My Sexy Professor

By A. Williams

    Karter Lewis is a 35 year old gay Professor of Law at the best college in the south... Duke University. He is very popular with the students because of his youth and easy teaching style. Most of his students, female and some male, secretly lust after this gorgeous intelligent professor. Karter is oblivious to it all.

    He steps out of the doors of his favorite specialty food store downtown, loaded with purchases. His deep blue eyes surveyed the busy streets for an available cab. His 6'7" wide shoulder frame and bulked up body, hard to miss. Karter placed his thick fingers in his deep red full lips and whistled loudly. He enters the cab, "2378 Long Street and step on it" his deep base voice ordered. The driver nods.

    Even the cabby notices the hunk that he has in his backseat. His deep tanned skin, jet black hair and nice trimmed beard and mustache. They soon pulled in front of Karter's building, he gave the driver his fare along with a big tip. "Good evening Mr. Lewis." The doorman said tipping his hat. Karter smiles, "Steve... how many times do I have to tell you my name is Karter." They both laugh. "Have a good night Mr. Lewis," Steve said chuckling as he closes the glass door.

    He made his way to the top floor, the penthouse suite. Karter unloaded his food to the frig and heads to the bar for a drink. He pulls off his suit coat, loosened his tie, opened a few buttons on his shirt and sat with his Gin and Tonic. He took a long drink, let out a deep sigh and thought better, much better.

    Noticing the time, he dialed the front desk. "Yes Mr. Lewis, how may I be of service?" "Hey Jim, I have a friend, Levi Cox coming around 8:00 just let him come up please." Karter said. "Of course sir, no problem sir." Jim replied. "Good night Jim thanks."

    Levi was stunning young man of 22, in every way his equal but younger. He had approached Karter and asks for his help reviewing some case law that would be coming up at exam time. At first Karter had been hesitant but Levi had a smooth sexy all American boy way about him that broke down Karter's walls. He had been alone now for two years and missed the company and closeness of another man.

     Karter was making his way back from a nasty break up after four years with Tom. Karter was head over heels in love with Tom and he took full advantage of that. He was a player and played Karter like a well-tuned piano. Lying to him, cheating on him, stealing from him... Yea the whole ugly works. His friends at the time had tried in vain to warn Karter, love is so blind sometimes.

    Karter had invited Levi to his place for dinner, drinks and law. For both of them that sounded like heaven. Karter finished is drink and made another, the elevator opened and in walked Levi, "Professor." He called out standing still. "Hey Levi come in my man." Karter said as he waved him over to the bar. "Let me make you a drink, what's your poison Levi?" He asked. "Gin and Tonic please." Levi answered. Karter laughed, "A man after my own heart, my drink of choice as well." He said as he handed on to Levi.

    Levi emptied his glass and let out a wolf whistle, "Great place Mr. Professor, Wow, look at that view." Levi handed his glass to Karter and walked over to the wall of glass looking over downtown. Karter made Levi a second drink and walked up behind him. Looking out over his head, Levi was a 6'2" or 6' maybe, Karter reached around and handed him his drink. "The view is great, the best time is as the sun comes up." Karter whispered in Levi's ear. Levi's body shivered, that deep sexy voice, his hot breath in his ear, was that an invitation to stay the night? Levi hoped so.

    "Let me start our dinner." Karter said and went to the kitchen. He turned on the stereo with smooth jazz playing and started the beef filets on the indoor stove grill. Sliced mushrooms, garlic and onions went into a hot skillet to sauté. Karter was a master chief, he had taken classes at every school in North Carolina. He placed the shrimp cocktail on the table along with a fresh salad and French bread.

    "Levi, fix us another drink please." Karter asked. "Sure thing Professor, Yum something smells very good. Can I help?" He offered handing a drink to Karter. "No thanks Bud, got it under control." He said flipping the steaks. Soon the steaks were on the table topped with caramelized mushroom and onions in a white wine sauce.

    Karter pulled out a chair, "Levi sit please." He pushed his chair in for him. Sitting across from Levi, he raised his glass, "Welcome to my home friend, let us have a good night." They toasted and Levi tasted the steak and it melted in his mouth. "My God this is the... uuummm... so damn good. Wow Professor, thank you so much for this wonderful meal." He continued to stuff his face all smiles everything was superb.

    They retired to the living room after dinner with fresh drinks and Karter pulled out the law books Levi wanted to review. Karter sat back and observed Levi as he read, sipping his drink. He had full long brown hair that he parted down the middle and pulled behind his ears. He had deep brown eyes and a smile that was contagious. He played tennis at Duke and was the #1 in his division, so Karter knew he had a rock hard body under his clothes.

    No... No Karter he thought to himself... you cannot lust after one of your students. Levi was in his own mind as well, flipping pages at random. He could feel Karter's eyes on him and it made him tingle. Levi was very impressed with his stud gorgeous Professor. His place, his cooking, his fucking pores oozed sexy and temptation. Karter Lewis was one hell of a Hot Man. Levi wanted him more than he has wanted anyone before. He looked up and saw Karter googling him with his eyes. "You like what you see Mr. Professor." Levi asked in a sultry voice.

    Karter closed his eyes willing his hard-on to go down. "Levi we cannot go there, do you have any questions about the case?" He asked as he stood. "Yes sir plenty really." Levi raddled of each one as Karter answered them in order. Back and forth it went for two hours. Finally Karter said, "Levi it's getting late, you should be getting home, I'll call a cab for you."

    He walked to the phone and placed the call. He felt Levi behind him and he froze. Levi pulled Karter's shirt out of his pants and slide his hands up his hairy chest, finding his big nipples he squeezed. Karter let out a deep groan. "Please Mr. Professor don't send me away. I want you so much... for a year now." Levi moved his hands down and entered Karter's slacks and suddenly Karter swung around. "Enough Levi, stop now, I could lose my job and you could get kicked out of school."

The phone rang, "Mr. Lewis your cab is here." Jim said. "Yes, thanks Jim" Karter hung up. He walked Levi to the elevator, "Go home now on my dime, I'll see you next week Levi." The door closed and Karter went to bed thinking about Levi, he wants me as much as I want him... Fuck it can't be.



A. Williams

[email protected]


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