I stood there smoking and listening to Joe talk to what sounded like two other guys, but turned out to be three other guys. I could tell right away they were white guys. Not by how they were talking, but by what they were saying. I was looking out at the park too, as I stood there, and noticed that a LOT of the guys in the park were glancing my way. Some were grabbing their cocks, like blacks and mexicans do anyway, but holding them a little longer, making sure that the outline of their hard shafts were visible in the loose crotches of their pants or shorts.

"So you seriously picked up a bitch at a rest area and have been forcing him to service niggers and mexicans?" I heard one of the guys in the room ask, holding his breath like he had just took a hit of pot. I loved that Joe was in the room getting guys high already and telling everyone he met that had a cock all about the whore he had with him.

"Well, I wouldn't say much forcing is going on." Joe said with a laugh, and took a hit. "I also haven't seen the bitch turn down any cock. He got rammed in both ends this morning by a white father and son trucking team. But the whore definitely seems to get off on taking the biggest nastiest nigger cock he can find in either hole, anywhere, anytime."

"Holy shit!" said the second white guy. "Dave, we need to get this cunt back to the clubhouse and knock sense into his fucked up head."

"You might be right." the first guy, Dave, responded. "Sounds like the bitch needs to be reminded about who's in charge around here."

I was getting hot listening to these guys smoke a joint and talk about allowing me to worship and be punished for servicing black cock. What turned me on the most was that Joe wasn't saying no to the idea. He just laughed outloud with the others. I took a last drag on the Kool and tossed it. I reached into the pocket of my shorts and pushed my shorts down a little more in the process, showing off nearly my entire hairy ass. I pulled a bottle of poppers out of my pocket and turning my back to the park I took a huge hit of the platinum poppers in each nostril. I turned back around to see that nearly the whole park was looking at me. Some had looks of disgust on their faces and turned away, some had looks of disgust and kept looking and a few had outright looks of lust on their faces. I turned and walked into the room.

"Hey Joe." I said, casually. There were three skinheads sitting there in the room with Joe. They were all smoking cigarettes and still passing the joint. Joe was sitting in a big chair facing the table and bed. Two super muscled, bulldog looking skinheads, both covered with tattoos, sat in chairs at the small table by the open window. A tall, lanky guy lay on the bed, he had tattoos all over his body too. He was just wearing jeans and boots and had tattoos on his face and bald head too.

"Hey, baby brother." Joe smiled at me as I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. I bent over to do it and my ass was almost entirely exposed. Joe responded to my kiss by sticking his thick tongue into my mouth.

"Hell yeah." Dave, the deeper voiced of the bulldogs said from his chair. I felt a hand on my ass and another one pulling my shorts all the way down.

"Look at this hairy ass, Poke." Dave said, his deep voice rumbling behind me as I continued to kiss Joe, dueling tongues with him, knowing that he could taste the piss, cum and cock cheese in my mouth from the old black dude at the front desk. "I know you like a hairy pussy to fuck with that tattooed monster of yours."

"Think this bitch can take my fuck?" Poke asked in a strange, breathy voice.

I moaned into Joe's mouth when I heard that. Tattoos in general and especially tattooed cocks are a big turn on for me.

I stood up to get a better look at Poke. He was a monster of a man. He had a demons face tattooed onto his own face. It was terrifying to look at, but somehow, super hot at the same time. The rest of his body was done in designs of black with traces of red. I had never seen anything like it and it peaked not only my sexual interest, but my intellectual interest as well. What kind of person goes that far? He smiled at me and a chill ran through my body. That smile looked so...wrong. I looked to Joe for reassurance and in his gaze I saw protection and love and knew that he wouldn't let anything too crazy go down.

"You're cock is dripping." I heard Joe say as he stood and wrapped one of his powerful arms around me. "I knew you would like these guys when as soon as I saw them doing some business with a couple of guys in the park. Poke was waiting in the car and when I waved his buddies over and told them about you they went and got him. I knew as soon as I met him that you'd be dripping like this." He whispered into my ear, taking his hand and gathering up some of the pre-cum from my throbbing dick and lifting it up to my face. I lapped it up, looking back at Poke. He was glaring at me now and i had to drop my eyes. They went to his muscled, lean chest and the intricate designs all over the skin. I thought I noticed swastikas laced into the design, but it was hard to tell. Poke ran a hand down his stomach as Joe ran his tongue into my ear and the two dudes behind me started to finger my hole and squeeze my ass cheeks hard. Poke's hands travelled down to his abdomen where there was a red snake tattoo, the snake was coiled, but a part of it, the part with the head, was hidden somewhere in his pants. His jeans were pretty loose, but I could tell that the red snake travelled quite a way towards his knee, it was pushing hard against the fabric and I wondered if the head was gonna burst through the thick fabric and spit at us.

A deep silence had grown in the room. The sounds from outside seemed far away as I looked up into Poke's eyes again. They were an ice blue. He had beautiful eyes and he was strangely looking at me through them with love and an almost childish excitement. Joe held some poppers under my nose and I took a few whiffs, never taking my eyes off of Poke's eyes. Right then I felt three thick fingers unceremoniously shoved up my ass. I moaned in delight and could see that it excited Poke that I could take the rough dude's finger fuck so well. He smiled that dirty smile at me. I felt like I was about to get thrown into the cage with an old time circus freak...and it was turning me on to no end. Dave rammed me with his fingers for a minute or so.

"Looks like the troops are amassing." Joe said into my ear and I turned my head to see that quite a few guys from the park had moved to the edge of the sidewalk across the street and were actively watching the scene going on in the motel room. "I'm thinking two at a time." He whispered in my ear. "You boys wanna hang out and watch my brother here get his ass and mouth pumped full of black seed for a while? Then maybe we can head on over to that clubhouse y'all were mentioning and we can clean the whore up and give him a lesson in white cock worship."

"I'm up for a show." Poke said getting up from the bed and moving over to sit at the table with his buddies. He lit a smoke and leaned back leisurely. "Maybe these coon thugs and wetbacks can stretch the cunt out so I can have a go at him without putting him in the hospital." All the skinheads laughed.

"Hell yeah!" Dave and the other guy added. I hadn't caught the other dudes name yet, but he looked like he could be Dave's younger brother. He was now shoving a couple of fingers into my ass and then he pulled out and saw that he had a bunch of cum on his fingers.

"This white cum or black cum?" He asked me.

"White trucker daddy cum" I answered as I took a hit off of a joint that Joe had lit and was handed to me."

"Mmmmm." the guy hummed and lifted his fingers to his lips licking it off.

"This here is my little brother Jimmy. He loves the taste of white cum. Can't get enough of it." Dave said proudly.

"Well, Jimmy." Joe said. "You better get in there and get as much of it as you can, cause in about five minutes the black deposits are going to begin."

They all laughed and Joe pulled me forward a little so that Jimmy could drop to his knees and start sucking Walt the trucker's cum from my hole. I braced myself, holding onto the arms of the big chair in front of me and ground my horny ass back onto his incredible lips and tongue. The boy was a truly gifted ass eater and had me so horny thinking about him eating skinhead ass and cock all day in the clubhouse, with his brother.

"I'm gonna go outside and do a little business." Joe said. I turned my head and watched him walk outside. There were about eight thug blacks and two or three of the mexican dudes and one of the older niggers from the chess table that crossed the street and were now milling around the motel parking lot. I also noticed that the crack smoking guy from the motel room I had passed earlier was standing front and center. He was only about five feet from the room door, smoking a cigarette and watching me get my ass eaten out.

"Wanna get in on the action, brother?" Joe asked amiably, walking up to the hot, muscled crackhead.

"I want the first shot at that hairy pussy. Alone." The twitchy black dude told Joe. I watched them and listened as Jimmy the skinhead made out with my hole. Joe lit a blunt and took a couple of puffs before handing it to the guy, who took it and went to town on it. They were both looking me over. I watched as Joe worked out the terms of my gang rape with the inky, lanky fucker with the hard face and the big fucking bulge. I smiled and winked at him. He never took his eyes from me the whole time he talked with Joe.

"I'll tell ya what, I was gonna let these guys in two at a time to work over my little brother, Buddy there, but I'll let you come in alone. It's obvious that the whore wants your cock, so you can be first. You can use the bitch as hard as ya want to, but you gotta let the four of us watch. We won't touch you or get involved, but we're not leaving the room." Joe was forceful, but friendly. "Oh, and I'll shut the door, but the curtains have to stay open."

The guy was still staring at me and I was staring right back. I could tell he wanted to fuck. I could tell he was a nasty fucking nigger, who wanted to rip my hole open and turn it into a pussy before all these other thugs went at it. His cock was tenting out the basketball shorts he had on and I could tell he had a cock that had a sharp upcurve. He held on to the blunt, hitting it again and simply walked into the room without another word to Joe or a look in the direction of the skinheads seated at the table. He walked right up to me, towering over me as I forgot all about the tongue in my ass and fell to my knees in front of this sexy fucking cracked out freak. Jimmy crawled over and started to suck his brother's fat ten inch cock, which Dave had taken out watching me get my ass eaten.

"You two are next." I heard Joe saying to two guys I couldn't see on the other side of the huge man who stood over me looking down at me. Joe came in the room and shut the door. The big black dude grabbed my by the hair and threw me onto the bed. I fell face down and immediately lifted up on my knees throwing my hairy pussy back at the big black motherfucker. He stood there looking at my ass, which I gyrated for him like a good whore. He pulled a glass pipe out of his pocket and dropped a rock into it.

"Can I get the bitch high?" He asked Joe who had taken off his clothes and was sitting in the big chair playing with his cock and watching, he had taken out my phone and was filming again.

"What are you smoking, bro?" Joe asked amiably.

"Grade A fucking glass. The best speed there is. It'll relax the ho's hole up and get the bitch moanin" He smiled at Joe, a few gold teeth shining.

"Sure." Joe said, deciding for me. "Fuck the whore up, but you gotta leave some for me to keep him high later."

The nigger took a big rock out of his bag and handed it to Joe who stashed it away. Then he walked over to my where my head was on the bed smacking my ass hard with his big black hand as he did.

"Get up on all fours like a dog, bitch." he commanded and I did. I was a little freaked out. I had never done any drugs stronger than poppers and pot. I had never heard of "glass", but I made up my mind that if Joe said it was okay, I wanted to please him. I looked over at Joe, who mouthed, "Just this once." at me and winked. I looked back at the three guys at the table and they were all watching me, Poke was smiling at me and waving his tongue around like a demon. It was a freaky scene.

The black guy lit the pipe and when it was full of smoke, he lifted it to his puffy lips and took a really big hit. He held the smoke in his lungs for a second and then looking down at me, he grabbed the back of my head with one hand and leaned down quickly, pressed his thick nigger lips to mine and blew the smoke into my lungs. I held it for a second as he pulled away and then let it out slowly. It was more acrid than pot smoke, but the effect was immediate. I was hornier than I'd ever been in my life. Holy fuck. This shit made my whole fucking body feel like a cunt. I looked up at the black fucker in front of me and smiled a sexy smile. He sneered down at me as he held the pipe down to my lips and lighting it again told me to hit it slow and long. I did and took a lot of the smoke into my lungs. Watching the tall, black man take his shorts off exposing his super hard pipe that did curve up. It was about 9 inches long and flat on the top, but really wide across, it slapped up against his belly as he dropped his shorts and was oozing tons of slimy nigger precum. I was desperate to get my lips around that knob and drink that black seed. He wasted no time as he stepped up to me and as I still exhaled the hit of drugs he pushed his cock down so that the head was at my lips and fed me the whole fucking thing in one long slow push. It just fucked all the way into my throat like it would a whore's pussy. At the same time as he fed his hard as steel cock to me, he leaned over and shoved two of his long, thick black fingers into my ass.

He was right. The drug had me so relaxed, I felt like I wanted to give this man and all the men in the parking lot, the best fuck of their lives. He proceeded to fuck my throat, deep and kept slapping my ass and then shoving his fingers back it. Three thick black fingers now in my sloppy cunt.

"You feelin good now aintcha, bitch boy. You a hot fucker, you remind me of my high school football coach. I always wanted to fuck that hairy fucker." He had ahold of my hair and was pulling it hard as he used my mouth and riffed about his coach. "M'fucker used to give me shit night and day. Always hoped I'd find the fucker in a dark alley someday, give him some shit right back." He pulled his cock out of me and I looked up at him as he took another hit of the drugs and set the pipe aside. He stood there holding the hit and flexing. I stood up and reaching a hand around his neck, I pulled his thick lips down onto mine and kissed him. The smoke coming out of both of our noses.

"Give me the fuck you always wanted to give to your coach." I said to him looking into his dark eyes. "Let it out man, fuck me up, I can take it." He gazed at me, our lips were still touching and I reached my tongue out again, dipping it between his into his dry mouth. I reached over to the bedside table and picked up a cold beer that was sitting there. I took a long cool drink of it and then handed it to him and watched him drink deep.

"This shit is about to get real." I heard Dave say and the others chuckled.

We payed them no mind. We were in a world of our own. He set the beer bottle down and then he was all business. I saw all the hate and frustration build up in his eyes as he thought of that football coach. He reached out and slapped my face hard. Striking without warning. I fell to the bed. I saw Dave start to jump up.

"Let it be. Just watch." Joe said calmly. I looked over at Joe and he was looking at me with love on his face as the nigger behind me grabbed my hair again, this time from behind, and pulled me up onto all fours and rammed his hard, curved cock home. I grunted and looked into the eyes of Poke, the demon with the soulfull eyes looked back and me and started whispering, almost chanting.

"Take that nigger meat, bitch. Take it. Take that nigger meat. Take it you fucking cunt. Take that nigger meat." he whispered over and over while the black meth head behind me took his aggressions out on me. He took his cock out suddenly and I moaned and squirmed around the bed as he looked down on me cock dripping and hard as steel. He reached out with those big hands of his and flipped me over, grabbed both of my ankles and looking down into my eyes he thrust all the way into me again. He pounded away at me for a few minutes looking into my eyes and calling me a dumb fucking whore, slapping my face, spitting in my mouth and giving me his fuck, with such ferocity and lust that my pussy was spasming around his mean black meat stick in fuck heaven.

He looked up at the three skinheads. Such a look of hate filled his eyes and he started to fuck me even harder while looking at them. He was so high.

"You like watching a white whore get fucked by a real cock don't you, you racist fucks. None of y'all 'cept for that psycho devil bitch in the corner got much of a dick to speak of, do you? Bet I could turn all y'all out. Specially this hot little honey on his knees sucking that little white dick." he spit over in Jimmy's direction. "You wanna be my cockslut too, bitch? Wanna get some good nigga dick in ya, like your slut buddy here, you skinhead fuck?"

Jimmy took his brother's cock out of his mouth and turned to the watch us fucking on the bed. He stood there for a second really seeming to think about what it would like to be me there on the bed getting hard fucked by a big nigger cock.

"Fuck you, nigger." Jimmy said and spat in the big black man's face.

"Calm down, little brother." Dave said as he stood and pulled Jimmy back to sit on his lap. "You gotta excuse my little bro here, he hates niggers." He explained calmly.

My fucker bottomed out in me and looked up at the two of them there on the chair. Dave was holding his Jimmy from behind. He was holding him tight as Jimmy was tense and fuck and looked like he wanted to murder the guy fucking me.

Right then Poke and the black dude both started to laugh. It broke the ice. We all started to laugh and I reached up and pulled that black face down to mine, first licking all of Jimmy's spit off of him, and then started to make out with him as he fucked me more urgently.

"That's right, bro, get that nigga nut." I heard Joe say.

I did. I made love to my tall nubian, drugged out lover. I french kissed him and worked my hole around his cock and soon he was throbbing. He fucked his load into me with a mighty yell and fell on top of me, sweaty and spent. He raised himself up after a second and gathered his things. Without another look at me he walked to the door and then he stopped turned to Jimmy and said. "You better hope I never find you alone, bitch. I'll rape that white ass and make sure you get as much of that black cum you hate as I can find. Turn your ass out on the streets pimp you out to niggas all fucking night." he glared hard into Jimmy's eyes and I think we all saw the look of lust that flashed across Jimmy's face. The crack head chuckled, opened the door and walked out.

I lay on the bed dripping cum from my ass, my face covered in spit.

"Get up on all fours, boy." Joe said. I did. He walked over to the door. "You two want some pussy?" He called out to the two black guys that were waiting their turn. They walked in and I could tell that they were fucking horny as hell. One of them was a stocky muscular dude and the other was skinny and tall. They just walked over to me and pulled their cocks out. The big guy, fat eight incher in my mouth and the skinny dude grabbed my hips and fucked his cock into my ass. They got a good rhythm going and without a word tag teamed my holes. Occasionally they switched. The skinny guy had a super long skinny cock and he took pleasure in making me choke on it. I noticed that there were only a few guys out in the lot now, but I could see that many had retreated back into the park and there were more gathering. Joe went out while I was getting spit-roasted and I could see him organizing the mob. Awesome brother fucker.

It felt so good to be there in a seedy motel room getting fucked by two mean fucking thugs that could care less about treating me with any respect. They jerked me around, using me in whatever position they decided. I was high as fuck and pliable. The skinheads just watched my degradation, and called me all kinds of nasty names, which got me even hornier. Every time I looked up I saw them watching, laughing, drinking beer talking about what a nasty fucking whore I was for taking all that nigger cum. Joe turned on some music and a real party vibe started to happen.

The two guys shot in me, the skinny guy shot so deep in my ass that it felt like it was going right into my stomach. They were immediately replace by two more black thugs who wasted no time sliding into my slick horny holes. Every once in a while Joe would give me a hit of poppers or weed, and occasionally a hit of the glass. After every fuck he would make sure I had a drink of water or some cold beer. He took care of me as I serviced guys non stop over the next hour or so.

I would say 6 pairs of guys shot in me. Twelve big fucking black cocks shot their seed into my ass or on my face or in my throat, plus the first crackhead's load in my ass and the load that I had taken from the old stinky nigg up front. That made 14 loads shot in me in less that two hours. After the the sixth pair finished. Joe shoved a buttplug in my ass and told me to go climb into the tub in the bathroom, but not to turn on the water. I did. I lay there naked in the tub waiting to see what was coming next. I figured piss would be involved, but I was surprised when Joe appeared with all the mexican guys from the work crew. Without a word they all crowded around the bathtub and started jerking their sweaty, rock hard cocks. I leaned forward and licked and sucked the heads of one cock after another as they laughed and goaded each other on in spanish. They took turns face fucking me and forcing me to eat their asses. Then I felt some of them start to piss and I lay back and let with my mouth open and let them piss all over me while I jerked my cock, swallowing any piss that they shot in my mouth.

When they were done another group was led in and I got drenched again. We seemed to have run out of black guys as there were very few of them in the pissing groups. I drank a ton of mexican and white trash piss, and was covered in it and soaking in it along with, in the end about 20 loads of cum. I heard the door shut and then Joe, Dave, Jimmy and Poke walked in. They crowded around me and took out their cocks. Three fat, milky white cocks, and then Poke pulled his out and I was finally able to see the cock that I had been dreading and lusting for since I met him. His cock was huge. Scary huge, and it was completely covered in a snake tattoo. A thick, long red snake. There were intricate scales tattooed all the way up the shaft, and as he lifted it up and the piss started to flow out of the serpents mouth, the skin seemed to shift and move along the surface. The four of them pissed on me, they had been saving it up and they completely rinsed me off in their piss. I tried to suck the golden nectar from the tap, but when I moved my lips to the head of Poke's red cock, he slapped me hard across the face, each of them did the same in turn, but I still couldn't help myself from trying. They stood above me and rained their piss down on me taking turns slapping my face and laughing at me as I sloshed around the tub full of piss and cum trying to get their cock heads in my mouth.

"Clean yourself up good, you disgusting, nigger loving twat." Dave said looking at me. "I don't want a drop of non-white cum in you when you serve my brothers." He and Jimmy left. Poke stood there taking in the scene of me in the tub. He was disgusted too, but I could see a little smile forming at the edges of his lips. He was really getting off on all this. I flipped over so he could see my hairy stretched out hole and winked at him. He chuckled, winked back and left.

Joe leaned forward and lifted the lever so to drain the tub. Then he leaned over and pressed his lips to mine, looking in my eyes as he kissed me.

"You are the best brother I've ever found." he said. "Thank you for trusting me and for going all the fucking way, you hot fucking bitch." I laughed. "Now stand up and bend over, we got one more guest."

I did as he told me to and he opened the door. The old black man from the front desk was standing there and he entered and fell to his knees. He licked and sucked my ass for the next ten minutes. I pushed all of that cum into his mouth and when he left I showered.

Joe and I got back in the van and I waved to the guys in the park and we sped by. I lit a smoke and looked over to my handsome brother-in-fuck.

"Think my pussy can handle two gang bangs in one day?" I asked Joe as I fingered my wide open hole.

"Only Poke is gonna fuck you. The others are gonna have to be happy with your slut mouth." He said looking forward. That easygoing smile on his lips, a smoke stuck in the corner of his mouth.

I looked at him amazed. They had worked it all out. Joe was protecting me and I was gonna get that snake up my ass just like I wanted.

"Don't wanna ruin that hole on the first day. We got a lot of traveling to do. A lot of road-fucking is on the horizon brother. Let's go get you this freaky snake dick you want so bad and I'll work on getting little Jimmy to join us on the road. I think it's time you had a little brother." He looked over at me and smiled. "I could tell you liked the feel of that cute little cub's tongue up your ass."

"I did. You like him too, don't you?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'd like to fuck that little ass of his. A lot." He chucked.

I vowed that I would do whatever I could to convince Jimmy to be our little brother and come on the road with us. If that's what Joe wanted, I was gonna make sure he got it.

To be continued...



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