I stared out the window watching the raindrops trickling down the windowpane. Tears stream down my eyes as I think of my distant past.

I should briefly tell you about myself I am 18 years old and average height for my height and an 8 inch dick. 

I knew I was gay from a young age because I was highly intelligent for my age and I could not help but take a sneak glance at the boys in locker room peeling off their clothes and showing off their ridiculously well defined abs

But back to the story, I walked into my class where it was mainly full of geeky guys but as soon as I sat down the lecturer announce that we had a new classmate and I was assigned to help him around

Did I forget to mention how hot he was? He stood at 6 ft 3 and had short brown hair but his  pearly white teeth made him irresistible to the eye. Also from what I had seen he was packing heat in his pants and he had bulging muscles from his chest and arms. Kinda like Channing Tatum

As soon as I stopped gasping at this hunk he spoke to me in a soft voice "hey wanna come to my dorm for a sneaky drink?"

"y-y-yes" I manage to stammer and look like a total idiot

So we walk out of the class an head to his dorm which looked like it ha a lot of storage facilities and it had a mini fridge stocked up with soda and a sneaky few cans of beer at the back

I sat on the bed and admired his pants which his ass filled quite nicely

He then sat down beside me and offered me a beer

"I'm sorry I don't drink alcohol trying to lose some weight" I confessed

"Why?, you clearly don't" he said in surprise

"I am sorry I forgot to ask what's your name?" I asked hoping to change the subject

"I'm Ryan what's your name" he asked with that great smile he knew how to impress me

"I'm Andrew" I manage to say without stammering or stuttering

So then it became nightfall ad we arranged for me to spend the night with my dream hunk. 

I know it sounds cliche but nothing happened that night to further add to my disappointment

We woke up in the morning in each others arms which was comforting and very warm

I looked up at Ryan's face and he was still sleeping like a baby I was so tempted to pounce onto him but I refrained and instead spooned him under the covers which I must say he enjoyed

He woke up and look directly into my eyes "your gay aren't you" he asked with a smirk

"yes I am and I have had the biggest crush on you ever since you walked into lecture" I confess to him shaking a little.

"hey come here no need to be nervous" he says as he reaches over and wraps his strong arms around me.

I look into his brightly lit eyes as he forces his mouth over mine. Our tongues rolling on top of each other doing the dance of love

He pulls me on top of him and his hands run over and caress my butt softy.

I keep snogging him and I start to stroke his dick softly as he moans in my mouth

I lick down his body and start sucking on his nipples which he moaned at

I move further down licking down his body and start sucking the head of his penis.

Suddenly as I was giving Ryan the ultimate pleasure I could hear a whirring sound and beeping noises.

Puzzled I look around and spot a webcam in the corner.

Devastated I immediately pick up the webcam and smash it violently against the wall

I pick up the prices and throw them at Ryan as I pick up my other clothes and walk out.

Now I'm looking out the window the rain still trickling down the glass. Thinking to myself why I was such an idiot for not seeing it sooner.

I walk around the house I currently own and I grab a drink which still reminds me of Ryan. I sob uncontrollably as I hear the door knocking

Confused as to who this might be at this time of night I look through the eyehole and surprised by who I saw





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