I stare at Riku as his question repeats in my head "will you marry me?"

I look at him and I had to decline it. It wasn't what I needed right now but his temper threw me off the chart

"you obviously could not love me enough as much as I love you and I hope you rot in hell bastard" he shouted as he slammed the door

I sat on the floor weeping from his unexpected temper and I see a text from Ryan

"hey is it alright if I come round? I wanna apologise"

I reply back that he can cause I just wanna be in close company

So I am making tea when I hear Ryan knock on the door which I open and he is stood there with a box of chocolates

"I got these as an apology" he says shyly

"Aw thanks that's really sweet of you" I reply bluntly

He sits on the couch and makes himself at home.

Even though I still hate the bastard for what he put me through there is still some love feeling for him

I sit by him with a beer in my hands as I feel his eyes roaming over my body

I then ask him what does he want me for and he said that he will do anything for me.

Thinking that I have an advantage and I want to see this hot stud pay for what he did.

I order him to give me a foot massage as he removes my socks and massages the soles of my feet with his strong hands

I then feel his tongue rolling around in-between my toes as he sucks on them as well as I softly moan

He then stands up as I order him to remove his clothes in a form of a striptease

He starts by removing his top as he dances to music by cascada

I then kneel down in front of him and unzips his pants using my teeth

He pulls the pants down so his jockstrap is shown and his tight ass is visible to my eye

He then walks seductively to me and sits on my lap

"so what you think of this?" he says in a seductive voice

"I think that your trying to show your vulnerability and I'm going through a lot" I reply truthfully

I look at him as I register his reaction. God I dunno why these guys go for a person like me

I ponder this for a moment as he kisses me on the lips

I react as any normal guy would and hungrily sucked on his tongue

I then felt his incredible muscular ass and I spank it a few times as punishment

He then helps me out of my clothes and starts deepthroating me as I moan out loud

I stroke his hair as I feel like I'm on cloud nine

He then starts sucking on my balls and I moan even more loudly as he keeps his eyes on me

Riku would be a lot happier without me I thought

I push Ryan onto the bed as I start shoving my tongue into his enticing man pussy

I roll my tongue inside him as he starts moaning louder and louder

He strokes himself as I continue to eat his ass out which he is loving it

I take my tongue out and shove three fingers deep inside and I play tonsil tennis with Ryan

I rub his prostrate as I snot him which makes him moan in my mouth

I take my fingers out and I make him suck on them which turns me on even more

I remove the fingers out of his mouth as I lay down on the bed and he sits on my dick which penetrates him

"ohh I forgotten how big you were" he moans in my ear

He starts bouncing up and down on my dick as I start thrusting into him

We are both sweating and moaning as I give it to him hard and wrap my arms around him as I stand up and air fuck him

He moans even louder as I thrust into him deep and hard

I then lay him on the bed and take my dick out of him as I look into his eyes and give him a passionate snog

I push it back in and continue my hard and deep pace into him as I look at the sight of my dick going in and out

When I next look up I seen Riku & Ryan locking lips

Was this reality or a dream?





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