"Give me your keys." Joe said with a wink and I handed them to him, giving over to him the control. We climbed into the van and it occurred to me that I had no idea who this guy was, where he had come from or where he was taking me. That thought was quickly followed by the thought that I didn't care. It felt so right to be teamed up with him and be pimped out by him. I sat there in the passenger seat as we drove out of the rest area secure in the fact that this handsome fucker was going to find me some cock today, and that was all I needed to know. My cock started to lengthen at the thought of some hot park sex. I stared at my sexy, new brother fucker, and scootching forward in the seat, slipped my hand down into my loose shorts and felt the cum in my pussy left there by that hot fucking trucker, Walt.

"That's right, bro, play with that manpussy, get it ready for a fun, fuck filled day. I drive that rig right over there." He pointed to a white semi cab with no trailer as we passed it. "I left it at the theater last night and a nasty farmer daddy that I sucked of in the toilet this morning gave me a ride over to pick it up. He told me about this park we're headed to. I can leave it here all day, but then I gotta pick up a load tonight and run down the coast with it." He smiled over at me. "I'd love to take you along with me, brother. I've always wanted a hot little brother to fuck with on the road. He lit a smoke and stared ahead as he drove. "It get's pretty lonely out there. I don't know what your deal is, or even what your name is..." He chuckled, looking over at me. "But watching you finger your hairy snatch like that, looking at me like that in the passenger seat, makes me think it would be pretty fucking amazing to have a ride-along, slut buddy like you."

I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked my fingers clean of the cum and lube from my horny hole. It was like he was reading my mind again. I've always wanted to be a trucker's road slut. It has been a fantasy of mine since I was a kid sucking cock at the truck stop near my hometown. Looking over at this horny fucker, as I fingered myself and ogled the growing mound in his jeans felt so right. I studied him as he continued to talk, laying out his fantasy about riding with his brother and how he would show me all the hot spots across the country that he has found and fucked at in his travels. He was a few years older than me, pushing in on 50. He was just wearing jeans and boots, having thrown his shirt in the back when he got in the driver's seat. He was a big man, thick and solid, nearly hairless, but what hair he did have on his chest was shining red in the sun against his white skin. He had a trucker tan, his arms and face weathered by the road. He hadn't shaved for a couple of days and the stubble on his face was coming in thick, red peppered with white. He looked over at me as he talked about a video store near the airport in Atlanta that was always filled with niggers, his green eyes squinting around the smoke from the Marlboro tucked so naturally in the corner of his always grinning mouth. w e was telling me about how he loved to make a nigger eat his dirty ass and then he loved to fuck em hard and treat them like shit. He was telling me that we would make a perfect team, he would fuck up the niggers that had low self esteem and I would take on the cocky fuckers that like to assert their power by raping a white man. I had pulled my shorts off and had one foot up on the dash and three fingers in my hole as he talked.

"What you looking at that's got you so hard, bro?" He tossed his smoke out the window and reached over, squeezing my fat hard on, then he smacked it a couple of times with his beefy hand as I moaned.

"I'm looking at my super sexy big brother." I said simply, smiling back at him. "I'm free as a bird, Joe. I rented this van for a nasty weekend, but other than that. I don't have much going on. I'm retired from a pretty lucrative stint with a software company and would love to join you on the road if you're serious about that."

"Serious as a shit, bro." He smiled wide, and taking his hands off of me, signaled and took an exit off of the freeway that I didn't recognize. We were in the southern part of the city. The streets were teaming with black folk and mexicans. My type of neighborhood :) Taco trucks and liquor stores seemed to be everywhere. He pulled off onto a side street and into the parking lot of a small motel. The sign just said "Motel"

It was a rundown place, it was nasty and seedy, just like I like em.

"See that park over there?" Joe said pointing over to a small city park that was across the street from the motel. "That farmer told me that this motel and the park next to it are always filled with horny, low-down niggers." He looked over at me expectantly, like a little boy, hoping that I was pleased.

I couldn't help myself and laughed at the look on his face. I lit a joint and studied the scene. The park had a fenced in basketball court with a small cinderblock toilet next to it. There were ten or so black guys playing on the court, their varying shades of dark skin glistening in the morning sun. There were also some older black dudes playing chess at a couple of picnic tables next to the courts and a group of mexican gang types hanging out at another picnic table on the other side of the toilet. I couldn't see a single woman in the park. The motel was L shaped and the lower part of the L faced the park. Most of the rooms seemed to be filled and many of the doors were open. I noticed a few black dudes hanging out outside of their rooms, smoking and watching us, obviously wondering if we were looking for drugs, and assessing how to approach the two middle aged white guys in the white van that just pulled up into their world. The parking lot was pretty busy, and I realized that the black and mexican guys that were coming in and out were definitely picking up their daily doses, as they went in and out of rooms quickly and drove off.

"It's fucking perfect." I said, handing him the joint while squeezing my nipple with the other hand. He took the J from me and laughed, taking a hit.

"I thought you might enjoy this when that farmer told me about it. I guess it just goes to show ya..." he exhaled the lung full of smoke, "Sometimes it's worth sucking off grandpa. He always knows the best places to get dick!" We both cracked up when. Stoned. "I'ma grab us a room." he said, Handing me the joint back and opening the door. I watched him walk towards the office. and sat there finishing the weed and taking in the scene. It was a perfect day. Warm and gonna get hot, there was still a little morning in the breeze. It felt good to sit there, high and happy. I watched Joe through the windows in the little office talking to the dude who sat behind the counter. He was a black guy definitely hot and ugly like I like em. He was older, 60's and had a bunch of old prison tattoos and was wearing a wife beater. Joe seemed to be working his magic, cause he had the guy laughing. Then I noticed that Joe was indicating back to the van. The guy looked over at me with such a look of lust that I felt my pussy twitch. I stared back and him and winked like a good whore. He laughed and turned back to Joe nodding his head and handed him a key. Joe came out of the office with a twinkle in his eye. He jumped back into the van.

"Got us a room for trade, slut. 123 in the back facing the park." he said. "Get your ass in there and suck that old coon off. Then later he wants to suck all the cum out of your ass before we leave. Meet me in the room when you're done."

I looked at him for a second. Not sure what to think of his sudden sternness. Then he winked at me and I knew that we were on. He was pimping my ass out, and had let the old guy in on the whole thing. I was the white whore there to service as much of the hood as I could and the old man was my first trick.

"I'm on it, boss." I winked back at him and opened the door. I walked across the parking lot with my loose shorts riding low showing off my ass. The guy behind the desk watched me coming a sneer on his face, licking his lips.

"Looks like someone bout to pay the bill with his ass." I heard from above me and looked up to the second floor where two thugs were leaning against the railing looking down on me. I smiled up at them and noticed that they were tugging on their low slung basketball shorts, each sporting large bulges.

"I'll be in room 123." I said squinting up at them. "Stop by later and have a beer." I was really enjoying this.

"Oh hell yeah." Said one of the thugs, tugging on his shorts. "We'll be sure to drop by, bitch." He spit over the railing and it landed at my feet as I stepped up to the door.

"I'll look forward to it." I smiled up at them and went in to the office to suck of the old man.

"Hey baby." The old man said as I entered. "You watch out for those two. They mean little fuckers." I smiled at him.

"I'm cool with that." I said, crossing behind the desk.

"I bet you are." He said, unzipping his pants. He smelled ripe and I couldn't wait to get that black cock in my mouth. "Your brother said you were a real fag that needs a steady stream of black cock. It's good to have a white bitch around once in a while let the locals blow off some steam. Get on your knees, whore." I did and he sat there with his cock in his hand. He was soft and uncut. I could smell his cock from three feet away. "Got's to take a piss first.' He said as he stood up. That's all the warning I got. I opened my mouth and he started to piss. It was strong and as my lips closed around the droopy skin at the head of his lengthening cock, I hummed in satisfaction. "Oh yeah, that's a good white whore. I really like watching a nasty cunt like you swallow some nigga piss." he continued to piss and I continued to swallow contentedly and he told me the score. "You picked a good hood to drop into, baby. You pretty tight lookin for bein an old ho." He said as his piss stream started to lessen. I suckled his cockhead as it emerged from it's sheath revealing the cheesy rewards. "Nigga's in this hood like a fat hairy ass to fuck and you got a meaty fucker dontcha boy." He reached forward and pulling down my shorts revealing my hairy ass to the open air. He grabbed a handful of cheek as his cock hardened more and he started to thrust deeper into my wet mouth. "Damn bitch, you sure know how to please a nigga's cock." He leaned forward and smacked my ass, then stood and grabbed my by the head with both hands ramming that fat black log into my slurping, cock hungry throat. I took his face fuck for a few hot minutes and then he thrust super hard and I ground my cocksucking lips into his pubes as he held my head in place and fed his seed deep into me. I nursed his spasming cock as his whole body shuddered. "Take that black seed. Take it. Take that black fucking seed you nasty, faggot CUNT" He hit the back of my head as he ground his pelvis into me and fed me the last few dribbles of thick cum. He released my head and fell back into his chair. I moved with him, keeping his softening cock in my throat, holding my breath and milking his cock from the base. He sat back breathing hard and lit a smoke as I sucked my way up his fleshy cock, milking the last bits of nigger cum into my mouth. I licked his head clean and even tucked his dick back into his pants. I got up and pulled my shorts up.

"Is there anything else I can co for you now, daddy?" I asked.

He reached out with his big meaty hand and grabbed my ass pulling me closer to him and fondling my asscheek, his fingers pushing the fabric of my shorts into my crack. I felt so good to be standing there, where anyone could look in, getting my ass felt up.

"Naw baby, I gotta recover a bit, but you or your brother ring up the office before you leave and I'll fuck your tore up ass and getcha cleaned up good." he swatted my ass hard. "Now get the fuck out of here. I got work to do." I reached forward and took his pack of Kools off of the desk and helped myself to one, lit up and left with one last swat on my ass.

I walked out of the office and headed back to where Joe had said the room was. I walked and smoked, enjoying the way my lubed up hole squished as I moved down the path. Every room I passed had the door at least cracked open. Each time I passed a door, I glanced in. The first room had a huge black man in it, he was sitting on the edge of the bed smoking a crack pipe. The door was just open an inch or so, but as I looked in I saw him see me and then I heard a low whistle as I passed. I looked back to see him standing at the door. Fuck. He must have been 6'6 or 7. He was lanky and muscular and covered in tats. He exhaled a huge hit of smoke and fondled himself through the fly of his white boxers. I wanted to stop and get fucked by the tall fucking crack head, but I just winked at him like a street walker and kept going.

The next room I passed, the door was wide open and there seemed to be a party going on. I smelled weed and when I slowed down and looked in the room, I saw a group of around 6 or 7 mexican guys. They were in dirty jeans and boots and were drinking beer and watching soccer There was mexican music playing and I realized these must be the guys that belonged to the road crew trucks parked in the lot. They saw me pass and I hear them speaking in spanish. I didn't understand what they said. But I did hear my favorite spanish word "puta" from a few of them. I figured that was inspired by the way I lick my lips and by my hairy ass showing from my drooping shorts.

The next door was closed but I stopped and looked through a crack in the curtains to see a muscled black ass pumping hard as the thug fucked a tired looking crack ho. I saw a pipe on the table and some baggies so I figured he was taking his payment from her tired pussy. I wanted to knock on the door and tell him that I could service him way better that the skank he was pounding away on, but I kept walking.

The rest of the rooms had single guys in them, some were laying in bed, some were pacing around the rooms, maybe waiting for a score or just out of prison and antsy. At least that is the vibe I got. I felt like I was the cell block faggot and was walking by each cell showing off my pussy to the inmates hoping for a shower gang bang. I have a mind that turns to that kind of scenario pretty easily, if you haven't figured that out already.

I turned the corner and smelled weed again, the first two rooms I passed had the doors open but were empty. As I got closer to room 123, I heard Joe's laugh along with a few other deep chuckles. I stopped just before I got to the room and listened, finishing my smoke. Brother Joe was making friends, like he seemed to do everywhere he went.

To be continued...



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