I rented a van for a few days and took a trip a few hundred miles north my favorite local ABS called Airport Video last night and had a great time. Before heading there, I headed over to the nearby rest area, to see if anything was up. I was at the rest area in my big empty van and was standing beside it, smoking a cigarette when a hot fucking dude, about 50, muscular, in jeans, boots and a ballcap, came out of the toilet and walked right up to me and asked for a smoke. When I stepped forward to hand it to him, he grabbed my cock right there in the parking lot, then we climbed in the back of the van and fucked around, made out and told each other our fantasies. He wanted me to be his younger brother partner in fuck who cruises around looking for other men for our fuck family. I told him that I wanted to be ordered around and to take big dick in my ass, especially black dick. He told me he would love to pimp his little brother out and help him get some black cock in his faggot ass. He fingered my hole and told me about how he wanted to get a fuck family of brothers, uncles, and grampa's that traveled around helping each other get what they needed. We fucked around in the van for about an hour, then he said he was going to APV. I told him that I'd head over there soon.

"Yeah brother, whore yourself around the rest area for a while, see if you can get that hole stretched out a little more and ready to take all the black dick your bro is gonna find for you." he told me, before he kissed me deep and left.

I went into the bathroom to clean up and lube my hole a little more. There was a hot younger guy in one of the stalls jerking his hard as fuck cock, so I stood there and lubed and played with my hole outside his stall door, telling him how badly I wanted to lick up his pre-cum, feel his hard cock smacking against my face, in my throat and up my horny, hairy, pussy. He just listened and teased me while I finger-banged my hole through my ass-torn-out jockeys. The rest area got a little too busy, so I went back out to the van and decided smoke a fattie. I got high and then decided to head over to APV to see if my brother fucker had made it over there.

It was about midnight. I went in and the twinky, all night clerk took my money and acted like he wanted me to throw him on the counter and fuck his brains out :) I went back to the theater with my sweat shorts hanging super low, showing off the huge hole I had ripped in the ass of my jockeys. There was a tense looking black dude looking at the rentals when I walked through the back room like that. He noticed me so I stopped where he could see my ass and took out my poppers taking a huge hit before I went into the theater. He looked a little mean and maybe a little scared, younger guy, but looked like he was really packing some meat so I smiled at him and ran my hand over my hairy ass as I walked into the theater.

I was glad that I had taken that hit of poppers before I entered because the first thing I noticed was a guy on his knees sucking my naked "big brother's" fat fucking cock. I walked right up to them taking off my shirt as I did and then my shorts, throwing them on a chair and started to make out with my bro while rubbing my hard fucking bulge on the back of the head of the drunk middle aged construction dude who was on his knees servicing him. The drunk guy pulled my cock out and immediately reached under my legs and started to stroke my ass. I started chewing on my hot, handsome, bro's big nips, while he talked all kinds of nasty shit into my ear. The drunk dude realized that I was all lubed up and immediately shoved two fingers up my hungry pussy while he deep throated my cock. I finally had to shove his head over to my bro's dick to keep from coming and he just turned and quickly swallowed my buddy's fat fucker while, without skipping a beat added a third finger to my wet, hole.

My pimp buddy, rearranged us quickly getting me seated and sucking his cock with the drunk dude in front of me lining up his long cock with my ass. I don't even remember how that happened, but I was SO cool with it. I took out my poppers and took a hit while still holding that fat dick in my mouth, then handed them to the drunk dude who took a hit as his cock sunk all the way into my hole. I sucked my shit talking bro while this crazy eyed, drunk construction dude pounded my hole twisted my nips and occasionally spit on me. He pulled out and shot all over my stomach and chest and was gone. It was just me and my rest area buddy there now. I took his leaking cock out of my mouth and stood up. We talked and kissed and he fingered my open hole for about ten minutes. Then the black guy I had seen before came in. My buddy immediately started saying shit in my ear like,

"This ones for you brother. I wanna see you get fucked by some black cock tonight. This one's gonna get that in that ass. Go on, offer yourself to him, brother"

I got on my knees and started to suck my bro's cock watching the black guy who sat near us. He was grabbing his stuffed crotch and my buddy started talking to him.

"Hey man, how you doing? Horny? Wanna get some of this? My little brother here sucks cock like a champ man. Take your cock out, bro, shove it down his slut throat."

I was watching the black guy. He was all tight and muscular and I was a little afraid of him, but he was pulling on his saggy jeans and watching us, nodding to my buddy as he talked to him about how we were brother's out on the prowl. So I just kept sucking and waited to see what would happen. I moved so he could see the ripped hole in my shorts and he finally spoke.

"He really is a fucking whore isn't he?" He sounded pissed off.

"Yep" my buddy responded with a big smile.

With that the black guy pulled out his huge fucking, hard as a steel rod, meat. I was amazed at how fucking hard the dude was. I thought he was just gonna shoot right there, he wasn't even stroking it. He just popped it out and sat there listening to my bro spew his incest shit.

"My brother wants some black cock. He loves sucking it and getting fucked by it." shit like that. The black guy leaned forward and ran his finger down the crack of my hairy ass. His finger hit my hole and slipped in. He had long skinny fingers and he pushed that middle finger in deep.

"Shit man" he said to my bud, "That's a fucking pussy, man. Wet, wide open fucking hairy snatch." He sounded like he was hypnotized. Like all the hot talking that my "bro" was doing had put him in some kind of trance.

He had added a second long finger and was grinding my hole, not really finger fucking it, but just grinding in and twisting in and out an inch or so. It felt so fucking hot. My brother pushed me off of his cock and told me it was time to suck some black dick. The black dude didn't seem to care that we were objectifying his cock. He just ripped his fingers out of my ass, sat back and pulled his jeans all the way down. He reached over, grabbed my head and rammed it down on his huge steel cock. He face fucked me with some help from my bro's big, beefy hands pushing my head down on his meat, for the next five minutes or so. My buddy kept on talking, super hot how he could talk nasty nonstop. I was right about the black guy, he was a mean little fucker. He enjoyed forcing his cock deeper that I could take it. I've taken some huge cocks in my throat, some bigger that this kids, but the thickness and amazing hardness of his black pole eluded me. I couldn't get it all the way to the balls. But we kept trying. My brother had made it his mission.

He was saying things like "I wanna see your lips on that pelvis, you fucking whore. Work that black cock." and then he would lean down to my ear and say quietly "Eat that black dick brother. I know you like blacks. I don't know why, cause I hate em. But if my brother wants some dirty, black cock in his throat and hole, I'm gonna get it for him. I love you brother, want you to have what you want. You feel how hard that black cock is? That's because my hairy little brother is a hot, nasty whore and we found you a cocky black stud who loves to fuck hot, nasty whores like you." He would ram his fingers in me to punctuate his dirty talk that was like a drug to me. He pulled me up and threw me over one of the cheap plastic chairs and handed the black guy a condom.

"Fuck my whore brother, man. Give it to him hard. He aint no soft little bitch, he can take a beating."

The dude ripped open the condom like he was in a trance and rolled it down his black snake, stretching it to capacity. I was a little scared of this shit my bro was saying to the guy, but it was exactly what I wanted. It was like he could read my dirtiest fantasies and speak them out loud. I opened my bottle of poppers and held it under my nose. I was gonna need a steady stream of vapors to take what this randy fucker was about to throw at my hole and I planned on throwing my horny hole right back at him. The guy stood up and I looked back at him as he sneered at me, that rigid black cock leading him to my hole like he had no choice. Right then someone came in but none of us stopped what we were doing. It was an older guy and he just came in as sat down. The black guy started to rub his steel hard monster against my crack looking for his target.

Another guy came in, a mexican guy, in dirty jeans and a work shirt, looked like a mechanic. I was facing the door with a young black stallion about to breed me and these guys just acted like nothing special was going on. Fucking hot. He sat down a couple of chairs over from the one I was bent over and fished out a nice, veiny, uncut cock, semi hard, but pretty big already. Right then, that big, hard fucker found the mark and sank in all the way with an extra slam of force on the last couple of inches that make me gasp. I could feel every inch of that night stick in my guts. My brother buddy kept talking to the guy from behind encouraging him to fuck me with everything he had to really make me remember this fuck. The night that I got fucked by a hot black stallion.

This guy fucked me so hard and deep he was knocking me forward. Finally my buddy came around to the front of me and knocked the chair out of the way so he could fuck my throat, holding me up and giving me something to lean against so that I wouldn't fall over from the vicious fuck that was being served to me. After about ten minutes of deep pounding he was getting close shoot a load and he pulled nearly all the way out so he could really ram it home and he noticed that the condom had broken when he was fucking me.

He got sheepish all of the sudden and just stood there with the head of his cock in my hole and said, "It broke". I responded by sliding my ass back down onto his pole and moaned around my bro's cock which he immediately shoved deep and growled, "Atta boy, brother, get that black nut."

I started to fuck back on the guy and he murmured "ah...Fuck it" and started to brutally pound my hole again. My "brother" was still talking as they spit roasted me.

"Beat that whore pussy up, bro. Give my whore little brother what he needs. He loves taking seed from the black man, bro. Fuck it too him. Fill his whore ass with your babies brother. Knock the fuck-hole up." I was transfixed. Half hypnotized and half fucked into submission. I just took it, just let my body get thrown back and forth between these to forceful fuckers. The black dude started talking now too, as guys will when they are getting close to shooting.

"Goddamn I love me some wet, slut snatch." He smacked the back of my head. "I wish you could see your bitch cunt being stretched out by my big cock, you whore. You like it don't you? You love a hard fuck in your hot fucking cunt, don't you?" When I heard that, I reached down to where my sweats were and grabbed my phone. Without taking my buddy's cock out of my mouth I opened the video app and handed it up to him. He took the hint and started filming. I found out later that he filmed everything. He even handed the camera to guys that were fucking me so that they could get close-ups of my pussy getting slammed and the creampies that occurred between fuckings. I love that fucking video.

I groaned around the elephant meat in my throat, trying not to bite down every time the fucker hit me on the head. I was starting to get dizzy from lack of oxogen and the constant head smacking. My brother sensed it and pulled out, kneeling in front of me and bracing my shoulder with his as he talked to me looking directly in my eyes, telling me that he loved me and loved watching me get fucked by all that hard black meat. He also kept encouraging the cocky guy to fuck me harder and kept feeding me poppers. He also turned to the mexican guy two seats away, watching the whole thing, beating off his now huge, veiny cock. Damn, that mexican dude had a bigger cock that the fucker wrecking my hole! My brother saw me looking and as the black dude started to tell me that he was getting ready to fill me with cum, my brother started talking to the mexican guy, asking him if he wanted to fuck me. He stood up again and shoved his cock back into my throat as the brutal black fucker started calling out, "Take it, you slut, you fucking cunt! Ima make you pregnant, bitch" and shoved his whole steely snake into my guts, ramming me onto my bro's thick, white meat, and shot in me, bumping against me hard with each spurt as if to ram his cum deeper into me.

Then he reached forward and wrapped his long ass fingers around my throat and started to choke me harder and harder as he continued to spasm in my ass. I was just starting to panic when he let go, and eased his softening cock out of me, it seemed to take a full minute to slide out of my slick pussy, finally popping out with a wet sound and falling down to slap hard against the dudes naked thigh. I was in ecstasy, moaning like a contented whore.

My buddy pulled his still hard cock out of my mouth and told me to "turn your ass around and clean that black cock up, bitch." I did. I took that soft black snake in my mouth and swallowed it whole. I managed to latch onto the ring of the rubber that remained around the base of his still slightly pulsating cock and pulled it off with my tounge and lips. I spit it aside and looking up into the guy's eyes as he took my head gently in his hands and pulled me back, deep onto his cock and just held me there, fulling impaled on his cock as it leaked the last few drops into my throat then he released the pressure and let me back up. I like to apply suction and run my tounge up the underside of a cock after it shoots, all the way up to the tip so that I can get that last glob of cum still stuck in the tube. I sucked it up and smiled up at the guy. Getting lost in his big dark eyes and his thick fucking lips. He winked at me and pulled away, pulling up his pants and ignoring me, reminding me that I was just a theater slut and he was done with me.

I sighed contentedly and turned around, noticing that my "brother" was no longer talking. He couldn't talk cause he was being fed that monster mexican meat. He was on his knees and the mexican guy had his head in a hard grip with one hand, fucking his throat, while reaching forward and torturing one of his nips with his other callused, grease-stained hands. My bro was moaning and taking that big dick like a champ. I looked around and noticed that quite a few guys had entered while I was in ecstasy. There was another black guy in the corner and a couple of old trolls and a skinny, younger guy with a Target work shirt on the other side. I was naked and on my knees with cum dripping from my ass. All of these guys had just seen me get fucked like a whore and filled with sperm.

I looked back to the new black dude, about 45, thick body and a wedding ring on his finger. He was an ugly fucker. Pockmarks and a big scar on his flat face. He had a huge flat nose and looked back at me with a look of disgust. I kneeled there a ten feet away from him, dripping cum, and got hard as a rock as I took in his disgust of me. It turned me the fuck on. He reached down and started to undo his belt, which he then pulled all the way off, laying it over his big thighs as he started to pop the buttons on his jeans. I watched him as I took my poppers from the floor and took a really deep drag to each nostril, then tucking them back into the elastic of my whore underwear, the elastic was pretty much all that was left of them by now, I dropped to my hands and started to crawl to him. I heard my brother behind me whisper "that's right brother go get that black cock." I stayed focused on the black man's big hands as they unbuttoned the final metal buttons he reached into the fly of his boxers with his wedding ring hand and started to pull out a massive, ridiculously thick slab of black meat. I love it when the hand around a cock being offered to me has a wedding ring around it. It means that I'm going to get a chance to show this married guy all the things his wife (probably an uptight bitch if he's looking for blow jobs in the back of an adult theater), was unable to give him. I like to think that he is finally going to be able to throw a fuck into someone with all of his power and masculinity, without regard as to whether or not he should be so rough. As I got close to him he sneered at me, his hard, gnarly, knotted, veiny, log of a cock pulsing, pointing right at me and stood. He held the belt in his hand and for a moment I thought he was going to hit me with it, but he didn't, he just leaned over and wrapped it around my neck. As he did, I noticed that it had holes all the way from the end to the buckle. He secured it at the tightest buckle that wouldn't be choking me and then stood again and tugged on it a couple of times. He seemed satisfied and then he spoke. His voice was deep and evil sounding. It sent shivers through me and made my cock and hole throb. My poor hole was feeling so empty and the cool air was hitting it as it leaked sperm onto the cement.

"Good boy." He said. "Look at me, bitch" My gaze had fixated back on that ebony truncheon sticking out of his fly. It was so dark black, not even seeming to have any brown in it, just slick, coal black. The skin on it was mesmerizing. It moved over the surface, rippling like the surface was alive.

"Look at me!" he said again with authority and depth more than volume. I looked up into his eyes and they met me with a cold dark, penetrating gaze. "you will take any cock in this theater into your cunt or pussy-throat that wants to feed or fuck you and then I will wreck your fucking hole with this." He tugged me closer and never taking my eyes off of his I came to him. He took his cock in his hand again, he couldn't even get his huge hand around his own cock, it was so thick, and he started to bash that fucker against my face hard, holding me in place with the belt leash. He stopped that and then fed me just the head of his cock with a grunt and a solid push that popped it past my stretched lips.

"That's it, whore. Hold your black master's cock head in your sweet, hot, wet little slut mouth. Ah yeah baby work your lips and tongue but don't worry about trying to take more of it just now. Just suckle it, cunt." I did, looking up at him. "That's a good bitch, keep looking at me, I want to see all the pain and pleasure in your eyes as these guys fuck you. I felt a hand on my ass, then more all over my body as I was raised up to my feet, still holding the huge, black cock head in my mouth, I don't think it was going to come out until it softened some, which didn't seem imminent.

"Ready to get fucked some more, brother?" I heard from behind me as I felt what had to be my brother buddies fleshy cock at the entrance to my slick hole. The dude holding the leash held out his hand and told me to give him my poppers. I handed them to him and he opened the bottle holding it under my nostrils til I got my fill then, I heard him sniffing them and passing them around as my brother who I had only met a couple of hours ago at the rest area, finally shoved his meaty rod into my hole. I moaned around my black master's cock as he sank home.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "Be a good little whore and give every man that comes into this theater tonight what they want and then we can go find a nice side road or park somewhere and I'll climb into the back of your van with you and hold you in my arms while we sleep. I love you brother-fucker. You're my slut brother now. Let this fucker pimp your ass all night, cunt." Then he stood back up, pulled his rock hard cock almost out of my ass and without even a beat, rammed it back in as hard as he could an proceeded to fuck me like a demon, he was forcing me further onto my black master's cock, stretching me so that I thought my lips would rip at the corners. My master quickly pulled face off of his cock with a loud pop and said. "I tole you not to take more than the head, you stupid slut" and proceeded to slap me hard a couple of times while my brother raped my ass and then he jammed the head back in and said, "You better hold it there, bitch or I will beat your motherfuckin ass."

To be continued...



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