Thoughts were swimming across my head as the sight in front of me was going on continuously

I fucked Ryan harder and harder so that his lips moved all over Riku's face

I cum inside Ryan and remove my dick I then walk towards their faces

"what the hell is going on here" I questioned them 

"me and Riku are lovers" Ryan said. 

"he told me the stuff you said and i offered him a shoulder to cry on and one thing lead to another and we are now lovers" he explained

It took a while to sink this all in and I was a little saddened by this until ryan spoke again

"you ever heard of a love triangle?" Ryan asked me

"yes I have it's where 3 people are in an open relationship to each other" I explained

"well why don't we have that?" Riku pitched in

In response we all shared a threeway kiss and we ended up sleeping in the same bed which was ironically comfortable

Me and Ryan woke up in each other arms as Riku appears before us naked holding a breakfast tray

"why not try a nibble on the sausages?" Riku asked.

"hehe sure just bring it closer so I can try it" I reply with cheek

He kneels down and pushes his cock in my mouth as I suck him off

I look at Ryan and he is sucking erotically on a lolipop

I pull Riku towards me more as his dick pushes deeper down my throat

I start to gag slightly but I carried on and was rewarded with his load down my throat which I surprisingly managed to swallow

He takes his dick out of my mouth

"come on you two get dressed we are going out on a date" Riku says

We get dressed in silent which was surprising especially after last night shenanigans

Riku then drove us to the mystery location which was a park on a hot summers day

He then got a mat out for the three of us and packed a bag full of food and we had champagne whilst overlooking the lake

"I gotta say I thought this love triangle would feel weird but it feels natural" I confess

"I felt the same way when Ryan suggested it to me but it shows how much 3 normal guys can love each other as much as any heterosexual couple" Riku said

We stayed on the mat watching the sun go down and turning into sunset

The three guys in the relationship huddled and cuddled together and kissed each other wrapping themselves in a blanket 

They awoke in the morning as the sun rises each giving a good morning kiss on the lips

"so that was a peaceful night" I said

A couple walked past and stared at us like we were an attraction at a zoo

"they not worth our time Andrew, damn homophobes" Ryan reacts angrily

"we should get going before we get heckled" Riku says

So off we go to another location whilst in the car we listen to cascada who is in my opinion one of the greatest bands

We then drive to the beach which we didn't realise until later that it was a nudist beach

As we lay on our mat we noticed other people with no clothing on so we just shrugged and stripped out of our clothes and I could see that both Ryan and Riku had erections

I stroke the both of them feeling myself getting hard but I was not sure how much sex you could have on a nudist beach

I keep stroking them as they both kiss me individually

I look over the other couples for curiosity and see some pleasant sights in the water

The three of us head into the water and start fooling around like splashing each other and slam dunking each other gently

I then feel both of their naked buttocks and grab a cheek with both hands as we walk back up the beach and we wrap ourselves in towels

I stare at the beauty of my men as I kiss them both

We eventually dry ourselves whilst we are watching the sunset on the beach

I fall asleep with both my lovers at my side

They are still in love and hope to stay together forever





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