It was the weekend of our first wedding anniversary. I was finishing off my day at the office. Caleb and I had moved out to California after I received a promotion from the company I worked for. We bought a house, and were living happily in California the past months. I had put all my papers in a file and was walking out the door. It was a nice Friday evening, though I was exhausted from the day.

When I started working at my company's corporate headquarters there was a woman that was interested in me; even though she saw the wedding band on my finger that meant nothing to her. I told her I was married and that meant nothing to her. She assumed that it was a wife I had and not a husband. That day I finally snapped and showed her my wedding picture. I felt bad doing that since it made her feel like a fool to learn that I was gay. She apologized again and again. I told her to forget about it.

I went to the office parking garage and started for home. Caleb and I bought a nice house. Though the house was big and since we were the only two who lived there Caleb was fixing up one of the rooms. I had my suspicions that Caleb was turning the room he was fixing up into a nursery. He was hinting on the fact that we should look into having children.

When I got home and walked in the door there was Caleb waiting for me. We engaged in a passionate kiss. 'What a day!' I said. 'Anything big happen here?'

'No,' Caleb said. 'It's been pretty quiet. I've got dinner ready.'

Caleb always seemed to have dinner ready when I walked through the door. I sat down and ate with him. Caleb was always an excellent cook. When I finished eating I said, 'I think a bath is in order.' I walked to the bathroom which had an extra large bathtub and started the water. Caleb had followed me up. I started getting undressed, as I was pulling off my pants I looked at Caleb who was still fully clothed. 'Are you going to join me or what?' I asked him smiling. Caleb got undressed and I told him to get in the tub first. I got in after him and laid my head on his chest.

I let Caleb clean me. It was nice feeling Caleb's hands moving all over my body. When we had finished and dried off Caleb and I walked naked to our bedroom. I pushed Caleb down on the bed and we started to make out. I started licking down his chest and sucked on his nipples. Then I licked down his stomach and started kissing and licking his cock. I took his cockhead into my mouth and sucked on it and then proceeded with the rest. I then started licking his balls and went to his tight little hole. I rimmed Caleb for a few minutes then I got up and he wrapped his legs around my waist and then I pushed my cock inside him.

I started to pound Caleb's hot ass. While I pounded away at his ass I leaned forward and kissed him with such passion. Caleb moaned in pleasure as I fucked him. Before I knew it I erupted a huge load of cum inside him. I then sucked his cock and drank his tasty load.

After we both came I laid next to Caleb and held him in my arms. We cuddled for a while then Caleb said, 'I wish you could get me pregnant. I want to have your child so bad.'

'We will have children.' I told him. 'It's just looking into adoption possibilities.'

'The child won't be your flesh and blood though,' Caleb said. 'It should be your son.'

I laughed, 'If I were to have a child how do you know it would be a son and not a daughter.'

'Just a feeling that I have,' Caleb said, 'that if you were to have children that your first would be a boy.'

'Well,' I said, 'I don't know about that.'

'Find a woman and sleep with her and get her pregnant,' Caleb said. 'Then we can raise the baby.'

'That sounds nice except for a couple of things.' I said. 'First I'm gay. I can't get hard for a woman and believe me I have tried before when I was in denial about my sexuality. You know what that is like when you were married to my sister. Second, I married you and I am not about to commit adultery even if you give me permission to I love you too much.'

'I know Chris,' Caleb said, 'But I just want a child that is yours.'

'Well maybe we can do something else,' I said. 'Perhaps find a woman that is willing to carry the baby and let us raise it. Have her sign papers letting us keep the baby and her giving up all parental rights to the baby. I mean we can use eggs that women have donated and to invitro fertilization. But I want to ask if you are sure you want me to be the biological father. Don't you want a child of your own.'

'Maybe someday I will,' Caleb said. 'For now I want it to be your baby.'

'You are serious about that aren't you?' I asked.

'Yes,' Caleb said. 'I am just so in love with my husband.' We kissed until we fell asleep.

We searched and found a woman willing to carry the baby for us. She was a middle aged and divorced with a few kids of her own. She just asked that we set up college funds for her kids and we paid her a good number of money for it. She signed the papers so she couldn't fight us for rights to the child. Caleb and I one night we in the midst of a hot love making session when the phone rang and we were told that she was in labor. We went right to the hospital where she delivered my son.

Caleb was holding him when he said, 'Wow he is just as handsome as his father.'

'Well we have to name him,' I said. 'How about naming him after his father.'

'What little Chris?' Caleb asked.

'No little Caleb,' I said. 'You're his father too. He's our son not just my son.'

Caleb then walked over to me with the baby and we shared a kiss. We took little Caleb home and the next few years went by. We were quite happy. When little Caleb was four we decided to have another child. This time Caleb was the biological father. So we added a daughter Christine to the family. We have been a very happy family.

The End.


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