It was our wedding night. Caleb and I were making out in our hotel room. We had gotten married that day. Tonight was for us, tomorrow however was going to be different. Tomorrow I was going to have to tell my family that I was married. I was married to my sister's ex-husband. My sister I knew would be ok with it. She was the one that told me that Caleb had a thing for me. Caleb had a thing for me even before he married my sister. It was the same for me too. It was how my parents would take it. I was sure my father would be ok with my new husband; my mother however wouldn't be so supportive. She wanted to kill Caleb when he left my sister, even though he didn't leave her they just came to the understanding that he was gay and it was for the best. My mother didn't like the fact that I let Caleb come and live with me when he left my sister. I knew she wasn't going to like this. I felt if my mother were to force me to choose between the family and Caleb, I knew I would choose Caleb. I was so in love with him I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Caleb and I were shirtless and making out. We were feeling each others bodies. I started kissing down his neck, and then his chest. I licked his nipples as I started unbuttoning his pants. I got his pants off and lowered his briefs and exposed his cock. I got his briefs all the way off and I got up and took off my pants and briefs. I grabbed some lube and start lubing up his hot bubble butt. I sat him on my lap and let my cock go up inside him. Caleb let out and moan as I entered him. He started to ride my cock. I thrust up inside him as hard as I could go. We kissed each other passionately.

The harder I would thrust up inside him the faster he would ride. I then changed positions and started fucking Caleb doggie style. I pounded him harder and harder making him scream with delight. I then changed positions again giving it too him missionary. We fucked for about two hours and I blew a humongous load in his ass. I then sucked him off drinking his cum. After that we both lay in bed cuddling.

'I love you so much Caleb.' I said.

'I love you too Chris.' Caleb said.

'I'm so happy you married me.' I said. 'I'm so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you.'

'Me too,' Caleb said, 'My husband.

Caleb and I made out for a little while before having more sex and falling asleep. The next morning I knew I would have to make a couple of calls. Fist was to my sister as she could do some damage control when I dropped the big bomb on my mother about my marriage.

'Hello.' my sister answered.

'Erica.' I said.

'Chris.' she said. 'I got your message that you would be in Boston this weekend. What are you doing there?'

'Well I kind of got married.' I said.

'To whom?' she asked though I suspected she already knew.

'Caleb.' I said.

'My ex-husband is now my new brother-in-law.' She said laughing. 'I am fine with that I am sure he will make you a fine husband.'

'I'm bringing him to dinner tonight.' I said. 'Can you help with Mom?'

'Okay but it won't be a welcome surprise to her.' she said. 'I just left there Mom's out right now why don't you give Dad the heads up.'

'Okay,' I said. I hung up. Caleb was sitting there listening to the conversation. It was making him nervous. 'Erica's okay with it baby.' I said. 'Don't worry.'

'I don't want to come in between you and your family.' Caleb said.

'You're part of my family now.' I said. 'If I have to choose between them and you I will choose you.'

Caleb gave me one of his smiles. I gave him a kiss then I called my parents house.

'Hello.' My father had answered the phone.

'Dad,' I said.

'Hey Chris I heard you were in Boston.' he said. 'What on Earth are you doing there?'

'Well I kind of got married.' I said.

'Okay who's my new son-in-law?' he asked.

'Caleb.' I said.

'What?' he sounded surprised. 'Your sister's ex-husband Caleb?'

'Yeah.' I said.

'Your mother won't be too happy with that.' he said. 'I'm okay with it. I always liked Caleb.'

'Well I like him too.' I said. 'Hell I fell in love with him. I didn't mean for it to happen but it just did.'

'I know.' he said. 'No one means for those things to happen. Well you and Caleb are adults and you two are to make your own decisions. I am happy for you.'

'Thanks Dad.' I said, and hung up.

'Dad's okay with us.' I said.

'Yeah but he's not your mother.' Caleb said. 'She scares me; I am so nervous.'

I went over and put an arm around my husband. 'Don't be nervous baby; I won't let anything happen to you.' I gave Caleb a deep long kiss.

We flew back home that afternoon. We got back to our apartment and unpacked. Caleb was moving the stuff out of the room he had been living in into what used to be my bedroom, it was our bedroom now. We spent and nice quiet afternoon together having a hot sex session in the midst of it. At a quarter till six we started towards my parents' house. I had Caleb wait in the car while I told my mother, so that why she wouldn't kill him on sight. I walked into the house. She was setting the table with Erica.

'Your sister tells me you have something to tell me.' she said. 'Something I wouldn't like.'

'Mom I think you better sit down.' I said. When she sat I said. 'I got married this weekend.'

'Is that it?' She said. 'Well where is h;e where is your new husband?'

'Mom I got married to Caleb.' I said.


'Mom calm down.' Erica said. 'I'm okay with it. I never told you why Caleb left me, you always assumed that he was having an affair or something. I knew Caleb was gay when we were married. It wasn't working out. He developed a crush on Chris, and wasn't attracted to me. Meanwhile I was starting to like Bobby so we decided it was for the best that we end the marriage before we got into farther and ended up unhappy. That is why Caleb left and why we got divorced.'

My mother looked surprised at this. 'I guess I was wrong about Caleb.' she said. 'Though I would feel better if you married someone else, but I guess I will just have to accept him as my son-in-law again. Do you love him?'

'Yes.' I said. 'I love him very much.'

'So he can join us for dinner?' I asked.

'Yes.' she said.

I went out and got Caleb, and brought him in my mother looked at him. 'I won't pretend that I wish my son didn't marry you, but he says he loves you so I will just have to accept it.'

'Thank you.' Caleb said.

Caleb and I went to the living room where my father and Bobby my sister's fiancé where watching and baseball game. My father looked right at Caleb. 'How are you doing Caleb?'

'I'm fine.' Caleb said.

'Well...' my father said. 'Welcome back to the family. I have a good feeling about you and Chris. I didn't have that feeling about you and Erica, but I have it for you and Chris as I do about Erica and Bobby.'

'Thanks.' Caleb said.

I put my arm around Caleb and he rested his head on my shoulder as we watched the game. I had a good feeling about Caleb and myself too. I gave Caleb and little kiss right before dinner was called. My mother was a little cool with Caleb during dinner, but she was a little nicer to him.

After dinner Caleb and I went back into the living room to finish watching the game. Caleb was sitting on my lap now. We would kiss every so often. My mother saw the way we looked at each other and before we left she said. 'You two look like you're in love.' she said. 'I'm sorry Caleb. I'm sorry for the way I treated you earlier tonight.'

'It's okay.' Caleb said. 'I am in love with your son. I want to be with him forever.'

'I believe that.' My mother said. 'I think you two will be together forever. I will be nicer to you from now on.'

We went home and we to our bedroom and started making out. We stripped each other down and started to 69. I would go from sucking Caleb's cock to licking his hot hole. I got up and Caleb was lying on his stomach I spread the cheeks to his bubble butt apart and pushed my cock down inside him. I fucked him as hard as I could explode inside his hot ass. I left my cock in his ass as we cuddled. I knew one thing was going to happen. I would have to meet Caleb's family. I met them when he married Erica, but I didn't know them well.

'Caleb.' I said. 'Have you told your parents about us?'

'Well, no.' he said. 'Everything happened so fast.'

'Do they even know you're gay?' I asked him.

'Yeah I told them.' he said. 'They weren't surprised. They said they knew back when I was thirteen. Hell I didn't even know then. They had a bet going on how long my marriage to Erica would last. My father lost. They told me they knew I was more interested in you.'

'How did they know that?' I asked.

'They said it was because I wouldn't stop talking about you' he said. 'They said they knew I was in love with you. They were right.'

'I guess we will have to go see them.' I said.

'Yeah I guess so.' he said.

'Next weekend sound fine?' I asked.

'Yeah that sounds fine.' Caleb said.

'I love you Caleb.' I said.

'I love you too.' he replied.

My cock got hard again inside Caleb's ass so I started fucking him again. Before I knew it I was cumming in him again.

The next week went by pretty fast. Before I knew it Caleb and I were on a plan heading to Philadelphia and I was going to meet Caleb's family.

To be continued...


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