When I woke up I realized that I was alone. I figured that my hot "brother" had taken off in the night. I was sore all over. I lay there in the back of the van thinking about the night before. I reached up to run my hand through my hair and realized that my hair was crusty with cum, my breath tasted like stale piss, and then I reached around to my exposed ass and felt the butt plug was still in there. I scissored my legs slowly and felt the huge plug squish around in my still lubed and wet pussy. I started to get a hard on..."Man, I'm such a fucking slut", I thought with a smile. Even though my pussy was sore from all the brutal stretching and fucking of the night before, I was already horny again less than five minutes after waking up! I had no idea what time it was, but it was pretty hot in the back of that van, so I pulled on my cut off sweat shorts from the night before and opened the back door of the van. The air outside was cool, and by the sun I figured it was about 9 am. I stood there in my shorts and nothing else and stretched thinking to myself, "I would have followed that fucker anywhere. I wish he had stayed."

I went around to the drivers side door, reached in and grabbed a fat pre-rolled joint and lit up. I took a few tokes and was feeling pretty good. I love to wake and bake. Weed always gets me horny, no matter how tired and sore I am. Even though my brother fucker from the night before had taken off, he left his buttplug in my ass as a memento, and was still all stretched out, so I planned to clean my ass out, re-lube and search for some more cock for my still hungry mouth and pussy. I put out the joint and tucked it away, grabbed a smoke and my phone and started over to the free coffee stand. Some hot coffee would feel great on my raw throat. There was an old dude and his smiling wife serving up coffee and cookies. I dropped a buck in the tip can and sat on a bench lit a smoke and sipped my coffee. I knew I should go in the toilet and pull that big fucking plug out of my ass, but I was high and it felt good to be so full for a few minutes longer. I took out my phone and tried to check my e-mail, but my phone was saying that it was at capacity and couldn't function until I downloaded the huge video file. That's when I remembered that I had the whole fucking night on film!

I went back to the van and plugged my phone into my laptop so it could download. Then I grabbed my little man bag and my bottle of poppers, I figured I would need them if I was planning to take that plug out. I took care of business, rinsed out my hair brushed my teeth and cleaned myself up and then went into the far stall and cleaned myself out good. I've learned to love the ritual of cleaning my pussy out for a day of fucking. I like to do a couple of enemas and then fill the bulb with lube and shoot it up there, so I'm slick and ready. All that manipulation of my pussy lips and hole, with a little help from a sniff or two of poppers had me horny and ready for my day. Damn, I love my little slut vacations. I had just finished and was voiding the load of lube, feeling all slick and nasty sitting on a rest area toilet when I heard the door open. I heard footsteps and then a guy entered the stall next to mine.

He had on dirty work boots, so I figured him for a trucker. I decided to stick around for a minute and see what might happened. He pulled down his jeans, sat with a grunt and took a big shit. I heard him wipe himself up and flush. Then he just sat there. I waited, fingering my hole like a whore. The stall wall had little peepholes, not full fledged glory holes, but a few little holes that you could look through into the next shitter. I saw the trucker's shadow on the tiled floor lean over and look through one of the holes. I shoved two fingers in my ass and jerked off with the other hand, licking my lips and letting the random fucker in the next toilet know that I was up for anything. He stood up, and pulled up his jeans, I heard his belt clanking quietly as he unlocked his stall, and walked in front of the door to mine. He looked over the stall door and I smiled at him while shoving a third finger into my wet ass with a squishy sound.

"Fuckin' whore." The guy whispered and I could see the shadow of a big fucking cock on the tile at his feet, he was slowly jerking that cock and staring at me. He was a pretty tall dude, about 6'3", and maybe mid fifties. I could see a huge tuft of salt and pepper chest hair sticking out of his open work shirt. He was bald and had a rugged, worn and tired looking face, but his eyes were filled with nasty and he had that twist of the lips that I love as he stared me down. I loved seeing a man look at me like that, slowly shaking his head and sneering at me as I debased myself in a toilet.

"Whatever you want me to do, man." I said simply, staring back at him. I felt his eyes rake over me, thinking it over. The possibilities.

"Get your ass dressed and come out to my truck in five minutes." He said, tucking away his junk. "Blue and black Peterbilt parked at the end." He pulled out a cigarette and lit up still looking me over as I nodded my head willingly, fingering my cunt and moaning a little. He chuckled. "Goddamn, you a hungry bitch, aintcha?"

"Yes Sir!" I responded quietly, looking right into his hard eyes.

"Oh, yeah, baby. You bring that hairy fuckhole on out to my truck in five and I think you're gonna like what I got in there for you." He smiled a mysterious and sinister smile and then walked out the door. All of this verbal foreplay was getting to me. I had to let go of my pulsing cock or I was gonna shoot. I stood there for a second gathering myself, and then grabbed my bag and headed back out to the van. I dropped off my bag and when I did, I noticed a note on my windshield. At first I thought it was a ticket. But it was actually a note:

Stick around for an hour or so. I'll be back.

It was signed "Brother Joe". I smiled as I slipped the note in my pocket. "So, my brother's name is Joe" I thought to myself as I lit a smoke and grabbed my poppers and headed over to the blue and black Peterbilt at the end of the row. As I walked I could feel the stuff in my pockets weighing down my sweat shorts. I didn't have on any underwear and I could feel the warm breeze working itself down my exposed crack to my wet, wet, hole. I felt so sleazy and nasty, just how I like to feel.

I approached the Peterbilt and saw that the trucker was sitting in the driver's seat. He was bare chested now and smoking a cig. He waved me over to the passenger side and I opened the door and climbed up to sit into the seat, shutting the door behind me. He was totally naked and his hard cock was standing at attention against the steering wheel. He tossed out his smoke and turned to me as I sat there, not exactly sure how to start.

"Names Walt." he said "Well bitch, you ready to have a little fun?" He asked, stroking that big dick and smirking at me. This hot fucking redneck was gonna fuck me up, I could just feel it.

"I'm Buddy, but you can call me whatever the fuck you want. I'm more than ready, Daddy." I smiled like a good bitch.

"Climb in back and let's get this party started." The trucker commanded and I stood and parted the curtains to the condo in back. As soon as I stood, I felt two fingers rammed up my ass and as I stepped into the big, dimly lit back area of the cab, the fucker pushed me forward with his finger fucking. I lost my balance and started to fall forward only to be caught by another set of big rough hands. I looked up and realized that there was another trucker who had grabbed me and was holding me still as his buddy finger banged me from behind.

"Hot damn Pop." The new trucker called out, "Looks like you found us a nasty morning play toy." I looked up into the face of a the new guy and immediately noticed the resemblance. This guy was about 35 and a hot, rugged, younger version of his surly rugged dad.

I felt Walt pushing me to my knees at the same time as his boy was pulling me forward. I went down and keeping my ass in the air so pop could continue reaming my whole, now adding a third, thick and callused finger to the mix, ramming deeper and harder now, making me grunt with pleasure.

"That's some fine, primed pussy I brought for you to fuck, son." Walt said, his fingers making a squishing sound in my hole. My head had fallen into the lap of the son and I started to lick the the area just under his hairy ball sack. He was sweaty and musty down there and I couldn't help myself, I just had to go lower.

"Ah fuck dad, this hairy bitch wants to eat some ass." The son said, lifting his legs a bit into the air as he sat on the edge of the bed. I dug deeper into the long soft, sweat laden hair around this hot fuckers hole.

"Here boy, let me help you out." I heard from behind me as Walt the burly truck driver ripped his finger out of my ass and reached forward, grabbed his son's legs and lifted them into the air, giving me full access to that hot hairy hole. I dug deep, making out with his asshole ass I felt his dad's fat cock start to enter me. I groaned into the son's ass as the father pushed his cock all the way in. "Now we got this cunt where we want him." Walt said, grinding his cock deep into my pussy. One of them, I'm really not sure which one, held a big bottle of poppers under my nose and I inhaled deeply and, bing, just like that, this whole thing felt so right. Daddy started to fuck me as I threw my hole back at him moaning and slurping his boy's hot fucking hole. I could tell that the son had been fucked, recently and noticed the taste of cum in my mouth.

"MMM" I moaned and Walt laughed behind me.

"Looks like this lot lizard found some of my daddy cum up inside that sweet pussy of yours boy." Walt said, driving his fat meat harder into my slick hole. "You like the taste of my cum in my boys hole, don't you baby?"

"I fucking love it, Sir!" I called out, continuing to lap suck as much of that sweet nectar as I could out of that hairy, incest laden ass.

"He fucking loves it, Pop!" The son called out, laughing his ass off. They both were laughing and dad was ramming me so hard. Goddamn, I love getting fucked! The younger trucker grabbed a handful of my hair and dropped his legs down he lifted my face up to his long, hard cock. "You like the taste of my dad's cum in my ass, don't you, whore?" He asked me, looking down on me with a nasty smirk. He handed me the poppers and I took another long sniff.

"Oh yeah man, I love digging your daddy's cum out of you with my tongue, it tastes fucking amazing" I said looking into the face of the son as the dad really went to town on my ass fucking me in long deep strokes that made me the words hard to form.

"Well then, how bout you drop your lips down on my big pecker and get a taste of my daddy's ass on my cock?" He slapped me across the face with one hand, still holding me by the hair with the other. "You're just a rest area whore, getting what he deserves. Two big cocks for ya, cunt. Let's fuck this bitch up, pop." His daddy, laughed as he rammed his cock all the way into my throat. I gagged and started to pull up. "Where you goin, cunt?" He used his grip on my hair to pull me back down to the base. I didn't gag this time, just started to massage his cock with my throat muscles, looking up at his handsome face as he dropped his head back and moaned. "Ah fuck bitch, that is some good head." He pulled my head up so just his throbbing cockhead was in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it, slurping up the tons of juice that was slobbering out of his extra large piss slit. Then he jerked on my hair again and I swallowed him whole, loving the feel of his hard dick in my throat, stretching me out for a long day of cocksucking. I love it when I get a big prick deep in my throat early in the day.

He stood up and started to fuck my face as his dad fucked me from behind. I could hear them kissing above me, could feel the slobber from their wet, incest make out session dripping down on my back as they rammed me in sync. Both pushing into me, hard, at the same time so that my body buckled between them. I felt like I was a conduit for their deep, incest love. They goaded each other on.

"Get up in that throat and fuck it like I taught you boy. This whore was sitting in the toilet begging for cock with his fingers up his own ass. I'm pretty sure the, bitch can take it as hard as you can throw it to him. Let's fuck this cunt up!" As he said this they both went into overdrive. No mercy.

There was slime from the deep, hard throat fuck dripping out of my mouth onto the floor of the truck as the son held my head in both hands, clutching my hair and raping my mouth with deep hard thrusts as daddy used my horny slut hole to pound out his aggressions, they both focussed in on their work and dicked me down good. A hell of a team, these two.

After a couple of minutes I could feel that they were both building up to shoot and I squeezed my pussy around Walt's big cock in my ass while massaging his son's cock with my talented throat muscles, I brought them both off at the same time. They both rammed as deep as they could simultaneously and both yelled out loudly.

"AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH, FFFFUUUUUUUUCKCK!!!" They filled me with their father and son loads, not caring if the whole rest area heard their triumphant calls. They were too beasts in the wild sharing a whore like animals and they had conquered this cunt.

Their thrusts slowed down as I milked both of their cocks, making sure that I got everything they had to give me. I could hear them making out again above me.

"I love you son." I heard Walt whisper into his boys ear.

"I love you so much too, pop." His boy whispered back to him.

They both pulled out of me without any ceremony, but I made sure to tighten both of my holes to get the last drop of cream from them. Walt pulled his boy to him and they continued to kiss and caress each other as I knelt there looking up at them. It felt so intimate, that I felt like I should sneak out, but then I felt Walt's hand on my head as he pulled me into his crotch.

"Clean, poppa's cock off before you go, slut." he said, then went back to licking his sons lips and mouth. I swallowed his soft cock and licked it clean.

They disengaged from each other as Walt's spit cleaned cock slipped out of my lips. The son lay down on the bed and after throwing me a sly wink, turned his back to me.

"Alright fucker. Time to get the fuck out. We're done with you." Walt said simply.

I looked into his eyes from my kneeling position and smiled up at him. He reached out and ruffled my hair.

I gathered my stuff. Still a little dazed from the father/son pounding I had just received, and stumbled out of the truck. I pulled myself together, lit a smoke and started back to my van. As I came around to the driver's side. I saw Joe, my brother-fucker lover leaning against the van smoking a joint and smiling at me. He handed me the joint and I took a deep drag, smiling back at him as I inhaled deeply. Without a word he pulled me too him and pushed his lips to mine. We kissed as I shotgunned the hit into his lungs.

"You taste good, little brother." He said as he exhaled the hit and licked my lips at the same time. "Tastes like trucker cum." He smiled at me and french kissed me deeply for a moment, his hand sliding around to my ass, dipping into my pussy and making me moan into his mouth. He pulled his finger out and lifted it to his lips, licking it clean, and giving me a taste too. "More trucker cum in your pussy, bro? How many trucks have you visited in the last hour?" he chuckled.

"Just one. I got the dad in my ass and the son in my mouth." I looked at him proudly.

Right then I heard a loud truck honk and we looked up, our arms around each other as Walt and his son who's name I never got, pulled out. They waved to me and smiled.

Joe and I waved back.

"Very hot." Joe whispered in my ear. Then he smacked my ass and said. "Hey brother, I have a surprise for you. I thought we might take a ride. You want some more cock in that ass dontcha? I found a little park that I think you might enjoy. The day is still young."

I took his face in my hands and looking deep in his eyes, I said, "I'd follow you anywhere, big brother. I love you." I kissed him and we jumped in the van and headed out to our next adventure...

To be continued...



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