I walk around the house I currently own and I grab a drink which still reminds me of Ryan. I sob uncontrollably as I hear the door knocking

Confused as to who this might be at this time of night I look through the eyehole and surprised by who I saw

It was Ryan and in his hand he held my favourite flowers and had a saddened look on his face

"may I come in?" he asked and I obliged by opening the door.

"I'm sorry if I offended you with the webcam I used to record my bedroom antics with other lovers" he explained.

Taking this all in and to avoid conversation I take the flowers off him and put them in a vase.

Without saying a word I look at him and recall my lusty feelings I had when we were introduced.

Judging my instincts I throw him out of the house and lock the door.

Laying on the bed my mind loops over the events like a record stuck on replay

In the morning I get dressed and get ready for college hoping I would not bump into Ryan that day

Ironically as soon as I was walking down the corridor I saw him playing tonsil tennis with the biggest slut on the planet called Georgina.

Ignoring this sight before me I headed into class and sat at my usual desk when a 6 foot giant sat next to me. He wore a tank top where you could visibly see his muscles and he had brown hair and blue eyes. He wore White shorts and sandals where I could tell he had big feet (I have a major foot fetish) he was so smooth and he got my engine running.

I snapped out of it in time to hear him asking what my name was

"I'm Andrew how come I not seen you around before and what's your name?"

"I'm Riku the reason you not seen me around these parts are because I found a nice place to buy and I moved recently" he explained in such a dreamy voice.

Ironically the teacher put me and Riku as a pair for a class project which was to do life drawings of the other person.

So I invited Riku over to my place.

"so how did you get those muscles" I enquired

"well I do bodybuilding it's a fun thing to do and I enjoy it" he said.

Now bearing in mind I was being cautious after what happened last time. I still wanted to pounce on him rip his clothes off and give it to me hard.

I walk over to him and stare into Riku's eyes and I could see the dream man I have been waiting for.

Sensing that there was a chance between me and Riku I reach in for a kiss and he lifts me into the air as he starts to invade my mouth with his tongue. 

Carrying me into the bedroom he peels off his clothes and I admire his hard efforts.

He is smoothless all the way down his body with an exception of trimmed pubic hair around his cock which rose to attention at about 10 inches

He asks me to remove my clothes but I tell him about my previous experience and my self consciousness

"Aw it's not problem" he says.

Not wanting to disappoint him I remove my clothes as he massages my chest and pinches nipples lightly

I moan loudly making sure he never goes out of my sight

I moan ever more loudly when he envelops his mouth on my dick. He starts to suck gently as if to savour the taste of it and gets increasingly faster

He starts to deepthroat me as I pinch his nipples and feel the vibrations on my cock

I pull him off my dick and shove my tongue in his mouth so I could to taste my dick.

I move down to his cock and I immediately deepthroat his. Gagging slightly but ignoring this as I wanted to pleasure this Finnish God. 

"wow you know what your doing" he moans and strokes my hair.

I take my mouth off his dick and sucks on his balls gently managing to get both in my mouth as I use his feet to stroke my dick

I take my mouth off his balls and lift his legs up diving my tongue straight into his ass as I roll it around inside him.  

I feel him slapping my ass which turns me on even more so I took my tongue out and he stood up fingering my ass.

I first winced from the pain but his long thick fingers started to feel so damn good

"hmm you like that do you" he grunted at me

"oh yeah Riku give it to me baby" I moaned

He pushed me forcefully onto the bed and started to push inside me

It actually did not hurt the first time he entered me I just felt him rub against my prostrate which was a phenomenal feeling 

He took me in all sorts of positions up against the wall, in the air and me riding him

It all eventually finished with the bed covered in cum and two sweaty guys cuddling and snogging in bed occasionally feeding the cum to each other...





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