My Sexy Professor #2

By A.Williams

    The weekend came and went, too soon Monday was upon Karter. He rolled out of his cold bed naked with morning wood. Willing his 9 inch long, 8 inch thick cock to go down was never pleasant. It took too long and not getting any sex only made it worse, he needed to piss. At last, his stream began to flow and Karter let out a moan of satisfaction.

    After morning duties, Karter was drinking his coffee and thinking about facing Levi in three of out of his six classes today. He was so young but so hot, Karter's thoughts went back last night, his warm body pressed against him, his warm hands rubbing him. Damn, his words, "don't sent me away, I want you so much"... Fuck he was hard.

    He made it to class on time and waited for the students to arrive. In walked Levi with a minute to spare. He had changed his look and it was all for the better. Karter was mesmerized, Fuck... Fuck... he was hot before but now he was every gay guys walking wet dream!

    His thick hair was cut shoulder length with long bangs that swept over one of his beautiful brown eyes. He was wearing a white silk dress shirt, half open, with a black leather vest. Black tight jeans and black dress boots finished off his new sexy look. All Karter could do was moan and pray his hard cock would go down.

    He called to class to order and Levi raised his hand. "Yes Mr. Cox, speak." Karter said, still trying to focus. Levi stood, his erection was evident, he was big no doubt about that Karter thought. "Mr. Professor, are you ok, you look flushed, do you need some water?" Levi extended his bottle.

    Karter knew the game Levi was playing so he walked up to him, took the bottle and with their eyes locked, he move his thick tongue around it several times. Levi's mouth opened and he licked his lips as Karter down the whole bottle. "Thank you Mr. Cox, I needed that." He handed the empty bottle back to Levi and went back in front of the class to teach the lesson.

    Levi sat with a huge wet spot on his jeans, Feeling somewhat embarrassed for what he did but also horny as hell. He could not control himself around the hot Professor. He knew he saw the signs that Karter was interested, why... OO... why was he holding back?

    The day rolled on and again Levi was in his class. This time he sat in the front row, right in front of Karter's desk. The Professor looked up from his desk right into Levi's stunning eyes. Levi smiled and winked at him and Karter quickly glanced away thinking he was in trouble as his desire grew. He began to teach the lesson mostly from memory, his deep smooth voice had Levi's balls boiling and his cock hardening instantly.

    Levi closed his eyes and as Karter's voice echoed in his ears he thought back remembering the feel of his hairy chest in his hands, remembering his hot full ass pressed hard against his throbbing cock, remembering his large hard nipples between his fingers and thumbs. Levi spread his legs and began to slowly rub his erection. He knew Karter could see what he was doing but nobody else could.

    Karter was shocked by Levi's boldness but extremely turned on. Levi opened his eyes and looked seductively at the Professor. Karter was having a hard time concentrating, he started to stammer over his words. He watching intently as Levi performed for him, so wrapped up with the sexy show, he called an end to the class early.

    Every student ran out quickly except for Levi. Karter rose, walked slowly to Levi and bent to whisper in his ear. "You are a fucking hot tease sweet boy." He ran his tongue in his ear and down his neck. Levi moaned loudly. "You're playing with fire Levi, are you sure you want to continue our game?" Karter whispered with one last lick. "Yes naughty Professor. I very much like our game." Levi said breathlessly. "Let the games begin" Karter whispered as he softly nibbled on Levi's ear.

    Karter headed back to his desk and began to grade papers. Levi stood on wobbly legs and gathered his things. "See you last period Mr. Professor." he said as he closed the door.

    Levi was gone but Karter was left with a deep desire for him... he knew Levi was the one... he could feel it in his heart, in his mind and in his bones. Karter could still taste him in his mouth, still smell his man scent along with his cologne. He longed for him, needed him and wanted him badly. He had to wait, not too fast.

    Levi went to his next class deeply missing Karter's presences. He knew that he had found THE man that could be his equal in all ways. Someone who could finally satisfy ALL his needs, wants and desires. That man was Karter Lewis. Levi could still hear his deep sexy voice, still feel his hot wet thick tongue along his neck. God he had it bad... so bad for his naughty Professor.

    The day drug on for both of them but last period came none the less. Levi sat at the end of the table near the front beside the walkway. Karter called class to order and taught while walking around the class room, through the walkways between the tables and each time he pasted Levi he would brush up against him in some way. Karter dropped a few papers as he walked by Levi and as he rose from retrieving them he ran his hands along Levi's leg, ass and side. Another time he stopped and turned facing Levi, his hard cock almost in his face. On and on they played their game.

    They played their game all week, back and forth it went, the touches, the teasing, the sexual innuendos and their desire for each other only grew stronger. By Friday Karter was having the worst case of blue balls of his life. No matter how many times he jerked off, his cock seemed to still be stiff. Levi was in the same boat, he HAD to get Karter to stop holding back, but how?

Part #3 soon


A. Williams

[email protected]


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