Robert was a junior at college who seemed to glide through life. He never seemed stressed, was never late and seemed to have all the breaks. So many girls on campus had thrown themselves at him it was a running joke amongst his friends, for Robert was also gay. Six foot three, 195 pounds of blond hair, olive toned skin and perfect white teeth. He was athletic and smart. But where most of his friends who seem to be cut from the same cloth went for similar muscular guys; the body builders, the athletes, or those who looked like models for some fashion magazine, Robert had a thing for the geeks, the skinny young looking guys who were typically shy and lacked the kind of confidence that oozed from every pore of Robert's body. He liked bringing them out, getting them to celebrate their submissive tendencies in sex play, and in doing so have them exert a confidence they had lacked before. And it was the sex play that Robert truly differed from most of his friends. He loved bondage and the roles of master and slave, and he even experimented with hot wax, flogging and ass play with toys. He even had a two bedroom apartment so he could keep some gear and have a place to set up. He was struggling with the roles and how to master someone, to take control of them, let them free their inhibitions when they could pretend not to be able to do otherwise, and it was with these guys that like to role play in a bondage scene that excited him the most.

He had had several guys submit to him since last spring, and several were amazing in how they helped him with his role of master, the way they submitted fully to him, one guy, by the name of David, actually begged him to flog him harder, to pour more hot wax, to fuck his ass as hard as he could. David was so shy but once he was naked at Robert's feet, he was a true slave, more than Robert was a master. He swallowed Robert's cum and begged for more. He begged for Robert to piss on him after he fucked him, which Robert just couldn't do. It was one thing he didn't care for, but he thought about doing it, for David had really wanted it. David came back for more several times until Robert thought he might be the one he was looking for, then earlier in the fall semester David came up to him in a restaurant with an older guy. Robert knew immediately what was up. David had found a true master, someone to let him be the slave he wanted to be, to be kept by a man. Robert actually gave him a hug and told him it was ok, he was glad he found what he really wanted. But it left Robert wondering what he really wanted, and would he find it at college.

Stevie was a freshman struggling to fit in. He had no real friends, but he hung out with several guys, playing video games, going to movies or being dragged to one social group or the other on campus, none of which really interested him. He was six feet one but weighed less than one sixty. Most of his clothes hung on him for he didn't dare buy shirts that really fit or jeans that were tight. It only made him more self conscientious of his build. The other guys talked of pussy constantly, which meant rarely, if ever, they got it, but Stevie had other desires, desires he couldn't talk about with the other guys. He lusted after guys. Not any particular type either. He lusted after a couple of the guys he hung around with, especially Charley, who was short, thin, very pale, and almost feminine in appearance. Then there were the jocks on his dorm floor, all muscles and five o'clock shadows, walking naked to the showers, driving Stevie to total frustration to the point he kept his door closed most of time. There was the art student out sketching on campus, with dark framed glasses, jet black hair, wearing the most worn out clothing he'd ever seen. The guy's t-shirt was so stretched out it hung almost off his shoulders which revealed them to be surprisingly broad. And there was the teacher in History, always dressed in a suit and tie. In summary, he was hard up. It was his senior year of high school when he had the firm realization he preferred men to women driven home. He had missed the bus one day and took off walking in the rain to get home; a home no one would be at until late. As he made his way out to the street sidewalk a Mustang pulled up beside him. The passenger side window came down an inch or so.

"Stevie, right?" the voice inside said.


"It's know, we have English Lit together" and Mitch paused as Stevie stood in the rain wondering what Mitch, the athlete, one of their best baseball players, and just all around a campus stud at school, wanted with him. "Hey, did you miss the bus?" Mitch finally asked, but with a tone that showed he knew it a stupid ass question.

"Kind of obvious, isn't it" a little more defensive than he meant. But Mitch didn't seem to notice or care.

"Hope in and I'll give you ride home" No shit, thought Stevie, and after a moment's hesitation got in. It began an afternoon he would never forget. When they got to his house and Stevie made the comment his folks were at work till late, Mitch invited himself in. After a few awkward moments and a grand tour of the 1968 ranch house he called home, they ended up in his room, which had the walls covered with posters of bands. Not just any bands on one wall were those that began the punk movement, or those early eighties bands rarely listened to anymore. Patti Smith, The Clash, Joy Division, Lou Reed and even an early B-52's poster. Mitch had slowly spun around with his mouth half open. On another wall Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, KMFDM and others Mitch knew nothing about.

"Fuck dude, I don't know half these bands" was all he could say at first. Then he wanted to hear some of their music. That's how they ended up lying across his bed together, how Stevie felt Mitch touching his thigh, then snuggling his face up to into his neck as he groped his crotch, making Stevie get hard. Mitch ran his tongue around his ear and down his neck as his hand ran up his stomach, pushing up his t-shirt.

"I knew you'd be the one who would understand" he whispered as he reached down to undo Stevie's pants. Understand what, Stevie thought; he understood nothing, except how his dick was hard as a rock and he was being undressed by Mitch, the star baseball player. Soon Mitch had his pants and boxers shoved down to mid-thigh, moving his head down his stomach getting closer and closer to his hard throbbing dick. Would he actually do it or was he just teasing him, messing with him in some way he didn't understand. When he felt Mitch's breath on his cock, then a slight touch by his lips, all his thoughts went to getting Mitch to suck his dick. When Mitch finally took it in his mouth, Stevie didn't last long and was soon pumping out his load into Mitch's mouth. He actually swallowed it. Then Mitch rolled over and opened his pants, pulling out his cock. It curved slightly back toward his stomach as it was fully erect.

"Come on Stevie, I did you, now do me. Please" he said with such need, such desperation that Stevie leaned over and took him in his mouth. He did what seemed natural, working his mouth up and down its length. Suddenly Mitch started to thrust upward into his mouth and he came, shooting off hitting Stevie in the back of the throat with the first shot and the rest being pumped into his mouth. He thought the taste odd but swallowed it, as Mitch had done for him.

Then it got weird. Mitch got dressed and began to act like nothing had happened, then threatened Stevie if he told anyone, saying it'd be Stevie's word against his and he'd tell everyone Stevie begged for it and he only let Stevie suck him off and nothing else. Stevie was scared at first but then saw how scared Mitch was too, and told him he wouldn't tell and to forget it happened. Mitch calmed down after that, but for the rest of their senior year he had nothing to do with Stevie, ignoring him in their one class together.

Now he was at college and with no more confidence than in high school, if not a little less in some ways. He felt lost, rarely even masturbating like his roommate did every morning before class when he thought Stevie was still asleep. Even the required PE classes seemed worse, with actual endurance tests, and work outs, and then the shower room afterwards. He'd had a class after PE and didn't have time to go back to his dorm to change. All of the masculine bodies, some even having hairy chests or thick underarm hair, made them all look much older than he felt. And next semester he had to choose another PE class to meet his curriculum requirements. He was struggling with it all.

Robert went to fill out his semester class requests for next semester and decided to fill the elective hours with something fun. He scanned the class listings skipping art, business, and eventually ended up at PE and looking through the list decided he'd take the beginner's Racquet ball class. It was one sport he had not tried and thought it looked like fun, especially knowing it would be mostly freshman and sophomores taking the classes; it made his cock flex to think about it.

Stevie went through the listings noting all the classes he needed to take until he got to PE. He went through the list twice imagining all the horrors that would befall him in any of them. On the second passing he saw racquetball. He knew it was played inside and so he wouldn't be embarrassed having to chase the ball down like he did in baseball and you just had to hit it to a wall, an entire fucking wall. How hard could it be? So he chose racquetball for his PE.

Spring semester opened up with a bang; so hot and humid the air conditioners in the older buildings struggled to keep up. Stevie's first three classes went by quickly the first day, with course introductions and initial assignments he was actually not worrying over his afternoon PE class. Lunch on campus, a trip by the library to start some research for English class and then he swung by his dorm to change for PE. The class was small, only twelve students. Stevie was glad to see five were women and most of the other guys appeared to be freshmen who were slim and average looking. There was one guy that spooked him. Tall, dressed in tight muscle shirt and tight white tennis shorts, he was hot, showing a well defined muscular body. He smiled confidently as the instructor went over the game and what was expected of them. Like a magnet, several of the others just migrated over close to him; women and men. But Stevie kept his distance and tried desperately to keep his eyes off him and focus on the instructor. They didn't get into the court except the instructor and one student who had played in high school, doing some demonstrations. Stevie watched with growing anxiety as he realized the game was more involved than he had hoped. Then there was the stud of the class. Paul? No, it was Robert. Robert, a Sophomore, taking PE as an elective, because he wanted to play sports. Every time Stevie looked his way he found Robert looking at him smiling. What was he thinking? Did he see prey, someone he could take down easily?

Robert made it to class a little early and was able to watch the others meander into the building where they gathered around the instructor as he was going over his notes. The class was a good mix, five women and seven men; boys actually barely out of high school, Robert thought rather smugly. Several appeared in good shape, with lean bodies that would do well on the court. He knew a few of the women would be competitive. It was a good choice of class. Just before time to start the final person showed up. He was nearly as tall as Robert, but he was skinny. His thin pale arms hung down at his sides and his nearly hairless legs, all fair skinned from lack of sun, nearly shined in the harsh lights. His light brown hair, cut in some cheap cut, was standing up all over to the top of his head where he had been running his hands through it too much. Was it a nervous habit? He obviously didn't really want to be here. He was perfect.

Robert keep trying to catch his eye, to see if he could get some kind of response, but the guy just kept diverting his eyes. He wouldn't look at anyone any length of time. Not any of the women, nor the guys. Robert tried smiling at him when he did glance his way, but nothing. When the instructor called role Robert couldn't help but notice his name was Steve, but he had asked to be called Stevie. Stevie? Such a little boy name it seemed appropriate. As Robert kept looking his way he realized the guy properly hated trying to play sports and was especially intimidated by him, who loved to play and had probably made it obvious by his manner. But then again his fantasizing over this boy may be completely futile. He may be straight. There was the blond who looked like some country club tennis player, or the guy who looked Native American with his jet black hair and dark skin. There were possibilities and he would just have to sort through them in the coming days.

The following days passed as each class got deeper into their subjects. But it was Racquetball that had Stevie on edge. They were to begin court play this afternoon. It would mean dividing up in teams, going through the process of choosing an opponent. Would he be last as usual, or would someone see easy prey and choose him sooner. His stomach was in knots. He was in such a worried state he was late for class and the others were already divided up. But someone was missing for no one was waiting on him to arrive, to even up the pairing. Who was missing became quickly obvious. The class stud wasn't here. Maybe he would miss today's class and Stevie could sit out their first day.

"Steve...I mean Stevie, if Robert doesn't show, I'll partner with you" the instructor told him. 'Oh no, not the instructor' was all he could think of at the moment. He'd be humiliated. The instructor would crush him. Just as panic was really about to set in, Robert walked in, all smiles and apologies for being late. He'd had a flat on his bike on the way over.

"Well no worries, we've not started yet. You're teamed up with Stevie."

Stevie was so confused, glad he was free of the instructor but now it'd be Robert preying upon him on the court.

Robert had been wondering all morning how to get Stevie as his partner and figured the easy thing to do was be late. The way he acted in every class told him he would not be in a hurry to choose a partner to begin court play. He smiled at the simplicity of his plan. It was only a ten minute bike ride from his apartment just off campus, so he waited till he'd be late and headed out. He rode with ease, letting his planned lateness develop. Sure enough when he arrived Stevie was standing alone to one side. He couldn't help but be smiling when he walked up, giving his excuse for being late. The instructor didn't question his story, just told him he would be with Stevie.

"Have you ever played before?" he asked Stevie as he walked over to him.

"Huh, no."

"You don't seem too thrilled to be taking the class. Did you take this class just to fill your requisites?"

"Yeah. I thought it'd be easier than some of the others" Stevie replied without looking at Robert. He was actually blushing. Robert wanted to grab a hold him right now. To hug him, tell him it was alright.

"Well, I've not played before either, so why don't we just take it easy and work out our rhythm. You know, get the feel of the game" Robert told him as they made their way over to a court.

Robert tried to hold back enough to make Stevie feel competitive but he appeared uncoordinated in the court, all arms and legs going in all the wrong direction, but Robert kept encouraging him, being friendly, telling him what to expect. After a while Stevie seemed to actually relax and began to play the game, to make some good hits. He didn't hit with any power, but he was keeping their play going longer and longer. Robert decided to push him just a little and hit the ball into the corner, causing it to come out requiring Stevie to swing from his left side with a backhanded swing. Stevie connected and put the ball very low on the wall, so low it bounced close to the floor and couple of times and then just rolled back toward Robert.

"Damn, that was perfect" Robert told Stevie as he came over to him and gave him a friendly slap on the back, letting his hand rest there a moment, getting a feel of his warm sweating body. Up close he could see Stevie's loose white t-shirt was starting to stick to his sweat drenched body. His right nipple was visible where the shirt clung to it. His smell was more sweet than sour; intoxicating for Robert. Robert was snapped out of his thoughts by a loud tapping on the back glass wall. The instructor was standing there giving a thumbs-up signal. It made Stevie actually smile for the first time in class.

"Your serve" as Robert tossed him the ball.

Stevie's stomach was in such knots when he had stepped through the doorway on to the court, but Robert didn't seem out for blood, but was going out of his way to be nice, to encourage him. No one had ever done that in PE before. Robert didn't laugh at him or call him names, or try to hit him with the ball. So he felt he could relax and soon he found he was actually having some fun. Enjoying the game a little, and when he got that lucky hit, and it had to be luck, Robert had come over to congratulate him on a good hit. Robert had put his hand on Stevie's back where the warmth of the touch burned through him. It lingered for what seemed like an eternity, only to be cut short by the instructor tapping on the glass with his thumbs-up signal. He couldn't help it; he smiled at the feeling of accomplishment in a fucking PE class. Robert had tossed him the ball and even though he quickly got beat during the play, he tried to keep playing well. The rest of the class passed all too quickly. When class was over and he was heading out Robert came up beside him.

"Hey man...look I can tell you were not too thrilled at playing but you know if you keep playing like today you'll soon master the game."

Stevie had to stifle a laugh. "Master the game? I doubt that. I know I actually suck at the game but I appreciate you not killing me on the court in there today."

"What do you mean?"

"You know, all that competitive warrior crap and how when one of you jocks see someone who' me, it's like you smell blood or something."

Robert grabbed Stevie's arm and pulled him around to face him. "Look, I know some guys get off on beating the crap out of guys who aren't into the game, but I'm not like that. Yes I enjoy the competitive aspects but I want who I'm playing to have fun too. I'm not trying to get off on humiliating someone else. OK?"

Stevie actually looked Robert in the eye for the first time and smiled. His teeth were perfect and there was that blush to his cheeks that shined bright on his fair skin. Did he even have to shave? Robert realized he was still holding on to Stevie's arm looking at him smiling when Stevie spoke.

"Hey , uh, can I have my arm back?" They both laughed, Robert much more so than Stevie.

"Yeah, I'll see you on Friday."

Then they went their respected ways, each lost in their thoughts.

Friday was a bitch of a day. For Stevie it started with a surprise exam in his first class, and finding out his last exam grade in another. When he was changed for racquetball and on his way to class a spring shower of rain blew across campus drenching him. When he got to class he noticed he wasn't the only one but he was still embarrassed at how his wet t-shirt revealed his body. His nipples were plainly visible. The worst was he wore some old gray gym shorts and now they clung to his body. He felt half naked. He had stood near the back of the small group of them trying to not be noticeable. Robert came in just before time to start class. He too had on a white t-shirt and white shorts. You could plainly see his upper torso, and below you could see he wore blue bikini briefs. He looked hot, with his perfect hair flopped down in his face and body so teasingly revealed through his wet clothes. Stevie couldn't help but stare until he realized what he was doing and looked away. He noticed several others were staring too. Stevie had so wanted Robert to be nice to him again this class, maybe even being his court partner, but now he wasn't so sure. He felt hot, like his blood pressure was up, his heart pumping hard.

Robert had seen the weather report that morning and knew it was suppose to rain. He knew it was stupid, downright silly, but when he was getting ready for gym and saw it was indeed about to rain he pulled out his old tennis clothes to wear; white t-shirt and white shorts with his skimpiest bikini underwear. He was going to push for a reaction from Stevie, see if there was a chance. He'd thought about that tall skinny boy constantly since last Wednesday, the way his t-shirt hung on his shoulders and the way his shorts hung on his narrow hips and every inch of flesh exposed was so fair and smooth, he'd beat off three times Wednesday night thinking of him. When he arrived at class, soaking wet he knew by the stares his clothes had the desired effect. More importantly, Stevie was staring too for a moment before he shyly turned away. But for that moment, he thought he saw the look, a chance he had interest. He made his way over to Stevie who was looking over at the instructor who was talking about better techniques on holding the racket and the best way to approach the ball. Stevie jumped slightly when he leaned over and spoke to him.

"Hey...sorry man for startling you."

"It's ok, I didn't see you come up."

"When we break to play you want to partner again?"

Stevie looked over at Robert with a surprised expression. "Seriously, I suck and you want to play with me again?" he blurted out.

"You're not that bad and besides this is supposed to be about having fun, or it is for me anyway."

"Ok" Stevie replied as he shook his head.

As they stood listening to the instructor Robert notice how Stevie kept looking over at him and how it seemed he kept glancing at his blue bikini briefs visible through his shorts. It made his cock throb.

There play was similar to before with Robert holding back some but Stevie was definitely playing better and better, as his confidence increased. But it still flustered him to no end every time Robert put his hand on his back congratulating him on some shot or apologizing for a hit in the back when they got a little sloppy in their play. After class, as they made their way outside, Robert came up beside Stevie.

"Hey, you know you're improving every time we play. By the semester's end I bet you'll be as good as any anybody else."

"You really are a bull shitter, you know that?" But he smiled as he said it, feeling better about himself than he had in a long time.

"No, I'm serious. Hey I was wondering, what are you doing tonight?"

"What?" Stevie replied with such shock in his voice he was embarrassed he had let it be so obvious. "Uh, nothing, might catch a movie with some of the guys...I don't know. Why?" he stammered in response.

"I'm having a little party at my apartment, nothing too big, just a few friends, and want you to come. If you like bring your friends."


"Damn dude, don't you ever get invited to parties?"

"Not by guys" he responded, his voice going lower and lower as he spoke.

"Oh come on, I'm not a jock asshole, and I know that is what some people think, but seriously come on over. We say 9ish, but I wouldn't show up till at least ten for that is when I'll finally put out the keg of beer I've got chilling."

" mean you have the beer?"

"Hell yea, but if there is something you prefer over beer, bring it."

Robert gave Stevie his addressed and told him how to get there and where to park, actually going too far in making sure Stevie knew he was serious. But he really wanted him to be there.

That evening Stevie was lying on his bed constantly wondering why Robert had invited him to his party, constantly looking over at the clock and to see a few more minutes had passed. The guys he normally hung out with were going to a movie and he had begged off claiming he needed to do some research for a paper. He'd been dressed for an hour and it was still only 9:12. He felt anxious; his hands even felt clammy. Twice he started to just get up and go do something else and forget the whole thing. But he ended just lying there, waiting.

When it was 9:30 he got up and headed out. He knew walking would take at least thirty minutes, so he should be arriving when Robert had told him to. He took his time, letting his mind wander, even fantasizing that Robert would really be alone waiting to greet him, what he couldn't get past. Frustrated he walked on. A few minutes past ten he came to the apartment complex Robert lived in. It was one of the newest in town and the cars in the parking lot spoke to the cost to live here. When he arrived there were 20 or so people there. Groups were on the balcony, living room, at the small table in the dining area, even in the bedroom. Robert introduced him to the small group he was with in the kitchen. The evening passed quickly as Stevie relaxed and enjoyed the casual atmosphere of the gathering; it was nothing like he had expected. Too soon it seemed Stevie realized there were only five of them left sitting in the living room. Once he thought he should leave but Robert told him to sit down, to hang out a while longer, unless he had other plans. So he sat as they continued to talk. When three of the others finally left it was just Stevie and Robert.

Robert asked if he wanted something to drink as he closed the blinds and shut off all the lights except on lamp in the living area. He went into the kitchen to get them water and when he came out he had unbuttoned his shirt all the way, letting it hang open, revealing his furry well developed chest and flat stomach. He brought the water over to Stevie on the sofa and sat down near him. Stevie couldn't help but to continue to steal glances at Robert's chest. He felt trapped, but in a way he didn't want to get out of.

"Glad you came."

"Yeah, it was fun."

"Fun? I figured you were bored with my friends' usual chatty talk" as he laughed to himself. Then he sat his glass down and slid over next to Stevie putting his arm around his shoulders.

"You know, sometimes you seem so....nervous, but once you relax..." and he was at a loss for words.

"Look, it is just odd to be hanging out at...some cool person's place. I know I'm not athletic or good looking or..." Robert interrupted him before he could finish.

"Whoa, what do you mean? So you're not some buffed up muscular jock. You think everyone else wants that. Have you ever really looked at other guys on campus and noticed how you really are not that different than the average guy?"

"No, I mean, yeah I've looked how others look and how so many seem so much more....developed."

"Geez man, just relax and be yourself, ok?" Robert told him as he hugged him close. A hug different than the usual guy hugs he'd seen most jocks do, more intimate. He relaxed into it, thinking he shouldn't, that he was thinking things Robert couldn't imagine. But when Robert took his chin and turned him to face him, the moment was different, and when he leaned over and kissed him on the lips as his other hand came to rest on this thigh he froze for just a moment, and then gave in. He never wanted something so bad and as Robert pushed him over on his back on the sofa, landing on top of him, letting him feel his weight, his warm body, Stevie responded passionately. As they made out, Robert ran a hand under Stevie's t-shirt, running it up his flat stomach and chest, rubbing over his nipples making them stand up. Then he ran his hand down till he was rubbing his lower stomach along the waist band of his jeans.

Stevie was beginning to be nervous, worried as Robert felt him up, to run his hand along his waist band of his jeans. Would he still want me when he saw me naked was all he could think, but he couldn't stop. He pushed up tight against Robert, he ran a hand over Robert's chest, feeling the firm toned muscle underneath the skin and the fine mat of hair coming from it. When Robert's hand slid down into his jeans he realized Robert had already undone his jeans giving him full access. He rubbed over Stevie's boxers, feeling his growing erection, making him moan into Robert's mouth with desire. Robert pushed his jeans and boxers down to mid-thigh, freeing his cock as it bounced back slapping his stomach.

"Nice" was all Robert said as he pushed up his t-shirt exposing his chest and began to mouth, to nip, to suck on his nipples. It made Stevie's cock flex. Robert then moved down tonguing his navel then his crotch, and finally he licked over his nuts and up his hard cock, all the way to the head. Robert took his cock in hand, holding it up and licked the pre-cum off, savoring the taste. He then began to take his cock in his mouth, working up and down the upper half, taking more and more as he went. With his free hand he rub Stevie's balls, working them in their sac, then he grabbed them and pulled them tight as he deep throated Stevie's hard cock.

"Oh fuck" Stevie moaned out.

When Robert backed up off his cock he looked up at his Stevie and whispered "You like it when someone does that?"

"I've never done that before...but I like..." should he say it, say how he liked it when Robert got a little more physical with him. Robert didn't say anything as he plunged back down Stevie's cock. He pulled his nuts tight a couple more times eliciting more moans. Then he slid his hand down, running as finger down to Stevie's ass. Stevie responded by trying to spread his legs. Robert moved up and fell on top of him again kissing him passionately for a moment, before sitting up to pull off Stevie's shoes, socks, and the jeans and boxers as Stevie pulled his t-shirt off. He was very lean and his height accentuated it. His fair skin was perfect and so hairless. Only a little hair was evident under his arms and over his cock. Robert leaned over and took his cock once again. Stevie rotated till he was straight along the sofa's length and spread his legs, keeping his left foot on the floor and the right tight to the back of the sofa. Robert moved in and began to rub his ass again and then he was doing it, rubbing his hole, making him move his hips upward pushing up against the finger. He wanted it. Robert stuck the finger in his mouth then put it to his hole and pushed in. It didn't hurt like he was afraid it would. Robert finger fucked his ass as he sucked his cock. As he picked up the pace of face fucking himself on Stevie's cock he slid another finger into his ass, stretching him open some more. It was too much.

"Oh god, I'm coming" Stevie blurted out.

Robert pulled up his cock till only the head was in his mouth and began to suck on it hard as he stroked the remaining shaft and finger fuck Stevie's ass. Stevie shot, spurt after spurt into Robert's sucking mouth which he swallowed until Stevie was spent and lying still. Robert moved up and on top of Stevie's naked body. It felt good to have him on top, rough jeans pressing down on his spent cock, his bare chest on top of him holding the heat between them. Robert kissed him and he could taste his own cum. As they lay there grinding against each other, Stevie pushed Robert's shirt off his shoulders and off, then he felt Robert's firm round ass through his jeans. His cock had not gone soft, but remained hard, needful.

"I want to suck you" he whispered into Robert's ear before he buried his tongue in it and then down his neck. Robert got up and began to strip off the jeans. He had on white briefs, stretched tight across the crotch where his hard cock was pushing out and to the side. Stevie dropped down on his knees in front of Robert and began to mouth his cock through the briefs. He didn't stop till they were so wet he could see Robert's cock through the fabric. He took the waist band in his hands and pulled them down. Robert's thick hard cock flopped out, flexing up and down with need. Stevie took it in his hand and held it steady as he licked the head, then mouthed the first few inches, then began to slide his mouth down its length. He worked as much of it in as he could as he moved his mouth up and down fucking his face on it. But he wanted it differently; he wanted Robert to maintain control, to set the pace. He took Robert's hands and put them on each side of his head and as he made fuck motions. Robert understood immediately.

The fucking bastard was an animal. Once he got him out of his clothes it was like a whole different person was underneath, passionate, sexual, even a little forceful the way he had indicated Robert was to face fuck him. To pump his cock into his mouth, to push in until he nearly gagged coating his cock with salvia making it slick for each new thrust till finally the last couple of inches went down his throat. Robert didn't try to hold back, to make it last. He wanted to get off, to pump his cum into Stevie's mouth, to feel him swallow his load as his cock was buried in this throat. His thrusts with his hips gradually got faster and faster and when he was pushing his ejaculating cock down Stevie's throat he could hear Stevie's moans fill the room. He pumped the first load straight down Stevie's throat, then he pulled back and let Stevie taste his cum, take it in his mouth as he slid the head back and forth over Stevie's tongue.

When he finished he pulled Stevie up and led him to the bedroom. "We're just getting started" was all he said as he pushed Stevie down on the bed on his back and crawled between his legs to suck his cock some more, to sex him up, to get him ready. He quickly worked his fingers back into that tight ass until Stevie pulled his feet up close to his hips, with knees up and spread his legs widely, giving Robert full access. Robert slid down and tongued his way over Stevie's nuts and down that seam that ran to his goal. He tongued his way on down until he was running over the opening where he just had two fingers buried to the hilt. He put his hands on Stevie's thighs and pushed them back until his knees touched his shoulders, spreading him open as he tongued his ass, working it more and more, getting it wet, watching the flexing Stevie couldn't help but to do at the pleasuring Robert was giving him. Robert leaned up and brought one hand down and began to insert three fingers with surprising ease. Stevie was tight but seemed to be able to open up, to allow himself to be penetrated with ease.

"Fuck me" Stevie whispered breaking Robert out of his spell of watching his fingers slide in and out of Stevie's hole. "Fuck me, Robert, come on, fuck me now" Stevie was begging. Robert moved up as Stevie held his ankles, giving Robert full access. Robert slid into position and pushed his cock, wet with pre-cum against the opening, and he pushed, slowly and steadily until he was half in. He was going to wait and let Stevie get use to it but Stevie grabbed his ass and pulled him in all the way as he cried out "fuck me Robert, fuck me."

Robert began to slid back and forth feeling the tight ring of Stevie's hole grip his cock as it moved in his hole. Robert moved with a smooth rhythm, easing in and back out, pumping himself into the boy beneath him, watching him moan and grunt beneath him. He leaned down and kissed him hard on the mouth as he began to pick up his pace, to pump his hips harder slapping up against Stevie's ass. Stevie's hands rested on Robert's ass holding on as he hammered away at his hole, fucking him hard, slamming all the way in. His cock was hard and slapping back and forth as he was being fucked. Robert reached down and took his cock and began to jerk it with the same rhythm as his fuck strokes; hard, fast, his fist slamming down. Stevie began to pump his hips up into Robert's downward strokes, both into his ass and his hand over his cock. He became wilder in his response, squirming under Robert, taking his fuck, clinging to him urging him on.

"I'm going to cum" was all Stevie said as he shot off across his chest and stomach. He came a surprising amount for his second time as Robert slammed through his ass, feeling it respond to Stevie cumming again.

"Oh fuck" Robert exclaimed loudly as he hammered in deep and came, pumping himself deep into Stevie. He moved his hips a few more times pumping the last of his load out until he was spent, then he fell down on top of Stevie and felt the heat of him, the sweat on his skin and the cum as it smeared between them.

As their breaths returned to normal Robert leaned up and kissed Stevie gently, passionately. "Man you're hot." Stevie blushed having never, ever heard anyone use that term to describe him. Robert rolled over and pulled Stevie up to him, spooning him to his chest, nestling his spent cock up to his ass and they fell asleep.

Over the next few of days Robert noticed Stevie responded to being held down, to their sex being physical, man to man. It excited him to think about it going to the next level. He had told Stevie about some of his gear to see how he would respond. But Stevie always held back some, never coming out with how he really felt unless Robert prodded him. But he knew Stevie would love it, the way he responded to being held down, the way he begged Robert to fuck him, even responding to a few good hard slaps to his ass when they fucked. Stevie had a couple of times rolled Robert on his back as if he was going to try fucking him. It excited Robert to think about it but he would usually just suck his cock or pull up and sit down on it, riding it till he came on Robert's chest. There was the one time he scooted up and told Robert to suck his cock as he pushed it in his mouth. A moment when he took charge, let Robert feel his weight, his hot ass sit on his chest as he fed Robert his cock. But all too soon he came, pumping his load into Robert's mouth.

Stevie had never felt they way he did now. Robert, of all people, wanted him and the sex; he didn't know it could be so good. He kept pushing Robert for he liked it when it got physical, when they practically wrestled each other during foreplay. It made his cock hard to think about it. Robert was so masculine, so much more developed he thought he had to get him to dominant him, to hold him down, to fuck him harder and harder, until the sweat ran down their bodies. He loved the feel of him on top of him weighing him down. The guys he hung out with knew something was different, but the signs were all wrong to them, they didn't understand or realize what changes they were seeing. And Robert's close friends, especially a woman he went through high school with who visited some weekends, would give Stevie knowing smiles. Robert included him in all his social endeavors, the parties, going to baseball games and even playing racquetball in the evenings working up a sweat, fatiguing their bodies, making Stevie feel better than he had ever felt.

It was a rainy Saturday that Robert pushed things to a new level. They were lying on his bed just messing around when Robert rolled Stevie on his back and held him down.

"Do you like it when I hold you down?" he asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"I thought I'd dig out things. You think..." and he hesitated.

"Sure, why not. I'm game." Stevie replied as simply as if he was agreeing to go out to eat.

In only a few minutes Robert had Stevie tied up. Then he made him suck his cock, to take it all until Robert thought he'd cum if he didn't stop. Then he rolled Stevie over on his stomach, shoved his briefs in Stevie's mouth and with his legs separated by the spreader bar Robert dropped down between his legs and began to rub his cock up and down his ass, pushing the wet leaking head over Stevie's hole, slicking it up. Then he pushed, pushed hard and watched his cock sink into Stevie, steadily in until he was all the way in his ass. Stevie moaned through the briefs in his mouth as he took Robert's fucking. It was hard and fast as Robert slammed his cock in and out of Stevie, actually taking his cock by the base, pulling all the way out and slamming back in. When he needed to cum he pulled out and shot off across his back and ass. Robert didn't wait long when he pulled Stevie up and hooked his tied wrist up to a hook secured in the ceiling. Still gagged and feet spread by the spreader bar Stevie was ready for what Robert wanted to do next. He brought the flogger out and let Stevie see it, then he ran it over his bare skin, across his chest and stomach, over his hard leaking cock, around and over his ass and up his back. Then he pulled back and began to flog his back and ass. He used a steady rhythm at first let the strikes hit just hard enough that eventually Stevie's skin began to glow red. When he moved to Stevie's front he saw his cock had a long drool of pre-cum half way to the floor as it was flexing up and down. He began on his chest and stomach, watching Stevie's breathing become ragged, sucking in air hard, and moaning louder and louder. Then he did it, slapped downward letting the flogger hit and wrap around Stevie's hard cock. He was so close it was flexing up and down. Robert couldn't stand it, and he dropped to his knees and took the wet hard cock in his mouth. He barely got into rhythm sucking its length when Stevie came, pumping great big shots of cum into his mouth, more than usual.

As their role playing developed Stevie seemed more in tune with himself, getting off on the bondage and the devices Robert used. Robert loved the way Stevie responded but something wasn't right. Sometimes it felt wrong. But he knew it was only a matter of time and they'd find that special connection that made it perfect. Robert bought more gear; gags, blindfolds, cock rings, nipple clamps and other restraints. He also bought them articles to wear: leather pants, leather jock straps with snap on cod pieces, harness for himself and a rubber shirt for Stevie and nice black boots. They didn't use it all the time for they still would spend entire evenings just having sex and making out, but when they did they got a little more intense each time, finding each other's limits.

Stevie loved the way Robert loved him, had sex with him and the different aspect of bondage was something he especially loved. The roles of submissive slave and dominant master made him get off so much harder than usual. It made his cock ache in need. But he wanted more, something else, and hoped Robert would soon show him what it was he desired.

They grew closer and closer as the semester progressed. They were approaching finals and agreed to focus on exams and refrain from too much fucking around until afterwards. Robert told Stevie they would go out to a fetish bar in the city once they were done with exams and celebrate. Stevie didn't know what to expect.

Outside the club they sat watching other people enter and seeing how they were dressed and how they would fit in. Robert wore a harness, tight jeans and black boots. Stevie was in tight jeans, a tight fitting rubber shirt, black boots, and leather restraints on each wrist and ankle. When they were ready to go in Robert put on a collar around Stevie's neck and attached a leash.

"I don't want you escaping me when we get inside."

The music was unlike anything Robert had ever heard, but Stevie knew most of it. The dance floor stayed packed and the back rooms for flogging, bondage play or so many other scenes kept the two of them moving around, enjoying themselves. Sometime mid-morning they were standing in a back room watching one guy dominate another he had tied up between two posts. A woman approached dragging her boy on a leash, and told Robert she would love to see his boy on his knees. Stevie blushed but Robert smiled and said sure. He told Stevie to turn around. He secured his wrist together and told Stevie to face him. He touched Stevie on the shoulder and he went down on his knees. Robert pulled the leash toward his crotch and Stevie moved in, putting his mouth over it, mouthing Robert's cock through the denim, knowing he wasn't wearing any briefs tonight. The denim got wet with his exertions and soon the bulge of Robert's hard cock was evident, stretching over to the right. Stevie kept at it tonguing its length.

"I want to see him suck it" the woman said as a small group stood around them watching.

"Take it out" he ordered Stevie. Stevie struggled with the zipper more than usual, but he soon had Robert's cock freed. It was hard and wet with cum around the head. Stevie licked the head clean, savoring the taste he knew so well, and then he plunged down taking it all the way until his face was buried in Robert's pubes. Robert held him place until he was red in the face, needing air. Then he let Stevie work on his cock. The audience excited Robert, to let others watch them. When he got close he pushed Stevie's mouth off his cock, took it in hand and jerked off in his face, letting everyone see the load Stevie had sucked out of him, plastering his face with it till it ran down and dripped off his chin.

"Nice. You want to do my boyfriend?" the woman asked.

"What?" Robert asked in surprise, but quickly regaining himself he told her no, that Stevie was the only person getting his cock tonight. She smiled as she told him too bad, for she would love to see him fuck her boyfriend, then they moved on.

Robert was going to let the cum dry on Stevie's face but when they backed up into a corner, for some reason he decided to clean it off with his tongue. He ran his tongue over Stevie's chin and up his cheek. When he had it all licked off he didn't stop, but began to make out with Stevie, kissing him, desiring him. He stopped long enough to unhook the wrist cuffs as they continued to make out.

As Robert ran his tongue over Stevie's ear he whispered into it "When you were sucking me it was so exciting to watch you take me like that in front of everyone, but I have to tell you, I wanted to be sucking your cock then...I wanted to be down on my knees." Stevie pushed his face back and looked at him in the eye and smiled. He reached up and took off the collar and then put it on Robert.

"Take off the harness" Stevie commanded as he began to remove the wrist cuffs. When Robert dropped the harness down on a chair he held out his hands for Stevie to put the cuffs on. Without realizing it others had notice what was going on, the change in their stance, they way the role of submission was changing.

"Steve." It was all Robert said, but Stevie knew by not calling him Stevie but Steve he was moving beyond his childhood name. Steve fastened the wrist cuffs on and secured them together, put the collar around Robert's neck and then reached into Robert's front pocket for another fastener. He slid the collar around till the ring was in back, touched Robert's shoulder and watched him drop to his knees. Steve took Robert's bound wrists and pulled them up and over his head and fastened them to the ring at the back of his neck. Then he stood in front of Robert.

Robert waited, waited to be told he could move, anxious, wanting it bad. Steve made him wait for what seemed like minutes, and people began to gather around, waiting to see the big strong stud submit. He could see Steve ball his fist up and release a few times, building up the moment.

"What do you want?" Steve asked.

"I want to suck your cock. I want to service you...sir." It was almost time. Robert looked down but in a clear loud voice he asked "Can I please suck your cock?"

"Ok" was all Steve said as Robert leaned in and began to work his cock through his jeans. He mouthed the hard mound that had been there for most of the night, he buried his face into Steve's crotch, breathed in deeply and then blew the warm air of his lungs back through the fabric. He worked the snap until it released, then got the zipper in his teeth and pulled down, slowly so as not to lose his hold on it until it was a far down as he could get it, then he spread open Steve's jeans, revealing his white boxers, damp with sweat and salvia, his hard cock partially visible, stretched out to the side, hard, pushing against the fabric. Robert drove his tongue through the fly till he tasted the flesh, the sweat, and he moaned loudly as he pushed in harder. He got the waist band in his mouth and began to pull down, struggling to get them to slide down.

"Damn, the fucking slave wants it bad" Robert heard someone close by say. It made his cock jerk to think of it, of being on his knees working frantically to get to Steve's cock, to suck it, to take it in his mouth. Steve finally helped him by pushing his jeans and boxers down to below his balls, freeing his cock. It bounced up and hit Robert in the face as he struggled to get it in his mouth. It was his, and no one else could have it, nor should they see it without his mouth on it. With the head captured he sucked hard on it, capturing all the pre-cum, tasting it. Steve let out a heavy breath. Robert then pushed his mouth down, taking the full length, letting it slid over his tongue and down his throat. He began to fuck his face on it, pulling back and pushing back down as hard as he could, filling it cut off his air as he buried his face in Steve's crotch. Steve finally took hold of his head, firmly in each hand, and began to pump his hips, driving his cock in and out of this throat, sliding the head back over his tongue, slamming it in the sides of his mouth, then pushing it back down his throat. Steve's pace quickened rapidly, with his cock hammering Robert's throat. Steve suddenly let go of his head, pulled back till his cock was free of his mouth, grabbed Robert by the hair with his left hand and jacked his cock with the right. He came hard, with a thick wad hitting Robert in the face, spatter over his cheek and nose, then another and another wad pumped out spattering Robert's face until cum dripped off thickly, down on to his chest, running down toward his heaving stomach. Steve pulled his head back by the hair until he was looking up at him.

"Good boy", then he ran his tongue through his own cum up Robert's cheek, then he kissed him hard on the mouth, shoving his tongue in with his cum still on it. Robert sucked the tongue in tasting the load he was previously denied.

At the bar Steve ordered each of them a drink. Robert's hands were still secured but no longer attached to the ring in the collar and remnants of dried cum were still on his face and bare chest. Both were sweaty and still pumped up. Some old Front 242 blasted out through the air mixed with some new sound that vibrated down to their bones.

"Oh shit, I forgot your harness" Steve suddenly remembered.

"Fuck it. I don't think it suited me. I prefer this" Robert told him, and he knew it was true. The times he wondered what was missing he now knew was the wrong question. Nothing was missing but the roles were wrong. It was Steve who would be master and he the slave whenever they role played, wanted to kink it up a little. It would be him tied down, his hole played with until he was begging to be fuck, and it would be Steve welding the flogger or working his ass open for inserting toys, or his fingers, or his cock. He looked over at Steve, seeing him bounce the way he does when he's listening to music he likes. He looked different. Steve caught him staring at him and smiled.

"Come on slave boy, lets dance."



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