My Sexy Professor # 4

By A. Williams

Karter was very surprised but very excited to see Levi. Still at the elevator doors, he bent over and sat down his briefcase and suit coat. As he stood, they locked eyes. Levi stood, "Sit down Professor and allow me to get you a drink." he said. Karter moaned softly, damn he is stunning he thought. Levi headed to the bar as Karter headed to his favorite chair, along the way Karter lost his tie and unbuttoned several buttons on his shirt. He surveyed the room noting the flowers, candles and the soft music playing. It was indeed very relaxing.

Karter sat and spread his legs As Levi approached with his drink, he asked "Rough day Professor?" He handing him the glass and Karter took a gulp. "Busy week." he replied letting out a heavy sigh. "My sweet boy, it's so nice to come home to someone waiting for me." He took another sip of his drink. "Did you do all this for me?" he asked as he moved his arm around the room. "Yes, I wanted to surprise you." Levi answered timidly. "Task accomplished. Thank you so much for all the trouble and work you went through." Karter stated sincerely. "I do love fresh flowers, their smell is so delicate. Very relaxing." Karter said inhaling deeply.

He scooched down in his seat, closed his eyes and allowed his head to fall back on the chair. Levi took Karter's almost empty glass from his hand and went to the the bar for a refill. Back in front of Karter "I'm so pleased you approve. Here's you refill" said Levi. Karter took the drink only opening his hand and Levi slide down to his knees between his open legs. He placed his hands on Karter's thick thighs and rubbed gently. Karter moaned, raised his head, opened his eyes and regarded Levi between his legs. "Levi you look fabulous this afternoon." he said softly. He placed his hand on top of Levi's and squeezed. Levi smiled and Karter blushed. So very sweet thought Levi. They gazed into each other's eyes, deep blue to dark brown, slowly Karter moved closer to Levi's face and tenderly kisses his warm lips.

Never breaking the kiss, Karter set his glass down and slid his hands in Levi's thick soft hair. Levi felt Karter's hot tongue pressing his lips and he opened up to allow their dance to begin. Karter moaned, God he tasted marvelous thought Karter. His large tongue smooth as velvet, so hot and wet and so damn sweet, absolutely luscious. Levi had dreamed of this moment for so long but what he was feeling and tasting was mind blowing. Karter's beard and mustache were smooth and soft. His full lips soft and moist. He pressed harder into his lips and Karter moaned again. Levi pressed his body to the chair and wrapped his arms around Karter's waist. Karter in turn moved forward on the seat pressing his crotch against Levis own. As their bulges collided they both moaned out loudly into each other's mouths.

Their kiss was getting intense and noisy. Slurping, smacking and sucking. Their bodies grinding harder together and hands roaming over each other. Their breathing heavy and their hearts pounding. The kiss went on and on. Levi was the first to pull back, gasping for breath he exclaimed, "Damn Mr. Professor I need a drink!" Karter busted out laughing, "I agree sweet boy, whew."

They both headed to the bar, Levi shedding his suit coat and tie. They moved to the large over stuffed couch and sat sipping their drinks. Karter chuckled, "I have to say Levi that's the best "welcome home" I have ever gotten." "My pleasure Professor but I'm just getting warmed up." Levi said with a cheeky grin. Karter's eyebrows raised, "Do tell and enlighten Me." he said. "Come." Levi said as he stood and extended his hand. Karter took Levi's hand and allowed him to lead the way to the master bedroom. Once again he was surprised with Levi's work, the rose petals on the bed were a very sensuous touch. Candles adorned the room, more flowers, soft music and champagne on ice finished the romantic setting.

Karter heard the water running and walked to the bathroom door. More candles glowed and he smelled the bath salts in the tub. Levi looked up smiling, "Come Karter, please allow me to bathe you." he said seductively. "Levi if I get naked around you I may not be able to hold myself back." Karter warned. Levi chuckled, "That's what I'm counting on Mr. naughty Professor." he teased as he turning off the bath water. Slowly Levi approached Karter and wrapped his arms around his waist, on his tiptoes he gave Karter a soft kiss. Then whispered in his ear, "Please allow me to undress you." He pulled back and Karter nodded.

Levi began slowly unbuttoned his shirt, one by one. Levi pushed the shirt off Karter shoulders and his torso was free. Levi moaned loudly. His deeply tanned wide manly shoulders, his thick veined arms covered with hair, his well defended biceps, his pecs mounds of hard flesh with large dark nipples covered with deep black hair, his deep belly button on his eight pack cut abs full of hair.

With shaking hands, Levi unbuckled his belt, opened his slacks and lowered the zipper. They fell to the floor and so did Levi, on his knees he removed Karter's shoes, socks and helped him step out of his slacks. He stood up and froze. He looked at Karter's thick hairy legs also cover with hair and then starred at his bulge in his tight boxers. Levi was trembling as he watched Karter remove his last article of clothing and he stood there naked in all his glory.

"Like what you see Mr. Cox?" Karter said with that deep base voice of his. Levi thought he was perfect, too perfect to be true. He blinked a few times, gulped and stammered his answer,"YYY..eee..sss." My God his cock was magnificent! Long and so damn thick, Levi wanted badly to taste it, to worship it. His balls hung heavy, hairy. Karter slowly turned 180 degrees and asked, "Like this view Mr. Cox." His back was almost hairless, a small patch above his tight high ass smooth but the deep crack was hairy. Karter turned around with a full blown grin. Their eyes meet, "Karter you are a hot fucking stud! Let's compare shall we" Levi said regaining his composure. "Your turn Mr. Professor" Levi said in a challenging tone. They reached for their drinks at the same time and both emptied them.

Karter decided to undress Levi but he was not as patient. He was too turned on for that slow stuff. He pushed Levi back against the wall, grabbed his wrist tightly in his hands and swung them above his head pinning them to the wall. Levi let out a small yelp. Karter pressed into him, forehead to forehead. He said softly, "Don't worry my sweet boy, I won't hurt you. Now be a good Lad and stay as you are." Karter moved back and Levi stood still. Both were breathing hard and rock hard!

Karter grabbed Levi's shirt and in one motion it was wide open, buttons falling around them. Karter grabbed the remaining fabric and Levi's torso came into view. Karter groaned loudly. His body was smooth with a silky sheen, a lighter complexion than is own and no hair at all. He was very toned and tight, but not as bulked up as Karter. His nipples were light pink and small but his areolas were very bumpy and large and darker.

Karter reached for Levi's belt and quickly unbuckled it and snatched his pants to the floor, zipper still up, button still closed. Levi still stood frozen in place, his heart pounding, his breath so heavy but more turned on than ever before in his life. Karter grabbed Levis boxers and tore off the flimsy garment and Levis manhood was free. He had trimmed brown pubes and his 10 inch cock that was raging hard. It was pink with no visible veins and dripping. His balls were also hairless and pulled up. Karter lowered to his knees and helped Levi step out of his shoes, socks and slacks.

Karter stood back and admired the man. "My God Levi you are glorious." he said breathlessly. In the time it takes to blink an eye, Karter had Levi in his arms, squeezing him as hard as he could. Their naked bodies pressed to each other for the first time. Karter pressed his lips hard against Levi's and shoved is tongue in his mouth wanting to eat him alive. Levi melted in his arms and into the kiss. Never breaking the intense kiss, Karter quickly made it to the bed and gently lay Levi down...

Part #5 soon


A. Williams

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