying much at first but after Tyler had gotten another round of drinks and both of them relaxed their conversation began to flow with ease, talking about being gay, about college where both really came to terms with their sexuality. Ellis asked Tyler about his job and where he lived in town while Tyler wanted to know about Ellis' farm; the size of it, how he got started and what he was planting. Before long they realized the bar was thinning out as many patrons were heading out to one of the clubs that stayed open late or heading home. When some of Tyler's friends stopped at their booth and told them to come and go out dancing with them at a club the two of them realized they needed to leave Encounters.

"You want to go to a club?" Tyler asked apprehensively.

"Not really, but if you wanted to go..."

"No, no, no, definitely not."

"Well...I guess I should head home."

"You have to get up early in the morning?"

"No...it's just..."

"Would you like to come back to my place? I mean... well... just for a drink?"

Ellis looked at Tyler and smiled, nodding his head. "Sure, we can go to your place."


Ellis was surprised to find Tyler lived in a condo downtown on the twenty second floor. His view was spectacular, and it being the middle of the night the lights along the streets, the buildings with a random selection of lights on, and the quarter moon hovering low in the sky made the view surreal. He waited in the living area while Tyler went into the kitchen to get them a beer. As he came back into the main room he stopped at his computer and turned on some music, some soft jazz, breaking the silence of the room.

"Sorry if I seem tense but believe it or not, this is the first time I've...hung out with a guy since college" Ellis admitted.

"Really, you've not gone out with anyone since last year? Wow, you must have been really tied down with the farm."

"It wasn't all the farm."

They talked around each other for a while, finally sitting down and getting a little more relaxed with each other. Ellis knew Tyler wanted him, desired for more, but he was feeling nervous, like he had when he went out the first time back in college, and he knew it was crazy. Finally he felt he needed to just get himself collected together and not think about it so much.

"Tyler, where's your bathroom?"

"Through the door to the bedroom and turn to the right."

Ellis went into the bathroom, relieved himself, washed his hands, and his face. He stood looking in the mirror as water ran down his face, looking all serious; then he smiled.


Tyler had never had so much trouble getting a guy into bed. He didn't know what was wrong, but he knew Ellis wasn't like most of the guys he had hooked up with in the past; guys who'd be tearing at his clothes as soon as he got in the condo. Within minutes they would be in bed fucking. He sat waiting patiently; then began to worry, assuming Ellis would probably come out and want to leave. He told himself when Ellis came out of the bathroom he would make a move on him. Tyler was so anxious he got up and went to the window and stared out at the night time scene. He never tired of the view at night, often sleeping with the curtains open in his bedroom. He watched the traffic, what there was of it on the major streets.

He didn't hear Ellis come up behind him until he was near, moving slowly up behind him. He started to turn around but decided to ask him to stay without looking at him knowing if he said no it'd be easier to conceal his disappointment.

"Ellis, will you stay tonight?"

He sensed Ellis close to him; then he felt his arms come around his waist and his body come up tight to his back.

"Yes" was all he said as Tyler realized he was naked. He felt the larger body, the broad shoulders as they engulfed him, pulled him tight, letting him feel his warmth. Ellis nuzzled his face into Tyler's hair, moved to his ear, his hot breath warming his skin, tickling him through his hair.

"Is this ok?" Ellis asked him in a low whisper.

"Yes" Tyler replied. Ellis was unbuttoning his shirt, one button at a time, slowly, methodical, until the shirt hung open. Ellis' hands moved over his chest, rubbed down over his stomach, smoothly with firmness, the calloused palms sliding over his skin warming him up. The hands went lower, over his crotch, rubbing his growing erection, groping him through the fabric. Ellis nipped his earlobe, tongued it as his hands undid his belt, his jeans, pulling down the zipper. Tyler just held his hands on Ellis' naked thighs, going with the feel of Ellis against him and his hands working him, stripping him, making him want it even more. He felt Ellis' hand work his cock through his briefs, his cock responding, growing erect in their tight confines. Ellis brought one hand to Tyler's neck; pulled his head back next to his own as his other hand worked his briefs and jeans down till they slid freely down Tyler's legs, bunching around his ankles. His cock was free at last, bobbing in the air, hard, wanting, as Ellis' hand rubbed his balls, ran around the base of his cock, through his pubic hair and finally down the shaft of his hard aching cock.

"I want to fuck you" Ellis whispered, more a demand than a request.

Tyler felt trapped in his clothes, felt the heat of Ellis, his desire and he wanted to open himself to him.

"Put it in me...please" he responded.

Tyler felt Ellis let go of his cock, the hand move around over his ass, rubbing one then the other cheek. Felt the fingers slid into the cleft of his cheeks, searching, probing and Ellis still held him by the neck with the other hand, turning his head and kissing him, running lips over his cheek, his neck, nipping the skin, tonguing it. Tyler felt a finger push and rub over his opening, and he pushed back, wanting it, wanting to be penetrated. Ellis pushed in, speared his opening, stretching it, letting Tyler feel the pain...the pleasure. Ellis kept his body tight to Tyler, shifted to his side slightly, giving him room to work Tyler open, inserting a second finger into him, probing his insides, stretching the tight ring of his opening. Tyler moaned, grunted, as Ellis held him tight man handling him, preparing him for his cock which rubbed along his side, smearing a wet warm streak along the skin, eager, ready to penetrate him.

Tyler opened his eyes and saw their reflection overlaid with the city at night, saw how he was standing with his shirt open, naked at the waist and Ellis standing behind him naked. He saw how Ellis held him and he saw his cock hard, flexing up and down as the sensation of Ellis' fingers working him open was driving his desire; his lust. He saw Ellis shift his hand around his neck and take a hold of him from behind and push him forward and he leaned with it, putting his hands on the window. He was bent over, his ass opened up more and he saw Ellis move behind him, felt him lift the tail of his shirt up on his back, exposing his ass completely. Then he felt it, Ellis' cock, hard and wet, push up to him, probe along his ass. He felt one hand on his hip, holding him in place, preparing him. Tyler pushed back, his desire driving him.

"Fuck me" he whispered as he looked at his reflection in the window, seeing himself say the words. Ellis leaned into him and he felt it, the initial penetration; the breach of his opening as Ellis slid slowly into him. Tyler felt Ellis work his opening, back and forth, slowly, fractions of an inch moving into him then pulling back, pushing through the tight opening into his inner warmth. Tyler felt himself relax, felt his opening accept Ellis, allow him to slide in easily and Tyler pushed back, moved his ass all the way till he felt Ellis' body, his warm flesh pressed against his ass, his cock buried all the way in him.

Ellis began to fuck, to push and pull his cock through Tyler's opening, working his hips as he held Tyler tightly in place. Tyler saw his reflection, saw the way he rocked back and forth as Ellis worked his hole, fucking it, hammering cock into him. He reached down with one hand and took his own cock and stroked it. He felt how hard he was, how his shaft felt like steel wrapped in warm smooth skin and he felt the wet head, slick and sensitive. Ellis was fucking harder, shoving himself into Tyler till he slapped against Tyler's ass and Tyler stroked himself to the same rhythm, hard and forceful, his tight grip worked up and down his own shaft. Ellis shifted positions, wrapped an arm around his upper chest and pulled him upright, pushing him forward and up against the window as he kept fucking him, shoving cock into him hitting his insides in different angles, letting him feel the fuck build, his desire get painful. Ellis shocked and excited him, the way he was so forceful, took such control, as he shoved Tyler against the glass, he was lost in his own lust, his desire, as he worked his cock faster and faster. Tyler was moving against the glass, naked, his hard cock working through its own wetness. The friction was too much, the sensation of Ellis stroking cock through him, the feel of exposure, the heat of Ellis' body pressed to his, Ellis' lips and tongue, his hot breath, on his neck, ear, and along the edge of his hair line. Tyler was grunting with every forward shove by Ellis as he pounded his ass, working a hard fast rhythm with his hips.

"Fuck...I'm going to cum" Tyler cried out as his cock shot against the window, his thick load smeared up between his stomach and the glass. He felt each ejaculation, each blast, each spasm of his opening as it gripped the cock sliding through it.

"Take me, Tyler" Ellis whispered; his voice so soft, innocent; such a contrast to his physically demanding fuck, the way he held Tyler against the window, feeling Tyler's opening grip him tightly. He shoved in hard and started to cum, pushing each thick hot wad deep into Tyler, shoving his cock through it, slicking up Tyler and his cock as he continued to work it back and forth, letting the tight ring of Tyler's opening milk him dry.

Ellis pulled out and stepped back, pulling Tyler with him. Neither noticed the trail of cum left by Tyler sliding down the glass. Ellis kissed him passionately, roughly, and they dueled tongues, as hands roamed over naked flesh. Ellis ran a hand down over Tyler's ass, ran his fingers down along the cleft of his ass, felt his hole still stretched open slightly, cum seeping out. Their skin was damp, sweaty, their breathing hard and hot. Ellis slid Tyler's shirt off and dropped it on the floor. He stepped on Tyler's jeans and briefs still around his ankles and told him to step out of them. He led Tyler to the bedroom, pulled him up by the bed and held him tightly, a full embrace, their nakedness warm to each other, their cocks still half hard, their desires not sated.

"You want to fuck me, or do you want me to fuck you again" Ellis asked, his voice low and unassuming.

"Will you do me again?" Tyler asked, pleadingly, eagerly.

Ellis smiled at him and pushed down on his shoulders. Tyler knew what to do; what he wanted to do it, and he dropped to his knees and took Ellis in his mouth. Ellis was half hard and soon, with Tyler's warm wet slick mouth working over his shaft and the tonguing of its head, he was hard again very quickly. Ellis grabbed him under his arms and helped him up, then shoved him across the bed. Ellis took Tyler by the legs, lifted them up, clasped them together, as he shifted down on the bed with Tyler. As he pushed Tyler's legs up and held them tight to his chest, he aimed his cock at Tyler's opening and pushed in; pushed in through the cooling slick first load he deposited early, pushed in till his hips came against Tyler's thighs, and he began to fuck. Slowly, long even strokes; he moved his cock back and forth through Tyler. Ellis' rhythm was slow, his movements full, as he worked his cock into Tyler, pushing into him all the way, filling his inner cavity with cock. Tyler threw his arms over his head and lay back, enjoying the sensation of the slow fuck Ellis was giving him; the feel of cock moving through his opening in a way he could feel every fraction of an inch pass through the tight ring of it. Ellis shifted up closer, lifted up his hips, and fucked a little faster, rocking Tyler's body, holding it tightly in his hands. His pace was determined, the rhythm of his hips steady.

Ellis let Tyler's body rest back down on the bed as he shifted again, moved up over Tyler and laid down on him, letting Tyler feel his full weight, the heat of his body as he trapped Tyler underneath him. He fucked for a long time, steadily with seemingly inexhaustible energy, as he kissed Tyler, as he ran his lips over Tyler's neck, as he sucked on the flesh of it, sucked on Tyler's ear, tongued it. When he was getting close he reached up and held Tyler's arms down, held him in place as he rose up slightly and moved his hips faster, a hard jerking movement, trying to shove even deeper into Tyler, trying to shove more of himself into Tyler. He began to moan, to grunt as he slammed his hips down, pushed himself into Tyler, and he came again, pushing his second load into Tyler.

When he was finally spent Ellis rolled off Tyler and noticed how Tyler was sweating, breathing hard, as if he had been on top. Ellis noticed how Tyler's hard cock lay over to his hip, noticed how his stomach heaved up and down as he tried to catch his breath, noticed how his skin glistened in the dim light coming into the room through the open window. Ellis leaned over and kissed Tyler lightly on the lips, moved down running his tongue over the salty skin, downward over one then the other nipple, tonguing them, sucking them into his mouth, giving them a nip with his teeth. Tyler seem to awaken, to push up with his body, to bring his hands down on Ellis' head and run his fingers through his hair. Ellis kept moving down, letting his tongue leave a wet trail over Tyler's stomach, and finally, after what seemed like a painfully long time for Tyler, he ran his tongue over the head of Tyler's cock, tasting it, feeling its slick wet head on his tongue. He ran his tongue along the shaft, feeling the surface; the way a vein ran down its length, the shape of it and the taste of his cum still lingering on it. He ran his tongue over Tyler's balls feeling them move in their sac as he pushed over it. Ellis moved back up lifting up Tyler's hard cock where he took it, let it slid into his mouth, let Tyler feel his cock sink into the warm wet recess of it. He worked down its length, taking it all the way to his throat, feeling it slide along his tongue. He moved up and down, working his mouth over the shaft, until he felt Tyler begin to rock his hips, to push up with them as he moved down. Ellis took the shaft in one hand and stroked it, tightly in his grip, as he mouthed the head, ran his tongue over it, sucked it drawing out the pre-cum drooling out. Tyler began to work his hips faster, pushing up harder, fucking his cock through Ellis' fist and into his mouth. Ellis felt it, that swelling of cock, felt that spasm of it as it shot off in his mouth, filling him with Tyler's thick hot load. The pumping cock smeared its load over his tongue, filled his mouth and pushed it to his throat. Ellis savored it, swallowed it and milked Tyler's cock dry, drawing his hand upward, squeezing out all of his load.

How long they laid on the bed catching their breath neither knew, but after a while, Tyler got up and held out his hand to Ellis.

"Let's take a hot shower then get some sleep."

They showered till the water began to turn cool, bathing each other as they made out, lightly kissing, lightly running hands over sensitive flesh and exhausted muscles. When they dried off, Tyler led Ellis back to the bed. Soon Ellis had Tyler spooned up to his body, his arms wrapped around Tyler, holding him tightly. They lay there for only a few minutes, talking quietly about what they had just done, how much they each enjoyed being with the other, then, with the fatigue of a long night, of their lovemaking, and the relaxing hot shower afterwards they fell asleep. In a couple of hours the horizon would begin to brighten, to announce a new day.



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