I had a thing for my sister's husband before they got married. Their marriage didn't last a year; they remained friends after the divorce. I didn't know why their marriage ended. Caleb was hot. Blond hair, blue eyes swimmers build nice bubble butt. I liked him when I first met him. He and I became good friends. When he and my sister spit up he came to live with me. We were roommates nothing more. We would walk around the apartment in our underwear and since we would both have hardons we thought we were both just horny. I was openly gay and Caleb was ok with it. I didn't know how ok he was with it though.

When I was ask him or my sister why they split up neither would give answer and just change the subject. I assumed it was something neither wanted to talk about. One day after I got off work I went to the store to pick up a few things when I ran into my sister she asked me. 'So is it happening yet?'

'Is what happening yet?' I replied.

'You and Caleb' she said. 'Are you two doing it yet?'

'Doing it?' I said. 'Why would Caleb and I do it? He's straight. You should know that.'

'No he's not straight, Chris.' she said, 'he was in denial when he married me. He would have to look at gay porn on the computer before he would have sex with me. He told me in the end that he was gay and liked you. Caleb didn't make a good husband for me but I am sure he would make a good husband for you. I wouldn't mind having him as a brother-in-law.'

That shocked me. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know if my sister was playing with me or if it was true. When I got home I would see if it was and try and seduce Caleb. I put in a straight porn flick and started watching it, getting hard for the guys in it. Caleb came home and started watching it with me. I was in my underwear rubbing my cock. Caleb stripped down to his underwear and started doing the same. I knew the truth when Caleb started mentioning the size of one of the porn actor's cocks. 'That thing is huge. I wonder what that would feel like.'

I knew it then. Caleb was gay. I then asked Caleb. 'You mind if I jerk off a little?'

'I don't mind I think I will do that myself.' Caleb said.

I pulled down my briefs and started to play with my cock. Caleb was doing the same. Though I wasn't looking at Caleb I knew that his eyes were no longer on the porno, but on me.

'Damn' Caleb said.

I looked at Caleb his 7 inch cock rock hard now. 'What?' I said.

'Jerking off is not going to do it for me. Would you mind? You know sucking my cock?' Caleb asked.

'Sure.' I said. I went over to Caleb and started licking up and down his hard shaft. I took the head in my mouth. I swirled my tongue over the head of his cock. I started sucking on his cock going up and down, paying special attention to the head. I would stop with his cock and suck on his balls then go back to his cock. Caleb started moaning and I knew he was going to cum. He released a huge load in my mouth and I swallowed it all. As soon I swallowed his load I got up and sat next to Caleb.

'You swallowed.' Caleb commented.

'Yeah.' I said.

'Your sister never swallowed.' Caleb said. 'She would stop sucking right before I would cum.'

'There's nothing that tastes better than man-juice' I said.

'That true?' Caleb asked.

'Yep.' I said.

'Only one way for me to find out.' Caleb replied.

Caleb got on his knees and took my rock hard 7.5 inches into his mouth. I knew Caleb had never sucked cock before, but he seemed like a pro at it. Caleb gave me the best blow job I ever had. Before I knew it, I was erupting in his mouth. He swallowed all of my cum. Caleb got up and sat next to me.

'How did it taste?' I asked.

'Wonderful,' Caleb said. 'Hell your dick tasted great too.'

I put my face close to Caleb's. 'If you want another taste of man-juice all you have to do is ask.' I said. I went in and started kissing him and we made out for sometime. We got hard again and started to 69, tasting each other's man-juice again.

As the weeks passed, we continued to suck each other's cocks. Caleb eventually confessed his secret of being gay to me. There was one thiing that I couldn't wait to do however--that was to fuck Caleb's nice virgin ass.

To be continued...


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