Caleb and I came back from Philadelphia. I had met his family and they were real nice people. Caleb and I started going back to our normal lives. I had my job at a computer company making great money. I made enough money to support a family of six. Caleb was unemployed. Since Caleb's divorce from my sister until we got married Caleb was unemployed. Caleb had lived with me even before we started doing anything sexual with each other. I didn't mind supporting Caleb. I didn't mind paying for Caleb's membership at the GYM, or giving him money so he could shop, or go to the movies. During that time he spent the days that I was at work cleaning the apartment, and cooking dinner. I knew that Caleb was looking for a job, so I didn't mind; even though it ruined my relationship with my then boyfriend Kevin.

After Caleb and I got married nothing changed. I didn't mind that Caleb didn't have a job. In fact I suspected that Caleb liked playing the 'housewife.' I would come home to dinner on the table and 'dessert' for later. One evening I came home. Caleb was on me when I walked through the door, waving a video tape in front of me.

'What's this?' he asked.

'A video?' I said taking it from him and putting it the VCR. I played the tape. It was a homemade porno that my ex Kevin and I made. 'My goodness I forgot about that.'

'You did?' Caleb asked.

'Yes.' I said. 'Kevin talked me into making it. I forgot it was there.'

'Kevin seemed to be enjoying himself.' Caleb said.

'And you don't enjoy yourself when we have sex?' I asked.

'I do.' Caleb said. 'You seemed to be into it with Kevin.'

'I'm more into it with you.' I said sitting down.

Caleb sat down next to me. 'Kevin was moaning a lot.'

'You moan a lot too.' I said. 'And you are a better moaner than Kevin.' I pulled Caleb up on my lap. 'If I wanted to be with Kevin I would have married him and not you. I love you Caleb like I loved no other person in my life.'

'It's just your the only guy I have been with and you have a past.' Caleb said.

'A past.' I said. 'I have only been with three guys in my life; David who I screwed around with in high school, Kevin, and you. That's not much of a past. And out of the three you're the best.' I kissed Caleb. I felt up his shirt. 'I love you Caleb'

'I love you too Chris.' I pulled off his shirt and started undoing his pants. I lowered his pants and laid him down on the couch and started sucking his cock. I sucked him until he came gulping down his cum. I then turned him over on his stomach and lifted his ass in the air, unbuckling my belt and lowering my pants and briefs I then slid my cock inside him and started pounding away at his ass. His moaning always turned me on and made me fuck him harder. Before I knew it I was exploding in his ass. I spent some time holding Caleb in my arms kissing him. After a while I had to ask him.

'Do you like playing housewife?'

'Actually yes.' Caleb said. 'I have still been putting out job applications unless you say otherwise.'

'If you want to stay home and cook and clean,' I said. 'And wait for me to come home then go ahead. I make more than enough money for the both of us.' I gave him a smile and kissed him some more.

When I came home the next day I found a surprise when I walked into the apartment. Kevin was there, Caleb had a worried look on his face. 'Kevin.' I said. 'I didn't know you were back in town.'

'Yes I am Chris.' Kevin said. 'I missed you. If we can go back...'

I interrupted Kevin. 'Hasn't Caleb told you?' I asked.

'No I just got here.' he said.

'Caleb and I are together now.' I said. 'We are married in fact.'

'I guessed as much.' Kevin said. 'You did seem to like him.' Kevin paused looking disappointed, 'Well anyway, congratulations.'

'Thanks.' I said. Kevin stayed for dinner after he left Caleb said to me. 'If you want to go back to him I understand.'

'I am not going to go back to him.' I said. 'Even when I was with him, I wanted you.' Caleb smiled at me and we kissed. Over the next couple of weeks Kevin seemed to be over a lot. He would come right after I would walk through the door. It would be during the time when I would want to spend time alone with Caleb. 'Does he come when I am not here?' I asked Caleb.

'No.' Caleb said. 'I think he wants you back.'

'Well.' I said. 'He's just going to have to get over me.'

Kevin kept intruding. He even showed up one Sunday at my parent's house where Caleb and I were having Sunday dinner. By then I had, had it. I endured the next week with Kevin being over, but I decided that on the weekend Caleb and I would go out of town. We would go to a Cabin I owned in the woods. Furthermore Caleb and I were going on my Suzki motorcycle so that Kevin would be off our sent. Both the motorcycle and the cabin I had bought after Kevin and I broke up.

Friday evening I told Caleb to meet me in the apartment buildings garage. Caleb was there waiting on me with a bag when I pulled in. We got on my motorcycle and I started it and pulled out of the garage, before Kevin could so up. We made it to my cabin. We walked in and Caleb and I laid down on a bearskin rug and started making out. It was the first real alone time Caleb and I had since Kevin came back. I was working on getting Caleb's shirt off when there was a knock on the door.

'What the hell.' I said. And I opened the door and there was Kevin.

'What?' I said.

'I followed you.' Kevin said.

'Kevin.' I said. 'Caleb and I would like to spend some time alone.'

'Come on Chris.' Kevin said. 'You know you want me back.'

'I don't want you back.' I said. 'I am with Caleb now you are just going to have to accept it.'

At last Caleb spoke. 'Kevin just leave please.'

Kevin walked through the door and started striping.


Kevin wouldn't move. He was naked now. I took Caleb's hand and pulled him into the bed room and locked the door. I lay on the bed. 'He's fucking insane.' I said. Caleb laid next to me. We laid there for a while.

'When you were with him I was always jealous when I would hear you two having sex.' Caleb said.

'If we have sex and make enough noise he might get the picture.' I said.

Caleb and I wasted no time in getting each other naked. I was going to suck Caleb's cock but Caleb suggested I go ahead and fuck him. I put Caleb's legs on my shoulders and pushed my cock inside him. Caleb made sure to moan loudly as I pounded away at his ass. I made sure to fuck Caleb as long as possible. It was two hours before I blew a huge load into Caleb's ass. Caleb and I made out for a while before going to sleep.

When Caleb and I woke up the next morning and left the bedroom Kevin was gone. Kevin left a note saying he was sorry and was going to be out of our lives from now on. Caleb and I celebrated with a morning full of sex. When we went back home, things went back to normal.

A few weeks later after sex one evening Caleb said. 'I want to have your baby.'

I laughed. 'You want children?'

'Yes.' Caleb said.

'So do I,' I said.

'You think we could have a family someday?' he asked.

'Yeah we can look into the possibilities.' I said.

When I went to work the next day my boss gave me good news. I was promoted. I was now an executive and was being transferred the corporate headquarters in California. Caleb was excited by the news. Caleb and I went to California and bought a house, in which one room he was turning into a nursery.

Caleb and I were about to become parents.


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