I held that monster black cock head in my mouth and kept my eyes on the ugly face of the dude who was feeding me. He glared down at me. I noticed that one of his dark eyes was fixed and wondered if he had a glass eye. He kept a firm tension on the belt leash he held me by as my new brother fucker ravaged my hole. My brother and my Master both kept talking.

"That's pretty good whore, you can definitely take some cock." The mean fucker holding the leash said. "But do you have staying power, bitch? Huh? Can you take all these cocks? I count three worthy cocks in this room right now, and you never know who might walk in. I got a little time. My wife and kids are at home asleep." He tugged on my leash and then he took my chin in his hand and fed me some more poppers, looking down on at me, piercing me with that one good eye and freaking me the fuck out with the one that just stared straight ahead. He looked like a psychopath, and with his huge, flat, pockmarked face, he scared me in all the right ways. I have a thing for ugly black men with huge cocks. It feels super degrading, and really right for me to be servicing them. I kept staring up at him as I was getting fucked, he took a huge hit of the poppers and then handed them back over to my bro. Then the ugly nigger pulled his gnarly cock out of my mouth again with a pop. My mouth felt frozen in that position, I wanted to yell at him to put it back in, but I couldn't get my mouth to work for a second. I gurgled spit and grabbed onto his huge thighs and tried to pull him towards me. The poppers were pounding in me and I needed that cock. He knelt down on one knee and slapped me hard across the face. Then he grabbed my face and held it tight, his eyes to mine. I realized there was light on his face and wondered where it came from, then realized it was the light on my phone cam. I was so glad that my bro kept filming. "It's not up to you, cunt. If I want to rape your throat with my cock or piss in your ass or make out with you it's up to me. I'm your Master at this moment and anytime I see your slut ass in this theater from now on, so you better just take what comes, cunt." Then he pushed his big, thick black lips to mine and rammed his nasty tongue into my throat. He tasted like cigars and greasy food. Oh hell yeah.

"That's right, baby bro, make out with your Black Master." I heard from the man filming and fucking behind me, then to the other guys crowded around he said, "Damn, my little bro has a hot fucking hole. You guys are in for a treat, this whore has a velvet fucking pussy and I can feel the cum from the last guy in there." He pounded me hard this whole time. "You guys see how hard he can take it? I want you all to fuck him however you want, hard or soft, beat that cunt up or make love to it, I don't care as long as long you fuck my baby brother and give him what he needs." He was still filming the fuck and I noticed that the light on my phone cam was now on. "Look at that pussy work.", he said as held his fat cock halfway in. I took my cue and tightened and released my hole a few times around his cock, moaning into the thick lips and relentless tongue of the ugly fucker kissing me.

"Let me get at that, puto pussy man." I heard the mexican guy say. "Either shoot your wad in the slut or get out of the way. If he's your brother you can fuck him any time." This made sense to my "Bro" He slowly pulled out. Man I fucking love that, the way a really big cock feels when it's sliding out of you, still hard like that too, man it felt so good. I heard the onlookers moan and felt them jerking their cocks and shuffling their feet. My brother pulled out of me.

"No." I said into the mouth of the black man and he soothed me his lips against mine, his deep voice making my brain vibrate.

"It's okay baby, we gonna get you some more cock. He's right, your brother can fuck you anytime. Tonight you belong to us. There are four worthy cocks in here right now and they all gonna get inside you before we done. And then you gonna get raped by this big motherfucker of mine before I leave." I kissed him when he said that. I thanked him for his power over me by pushing my bearded pussy lips against his ugly fat nigger face and, looking him in the eyes, I made love to his mouth with mine.

While I was kissing him I felt some hands on my ass, a few of the guys wanted to feel my stretched pussy before the next guy fucked me. Check out the merchandise, I guess. I made out with my master and heard them behind me talking about that "Hot sloppy cunt" and talking about how good I tightened it around their fingers when they each shoved a couple or three in. I massaged their fingers with my pussy lips and made out with my ugly Black Master, while my brother came around and started whispering in my ear.

"Damn so lucky I found you bro. You're the best little brother ever. That's right baby, make love to those big, black lips, feel the hands of the men that are about to use your pussy for what it was made for, to get fucked repeatedly in the back of a sleazy adult theatre, bro. I'm so proud of you and love you so much." My new brother fucker really knew how to keep my motor running.

"You ready to get fucked some more you puta?" I heard from behind me as the fingers were pulled out an a hard slap smacked down on my hairy ass. I grunted into my Master's ass as I felt the head of the mexican's big meat rub around my hole then it popped in and slid slowly all the way stretching my ring and going deeper that any cock that night had. He bottomed out and and I could hear him cooing behind me as he started to fuck me slowly, long deep strokes that left me breathless. My brother went back to film my pussy taking that big cock.

"He's trying to hold back, bro, but it looks like this spic is about to shoot his mexican babies inside of you." My big brother said from behind me.

"Fuck you." The mexican said to my bro, "You racist fuck." My milky white bro laughed at this and the mexican fucker started to ram his cock into me hard and I could tell he was about to give me his load. I didn't even know who was next, was that skinny kid with the Target work still here? The trolls? I couldn't remember if anyone had left or entered. Who else was back there? I liked that I didn't know. I just made out with my Master and took that hard fuck like I was supposed to, these guys were gonna make sure I got the cock I needed. "Here ya go, you puta bitch." the mexican roared as he shoved deep and unloaded into my ass. He ripped his cock out when he was done and It was immediately replaced with a long skinny cock. Must be the younger guy, he was about 20 or so and fucked like a jackrabbit. The mexican came around to the front and asked my Master if he could use my mouth for a minute. My master stopped biting my neck, where I'm sure he was leaving a huge, red hicky, and stood up.

"Sure, buddy." He said to the mexican. He tugged my head up with the leash and said, clean this dude cock off so his wife don't smell your pussy on it." I went to work cleaning that softening mexican cock and could tell that the nigger cum from before was clinging to it as well as my ass juices, lube and some of the cum he had shot into me. I cleaned it good and then looked up at the mexican guy with his uncut cock head still in my mouth.

"You gotta piss, Jose? Wanna feed my bro a load of hot spic piss before you go? He loves that shit." My brutal brother fucker said from behind me where he was filming the fast, hard fuck I was getting from the white kid. It was like he was reading my mind again.

"My name aint Jose." The mexican said and proceeded to piss down my throat. I'm proud to say I swallowed every drop of that spicy mexican piss. He then pulled his cock out and that's the last I saw of him. My mouth was immediately filled again with my Master's huge cock head. I licked the pre cum off of it and then he started to work that ridiculously fat and knobby cock deeper into my mouth, pushing it against my already raw throat, which suddenly and inexplicably opened taking both of us by surprise as I felt that ugly dick go deeper and deeper until it was as deep as it would go. There were still a couple of inches and I could feel my throat stretched to it's capacity. It felt like his cock was in my rib cage.

"Holy fuck, that's some tight cunt mouth right there." My Master said from above me as kid rabbit fucking me came in my snatch and was replaced by another cock. I was expecting one of the old men, but it was another huge fat cock that started to push into me.

"Getting spit roasted by two nigger dicks brother." I heard close to my ear as my brother bent down and was whispering to me again. "Two big black cocks in your pussy holes, brother. That's what you wanted and now you got it, don't you bro?" The guy fucking me got into a brutal rhythm, raping that hairy hole of mine and finally forcing the last couple of inches of my ugly ass, Black Master's cock into my stretched out chest cavity.

The dude behind me roared and shot his load deep to join the four loads already in there. He let me milk his cock with my pussy for a minute before he pulled out and was replaced with a tiny cock, that had to be one of the sad looking trolls from before. That guy shot immediately. Then I was empty and the theater seemed empty as well except for my brother, my Master and me. My master started to slide his cock out of my throat hole, every couple of inches he would ram it back in, just to fuck with me, but I was able to catch a couple of breaths, eventually he pulled it almost all the way out.

"You a good little fuckhole, baby, look at that wide open, hairy hole twitching for more cock. Imabout to stretch that cunt out even more, bitch." He said looking down at me and I smiled around his huge cock head. "That's right, bitch. You getting what you deserve tonight." He smiled down at me. I felt my brother moving around to my backside again. I thought he was going to fuck me, but instead he just wanted to film my wide open beaver and the cum dripping out of it.

"Push some of that cum out of your ass, brother, I wanna get a good creampie shot of that hole. I did what he asked while still licking my Master's knob and snorting the poppers he was holding under my nose. My brother fucker cooed and awed about the amount of cum that bubble out with all the air that had been trapped in there from all that fucking.

"Yeah." My Master intoned watching as the cum dribbled out of me. "All lubed up and ready to fuck aren't you baby? Ready for some real Nigga cock." He pulled out of me and went around the back. I stayed there on my hands and knees. My brother came around to hold me while I got my Master's cock served to my battered hole.

"One more big black cock for you tonight, brother." He said holding me and looking into my eyes. "Take this ugly nigger's cum into you and then we'll go find a quiet place to cuddle, baby brother. I wanna hold you in my arms the rest of the night." It was weird to be talked to so softly and lovingly by this big, milky white man who and adopted me as his little brother. Here I was a 40 year old, 6'2", hairy as fuck, normally very masculine man, on my knees five loads in my ass, a load of piss in my belly, and about to get fucked by the meanest looking cock I had ever seen, which was at this moment sliding around my crack gathering up as much dripping cum as he could to lube up his Master cock, and my new brother lover was telling me that he loved me and was so glad that I got all the nigger cock I needed tonight and that he was going to dedicate himself to making sure that I got much more cause I was his little brother and he had to take care of me.

The nigger Master fucked me like the devil. He forced that evil cock into me and fucked me for nearly a half an hour til I was begging him to stop. Of course he couldn't hear me cause I was mouthing it all into my brother's mouth as we made out the whole time. He finally fucked his monster load into me and then if felt him start to piss in my ass with his still hard cock.

"Gotta baptize your cunt with my hot Nigga piss, boy." He said simply and I held on to my brother lover and took it.

My brother walked away while I was getting my piss enema. I wondered where he went, but he must have had a bag with him or something cause as soon as that black cock slithered it's long way out of my ass, my considerate bro shoved a huge butt plug up me. I almost screamed it was so big, but I guess he had to use a big one cause my whore hole was so stretched already.

My ugly ass Black Master came around to the front of where I was still on on fours and kissed me tenderly while he removed the belt from around my neck. He had held onto my leash while he was fucking me and I'm sure I had a hell of a collar mark on my neck

"You were a good whore." He said as he stood and dressed. "We'll have to do this again."

"Yes Sir." I said meekly looking up at his towering, blackness.

He left and my brother lover helped me dress. I was a little unsteady on my feet :)

He led me out to the toilet and held me in the stall while I removed the plug and pushed out all that piss and cum. Then he pushed me over and shoved it back in before leading me out to the van and taking my keys, he drove us back to the rest area where we climbed in back and made out talking tiredly about the hot fucking we had just experience, until we fell asleep holding each other. My last thought was that I was so lucky to find my brother at this rest area and I couldn't wait for us to find the rest of our fuck family.

To be continued...



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