My ex-brother-in-law Caleb and I had been regularly sucking each other's cocks for a few weeks now. In that time Caleb came out of the closet to both me and everybody else. Everyone thought we were an item since I was openly gay. The additional fact was Caleb and I just sucked each other's cocks, but since we lived together, it became another reason everyone thought Caleb and I were an item.

I had a huge thing for Caleb and I knew from my sister that Caleb had a huge thing for me. We never talked about our feelings for each other. Caleb and I had yet to do anal, but I was waiting until Caleb was ready for it. Caleb had a nice bubble butt and I couldn't wait to feel my cock between those nice buns. Somehow I knew Caleb would be a horny cock hungry bottom for me and only me.

One day when I got home from work I found and note on the table. The note said, 'For hot man-juice come to your bedroom.' That was unusual for Caleb since he was usually standing right in the living room all rock hard ready for a blowjob. I went to my bedroom and Caleb was lying naked on my bed. 'Come here baby. You've had a long day let me relax you.'

I climbed into bed with Caleb and he started to unbutton my shirt. Caleb kissed my chest. I moaned looking towards my chest and seeing Caleb's blonde head moving up and down kissing it. Caleb then took my shirt all the way off. 'You just relax my sexy baby. Let me make you feel good.'

Something hit me then. Caleb was being romantic. This was not a lustful cock sucking session. Caleb was ready to take our relationship to the next level; so was I. Caleb started sucking on my nipples. I moaned and said, 'Oh Caleb.'

Caleb looked up at me and smiled, 'You like that my baby. Anything for my wonderful baby,' Caleb said and he put his face close to mine. 'I wanted to do this with you for a while now Chris.' Caleb kissed me his tongue going into my mouth. I kissed him back holding me tight to me. We broke our kiss.

'Caleb.' I said. 'I'm in love with you.'

'I'm in love with you too, Chris.' Caleb said. 'Why do you think your sister and I broke up? Because I couldn't stop thinking about you that is why I moved in here after I left your sister I love you so much Chris.'

We kissed again our kissed lasted a long time before we broke it. 'I want you to take my virginity.' Caleb said. 'I want you to plant your seed in me, and make me yours.'

Caleb took off my pants and pulled off my briefs. I put Caleb on all fours and started to get his ass ready. I started to lick his ass my tongue going in and out of his tight little hole. I started sliding my fingers in and out of it making Caleb moan. I then laid Caleb down on the bed. I got some lube and lubed up his hole. I put his legs on my shoulders and pushed the head of my cock into his tight little hole.

Caleb gasped. I pulled out and pushed back in going a little farther. I kept doing this process, until I got my cock all the way inside Caleb's ass. I moved slowly inside Caleb getting him used to my cock. I kissed him deeply. For a virgin he was taking my cock pretty good. When the sound of pain turned into pleasurable moaning I knew I had found Caleb's pleasure spot and I start moving harder.

I started pounding him like I had never pounded anyone before. Caleb was enjoying every minute of it. I leaned down and kissed him. Caleb came with out even touching his cock. I started pounding even harder and harder until I blew a massive load inside Caleb. I licked up the cum that Caleb had blew all over himself and I held him and kissed him.

'I love you.' Caleb said.

'I love you too.' I said.

'So what now?' Caleb asked.

'What do you mean?' I asked.

'What about us?' Caleb asked. 'Where do we go from here?'

'Wherever we want to.' I said.

'What will your family say?' Caleb asked, 'About you being involved with me. I know your mother wanted to kill me after I left your sister.'

'I don't care baby.' I said. 'I don't care what they think. I love you and that's all that matters to me.'

'I love you too.' Caleb said. 'And that is all that matters to me too.'

'I have a feeling that we are going to be together for the rest of our lives.' I said.

'Me too.' Caleb said. 'So what do you think our next move should be? You want to take me to your family's next big dinner?'

'Maybe,' I offered, 'But there's something we should do first.'

'What?' Caleb asked.

'Will you marry me?' I asked.

'You serious?' Caleb said.

'Dead serious,' I said, 'we can do it this weekend. We can fly to Boston and get married and when my family has their next Sunday dinner I can take you there. My mother will only let you back into the house if you are a member of the family. I'm sure my sister will be a help to us. Besides I want to marry you. I wanted to marry you even before you were married to my sister.'

'I don't know; I want to marry you too.' Caleb said. 'What if you mother disowns you. She's already upset you are gay and that you let me live here, if she sees that you had married me...'

'I don't care baby,' I interrupted. 'I want to spend my life with you and she's just going to have to accept it. So will you marry me?'

There were tears in Caleb's eyes. I could tell they were tears of happiness. 'Yes.' he said. 'I will marry you Chris.'

'I love you Caleb.' I said. 'You make me so happy.'

Caleb and I flew to Boston and got married the following Saturday. We spent a romantic night on our wedding night. The next day we came home and I took him to Sunday dinner. My family was less than pleased.

To be continued...


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