I woke up snuggling into Riku's strong arms as I look at him sleeping like a newborn baby

"damn I can attract some hot man" I thought to myself as I felt the heat from our bodies and hear his snoring loudly.

I quickly slip from his grasp and walk to the kitchen

I start making my new man a full fried breakfast as he walks towards me in just his jockstrap as he gently nibbles on my earlobe

"morning hun" he whispers in my ear.

I kiss him gently on the lips and caress his firm buttocks in one hand as I keep an eye on the sausages

For your information that is not meant as a euphemism

The breakfast was delicious and as I stare at Riku he drags me to the clothing store for a bit of fun

As I wait for him to pick various jockstraps and some other naughty outfits for valentines day

So we head into the changing room and i sit on the bench as he goes behind the curtain.

My jaw instantly dropped at the first time he comes out of the curtain as he is wearing nothing but a tight gold jockstrap which showed off his impressive package

I walk in front of him and squeeze his cock gently which turns him on even more

I begin to walk back to the bench when Riku forcefully pulls me in front of him and snogs me very passionately as he rips off my clothes.

I carefully remove the gold jockstrap (to keep for later) and deepthroat his magnificent beast

He moans as he receives the blowjob and his dick is lathered in my spit

I then push him so we are behind the curtains and I eat his ass out using my tongue and digging it in deep making him moan in intense pleasure

I take my tongue out of him but continue to finger his wet quivering hole

"oh stop teasing me and stick your cock in my ass" he moans deeply

I ignore this and I put his gold jockstrap back on and I put my ripped clothes back on. Which I admit got a few giggles

We head back to his place just before nightfall as he rolled a mat for us to sit on while we were outside gazing out at the stars.

I'm not sure if it was a figure of my imagination but several stars formed a picture of me and Riku.

He gazes into my eyes as we kiss passionately.

"my love for you could move a thousands stars and paint a picture of us" he said as he fed me a chocolate.

I lay on top of him listening to my heartbeat. Was this my prince charming? I thought so as I fell asleep.

I was rudely awoken by my phone vibrating so I switched it off

I then woke up with Riku stood over me carrying in his arms a bouquet of roses

"for you my darling" he said.

"aww i'm extremely touched by this" I reply in honesty

I had a tough childhood with people bullying me cause of my disabillity and other aspects so to feel love from this dream man was overwhelming

He kisses me on the lips and tells me to have a good day as he has to go to work

I wait by the door to watch him drive out of the driveway and onto a main road.

I head back inside feeling a bit light headed

I go back to my phone and switched it on

"hey I know you probably don't wanna hear from me now but Georgina is a total slut and got back with her ex" the text read

Wondering how to reply I simply put this

"delete my number you jackass you had your chance with men and blown it I'm in a happy and steady relationship so go suck yourself"

I turn the phone up and gaze at the clock realising I have to cook the tea ready

I frantically move around the kitchen as Riku walks through the front door and wraps his arms around me "hey my Andy how are you"

"I'm good thanks" I reply to him straight.

He kisses me and I kiss him back trying to ignore Ryan's text message which was edged onto my mind

Riku pulls me to the bedroom as we strip out of our clothes and lay in bed cuddling and kissing with the occasional spooning

"Andrew I cannot imagine life without you and I know it's rather soon but will you marry me?" he asks me





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