Not Your Typical Father

Part Two

I had to force myself to go to school the next morning. I left my father sleeping soundly and snoring lightly. I loved school, but for the first time, the day seemed endless to me. I counted every minute until I could get home. I rushed into the apartment, but my dad was not there. I found a note on the kitchen table.

Dear Brad: Have a bite to eat and do all your homework. Then you can look for me on the corner of Main and Sycamore. Take a bus. I know we'll be lucky and a client will drive us home. If I find out that you didn't do your homework, you're grounded for life. Love you. Dad.

I did just what he told me to do. Of course, I did it much more quickly than I ordinarily would have. Homework finished, I hurried to the bus stop and took the bus downtown.

It ran along Main Street and I got off at Sycamore. It was easy to spot my father. He was the only male milling around a few scantily dressed women, and he was already talking to a rather good looking prospective client. In fact, he was too good looking, and some innate sense of danger sent a warning throughout my entire body. The man was big, maybe six feet, four inches. He was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. His muscles clawed at his shirt, seeking relief. He and my dad were clad identically. From the distance I saw him, I could tell that his hair was dark blond, but I couldn't make out the color of his eyes. I figured him to be about the same age as my father.

I ran toward my father, and while still some distance away, I yelled at him, "Hi Pop. Hungry? I am."

Dad looked astonished. "Excuse me sir," I said to the prospective client. "I don't mean to be rude and interrupt, but I need a quick word with my father."

"Your father?" the man said with a question mark in his voice. "Sure, take all the time you need."

I pulled him aside and whispered in his ear. "This one's a cop; from the vice squad, I'll bet."

"What makes you think so?" Dad asked. "I've kept you so sheltered, how could you possibly smell fuzz on anyone?"

"Dunno, but I'll bet you anything. Have you propositioned him yet?"

"No, I was waiting for you to get here. Forgive me Brad, but I thought you would make great bait."

"Nothing to forgive, I am bait. Now let's say a friendly goodbye and get out of here. We can come back later, if he's gone." We walked back to the waiting man, who looked at us quizzically.

"This is my son, Brad," my father said to the man. "Say hello to Nick, Brad," he said to me. "I promised Brad dinner out tonight so we have to get going. It was nice meeting you and talking to you, Nick." We turned to leave.

"Wait," the man said, but it wasn't an order. It was more like a plea. We froze in our tracks and turned to Nick.

"What?" Dad asked.

"I reckon the kid has figured me out. Good job, Brad. I am a cop, but not a vice cop, so please don't turn away from me. I'm strictly an off-duty traffic cop. I'm here for some action and I'm willing to pay."

Dad smiled at me, and he asked, "Why does a good looking guy like you need to pay for it?"

"I may be a traffic cop, but I still can't afford to be outed because of my line of work. Anyone I might hook up with could well blackmail me. Another reason that I have to be careful is that I have a wife and two little kids to consider."

"How do you know that we won't out you?" I asked as arrogantly as I could.

"Because I would say that you are being a nasty, lying, little kid. I'd say that you were making accusations because I tried to run in the pair of you." Nick looked down at his feet and shuffled his sneakers around. "Please," he murmured, "I really need this. I know now that I should never have married, but I did, and now I'm in a bind. Help me out please."

My compassionate father weakened. I remained suspicious. "We are a package deal," Dad said in a very business-like tone of voice. As such, we charge a little bit more, but you are in a position to keep us safe, so I'll only charge you what I would charge for me alone, But let me warn you, if you send us any of your friends, they'll pay fifty percent more."

"I am not in a position to be a referral service for you. I have no gay friends, and I'm not likely to have any either. The way I see it, we are codependent on each other - in a good way."

"Do you have a car? We can go to our apartment, if you are willing."

"That will be great, and I don't have to rush. I told Amy I was working all night."

"I get $100 an hour when I work alone and $150 when we work together. I told you I'd charge you $100 an hour. How long would you like to stay?"

"Well gentlemen, let's see how the first hour goes, and then I'll make a decision. If I leave after an hour, I'll drive you back to your corner so you can solicit another trick. If I stay longer, I'll make your day worthwhile, or I should say your evening." Nick smiled at my father and he smiled back in a way that I suddenly became jealous. I tried to shrug the feeling off as pure nonsense. My dad was a professional. No way would he grow feelings for a trick, especially a cop.

"My car is right around the corner," Nick said, and he started to walk away. We followed him, but Dad turned around and waved goodnight to some of the ladies on the corner. I somehow got the feeling that we would not be returning to the corner this evening.

Dad got in the passenger side, so I was obliged to sit in the back. All the way home, I could see him groping Nick's package and Nick groping back. Although I knew the three of us would be equals in bed, I grew jealous once again. I tried to shrug it all off, but I couldn't. As a result I grew sullen, even though I knew it was bad for business. I promised myself to be all grins and smiles when we got home.

Once we were in the apartment, Nick didn't waste any time. At $100 an hour he was inspired to hurry things along. My dad failed to ask for payment up front as he had the night before, but I figured that he knew his business ----- and his tricks. In a flash, the three of us were in bed together. Dad and I immediately went down on Nick. He heaved an exceptionally deep sigh, but he said, "I don't want to cum this way guys. I want to unload in one of your asses; your choice."

"That'll be me," Dad said. Then in a very matter-of-fact tone he asked, "Do you want to be in the middle and have Brad fuck you while that's going on, or should I be in the middle and fuck my son? He emphasized 'my son' remembering how turned on Jim had been the night before when he ordered my dad to fuck me.

"I'll think about it," Nick said, "but there's no rush. Keep sucking me guys until I tell you to stop, and then I want to suck both of you before we actually fuck. Let's try to delay our orgasms for as long as possible."

An hour and fifteen minutes later, I unloaded in Nick's ass. He unloaded in my dad's and then we both sucked my father to glory. Afterward, we lay together in Dad's king sized bed. Nick was in the middle facing my father and I nested my cock in Nick's ass. He didn't even notice. He kept staring into Dad's eyes and stroking his cheek gently with the back of his hand. My dad was making no attempt to turn away or stop Nick in any way. They were lying there like two lovers. Their bodies were grinding together, and could not get any closer, unless they repealed the law of physics which stated that two masses could not occupy the same space at the same time.

Frankly, I panicked. The two men were falling in love. That would be obvious to an imbecile, and I was really upset. The night before, my dad and I had made big plans for the future, and they didn't include any third party, no matter how handsome he might be. It took me a few minutes to remember that Nick was married, and he said his kids were little. I could tell that this man would never hurt or abandon his all-American family, and I relaxed some. If he wanted to be a steady customer, that would be fine with me --- but nothing more.

The next day in school I thought about Nick. I remembered seeing many a movie where a widow or widower sought happiness with a new partner, but the kids stood in the way, totally ignoring the parent's need for love and companionship. I could never understand how these kids could be so blind. When I realized that I was being one of them, I promised myself to chill. If my father found someone to love, I would not stand in his way. Eventually, I would find my someone also. It wasn't the lifetime I had envisioned with him, but I accepted it as a possibility.

The minute I made that resolution, Nick suddenly became one of the nicest guys in the world, at least in my estimation. Anyway, at best, he would only be a part-time lover, leaving me plenty of quality time with my dad. I began to laugh at myself. My jealousy had created an entire scenario that had no basis. It was just my over active imagination.


Nicholas Sokolovski, a descendent of near-giant Polish parents, arrived home in the morning, just as his wife was leaving. His kids were already strapped into the back seat of her mini-van. She would drop them off at a near-by day care, and proceed to her cashier's job at a local Walmart. He kissed her lightly on her cheek, and looked around the neighborhood. It was a trail of small bungalows in a nearly all Polish-American neighborhood. There were many such neighborhoods in Buffalo. Usually, he was happy and content, and felt lucky to have such a nice family, a nice home, and live in such a nice safe neighborhood.

Today, he looked around and was filled with pure angst. Everything was all wrong. It was Mike who should be greeting him at the door. The man he had fucked last night was everything he had ever dreamed of, everything he had ever wanted. The boy was like a bonus, and he could live with that. The three of them could be a loving, happy family.

He put his key in the door and walked directly into the living room. When he saw the familiar surroundings, he was jolted back to reality. Even if he could talk Mike into taking a regular job, they could never live together. He couldn't abandon his wife and kids. They would be so ashamed of him. And what about his parents? They would probably disown him and run to their Parish Priest to ask for a miracle of some sort. He locked the door, and ran to the phone. He reached into his wallet and retrieved the calling card Mike had given him. His fingers shook as he punched in the numbers.

Mike was just coming out of the shower and didn't pick up until the fourth ring. Nick almost hung up when he heard Mike's "Hello."

"Mike, it's Nick. I'm free until about 4 PM. I'd like to shower and change. I'll stop at my bank and get some money. Could I engage you for the day?"

Mike hesitated a long time before answering. "You can skip the bank part," he said. "Just get your ass over here as quick as you can."


I ran home from school, hoping to get there before Dad left for work. Opening the front door, I heard it immediately. The sounds coming from my father's bedroom were the sounds of pure, passionate love making. Dad's door was open. I walked stealthily up to it, and I peeked in to see a familiar scene. My father was being fucked by a client. I smiled and started to retreat. I could only see the client's back, and my smile faded rapidly, when I realized that it was Nick.

Was Dad giving him a freebie or was he paying? If it were a free session, why was he endangering our income flow? The reason was obvious. The two men were in love, just as I had suspected. I left the house and did not return for another hour. When I did, neither of them was there. I supposed that Dad had gone to work, and Nick too, perhaps.

I did my homework, had a ham sandwich, and took the bus to Main and Sycamore. Dad was engaged in soliciting a middle aged, bald, rather portly man. Let me restate that. The man was more than portly; he was more like obese. He grossed me out. But money was money, after all. I approached the pair and my dad said, "Oh Brad, I'm so glad you're here." Then looking at his client he said, "This is my son, Brad, the one I told you about, Johnny." Johnny took one look at me, and began to drool.

"OK," he said. "$150 an hour it is." He held out his hand for my father to shake, and to seal the deal.

When we got into our apartment, Johnny began to peel off his clothing almost immediately.

"Not so fast," Dad said. "Let's see the color of your money." Johnny took out a wad of bills and counted out $150.

"Give it to Brad."

Once again, I hid the cash in my room and joined the others a moment later. They were both naked. Just like Nick, our client chose to fuck my Dad and he wanted me to fuck him. We were done in half an hour. He graciously agreed to share a cab with us back to Main and Sycamore so that we might possibly find another trick, as it was still early. But that was it for us for the evening.

It was early October. In Buffalo that meant the nights were getting quite cold. We gave up after a couple of hours and headed home. Dad's cell phone rang on the bus. It was Nick. No surprise there. I couldn't hear Nick, but I could tell that he was making a date for sex.

"Of course, I'll save the evening for you. Yeah, see you Monday."

My resolve melted as my jealousy returned. "How much is he going to pay for a whole evening?" I demanded to know. I swear, the look my dad gave me was one I had never seen before. It was a mixture of anger and disappointment.

"I'll take care of business," he said curtly. "All you have to do is wiggle your precious little butt."

I knew I had over stepped his boundary, and I mumbled, "Sorry Dad. Please don't be mad at me."

He laughed and threw his big muscled arms around me. I knew that I was all right again. I would have to be super careful where Nick was concerned.

To be continued......



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