My Sexy Professor #5

By A.Williams

    Levi looked up at Karter, as he stood at the end of the bed smiling, "Come to me Karter, let me feel you and love you." Levi said voice full of yearning, he wanted him so. "Levi my sexy sweet boy, I need to taste every inch of you." Karter said as he slowly crawled between Levi's smooth legs. On contact they both moaned, Karter slide over Levi's body until they were face to face and gave him a tender kiss. He moved to Levis neck and inhaled, "God you smell divine." He whispered. He sucked, licked and nibbled there making Levi groan. Karter moved lower, his tongue leading the way, to his collar bone as more kisses were placed there.

    Further still to Levis chest tongue always licking, lips always kissing. Karter found his small nipples and Levi trembled under him. "Yes..Ooo... suck my tits.. Yes.." whispered Levi. Karter licked and sucked and when he started to nibble the sweet nubs, Levi pushed his head hard to his chest and called out, "Fuck yessss.. more Babe more." Karter smiled between bites, yes hot spot, he thought. To Levis delight he feasted there for some time but soon his tongue began to travel again, lower, still licking and kissing now at his abs. Karter raised up and locked eyes with Levi, "You taste marvelous." he said. "Please don't stop" Levi whimpered breathlessly. Karter went back to work with vigor infatuated with Levis taste.

    At his pubs he smelled Levi's stronger scent laced with sweet man musk and Karter rolled his face all around in is package. In his trimmed hair, on his throbbing cock and all over his hairless balls. Levi moaned loudly, God it felt so sexy, Karter's soft beard snuggling and sliding around on his private parts, had never felt anything like that before and it was so damn hot, Levi thought and moaned out again. Karter smiled knowing Levi liked what he was doing. He wanted to bathe in his divine aroma.

    Karter moved away from Levi's delicious package to sample his smooth legs. His hot wet tongue lead the way to the inside of his thighs. Levi thru his head back and yelled out, "My... stud ... yes oooo yes your killing me fucking good !!!" As Karter licked and sucked on one thigh then the other. He could wait no longer, he had to taste Levi's pink hard cock. Karter shoved his face under Levi's ball and breathed deep. His deep moan was loud, damn Levi's smell really gets my nuts boiling thought Karter.

    Slowly he licked between Levi's balls all the way to the head of his leaking cock, he liked off the precum on Levi's abs and again locked eyes with Levi, "I need your cum sweet boy." Karter took his cock in his mouth and swallowed it whole. Levi yelled out, "YYYEEESSS.. suck me stud." Karter began to pull up, sucking all the way and at the head of Levi's cock he swirled his tongue around, back down he went sucking then when Levi's cock was in his throat he swallowed milking Lev's cock trying to get his prize.

    Over and over it went. Up sucking, swirl the head, down sucking, swallow. Up sucking, swirl the head, down sucking, swallow. Levi was in heaven, it was so good he could not hold back... Up sucking, swirl the head, down sucking, swallow. He screamed out, "FFFFUUUCCCKKK... IIIIMMMM... CCCCUUUMMMIIINNNNGGG." Karter felt Levi's cock swell and explode in his mouth he gulped down over and over trying to keep up. Levi's cum was salty sweet, with of hit of cinnamon thought Karter and he was addicted immediately. He softly nursed his softening cock, getting out the last few drizzles of cum.

    Karter released Levi's cock and moved over him planting his hungry lips on his. Their tongues battled and wet sloppy man kisses ensued. Spit dribbled from both their mouths as they try to devour each other. They bite each other's lips, suck each other's tongues and moan and groan in each other's mouths. Karter pulls back, "Sexy sweet boy, I need you now." he said deep voice full of lust. He gets between Levi's legs and raises them over his head, spread wide Karter sees his quivering pink hairless man pussy and groans out softly, "Damn... mouthwatering." He dives into Levi's ass and breathes in his tantalizing smell, God Levi's smell is driving me wild, he thought.

    Karter licks his crack to balls, over and over. Getting it sloppy wet as Levi moans and shakes beneath him. He focuses on that pink hole and slurping, nibbling and pushing his entrance with his hot tongue. Levi grabs handfuls of bed covers and rose petals and as his head rolls back and forth he screams out, "Babe .. YYYEEESSS ..... Eat me .. eat my ass.....SSSOOO... GGGOOOODDD yes eat me." Levi's dirty talk make Karter moan as he worked his tongue in deeper spreading his ass checks wider. Karter was in heaven, he loved eating ass and Levi's was the best he had ever tasted by far. On and on he dined until Levi could take no more. "Please Babe ... please come into me now ... take me ... make us one." Levi begged.

    Karter moved off of Levi's thoroughly eaten ass and placed one of his legs on his shoulder as he found the lube. With his fingers and cock all greased, he slowly pressed in two fingers and Levi moaned in satisfaction. He finger fuck him pressing in deeper and deeper. Added more lube and a third finger and rotated to find his hot spot. When he did, Levi's raging hard cock leaked out precum and with his head thrown back he roared, "FFFUUUCCCKKK ... yes, yes, yes ... do me Babe more, more." Karter continued to get Levi ready for his 9" long by 8" thick pulsing, leaking rock hard cock. He increased the speed of his fingers and Levi pleaded loudly, "Come in me Babe I am ssssoooo ready for you ... put your big dick in me ... make love to me."

    Karter removed his fingers and positioned his cock at Levi's sweet hungry hole. He locked eyes with Levi and asked softly, "My sexy sweet boy, are you sure you're ready?" All Levi could do was nod. Karter applied pressure and his large cock head pop in. He held still waiting for Levi give the signal to go. Karter saw Levi nod and slowly he pushed in. inch by inch he slipped into Levi's hot tight man pussy. They were both softly groaning from pleasure. When Karter was finally all the way inside Levi, he leaned over and kissed him tenderly and held still. He pulled back to break the kiss but Levi roughly grabbed handfuls of his hair and pulled him back and they began another intense kiss.

    As they kissed, Karter moved his hips around and around and they moaned with the added pleasure. Never breaking the kiss, Karter pulled slowly out but not completely and then slowly back in all the way. Levi grabbed Karter's ass to force the action deeper, harder and faster. Both were moaning and groaning, Karter pulled back away from the kiss and changed his angle, Levi screamed out, "Ooooooo ... YYYEEESSS fuck yes right there.. yes ... FFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEE. Levi rose to a different plane of pleasure than he had never felt before. Only the cock in his ass mattered now and everything else dropped away.

    Karter too was in his own world, Levi's pussy was fire hot and he was using his ass muscles like no one he had ever fucked. Karter increased his speed and hardness of their love making and Levi moaned out, "Yes... Yes please... harder Babe ..Yes.... Faster.. Faster.. yes.. close babe..yes more." Levi pushed harder on Karter's ass and he felt his nails penetrate his skin. The pain only added to Karter's pleasure. They were both sweating now and their breath was raw and ragged. Karter was trying desperately to hold back but this was the best sex of his life. Then Levi's ass began to spasm and he screamed out, "Fuck IIIMMM CCCCUUUMMMIIINNNNGG. Don't stop...fuuuuccck mmmeee." Levi shot 6 times. Karter could hold back no more and as Levi's ass clamped down he screamed, "OO...MYYY ...GGOOODD.. IIIMM... CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG." He exploded like a volcano over and over again.

    Karter collapsed over Levi's cum soaked body. Both breathing hard, both hearts pounding, both trying to come back to reality. Finally Karter pushed up off of Levi's body and looked down at his lover with a huge smile on his face, "Levi that was the best pleasure I have ever had in my life." All Levi could say was, "Dido." (me too)

Part six or are we done??? Give me feedback please A.


A. Williams

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