Not Your Typical Father

Part Three

We didn't go out on Monday evening. Instead Nick came to us. When my dad let him in, they kissed passionately, and then Nick gave me a chaste, closed lip kiss on my mouth. If I knew I could get away with it, I would have murdered him then and there; and fuck his wife and kids.

Nick was carrying two full bags of groceries. "I stopped at a Chinese restaurant and picked up dinner for us," he smiled at me. What a smile. It melted my heart. I wanted so much to hate this man, but I simply couldn't.

"You'll probably have to warm up the soup, Mike," he said, and kept on grinning at both of us. It was a time before I realized how much the man yearned to be in a gay environment. He was just trying to be domestically gay, but he was annoying me with his cloying smile.

"I'll warm everything up," Dad said. "Why don't you two guys set the table?"

Nick put his massive, muscled arms around my shoulder, and said, "Come on sport. Let's do this together. You know how much I like to do things with you." He smiled and leaned down to kiss me again. Only this time, his lips parted and I felt his tongue, so I parted mine and we kissed less chastely.

I see your plan, I thought. You think you'll get the father by winning over the son. Well shit, your plan is working.

The meal was delicious, and as we were cleaning up I thanked Nick by kissing him this time. My father was strangely quiet. He just kept looking at both of us and smiling.

Unfortunately Nick could not stay on. He had told his wife he had to work late, and now it was time to go home. My theory that all he could ever be was a part time lover was reinforced. When he left, I had mixed feelings which totally confused me. On the one hand I was glad he was gone, but on the other I was disappointed that he would not be our trick for the night. I had to correct myself. He would never be a trick again. He was our lover, or at least, my father's lover.

Dad and I took the bus downtown. The Buffalo nights were getting colder and johns were fewer. Nobody wanted to patrol the streets in such cold weather; neither working boys nor their clients.

We thought we were lucky when a young man approached us. My father asked how old he was, because he didn't look legal. He swore that he was eighteen and was a freshman at UB. My father asked him for college ID, which thankfully he produced.

"Why does a good looking youngster like you need to pay for it? Our typical customer is a middle-aged married business man from another city."

My father wanted to make sure the young man knew what he was doing.

"I got a visit from my dad a couple of days ago. He's gay also, but he's in the closet. He urged me to come out and be honest with myself. You guys took care of him the night before he left. He told me where I could find you, and said that you two could properly break me in. He said I should not trust my first time to raw amateurs. He even gave me $500 as an eighteenth birthday present."

"Is your dad's name Jim?" I asked. The young man nodded, and I started to laugh. He looked at me quizzically.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Thomas. Everybody calls me Tom or Tommy."

"Well, Tommy," I said, "this has to be fate. Your father was my first, and my father will be your first."

"Are we on then?" he asked with anticipation.

"You bet," Dad said, speaking up at last. "How did you get here?"

"I have a car. It's parked across the street."

"Then let's go."

Dad said goodbye to the few remaining female prostitutes, and off we went. The weather had turned bitter cold, so as soon as we got into the house, he put up the tea kettle and took some biscuits from the cupboard. "This'll warm us up," he said. His real motive was to get Tom relaxed. It was obvious how scared he was. Hell, he was two years older than I was. He should not have been a virgin, nor so scared.

I took a good look at him. Man, he was handsome. He resembled his father, only much better looking. He was a pretty big guy, about the same size as my dad, but much smaller than Nick. I couldn't wait to see what hung between his legs, and start to play with it.

We were just about done with our tea and biscuits, when Dad said, "Why don't you two guys get going in the bedroom. I'll clean up and join you in a couple of minutes." I was looking at Tom, admiring his good looks, and I actually saw him turn white.

I jumped up and offered him my hand. "Don't be scared," I said. "You are about to embark on the most wonderful journey of your life." I smiled, and held his hand as gently as I could. I led him into the bedroom. He stood still, not knowing what to do, so I started to undress him. Finally he got the picture, and undressed himself rapidly. I was only half undressed by the time he was finished.

"Lie on your back," I said, motioning to the bed. He obeyed my instructions. I could only smile to myself. Our young virgin had his eyes tight shut. Notwithstanding his fear, his cock was ramrod straight, uncut and about seven inches. I lay down on top of him and began to kiss him. I think he was shocked, but once again he came around and began to kiss me back. I parted my lips and he parted his. When our tongues tickled each other, he began to sigh.

I began to work my way down his body, kissing and suckling until I reached his pubic hairs. I started to kiss him through the hair and he lifted his body. I could see the pre-cum on his cock and I licked it up hungrily. Now his whole body bucked. I took a few swipes of the underside of his cock and realized that he was about to blow, so I stopped. Thank God, my father came into the room. He was naked, and he took charge.

"Now Tommy," he said, "we are going to give you the ultimate pleasure. You are going to be in the middle. You can fuck me while Brad fucks you." A big smile covered Tom's face.

"Please Mike," he pleaded, "can I taste you both first."

"Of course. Anything you want."

We lay down on the bed on either side of the boy. He leaned over, smiled at me, and went down on me first. Damn he was good. At first he licked me all over from the outside. Then he took me into him. His tongue swathed my cock and his lips pumped the base gently. I knew I'd blow if I didn't stop him, so I told him, "Do my father now." He did, and my father had to stop him much sooner than I would have imagined. This prompted me to ask, "Man who taught you to suck like that?"

"My father did, but it's not what you are thinking. We never have made it together and probably never will. He used a banana to teach me technique."

I started to laugh. "My dad used a carrot." That brought all three of us to laughter.

"Let's get down to business," Dad said. He proceeded to teach Tom how to prepare to fuck and be fucked. He used a dildo to loosen the boy up and we went to work. It didn't take long for all of us to cum, filling our condoms and screaming loudly. Afterward we lay cuddled together, playing with our limp cocks, and enjoying the after glow.

"You can stay all night if you want to, and we can repeat this performance in the morning," my dad said. "You have paid the price of an all-nighter."

"I'd like that," Tom said. He was lying between us, and he turned away from my father and faced me. Our eyes met and he smiled at me. Then he pushed his body against mine, and mashed his limp dick against mine. We fell asleep that way, but before we did, I had the craziest thought. Tom looked at me the way my dad and Nick looked at each other from the beginning. That realization both warmed me and scared the shit out of me.

We were awakened about five in the morning by the shrill sound of a ringing telephone. The phone was on Dad's side of the bed. He grabbed it as quickly as he could, hoping we boys wouldn't wake up. Too late.

"Hi Nick," he said. "Hold on. I'll take it in the other room." He left quickly.

"I hope nothing's wrong," Tom remarked.

"No. That's just Dad's boyfriend. He's a cop and has weird hours."

"His boyfriend?" Tom asked. "Forgive me, but I didn't think you," hesitating, "people --- had boyfriends."

"I didn't think so either, but since my dad met Nick, I have come to change my mind. Nick is married with kids, so I have no idea where their relationship can go, but I can't wait to see how it all plays out."

Tom reached over and kissed me. "Please," he said, "play with me. I wouldn't mind being your boyfriend." He bent over me and started sucking my cock. Dad returned to the room and saw what was happening. He discreetly left the room, and put up the coffee for breakfast. Tom and I satisfied each other and showered together. Afterward we joined my dad in the kitchen.

Tom surprised me by kissing my father. "You guys are the greatest," he announced. "My father must know it too, since you are the best birthday present he ever gave me." Dad laughed and gave Tom a bear hug. Fearing I might get jealous, he then did the same to me.

After breakfast, Tom reluctantly announced that he had to leave.

"Why?" I asked, sounding very disappointed. "It's Saturday and I ain't going anywhere."

"I paid for an all-nighter, and I have no more money," the poor student said, lowering his eyes. I went to Tom and wrapped my arms around him.

"You don't have to pay to spend the day with me. We could do a movie or something, or maybe go ice-skating. I've never really had a buddy-friend. You wouldn't mind, would you Dad?"

"I wouldn't mind at all. I think it's a great idea."

We hung around the house until lunch time. Dad made us sandwiches and we opted on going to the latest "Iron Man" movie. When the film was over, I knew that Tom had to go back to his dorm and I had to go to work. Somehow it made me terribly sad. We sat in Tom's car, holding hands, and not speaking for about an hour. Finally he started the car and headed to my apartment to drop me off. When we arrived, we sat together silently for a little while longer. I couldn't stand it. I turned to him and began to kiss him passionately.

"Anytime you can come over on a Saturday or Sunday during the day," I informed him, "you won't need money. I think...I think I love you Tom."

After I said those fatal words, I jumped out of the car and he yelled after me, "I love you too."

I rushed into the apartment. I was breathing heavily, and my face was flushed in spite of the cold outdoor temperature.

"What's wrong?" my dad asked.

"Nothing!" I answered curtly, and went into my bedroom. I removed my outer garments and threw myself on my bed. Dad entered the room quietly and sat down beside me.

He took my hand and asked, "You love him, don't you?"

I nodded and started to cry. "This wasn't supposed to happen. You and I were going to spend our lives together. Now I love Tom and you love Nick."

"Sadly yes. It's easier for you and Tom. You're young and single. Nick is married, and we have encumbered lives. He's married with a couple of kids and I'm a prostitute. That kind of stuff doesn't make for a happy ending."

"What are we going to do?" I asked in utter despair. Dad thought for awhile and finally he answered.

"First of all, I'm retiring you as of this very minute. You aren't going out on the streets with me anymore. We are going back to where we were a week ago. You'll make yourself scarce, when I come home with a john. I insist that you finish high school and go on to college. Whether you end up with Tom or not, I want you to get an education and have the life that I wanted, but never could have.

I could have argued but I knew he was right. I thought a long time before I said to him, "Dad, you work nights. You could go back to day school also, not necessarily to finish high school. You could go to one of those tech schools. You know, where you can become an X-Ray technician or something like that.

He tousled my hair. "That sounds like a plan, "he said. "In the meantime I'm going to work. It's pretty cold out there, but some desperate guy might wander by. I'll give it a couple of hours. You get some sleep."

"OK, but I'm sleeping in your bed."

"Optimistic aren't you?"

"You bet."

Dad wasn't gone ten minutes when the phone rang. It was Tom, and my mood brightened immediately until I heard him sobbing.

"What's wrong?" I asked, afraid to hear the answer.

"I told my dad about us," he said. "He told me that if I took up with a prostitute, he would disown me, and cut off my college funds. I can't obey his wishes, Brad. What are we going to do?"

"First of all," I said, totally disheartened, "my dad won't let me go out on the streets with him any longer, and I can't participate at home anymore. Would that make a difference with your father?"

"I don't think so. He said even if you stopped prostituting yourself, which he doubts you can do, the threat stands."

Now I started sobbing. "If I can't be with you, I might as well go back on the streets."

"You better fucking not," he said. "Now listen to me. My dad isn't around much. We can see each other on the sly. My grandfather left me a sizable inheritance. I can't touch it until my twenty-first birthday, but then I can tell my father to go fuck himself. Will you wait three more years to be with me permanently?'

"I'll be in college then. As long as we can have stolen hours together, I can survive. I love you, Tommy. I love you a lot."

"I love you too, baby. As long as you aren't going out on the streets anymore, do you think I could spend the night with you?"

I broke out sobbing. "Tonight and every night," I said. "Please hurry over."

I sat at the kitchen table crying. Tom and I were pledged to each other, but I couldn't help wondering what was going to happen to my father and his beloved Nick.

To be continued...........



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