Not Your Typical Father

Part Four

Tom was honing his skills by fucking me, when we heard my dad come home with a trick. We had anticipated this, and our door was securely closed. Dad looked in on me when the client left, and saw me wrapped up in Tom's strong arms. I waved to him. He smiled, closed the door, and went to sleep.

When Tom and I left for school in the morning, it was my dad who was sound asleep. The phone rang several times before he awakened sufficiently to answer it.

"Hello," he mumbled.

"Mike, it's Nick. I took a personal day off. Please can I come over? I need desperately to talk to you."

"Honey, you can come over any time during the day. Just call first if you want to come over in the evening."

"I'm right outside. I'll be up in a sec."

Dad ran to unlock the door and Nick rushed in. They fell into each other's arms. Dad was naked, and he pulled Nick into the bedroom. They made desperate love to each other, until finally they needed to rest.

"What was the urgent matter you needed to talk to me about?" Dad asked.


"Nicky honey, I love you to pieces, but we have no future together."

"That's not true. I can't accept that. We have to find a way, and I've been giving it a lot of thought."

"Talk," Dad said.

"First of all, I love my children. They will always be in my life, just as Brad is in yours, but I don't love my wife. I never did. I would leave her in a heart beat for you." Dad's heart did indeed skip a beat when he heard that. He was at a loss for words so Nick continued.

"It kills me to think of you in the arms of another man, except for Brad of course. I want you to quit and get a real job. I promise to give you more sex than you can handle."

"What would I do?"

"You told me that you were a whiz with electronics. I have a friend who owns a Radio Shack franchise. He told me that he's always looking for good help. He said that he would like to interview you today."

"Wow, that's quick. Brad suggested I do something like that, and then go to one of the trade schools and study something technical. I never finished high school, but I don't think the technical schools care."

"Would you do it Mike? Would you do it for me?

"I'd go to hell for you."

"Then let's get dressed and I'll take you to my friend's store."

When I came home Nick and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee. I kissed them both a little too passionately for a son, but I didn't care. I was in love with Tom, and by extension, I was in love with the whole world at this moment. I poured myself a glass of milk and sat down with them. They were smiling like two Cheshire cats.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Dad grabbed my hands in his big paws. "I've got a job, Brad, a real job. I won't make as much as we did on the streets, but we'll get by. I'm going to finish high school on line, and at the same time go to one of those tech schools like you suggested, and things will get better, I promise."

I was too stunned to say anything. My brain was too busy processing everything he had just told me. Nick decided that my silence was a good time for him to start talking.

"I'm leaving my wife, Brad. I'm not in a happy position. After meeting your father, I looked in the mirror the next morning, and I said to myself, 'you're a really good guy, Nick, and you deserve to be happy the rest of your life. I'm moving in with you and your dad. Will you give us your blessing Brad?"

It was beginning to sink in, and I jumped out of my seat. "Group hug," I cried. The three of us hugged so tightly it's a miracle that no bones were broken.

After we settled down, I told them what had transpired between Tom and me. Both of them grew angry at Tom's father, Jim.

"The hypocritical bastard," Dad said. "He's willing to suck a prostitute's cock, but not let his own son sleep with one. I can't wait until Tom comes into his inheritance and tells the bastard off."

"What'll you do if he calls requesting our services again?" I asked.

"I'm not sure what I'll do, but I can tell you he's in for one hell of a surprise."

Tom had to go home to Long Island for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nick moved in between the two holidays. He had his two kids every other weekend. They were as cute and adorable as I knew they would be. Nick, Jr. was five and Janie was three. I gave up my bedroom for them when they were with us, and I slept in my father's bed with him and Nick.

I must honestly say that during those weekends, I tried to avoid sex with them, but it was impossible, and the three of us had the same fun as the first night Nick had "visited" us. Other than those weekends, I entertained Tom in my room, and Nick and Dad carried on their business in their room.

It was wonderful to have my dad home so much more in the evening, but his hours were still erratic, as were Nick's. Sometimes he opened the shop and was home for dinner. Other times, he had the late shift, and came home about 10 PM. The same was true for Nick. Sometimes he left before dawn, and other times he left at noon and came home quite late. Of course their early and late nights never seemed to coincide, but that didn't seem to matter to either of them. They were extremely happy with their lives.

I didn't want Tom's studies to suffer or for his father to find out about us, so I told him he could only visit me weekends, every other weekend at that. Of course, he objected vehemently, and occasionally I let him come over one evening during the week. I'm just an old softy.

The years flew by rapidly. Suddenly I was a sophomore at UB and Tom was a senior. He had come into his inheritance, but I made him invest every penny, and not spend any of it. We kept our relationship a secret, and his dad paid for his education. Speaking of his dad, he never did call for our services, nor did any of the friends he promised us. Maybe they looked for us on the streets and couldn't find us. Or maybe he didn't call because of what Tommy had told him about the two of us. It doesn't matter.

Tom had majored in accounting, and he got a good job in Buffalo before his graduation. His father was chagrined that he would not be returning to New York, but he was happy that his son was on his way to a promising career. I attended Tom's graduation and afterward, he introduced me to his father. We expected the worst, but either his father did not recognize or remember me, or he chose to remain silent.

I told him that I was majoring in finance also, and our long term goal was for Tom and me to have our own CPA firm some day. He actually seemed pleased, took us out to dinner, and after dinner, he took a cab to the airport. Tom and I went back to our new one bedroom apartment right next door to Nick and my dad.

We celebrated Tom's graduation and his new job in a very big way. I wouldn't let him do a thing. My present to him was for me to do all the work and let him lie back and enjoy. I gave him a long and very sensuous trip around the world, and then I sucked him. I followed that by rimming him. That almost got him off, but I stopped just in time, and he was able to hold back.

Finally I greased his cock really good, and greased my asshole even gooier. I straddled him, lined up his prick with my hole, and sat down very slowly until he was fully engorged inside of me. I just sat like that, not moving, letting him enjoy the moment. I looked down at him and smiled, but my smile froze when I saw Tom crying.

"What's the matter, love? Did I hurt you? I never intended..."

"Oh shut up. You could never hurt me. You make me so damned happy, I can't help myself. I'm crying for joy."

Suddenly he thrust his body up and we started to pump rhythmically. It was sheer euphoria, this dance of love. I began to savor every second of our moment in paradise. I was sure that it could not get any better. I felt myself cumming even before Tom. As I shot onto Tom's chest, my body started to spasm. My asshole contracted and Tom started to wail. I felt his essence filling me up, and now I cried, thanking God for my good fortune and asking him to bless Tom forever.

Meanwhile, next door, Nick had just come home from work. My dad had made him a fine dinner of barbequed chicken breasts and roasted potatoes. The two men began to kiss. Their embrace got more and more passionate. Dinner would have gotten cold and forgotten if Dad had not put an end to it.

They ate dinner in silence, sitting across the table from each other, smiling, winking, and mouthing terms of endearment. After dinner they cleaned up, and made the kitchen ship shape. They showered together, and finally fell into bed, slightly damp, smelling of soap and sweet body lotions.

In bed they twisted into a sixty-nine position. They were both dripping a copious amount of pre-cum, and each was licking the other dry, when the phone rang.

"Shit," Dad said.

"Let the fucking thing ring," Nick whimpered. But of course Dad reached over to his bedside table and picked up the phone.

"Hello," he said into the phone, but it sounded like he was asking a question.

"Hi, is this Mike?"

"You got that right. I don't recognize your voice, and my phone ID says, unknown name. Do I know you?"

"Yes and no. My name is Jim Roberts. I was widowed last year, and recently I decided to sell my house and move into a small apartment. I was in the process of packing, and I came across a piece of paper I thought I had lost. I have been searching for it for at least four years. It just has your first name on it and your telephone number. I hired you one night and paid you a thousand dollars because you let me take your son's virginity. Does that ring a bell?"

Bells ringing? Yes, indeed. They were clanging to the point that Dad's ear drums were hurting. He realized that he was talking to Tom's father. He got himself together and listened to Jim as he continued.

"I'm here in Buffalo for my son's graduation. He and his partner think I've gone back to New York, but I'm at The Sheraton downtown. I'll be here for at least another week. I was wondering if you and your son are still in business, and if we could maybe get together?"

Dad took a deep breath and said, "I don't know how you ever got this paper with my name and telephone number, Mr. Roberts, but my son is in college, and I'm a foreman in a factory. We make microchips for several large computer manufacturers. The only thing you have right is that I'm gay. My partner is a cop, and he runs in johns like you every day." Dad enjoyed the lie. He was playing with Jim, and having fun.

"I'm sorry to have bothered you, and I apologize for mistaking you for a prostitute." Jim sounded so sad that my father took pity on him.

"Don't apologize Jim. I've been toying with you. You have the right number, but time changes a lot of things. My son and I were out of business two or three days after we met you. You see, we both met the loves of our lives, and went 'straight,' if you'll excuse the expression. I'd really like to help you out, Jim. Tomorrow is Saturday, and my partner Nick and I are going to our favorite gay bar for a few drinks, and to socialize. Would you like to meet us there? We have lots of friends we can introduce you to. If you hook up, you won't have to pay for it."

"You'd do that for me?" Jim asked incredulously.

"Of course. We're old friends. Meet us at Smiley's at 9 PM. It's on Main and Oak, just two blocks from the corner where we met. Do you think you'll recognize me?"

"Sure. You'll be the best looking guy in the bar."

"Wait until you meet my partner, Nick. He makes me look ugly. You know, I have a better idea. Why don't you check out of your hotel and take a cab to our place? You can shack up in our spare bedroom. Do you remember how to get here?"

"I think so, but give me the address just in case. Why are you being so nice to a perfect stranger?"

"We are hardly strangers. After all, as you pointed out, you took my son's cherry. Do you remember the eighteenth birthday present you gave your son? Well, I had the honor of taking his cherry. That makes us practically family. There are also a few things you need to discover about yourself and about life in general. Don't worry. It's all good, and in the end we'll be great pals, I promise you."

"What do you mean?" Jim asked. He found my father's words to be very cryptic.

"Just get over here. You won't be sorry." He gave Tom's father the address and his apartment number, and hung up before Jim could ask more questions.

Dad turned to Nick. "How would you feel about making Tom's dad really happy tonight?"

"As long as we are making him happy as a team, I don't mind at all. After all, we're family. It should be a lot of fun."

Jim took a taxi, and was at my dad's apartment in no time. When he came into the apartment, Dad took his suitcase and put it in the spare bedroom. He introduced Jim to Nick, and Jim was speechless. When he found his tongue, he said, "You're right Mike. He's gorgeous."

"You're one handsome dude yourself," Nick said. He was about to add, "It's easy to see where Tom gets his good looks," but he stopped himself just in time.

"Would you like a cup of coffee?" Dad asked.

"No thanks, but it's been a long day and I'm bushed. I'd really like to turn in."

"The bed in the guest room is all made, and there are towels and wash cloths on it. We only have one bathroom in the hall. You can shower there."

"Thanks guys. I usually shower in the morning."

"That's fine," Nick said. We can wait until morning to appoint you 'Lucky Pierre'. "

It took Jim a few seconds for that last remark to sink in. His eyes lit up and he said, "You know I think I'll shower tonight."



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